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I'm in Ireland [21 Jun 2003|06:49pm]
And I haven't updated this thing in like a bazillion years. If I wasn't in an internet cafe, I'd do so now. Basically just doing this for Niki. Read your email sweetie and I love ya.
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NIKI! [21 May 2003|11:19am]
DL THE BUFFY FINALE. I'll try to talk to you tonight babe. Luv ya.
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Um, yeah [16 May 2003|10:21am]
So the play opened last night, which is why I've been a horrible twin to Nik nack paddy wack and not been on all week, cause uber late practices bite yo. I spaced out and missed a whole damn scene with 40 year old possible pedophile guy, who I'm like fucking obsessed with now, which is freaking me out because 1. He's FORTY 2. He's divorced but dating his ex-wife 3. He has a kid with like a fucking beard and 4. He's a mailman for christ's sake. I always have really vivid dreams and last night I had like six in which he was in all of them, ALL OF THEM. This is ridiculous.
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I'm not dead Niki!!! [07 May 2003|11:47am]
*sniffles* I'm sorry, I miss you. I've had practive every night which means no talking to twin time. I go to class, I come home and fall asleep until practice, I come home and fall asleep again. I'm going to force myself to get on AIM tonight though, cause I'm going through making fun of GG withdrawl. Love ya hun.
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I steal things [04 May 2003|06:10am]
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More randomness because I'm not tired yet [04 May 2003|05:53am]
Alright, so I make stupid little music vids for fun. I vid BtVS, which Lord knows, is right up there with The Godfather, but there's just some songs you should not vid, mk? Their message is just too important to be conveyed by souled vampires and what not. Example: People, please stop making animie vids to "Sunday Bloody Sunday". It has nothing to do with Trigun or whatever. /end rant
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Hi, I'm fucked up [04 May 2003|05:19am]
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Survey whore, not just a regular whore [02 May 2003|03:57am]
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[22 Apr 2003|12:59am]
I love my Niki. She makes me awesome layouts, makes me laugh, and understands me so much it's almost scary. Hence the twin-ness. She deserves everything and it's just not fair.
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Message for Niki [17 Apr 2003|08:37am]
Okay, I'm basically using this post as a message for Niki, so everyone else, uh, cover your eyes. If you were on AIM last night I'm really sorry I didn't get on. Shit went down with my mom and my suspicions turned out to be true. I basically had to baricade myself in my room. So I better get to talk to you before Monday because that is just too long without crazy twin talk. But I completly understand if you need time to work things out. I'm there for you, okay, so I wasn't last night, but you know what I mean. *hugs* Skunk Boy rules.
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[16 Apr 2003|01:30pm]
I might be meeting Niki! *does happy spaz dance* She's coming to the bastard step-brother ghetto of Yipsi, which is like half an hour from where I live. Ah, Yipsi, you know I love you, and your massive and tacky bowling alley sign. We'll probably go to the movies, cause then if we end up hating each other we don't have to talk. Pfft, like that would ever happen. I feel bad cause I didn't stay and talk to her last night. *major forgive me for being a bad twin hugs* I hope everythings okay sweetness.
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Ten random things about moi [07 Apr 2003|10:06pm]
1. I sleep with a stuffed koala
2. My first celebrity crush was Davy Jones (no, I'm not 40 years old. Nick at Nite people).
3. I loathe Craig Kilborn
4. I have a pajama obsession
5. I'm afraid of fish
6. I've been trying to read Cold Moutain for 4 months
7. I've never had a job because my dad is a very nice old man who is too free with his money
8. I will forever and always love John Henson from Talk Soup
9. My favorite color is lime green
10. I have a midget carnie conjoined twin named Baeve (okay, not really)
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[07 Apr 2003|03:27am]
I need icons! And to go to sleep. Hmm, what to do?
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Test entry [07 Apr 2003|01:57am]
Ah, Niki rocks. That's all.
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