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Friday, October 14th, 2005

Subject:I hate blogs
Time:6:41 pm.
Yeah... I need to use a blog. Well, I dont NEED to, but I want to.. I'm trying to start up an account with but its not cooperating =[ and I definitely dont want a xanga.. gosh I hate it. Livejournal is a lot like blurty.. but gahh who knows.. anyway noone will be reading this.. and theres nothing on my mind. Hmm.. whatev
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Saturday, April 9th, 2005

Time:10:09 am.
Hmm... as u can see IM experemting with my colors.. but im prolly gonna get sum1 2 do dis for me n get me acool pic n everything.. lol jus need 2 figure out how cuz i really dont feel like makin no xanga
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Friday, April 8th, 2005

Time:10:11 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Music:Hollaback gurl- Gwen Stefani.
Wussup guyz.. today I woke up at da right time *5 oclock* n I didnt need no alarm clock or nuthin... but then i went back 2 sleep cuz I knew what I was gonna wear which was dat T-shirt ((Da Office)) , and mah hair was already straightened from last night... so I didnt wake up till 6 and I got ready pretty quik just didnt do mah makeup till 2nd period lol..

Mann u kno what.. dat test in history dat I thought I was gonna fail.. I ACED DAT HOE.. and I talked da teacher into takin sum work I dif for a late grade.. u kno me im good at sweet talkin

....Sum guhh was tryna get one of dem ((Da Office)) shirt dat I dont like.. but u kno what I stopped dat from happenin lol.. I had a lil talk wit da founder haha.. GOSH I seriously CANNOT stand her ass... n I couldnt help but be rude 2 her 2day :D

Then I went 2 6th period lunch 2 help out chelsea cuz she ot icecream all over her, even tho she dont got dat lunch either lol, n eugene covered up his food as if i was gonna attack it lol.. dem jokes need 2 stop mann, den I went back 2 class n mah sub sed I could leave as soon as I got mah work done so u kno I just wrote sum crap down n turned it in asap.. =]

...So me n Adam made a bet, he told me not 2 talk 2 him cuz i was bein a meanie :-\ So I was like "Mann u cant last da rest of da day not talkin 2 me" n he just smiled n mah ass got realli into it n i was like "ohh lets bet!" n i was all like "how much?" n he was doin good he wasnt talkin 2 me so he held up $10 wit his hands n we shook on it... n I was tryin so hard 2 trick him into talkin 2 me.. didnt work *shiiit imma lose* lol.. n den he was all huggin up on me n shit da rest of da day.. but still.. he aint say nuthin .. GOTTA GIVE HIM PROPS.. cuz imma lose but I aint payin dat boii nuthin lol

I heard mah song on da way home now... n not over da fone dis time.. ahh im luvin it :)

Den I got home n I was feelin kinda sick cuz yes I aint gonna lie I did eat a lot 2day lol but dats cuz Julio got it 4 me 4 free lol, den I talked 2 mah Chris fo a lil bit >poor thing got his car taken away<.. then just did some chores, n talked 2 Sandy, then Natali, then Danielle.. I was on da fone for a long while.. n then my daddy called me downstairs n asked me if I wanted any of their old bedroom set furniture so I was like yuh sure.. n well... that led into like 3 hours of remodeling.. shit that was hard but I like mah room so much better now I just need A LOT more stuff for it not cuz theres so many more shelves, n Lele.. we need 2 paint dem green swirls already so I have all of mah 3 colors n mah theme is complete.. Im down wheneva so just lemme kno.. ;-) So yuh, 2nite is gonna be a watchin movies, talkin on da fone, eating junkfood all night kinda night cuz Im tired n feelin bloated n didnt feel like takin a shower or nuthin 2 go out.. plus .. there aint nuthin 2 do lol.. so yuh, but anyway... Imma go now.. prolly talk on da fone sum more..
xoxo -Joelle-
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Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Time:3:37 pm.
Mood: loved.
Wussup ya'll? well yuh yesterday I was feelin really down... just all da shit got 2 me but hey for once I didnt blame myself for it.. I see some improvement :) THANKS LELE .. u realli did make me feel better.. and Santiago too.. he was saying stuff dat really made sense.. see dats wut i love about dat boi, he brings out the good in me that I never knew existed :-/ and he already kno always right lol

and as I always start my entries... So today..
Woke up 2 my alarm clock santiago.. nuttin better than wakin up 2 his words ...
met up wit my gurl chels in da mornin cuz its her bday n gave her da cake i got her .. she had a bad day on her bday :( that pisses me off cuz i had a bad day on my bday last yr n i cried.. so did she.. so I kno wut its like

Dis is da best progress report ive had so far.. lol n it aint even dat great 1 A , 1 D n da rest all Bs but im proud lol.. GO MEE

I got 2 eat chelsea's cake in HER lunch today bc I had 2 do work in my lunch with Danny who by the way was drivin me insane n then Logan came n he was being.. well Logan lol but he was makin me laugh, and then Kate n dennyse came in

Wow I really like that Holocaust book we readin in Ms Oneil's class.. I get goosebumps its so sad n is weird cuz EVERYONE was payin attention n realli got into it

I have 2 wear my "Da Office" shirt 2morro.. lol I got one for free cuz of my bro .. yay lucky me *no enthusiasm* O well.. dats one outfit i can save for next week

We belong together- Mariah Carey-----> dis song was dedicated 2 me so I now love it lol *blushes*

shortNbootyfull: awww joellle
SOjuicyNlusciouz: wut lauren
shortNbootyfull: ur soo cute
SOjuicyNlusciouz: why lol
shortNbootyfull: i dunno
shortNbootyfull: cuz u are
SOjuicyNlusciouz: oh lol.. y thank u
shortNbootyfull: why ur welcome
SOjuicyNlusciouz: i love u my wifey
SOjuicyNlusciouz: will u marry me wifey
shortNbootyfull: again? OF COURSE
SOjuicyNlusciouz: lol
SOjuicyNlusciouz: lets divorce so we can get married again
shortNbootyfull: omg... thats the sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to me
SOjuicyNlusciouz: lmao
SOjuicyNlusciouz: realli well this one time this guy told me if i was a booger hed pick me first.. n no1s been able 2 beat that .. so yeaa

SOjuicyNlusciouz: did u hear about that selena concert
SOjuicyNlusciouz: cuz i dont get how theyre havin one whne shes dead
shortNbootyfull: yea i think its a tribute
SOjuicyNlusciouz: oh i thoght it was JLO
SOjuicyNlusciouz: n they was gonna tell ppl its selena
shortNbootyfull: hahahahahahaha
shortNbootyfull: lol
shortNbootyfull: joelle... EVERYONE KNOWS SHE IS DEAD
SOjuicyNlusciouz: lol i was JUS KIDDIN
shortNbootyfull: ur silly
SOjuicyNlusciouz: i kno im such a silly goose

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

Time:6:09 pm.
Had a great day at school 

Everything was going so good

And then 7th and 8th period came along.. things started getting 2 me

So me n Chris we been coolin it 4 a while but today he got me all confused n everything… AGAIN

N then I realized some shit about something else, n turns out that even thought I veen stayin outta shit, people still makin assumptions n bringing me into their shit

I used 2 blame myself 4 eveyhitng like im the one whos doing something wrong BUT IM OVER THAT NOW .. I kno better.. soo
1- im sorry im a good a friend
2- im sorry I don’t walk around actin hard like I don’t care about the people who I DO care about
3-im sorry im nice n smile at u, but u give me the dirty looks back even thought u don’t kno me
4- im sorry im not stuck up
5- im sorry I think about my future instead of all this childish crap
6- im sorry im doing the right thing
7- im sorry im not a backstabber
8- im sorry u take things the wrong way
9- im sorry im not the person u want me 2 be
10- im sorry I don’t give u a good reason 2 not like me

….2 top all that off, I was talking to someone n brought sumden up cuz tell her EVERYTHING well, I guess she took it the wrong way and thought I wasn’t believing her, then started yellin at me n im sittin here not knowing what 2 say back b/c that’s my friend whom I care about n we always been there for each other im not about 2 fight over this cuz I mean I care about her n im not that kinda person.
If you are reasing this, I want you 2 kno that even tho I may have pissed u off, im always gonna be here for u n I didn’t mean it the way u thought I did… whatever im always gonna be here and im not gonna sit here n act like i don’t care about u because I do… *you kno who you are*

With all this shit happening 2day I wanted 2 clear some shit up that’s been going around that hasn’t even been happenin U KNO HOW PPL ARE RUNNIN THEY MOUFS.. its been getting to me so much 2 the point where im letting my anger take over n doing/saying some very mean n hurtful things n ive even stooped down 2 da level where I been writin about this shit in here.. wow

but from now on... im gonna be ignoring all those comments.. and i aint even gonna try explaining things...

...only 5 more weeks of skool.. n i cant wait ..
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Monday, April 4th, 2005

Subject:Life is ::JuIcY::
Time:1:28 pm.
Mood: crazy.
...Today started off GREAT cuz I didnt just get ONE fone call but TWO... haha Santiago called 2 wake me up n tell me how much he loves mee :) n Leiyann called me 2 say Good morning n she wuvs me :)

O mann.. Danielle was bein a bully in 1st period.. LMAO dat was SOO FUNNY.. Darin .. we're BALLERS :D

Hmm so I been avoidin doin mah speech cuz I thought it wasnt good.. so I FINALLY do it today and I got a 75... If I was to do it friday I woulda gotten a 95 ...*dangament*

Hmmm guess who has a 94 in la clase de espanol.. si es yo! :D *I dont even kno if I sed THAT right.. prolly not lol*

Do you guys have any idea how many people would say "Thats Hot!" to me today?! .. yea like EVERYONE .. n i find it funny how some people thought I had that shirt custom made for me cuz I always say that.. its Paris Hilton guys... she sed it first lol.. then Leiyann.. now me..

So yesterday Danny or JP forgot who it was... figured out who that "unknown famous person they say I look like is" and its Jessica Alba.. and then Lauren Leiyann Elie n Jackie agreed...Hmm how nice of them I think shes really pretty but I dont think I look like her even though EVERYONE else was on sumden n agreed but I think thats just because she also had bangs in Honey lol.. but still.. thanks its appreciated :)

So I realized.. I dont need any of the STUFF I used 2 do to be happy or 2 have fun.. Drugs arent my thing.. and I mean I been hyper as hell n having the best time lately.. and thats because since I got caught.. everything has been going soo good. As bad as this might sound .. I dont regret doing all that shit.. cuz NOW I realize I DONT NEED IT.. n if thats wut it took for me 2 realize it.. then thats ok. Me n my parents r closer than ever.. I dont have as many problems with school/ friends/ boys.... NOTHING anymore.. and it also brought me closer 2 God.. so Im so thankful for all this.. cuz I mean it was a wake-up call for me n the shit I had 2 go thru for that was scary as hell.. and that night scared the shit outta me.. so I consider myself so lucky and thankful and most definitely blessed.. like my mom said.. There IS a God.. and just be thankful that ur okay NOW... and still alive :D

Update Later if theres anything else 2 say..
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Saturday, April 2nd, 2005

Subject:Ay Paco?!
Time:10:54 pm.
Mood: happy.
Hey Kids.. Well its been a while I kno bu I havent had time for dis hoe... But right now Im kinda bored since Lele is sleepin n im just chillin here like an idiot.. so hmm lets see 2day Me n Lele woke up Early n was plannin on walkin 2 da donut place 4 breakfast but her mom had already made some n it was YUMMY lol ..nuthin like suasage and eggs n cheese wrapped in a tortilla with sum guava/pinapple juice ...Mmmmm n then she asked us if we wanted 2 go 2 sugarland with her n she would drop us off at first colony well since I needed ashower n Lele needed 2 do her hair... we stayed at home n told her we would go out later.. so yuh we was just chillin bein lazy n it took us like 3 hours 2 get ready... n she told us if we had a ride we can leave n we was tryna find ANYONE.. but nope noone lol.. but its all good.. cuz she was comin back home early.. so Laura came over n we chilled with her for a lil bit and then we went downstairs n ate lunch n yuh then we cleaned up a lil bit n went 2 da mall.. on my way there Natali calls me cuz she wanna meet us up so yuh we met up wit her over there n den we sen some of lele's crazy ass friends.. lol I love white boys lol.. they was like hiding in da corner n scarin everyone dat wlake dby n askin me 2 flash dem n shit n if i wanna make out lol... n I asked one of dem if he had midol n he was like ... is that lotion n i go no its period pills haha.. but they was nice n gave me a smoothie lol.. n den Lacy called us n met up wit us but yuhhh we was realli just chillin not realli shoppin... n den Santiago called me n they all just passed da fone around talkin 2 him... I did buy a shirt tho.. n Natali got da same one hehe bu yuhhh.. den we left n leles mom came n took us back 2 her place n me n lele were HUNGRY so we made sum spaghetti lol.. n u kno me I CANT EVEN MAKE TOAST n i was like reading the directions *dumass* lol n den I was on da fone with santiago n I basically got mad at him for no reason but I didnt know about that until NOW n I feel bad but its all good he will get over it lol... (Thanx Natali for clearin shit up) n what u told me kinda makes me think what he did is even SWEETER than he used 2 b n I cant wait 2 get it lol... I really need 2 start learning 2 trust dat boii :-/ and yuhh now that Lele woke up we watchin sum movies.. n who knows what after that..

AY PACO .... :D
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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005

Time:10:09 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.
Ok so I dont get it.. I just dont... Is there anything to get? I mean.. I kinda do understand it.. you're either trying to get my feelings out but I just dont wanna show them, and Im trying to do the same thing siwth you, soo we're not getting anywhere.. or.. well I dunno.. I KNOWWW you love me.. I kno this, and thats the one thing I believe when u say it, but ur not reliable.. I cant trust you, Im not saying you dont know how to treat me, because deep down you do, you just DONT.. its like you know its wrong and you just dont do it?! MAYBE I AM completely wrong, maybe u finally got ur act together.. and realized what u lost and all that like u said.. but I cant find it in my heart to trust you again, belive me .. I want to REAL BAD .. Ive tried.. I just cant. And im SO SCARED .. I really am.. I dont wanna go back 2 cryin n bein depressed n all dat otha shit I was doin because of thise.. its like you took over my life and I dont want that again.. but then again I dont feel "complete" without you.. :-/ this whole concept of love is confusing.. this "Love" that Im not even sure if its that great or if it even exists anymore.. it actually makes me sick when people talk about it.. n as much as I hate to admit it you were the one who made me that way which is really sad. I have tried being with other people to forget about u.. but I cant have the feelings I had for u for anyone else.. is it because I want those feelings to only be for u or because u numbed my heart from love.. I'm not sure... all I kno is that it seems difficult for any1 else 2 replace u. and the thought of being with sum1 else is jus weird anyway... you were the best and worst thing that ever happened to me..I dont know why God put you in my life.. but only time will tell...
Just some shit that was on my mind had 2 write it out for it to make sense.. n now it does..LATER
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Monday, March 28th, 2005

Subject:Cardboard Box Bitch J
Time:4:10 pm.
Mood: cynical.
Music:^dunno what it means.. im just gonna start using new moods.
...Im such a thug I have cops surroundin me at skool.. damn who wants mah autograph.. lol danielle we famous they our BODYGUARDS..4 sho

Haha tell me why when I first got to school I see a shitload of cops n principals... n den Chelsea n Sandy came up 2 me like "lets count how many cops there are" lol .. they knew what I was thinkin.. in case u was wonderin it was 6... +2 principals :)

Darin :*gets 2 step-things in PE.. and gets on top of them* "So, Joelle... were u like this?*
Joelle: *automatically knows what Darin is gonna do so she gets on her knees*
Darin : GROW 5 FUCKIN INCHES BITCH N DEN TALK SHIT.. hahahah *I love da re-plays, but I love Darin more*

Elie- Shout out 2 u! *Saturday night was funny as hell* Windy n Danielle kno what Im talkin about da way I <3 those gurls....

Oh yuh.. I made a 100 on my spanish quiz.. I deserve an enchilada :)

Ms Oneil: Dat C wall is dumb.. GET A NEW WALL or just come hang out with me
Joelle: OMG how could u say that the wall might hear u .. you want us to hang out with u , you wanna get in this drama huh??
Ms Oneil : No, and *anonymous* needs 2 get *his/her* ass whupped.. i mean BUTT
Joelle: *cracks up* u sed ass?!! and we were at dat wall first...

I have 2 write a speech and do a review for history.. LATER KIDS =]
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Thursday, March 24th, 2005

Time:6:10 pm.
Mood: energetic.
Today was fun fun fun lol.. Hmm I woke up 2 Santiagos fone call .. i was late >O good thing he woke me up.. I didnt even asnwer cuz I was tryna rush lol.. and then my bro told me he would buy me a smoothie b4 skool cuz my fat ass been cravin one all week so like.. we were tryna leave early btu we ended up bein late n i never got my smoothie :-( .. So yuh I got 2 skool n met up with my danny , chels n sandy.. n we went intoo D building to get ourselves some food lol.. and then I saw Windy in there n we talked 2 her n then we went back 2 c wall n we went in D building again bc now chelsea wanted food lol..n den we walked back out n met up with danielle lol n she was like HOMEGURL J!! lmao.. fuckin gay..shes so funnyy n den we was all at c wall n it was me, windy, kate, chelsea, sandy,n danielle n we were all like wow we all hate the same person.. lol.. n they did this lil immature thing where they all put their hands in da middle i was like no they didnt lol... I dont kno why we worry about that gurll.. its just fun :-) Den in 1st period I lifted weights with Darin lol.. we always goof around in there n then nuthin special in 2nd n 3rd... n den 4th period i took my geom test which I did AWESOME POSSUME on ..heck yess n den Danielle decided 2 go up 2 heather b4 5th.. n we was all like no no dont do it.. n she had 2 friggin follow her ass to the friggin cafeteria.. and we was followin danielle so that she dont do nothing stupid cuz she aint worth it.. n she kept on callin her name n she wasnt ansswerin n den I dunno wut happened but htey was talkin all of a sudden so we went up there but we aint have 2 stop danielle from doin nuthin cuz heather wasnt gonna do nuthin she dont wanna fight then she shoulda never started shit with danielle right? I mean if ur gonna talk shit n b hard 2 someone then back it up dont say u dont want the drama when u started it cuz her n danielle have had beef forever so if u gonna start drama..then finish it n I aint really kno what happened but somehow I got into it n heather asked me if she had ever said shit 2 me n i was like.. not 2 mah face.. but I mean come on now everyone tells me she talks shit behind mah back.. I dunno it was really between her n sandy n Dani.. n den she left so I went into class... LATE.. but we wasnt doin shit inthere.. watchin a damn movie so I went outside n started textin ppl cuz I aint get no service inside lol.. n den in spanish I also did reallly good on my quiz.. im proud of me lol.. n den lunch was funny.. danny has this joke about how me n sandy eat a lot *we really dont* n like we was like come on danny we cant be late 2 lunch!! lol n he was like joelle ur like running!! lol n i like pretended 2 run n push thru ppl n he like goes. this is joelle. n he threw his backpack down n started runnin lol it was so funyn cuz he like swung it around b4 he threw it.. o mann he had me laffin but i gotta admit.. our lunch table looks like a buffet lol n den we left lunch early n we was chillin outside n we found out some shit n i got SOOOO MADDD they kept on bringin her up n I would start goin off n Alecia n Jeremy n Danny would like rub me n give me massages n theyre like WOOOSA JOELLE WOOSA lol n I wasnt supposed 2 say anything cuz dat woulda gotten someone else in trouble but i was THAT MAD n I couldnt find danielle 2 talk 2 her about it so I went up 2 c wall n I couldnt control mahself I was like I FUCKIN HATE U U PUSSY ASS BITCH n she smiled at me wit her fucked up grill n goes.. sorry it wasnt me...PLEASEEEEEE omggggg who would it have been>??? she was the only one there when danielle went up 2 her n NONE of her friends were there n 2 give them MY name when i aint even do nuthin?!! plus her name was on da list we kno its her who snitched..and yes we seen another name but wtf ..she wasnt even there! its like she got all her lil friends 2 say shit when they wasnt even there.. oh yuh n da shit she told da principals wasnt even tru ughh n there was no reason 2 snitch n i aint even talkin about me and da rest of us since we aint do nuhtin but even dnaielle cuz danielle didnt really say shit 2 her she was being VERY CALM actually..n LAUGHING n den I dont kno what happened I kept on sayin shit n yellin at her then Sandy sed a few things 2 her n then heather looked at ev1 else n she was like "if im scared of them then why am i here" I just WENT OFFFFFF I have never yelled at any1 like I did 2 her n Im not even gonna embarass her again n say what I said in here.. but yuh I was just goin n going n I was READY 2 HIT HER .. like I was soooo mad that I was soo close n I got in her face I swear mah arm was ready 2 swing too n thats the reason I was yellin so loud I aint mean to be that loud but my anger took over lol.. n then I dunno what came over me but I turned around n I was like.. "joelle dis bitch aint worth it ..walk away.." so I walked away b4 I did sumden stupid since da principals already kno cuz I felt dat punch comin lookin at her face n teeth damn I wanted 2 punch her n fix dem so bad BUT I AINT GONNA DO IT CUZ IM A GOOD GURL n i aint wanna give her a REASON 2 go snitch again n Ms Oneil calmed me down in english lol... n den yuhhh I chilled out in there.. I luv ms Oneil shes on my side lol n she kept on tellin me 2 take a deep breath n calm down cuz when I was talkin about wut happened like I was cuzzin n shit n she was like.. when they call u in dat office I dont want u talkin like that but i got over it lol n i was just textin ppl n den talked 2 chris in there he was congratulatiin me lol hes so funny n I was like chris stop being goofy im mad n hes like U LOOKED MADDD n sum shit about my eyes were poppin outta mah face lol..n like heather looked dumbfounded n hes like yuh we all thought u was gonna hit her n i was like I WAS!! .. I dunno what came over me n stopped me but Im glad it did.. cuz my anger was takin over n then after skool ev1 was actin it out n replayin lol n get this I was so mad that I had veins poppin outta mah neck?? lol I aint kno that!! but then again a lotta ppl where tellin me shit I aint kno.. n yuh this guy on mah bus WHOS NAME IM NOT GONNA SAY CUZ HEATHER WILL GO BACK N SAY SUMDEN he was like.. yuh u can tell she was scared cuz she was smilin n shit n lookin away.. YUPP TRU DATTT n u can also tell since she SNITCHEDDDD n hes all sayin u shoulda hit her i kno u wanted to i could see it comin n we all backed away n made space for u for it... .. see I aint talkin shit.. Im tellin u about my day n what happened.. DA DAMN TRUTH Im even savin her da embarassment with all da shit I sed 2 her at c wall BUT ANYWAY.. dats over n done with n I dont wanna talk about it nomore.. cuz heather will go running 2 her mommy or the cops but yuh u guys can keep congratulatin me lol.. im luvin those :-) n yes I kno I said the shit u guys have been wanting 2 say 2 her forever...
Tell me why dis gurl on da bus had gum in her
N tell me why my mom aint care when da skool call.. shes on my side tooo

xoDaRiNxo: damnnn joellee
xoDaRiNxo: thats soo fucking awesome.. u fucking made her feel shittyy!!!!
xoDaRiNxo: dammnn thats my GIRL!!!!

BaByJeNn2620: im glad u did that ma
BaByJeNn2620: !
BaByJeNn2620: O:-)
BaByJeNn2620: thats my BAR BABBY
- Thanks BALLA BABY.. but I aint a bar baby nomore.. be proud!

KRAZY lil guh 23: home gurl J & home gurl W
-lmfao.. wow dats sooo fuckin gay

Southern Hustla1: watch her bust out with joelle i dont know why your mad it was my invisible friend jake that told you guys
Southern Hustla1: and you werent even cussin me out it was my twin sister Kelly
Southern Hustla1: its not my fault my teeth look like theyre throwin up west side
Southern Hustla1: they just like 2pac
-lmao ... no no its VALERIE lol not kelly or jake
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Time:2:49 pm.
some people need to watch their fuckin back...nobody messes w/ my gurl!
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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005 baref...
Time:8:22 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Today was FUN I dunno y it just was!! So hmm I woke up n when I was gettin ready Santiago called me n wished me a good morning n 2 have a good day lol.. He did it bc last night he was tellin me he was gonna call me yesterday doin dat n I wouldnt believe him so he stayed up last night n did it (bc of da time difference).. how cute lol ..and anyway b4 we left da house my mom was makin pasta for lunch b4 she left for work n t as still in da pot without any sauce *the best* so me n my brother were liek eating it all n she got mad.. n den she went into da bathroom n my bro was in da car already n my fat ass like put a shitload in a cup lol n my mom came out like wut r u doing n i hid em real quik.. then I went into da car n my bro got mad cuz he wanted some too *lol me n him are SO immature sumtimes lol* so he goes BACK inside n he like starts stuffin em in his mouth n them my mom came out n he swallowed it real quick n like his eyes got watery cuz it was so hot so my mom waslike.. "joe i see ur eyes watering" lol.. so THATS the reason why I was late 2 skool.. we're so fuckin dumb mann lol..
In 1st period LMAO Darin was crackin me up mann me u n danielle love talkin shit about U KNO WHO lmao no no we aint talkin shit we tell da damn truth lol n ur hair omg dat was soo moves with u n ur shadow lol HURRY UP GO USE THAT GURLS STRAIGHTNER lol..Danielle hunny.. u wouldnt make it in the navy lol we have the craziest talks in dat class then in history...AHH danny is dumb! Ok, so we took this quiz n like the teacher passes back the papers 2 random ppl so that they grade them n i made sure danny gets mine so I can fix my answers.. his dumas marked all mine wrong lol.. what a dumass I LOVE HIM THO but yuh anyway when we was leavin dat class I had 2 go talk 2 my bro cuz I neded sum $ n he always bankin n like Danny n mah bro has this thing.. I dunno its kinda funny so Danny was dressed like a fagg today lol cuz he lost a bet n hes like I dont wanna go withhh u I look faggy today lol it was funnny.. Hmm nuthin special happened up in 3rd period.. and 4th kinda the same.. except that Im startin 2 do mah work in geom n Im gettin it cuz now its more algebra than it was before with that whole SSA n AAS shit n i dunno whutever that shit was dumb but yeaaa n den after 4th chelsea n me n sandy n cesilia n Danielle, jeremy n steven n natali lol all decided 2 wear our backpacks real high.. dont ask me why.. we dumb n we dont care what ppl think dats all lol n den I was just talkin 2 Darin n we got a lotta work turned in omg she was crackin me up like always lol hmm in spanish I did my presentation n i got ready for it in like a minute I was so proud I made a 97 :) lol.. lunch was funnnny today danny n sandy n steven... they crack me up :D n den in 8th nuthin special.. just messed with Ms Oneil lol.. Hmm after dat I walked 2 da buses wit my bitches n hoes n me n aristen was ebin stupid on dat bus mann.. n den I got home.. ate, did my homework which KATE N ELIE OWE ME A COOKIE FOR :D and den just chilled watched some TV.. den BITCHED OUT CHRIS.. I officially HATE HIM.. n I embarassed da shit outta him so its all gooddd :) and yuh.. ANY MORE DETAILS???

DAMN i LOVE my Fat Hustlin Thuggish Alcoholic..

KRAZY lil guh 23: i love u kid
KRAZY lil guh 23: i love ur thugish ways thooo
... I LOVE WINDIDDY LIKE WHOAA... shes MY thug.. bustin out wit dem waterguns our AK47-AQUA-BOOM.. heck yess
KRAZY lil guh 23: that one can go ALL nite long *wink wink*
SOjuicyNlusciouz: thats OUR kinda gun
-...dats mah BAD ma!!
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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

Subject:Booooring Day
Time:2:10 pm.
Mood: calm.
Lele!! I miss u ma!! Im sorry Ohio sux gurl n I cant wait until ur back either.. next weekend me n u gonna hang out fo sho!! n yea u best take my advice.. and yes Dora rocks my sox :) and ur entry got cut off for some reason!!

Jenna *walks by smiling*
Jenna... doesnt say anything.. keeps walkin n smiling
*later that day*
Jenna walks by again.. SMILING
Danielle *cracks up in her face*
I swear dat bitch looks STUPID AS HELL when she does dat shit

Im tired of people saying "you look like someone with ur haircut joelle"...
me: who?
other person: I dont kno someone famous

Ashli: u look like someone with ur haircut joelle
Ashli: idk who... but someone famous
-lol ash.. luv ya kidd ur soo my idol- ... I got this from dannys info ITS SO FUNNY lol.. just click on it.. n then it tells u wut 2 do 2 watch the video.. but u have 2 sit through the whole thing.. its only about 3 minutes...

..seriously stop talking about ur mom like that.. GEEZ..

Me n Elie's convo last night.. he ALWAYS has me laffin
Southern Hustla1: and i dont have pussy hairs
Southern Hustla1: theyre already shaved
Southern Hustla1: well, naired
Southern Hustla1: same thing preety much
Southern Hustla1: one time i got some nair inside my giney
Southern Hustla1: i had to use 3 tubes of vagisil to take away tha burning
-LOL.. did i mention elie is a guy?!

Southern Hustla1: what was he sayin
Southern Hustla1: i think i know
Southern Hustla1: he was lik
Southern Hustla1: laykee ya sharmuta
Southern Hustla1: bedi kisseek
Southern Hustla1: HALAT!!!!
Southern Hustla1: aa talati
Southern Hustla1: wahad
Southern Hustla1: itnayn
-lol.. elie sumden like that! u retard lol.. translation: I think I know.. he was like.. look here you whore, I want ur pussy NOW!!!! on three... one ..two.. lol *its funnier in lebanese*

SOjuicyNlusciouz: ni was like.. oh realli? nhes like yuh
SOjuicyNlusciouz: n i go.. well whats ur plan
Southern Hustla1: you meet me in tha dark corner at 5:00 AM i come in a balck suburban and sweep you up
-yess elie.. that was his BRILLIANT plan!

...another bombing in lebanon :( It usually doesnt affect me dis much but dats da 2nd one its so sad mann they hit the kaslik..dats da hot spot in leb.. its sad cuz like im worried its not safe... they can hit all the cities in lebanon in like 3 days.. that country is so small..:( n I have family over there
To all you people who dont kno whats goin on this is what it is.. if u dont care then stop reading now lol.. but anyway so like the Syrian government has been kind of controlling lebanon ... since they assassinated Rafiq Hariri, the former prime minister of Lebanon,(IT HAPPENED LIKE A WEEK OR 2 AGO) the lebanese have been protesting for the Syrian government to basically leave us the fuck alone... cuz we kno it was them ..and the U.S n France is helpin us outt .. so the Syrians kno they weak right?? so what do they do .. BOMB LEBANON.. cuz u kno the middle east just LOVES DOING THATTT!!! and thats their way of threatening us.. n tryna tell us we need them 2 conquer our country or this is what happens??!! which makes no sense 2 me cuz theyre just hurting us ..

"We want there to be a thriving democracy in Lebanon. We believe that there will be a thriving democracy, but only if -- but only if -- Syria withdraws not only her troops completely out of Lebanon, but also her secret service organizations, intelligence organizations -- not secret service, intelligence organizations. I am concerned, and the world should be concerned that the intelligence organizations are embedded in a lot of government functions in Lebanon, and there needs to be a complete withdrawal of those services in order for there to be a free election. And we will -- this government will work with a -- elected leaders of a free, truly free Lebanon, and looking forward to it"
-George W Bush- (3/16/05)

Seriously... Lebanon does NOT belong where it is on Earth.. it needs 2 be somewhere by Turkey or Greece.. cuz I mean we act more like those people anyway! lol...Plus its like the only country there thats not a muslim country.. and noone likes us there n we dont eva do anything but just cuz im from the middle east im stereotyped as a one of "them"... and thats why i hate terrorist jokes directed towards me I HATE IT .. cuz u obviously dont kno wtf u talkin about when u say that when my own country gettin hurt.. but yea.. we dont belong in the middle east i mean come on its obvious all the countries there wanna convert lebanon to Islam and no1 like us there lol

A lil joke I found on da net...
On the sixth day God turned to the Angels and said: "Today I am going to create a land called Lebanon. It will be a land of outstanding natural beauty. It shall have tall majestic mountains full of snow, beautifully sparkly rivers cutting through forests full of all kind of trees, high cliffs overlooking sandy beaches with an abundance of sea life."
God continued, "I shall make the land rich to make the inhabitants prosper. I shall call these inhabitants Lebanese, and they shall be known as the most friendly people on Earth"
"But Lord," asked the Angels, "don't you think you are being too generous to these Lebanese? Isn't it unfair for the rest of the world?"
"Not really," replied God. "Just wait and see the neighborring countries I am going to give them."

.....soo truuu

I will. be adding more shit as the day progresses
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Monday, March 21st, 2005

Subject:Dont have sex because if you do, you will get pregnant and DIE
Time:1:31 pm.
Mood: blah.
hey yall this is yo gurl lele...finally figured out how to write in this thing, it took awhile, but its all good cuz i have alot of time cuz im sittin here in my dads apartment waiting for him to come home from work, cant wait till my spring break is over its kinda sad cuz i love spring break but w/e nothing has been working out latley but its ok cuz i no things will get way enough bout that.... aaaw elle ur gettin a dora the explorer backpack how cute!!! and danielle strawberry shortcake IS HOT!!! i need to find me a cute idea?? **Dont have sex because if you do, you will get pregnant and DIE**

So last night after I updated I talked 2 chris for a while.. n I dunno then I went 2 sleep but Santiago called n woke me up n he was makin fun of da way I sounded when I'm half asleep..:-/ n den I got a beep n it was Danielle cuz she had 2 tell me sumden omg dat shit was funny lol danielle... So anyway.. today I woke up n finally found an outfit n den went 2 skool n gosh it was so boring lol.. I'm just tired of creek n cant wait until dis year is over.. lets leave it at dat

Dont u hate how some people like share EVERYTHING they do in here!?! n its SO STUPID cuz like they share all the illegal shit in there xangas n shit n its like wtf?! n its always those people who like nobody likes.. so like u kno damn right sum1 is gonna hate on u or sumden so its so stupid when they share all there shit in here. I keep mah shit minimal lol.. trust me if this was every lil detail I share.. then damn my life seems boring lol but I mean Im not gonna be like.. ..we drank it up n blah blah blah..dats just RETARDED...

Uh-oh danielle got herself a strawberry shortcake backpack.. THATS HOTT .. but mah Lisa frank is rippin lol n ive only had it for a week.. I think its time for a new one n Im thinkin Dora the explorer :)

Joelle didnt wear no eyeliner today JUST MASCARA .. WHOA I kno.. since u kno me and makeup get along VERY WELL.. yuh sum ppl even think I put it on my body ..lmao dummiezz these days.. but yuh my eyes didnt look so evil today according to ev1 :)

Stuff I want..
1- Lavender polo shirt
2- White skirt
3- digital camera
4- SHOESS.. all kinds :) cant ever get enuff
5- iPOD
6- lavender n black belt
7- Hair n Make-up products
8- Stuff for my room
9- Icecreams *da shoes*
10- Denim Jacket
11- Denim Skirt

...damn theres more.. n I need some money lol.. Cant wait till I get a job mann.. ~~~> copy n paste into adress bar made me smile lol :] (this DEFINNITELY doesnt apply to everyone)
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Saturday, March 19th, 2005

Subject:What it is hoe
Time:8:31 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Well today was loooonnggg so I woke up and I took me a shower n got ready n then went out with the parentals... cuz they was gonna take me shopping.. n spend theyre money on me.. *heck yess* but they had 2 stop by at sum furniture store first cuz they wanna get a new bedroom set.. and well the one they wanted was completely sold out.. oh and by the way this guy that works there was HOT .. whoa.. lol he wasnt the one helping us but he came n sat with us while my dad was making sum fone calls n my mom sed sumden about mice n he goes "mice liek meow?!" n i gave him this look like he's stupid n i go"fool dats cats" n he goes.. "o yeaa sorry man im bored" n i was like "yea I would be too if I worked here" n he was like "gurl ur ass would be asleep" *sigh* he talked 2 me lol but anyway.. so we had 2 go to another location so they can buy the floor sample from there.. n it was by memorial city mall so I went to that mall instead which is okay cuz I LOVE IT but while we were at the other furniture store the lady who was helpin us was from Iran n my dad told her that when sum1 asks her where shes from to say shes from "the 713" lol.. i taught him that.. but anyway.. afterwards i went 2 da mall and I bought a belt n sum jeans from bui yah kah n then I HAD 2 go 2 XXI cuz dat place is the poo!! and it was so weird I saw Laurens mom there n we were talkin n she goes go get lauren from teh dressing room then Lauren pops outtta nowhere n she was like WHOA everyone is here today?! n she sed she saw dominique lol n then there was a buncha lebanese ppl my mom knew there i was like.. damn wut is this lil lebanon?! so then I found this dress n Lauren thought it was hot n I tried it on n on my way 2 da dressing room i saw Dominique AKA dom da bomb n i sed hi 2 her n the dress lookes hot so i bought it!! n then we went 2 da food court.. n on our way rthere we saw michelle *another lebanese lol* but we didnt get 2 say hi.. that gurl is so funny shes like HARDCORE lebanese.. its great.. Lauren got her potato n i got sum fries cuz we fatasses lol n we chilled at da foodcourt for a while and then I had 2 leave cuz I was runnin late .. so I got me sum shoes 2 match the dress n den stopped by at walmart n got home at 10 n I go upstairs n look at my fone n I had 2 missed calls from thsi random phone number.. so I calle dback n this gurl asnwers n shes like "oh is this joelle?" n i go "yes!" n shes like santiago called u hang on i'll get him... n im like WHOAA ... can u say RANDOM?!? anyway me n him talked for a while.. n I just couldnt believe wha the was sayying lol.. seriously.. .. it was a good conversation...n now Im here talkin 2 my lele cuz she in Ohio.. soo yuh.. LATER BITCHES!

Southern Hustla1: thats something you spring on a girl when you call her out of nowhere
Southern Hustla1: JOELLE I LOVE YOU
SOjuicyNlusciouz: lmao
Southern Hustla1: AND WE'LL GROW OLD
SOjuicyNlusciouz: haha
-I kno Elie.. dats wut Im saying.. but its all good as long as hes being AN JAD!! W MA AM BIKAZEB??..MAHEK?
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Friday, March 18th, 2005

Time:1:56 pm.
Mood: hyper.
hey ya'll =] im in a good mood today lol.. been hyper n shit.. anyway so today.. i woke up late and on top of that i had 2 leave the house at 6:15 cuz my brother had 2 go over 2 his homeboys house n like drive behind him while his friend had the boat in the back of his truck cuz we was scared it would fall out. Lol.. I kno they failed THAT project.. anyway.. so I get 2 school n I met up with Sandy n Chlesea inside c building.. even hto it wasnt much cold 2day. Those gurls were makin me laugh lol.. and then in PE , Darin, Danielle n Lauren was acting a fool.. then 2nd me n Danny were wokring together on this jigsaw puzzle thing n we kept on being mean2 each other lol but its all outta love! Then 3rd period.. I had 2 work on my speech n we were talking about gay people n ofcourse I had 2 share my opininon.. hmm 4th.. Leiyann called n like.. it was so funny cuz I was talkin 2 her in class n Ms kuo just HAD 2 give us one of her speeches n so leiyann was just waiting on the fone when i put it down on the desk n she was like wtf?! cuz u kno how ms kuo talks.. lol btu I explained 2 her shes asian lol. Then I called Leiyann abck n like EVERYONE wanted 2 talk 2 her.. aww lol i love how all my friend like her ..Then in 5th period.. I talked 2 Darin n then this guy tells me Danielle wants me 2 go out in the hallway so I did n it was Chelsea, Danielle n Natali.. lol so we all sat on the floor in the hallway n just talked oh mann they was makin me laugh so hard.. then I realized I was out there for a while so I went back in class. Hmm 6th n 7th was the usual.. they were fun tho.. Danny told me I could have his "Tall tee" sticker of his shirt n I put it on my tank top lol and then in 7th period kerry took it from me :( but I got it back after school :) haha im too quik.. go me :) then 8th period we were supposed to be working but me n brittany cant shut up lol so we were talkin n shit n then the whole class go tin the discussion n we just went from one subject to another n then we started talkin about pregnancy n going into labor n shit n we were askin ms oneil all these questionsn then brittany goes "Ms Oneil.. how long does it take for uhh the down there to shrink back up" n Ms Oneil goes "I cant tell u that cuz mine never did go back 2 normal" and we all cracked up.. n she was like aht what??! n it turned out she thought we was talking about her stomach lol.. it was soo funny tho. But yuh .. now Im here.. n I wanna go see The Ring Two tonight.. so yuhh..
<3 -JuCeEee-
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Thursday, March 17th, 2005

Subject:Happy St Patty Day
Time:1:06 pm.
Mood: happy.
So today... I woke up late as hell n I didnt have time 2 completely straighten my hair so I threw it back in a ponytail :)n no mah ass didnt wear green .. my contacts r green n dats enuff..n I sho as hell didnt get pinched..I got 2 skool n met up with mah gurls Chelsea n Sandy n we chilled with my Danny aka Ralph n Natali lol.. then in PE we finally got 2 use the weight room n Darin was my partner.. lol we was crackin up da whole time... i aint born with it its MAYBELLINE! lol.. covergirl!! haha n tose shoes I was wearing.. o mann n then Darin n me was like doing this thing where we lift weights with out legs n we're like having the worst time n im like omg how much weight is on dis thing n Darin goes.. 5 lbs! lol we busted out laughing but then it turned out it was more.. Darin was just being a silly goose lol. Then 2nd period.. we watched beauty and the beast .. ME ENCANTA DAT MOVIE! lol n Sandy had written me back in spanish also lol n I transalted da whole note by myself.. WITHOUT using a dictionary thank u very much I did it at c wall.. HECK YES lol.. and then Danny wanted me 2 write him a note in lebanese.. n i was like ok? even tho its comletely diff alphabet.. i did it.. lol he thought it looked so tight.. *luv dat kid* hmm my report card was ok.. but I shoulda done mucho better..n then WINDY MANN .. she whupped some ass from what I heard n MY dumass missed it!! even tho she was tellin me about marissa all day.. I was pissed I didnt see it lol seriously in 8th period i was like.. seriously mad! lol but its all good I LOVE U WINDY hope there wasnt no consequences that wasnt worth this. Then 8th period I messed with Ms Oneil ..and then Chris.. hmm chris.. lol hes great.. lol

MIKE.. haha u actually wrote in it lol.. I LOVE U BIG BRO more than anything! but were u tryna make funof chris lol cuz u dont even kno him.. imma go fix that babe.. MUAHZ!!!
Kate.. lol.. I LOVE U BABYCAT .. 4 sho!

So I took this quiz.. "Which Napoleon Dynamite Character are you" and I was LaFawnduh lol.. n Jennys like.. yuh that matches u the best.. as if thats a good thing lmao.. LUV YA JENN!
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Wednesday, March 16th, 2005

Time:1:26 pm.
Mood: dorky.
Today was fuckin fun :) not sure why it just was

Ok, so I was in class writing a note n this guy asks me a question n i looeked up at him without lifting my head n he was like HOLY SHIT.. n i was like what? n he goes u scared da fuck outta me! :-/ lol so i was like omg i looked at u n i scared u? n hes like no no its just ur eyes.. lol so when i go 2 ask ppl about it.. danny, julio n steven all agreed lol.. and then I pulled my bangs away n I opened up my eyes n dannys sarcastic ass was like WHOA NO COVER THAT SHIT UP! n he like flipped my whole hair over n told me I should walk around like that lmao.. dat boi is dumb.

KATE GOT CRUNK WITH DIS GUHH 2DAY .. O mann dat shit was funny.. I went off on her last week kate.. so I kno how u feel.. but dat was so funny I GIVE U PROPS GUHH lol
LMAO BABYCAT.. looool only tacky people would wear shit like that ;)

Lunch was fun 2day :)

My poor baby chris broke his arm.. :(
I wrote Sandy a note all in spanish 2day lol dat shit was funny.

Ok so I was talkin 2 Ms Oneil n me n her r really tight u kno so I be tellin her evrything n this guhh walked by n she dont like me cuz she think I mean mug her ass when I dont even kno her so I told Ms Oneil about it n shes like..yea you have that problem joelle.. n I go .. I do? n shes like.. Yea a lotta people have pointed that out 2 me about you n Sandy was right tehre agreein so Im like.. wtf? n then Ms Oneil told me that liek the first 3 days of school she was like "Oh nooo this gurl doesnt like me" ..WOW I mean I always knew that about me but I didnt think it was that bad lol n I was like.. umm sorry I dont mean to then they suggested I smile more at people..
fuck that shit lol.

Damn I just realized I have evil eyes with what happened with that guy earlier today n then this.. makes sense.. lol oh and how chris tells me he loves my eyes cuz they mysterious *not my chris.. im talkin about chris mamud* .. hmm lol I need new eyes.. lol

note: memorizing my blury adress wont help either.. stop thinkin ur slick :)
Leiyann- Goldmember, big daddy, light it up, scary movie, hardball, Theres something about mary, Love and basketball, all about the benjamins. The ladybugs, not another teen movie,now and what else?

SOjuicyNlusciouz: m a confused disco queen who punches mufflers
Southern Hustla1: huh
Southern Hustla1: beautiful clown who loves to hug pumas
SOjuicyNlusciouz: lol
SOjuicyNlusciouz: imma delicious fishstick who loves to explore ears lmao
SOjuicyNlusciouz: imma monkey-like chick magnet who loves to deflower lesbians
Ghettolips2008: im a drunken sex gos who liek to empty huskies
Ghettolips2008: *god
SOjuicyNlusciouz: lmao im a stimulated slut who loves to rub balls
Ghettolips2008: im a large lizard man who liek to suck sperm
-thats hot.. lol go here guys n find out what u are..

Nuttin much has been up lately.. well actually yea I just dont wanna get personal
<3 -'Elle-

haha hey wayz just wanted to say that hell yah math was fun ugh i cant stand her..too bad we dont have that class tomororw..but yah..i will wear my baby cat for yall tomorrow..lmao.. but yah..just wanted to say hey..and OO boy i gotta tell you somthin bout you know who...yah..hes been soo mean lately but you kno wat..i dont give a fuck ..but yah..o and he hasnt read it shucks..haha well ttly love you joelle

wuz up yall diz mike .. i dont know what to say these things are dumb but elle.. when we gonna go to a hotel where we can be doin it doin it doin it well ha gurl u crazy u know im always gon be here for u ur like my lil sister so all you motherfuckers dont be messin with her i got a big ass dick and i aint scared 2 use it just wait until i come back to texas its yo ass ha take it easy lil sis much love to ya
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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

Subject:skeet skeet???
Time:2:23 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
OMG .. ppl get dumber n dumber every day I swear its so funny I love just sittin back n watchin ppl makin fools of demselves..n thinkin they got this shit n so cool... wow

U kno what.. 2 years from now.. u aint gonna care about all this drama.. this si just 4 yrs of ur life.. so i dont care about none of these haters/bitches/hoes... n they gonna try 2 piss me off.. but they dont even kno how to half the shit they doin right now i dont even give a fuck about them.. n yuh they can be readin this right thinkin whuteva the fuck they want but u kno only God can judge me all u hoes can kiss my ass...

...I made a 97 on my english 9 weeks test :)...

Those gurls Danielle, Sandy n Chelsea got some jokes mann .. oh yuh n Darin too haha... Darin dont forget about that voice message...
Sandy is gonna buy me some makeup.. heck yes lmao
Danielle: hey joelle r u born with it
Joelle: hell no bitch its maybelline! lmao
*inside joke*

Hmm I got some very interesting compliments about my hair today when i say interesting i mean..DAMN lol .. gosh its so weird cuz I really hate it.. I dunno lol i keep bringin this up cuz its SO WEIRD

-I love how ppl think Im dumb n they so slick lol

Leiyann I love u ma.. its all gonna get better i get emotional outbreaks too *did that make sense or is that even a word"

BaByJeNn2620: lol we were just talkin bout how yous such a good friend
BaByJeNn2620: aite love ya bye
SOjuicyNlusciouz: awww
SOjuicyNlusciouz: lol
SOjuicyNlusciouz: i wanna hear this
BaByJeNn2620: lol me n kate
SOjuicyNlusciouz: leave me messages
BaByJeNn2620: we was like...... shes such a good friend shes always gots are back

Auto response from SOjuicyNlusciouz: BBL

BaByJeNn2620: and ur always there 4 us
BaByJeNn2620: thats why we lOVE YOU SO MUCH
BaByJeNn2620: O:-)
BaByJeNn2620 is away at 3:45:14 PM.
BaByJeNn2620 returned at 4:20:20 PM.
SOjuicyNlusciouz: aww
SOjuicyNlusciouz: thats so sweet
BaByJeNn2620: lol ya
BaByJeNn2620: its true
SOjuicyNlusciouz: aww
SOjuicyNlusciouz: but u n kate are the greatest too
BaByJeNn2620: lol
BaByJeNn2620: O:-)
BaByJeNn2620: miss you
BaByJeNn2620: a lot lol
SOjuicyNlusciouz: I MISS U TOO MA
BaByJeNn2620: lol ya... we were just tallkin bout... how u always got are baackk no matter what happends
BaByJeNn2620: i no
SOjuicyNlusciouz: and thats how it always will be
SOjuicyNlusciouz: u 2 have never done me wrong
SOjuicyNlusciouz: EVER
SOjuicyNlusciouz: and thats y i aint gonna do that shit 2 u
SOjuicyNlusciouz: cuz its hard finding tru friends a lotta gurls fucked me over
SOjuicyNlusciouz: n i dont wanna lose u guys over stupid shit like that
SOjuicyNlusciouz: cuz i appreciate u guys so much :-)
BaByJeNn2620: O:-) same here!
BaByJeNn2620: im glad we met in choir lmao
SOjuicyNlusciouz: lol
SOjuicyNlusciouz: was that how we became friends?
BaByJeNn2620: think so
BaByJeNn2620: i member in 8th i thought u didnt like me cuz someone told me u liked JR or sumthin
BaByJeNn2620: lol
BaByJeNn2620 is away at 4:33:46 PM.
SOjuicyNlusciouz: OMG i memba that n I neva even talked 2 junior nor thought he was cute at all it was SO WEIRD
..g2g I will add more later...

-I love my balla baby JEN! u dont undersand how much I miss her we had crazy times last year n she always had me laughin :( damn I LOVE U MA
-Kate.. lol what it do BABY CAT?! lmfao! we have so much fun in ms kuos class n me n u always tell each other our boi problems n ua lways been there lol im so glad me n u got close cuz ur crazy almsot as crazy as me lol.. n u kno I will always have ur backs like when sum1 is tryna fuck wit u .. Yuh I can think of 2 ppl right now lol n I went off on both of them last week I LOVE U KATE :)

- I dunno wut else 2 say I dont like puttin every detail of my day in here.. so later!-

..Just shake dem haters off...

Imma stay outta all dis shit.. if hoes wanna fuck with me or any of mah friends.. Im down for whutever


Well last night was fuckin funny! With that shit about my friends! And there initials! Seeing I got no friends! Well yeah that shit was so funny and al my little 8th grade friends. Wow I miss them! Too bad I’m a fuckin loser and can’t get people my own age to hang out! Yeah sad! JUST KIDDING! THAT SHIT WAS ABOUT HEATHER! EVERYONE HAD A COMMENT ABOUT THAT! O YEAH AND HOW SHE WAS SAYING PEOPLE WANTED TO BE IN THERE? FOOL SHE HAD PEOPLE IN THERE THAT DON’T EVEN HAVE AOL AIM! WTF THAT BITCH IS DUMB! O YEAH AND COVER GIRL... HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOUR MAKE UP! SEEING HOW YOU GOT STRETCH MARKS ALL OVER RIGHT? WHAT A DUMB BITCH! OMG THAT SHIT PISSES ME OFF! Well Heather how the teeth going? Cause they still look like shit! Damn She feel out of her chair at lunch and I didn’t get to see cause I was with Anna! Shit if I would have seen that I would have pointed and lol and kicked her when she’s down! O and she is trying to tell me she’s staying out of our childish drama! lol but yet she’s talking shit to someone else? wtf okay cause she’s scared! O and heather heres some shout outs to all your friends

*League City * Brookside * Victory Lakes * Seabrook * Friendswood *

O and the initials....




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Monday, March 14th, 2005

Time:8:18 pm.
Wow im getting a lotta compliments about my hair.. I been getting compliments non-stop since saturday night up until now.. thanks guys cuz i was scared lol I dont like change.. but everyone loves it n if they dont then they good liars.. lol.. I'd rather u ppl be honest..

anyway school 2day :( it was fun tho..

My weekend was fun too :) n my legs r still sore from saturday.. not good
Lauren I wore my indian shoes today ... b proud lol

later guys :)

Danielle.. I love u too ur MORE beautiful.. and yes makeup does solve everything lol..dats so funny.. im putting makeup on.. MY FACEEEE lol.. LOVE YA

Kate.. Yes I did have a good day lol and u usually kno eveyting about my day but NOO u couldnt sit by me 2day lol.. I LOVE U THO STILL.. n thanks for likin my hair :)

TeXaShUnNy25: ive bneen listin to a fuckin mexican cstation for along time then i relised it wasent rap
-wow danielle.. wow lol

Auto response from Southern Hustla1: am bakool ya ammi (im eating, my uncle)
-lmao.. lebanese sounds retarded when u translate it into english
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