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Jazzmyn's Journal

21st April, 2003. 6:01 pm.

im so tired of feeling unwanted, and "little"....
so yeah i met this incredible guy and i like him alot but i have this sinking feeling nothin between me and him will happen which blows hardcore. i've never had a guy be so nice to me. i talked to this kid last nite for like a hour n 1/2...which is insane. i dunno...i thought this guy liked me and i mean i knoe i like him. im afraid that i like him more than he likes me. hell i dont even know tha kid that well. Hes juss super sweet and well yeah immature but ghoddamn hes funnie and as a bonus hes SO HOT. i think after our convo last nite on tha fone i wont b hearin from him EVER again. cuz seriously now i got so much baggage...i dunt knoe whut guy would wanna get involved with me. alrite im done bitching about 0ut like a fat kid in dodgeball.

Current mood: scared.

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