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`'sOo anxiOuz'` [29 Sep 2003|02:43pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | tOnite ` da band ]

whatz really ??! damn i`m still hella sick but im gOin tO the city. if fuck face ever callz me back! i swear this bOy keep me on HOLD! ne wayz. u like my lil pink panther? i dOo.. i want this jOurnal ta lOok nice but i can`t do it right!! argh! oOoh well its not all that serious! but yea.. im bout ta get goin just wanted ta update real quick. i shOuld be back tomorrow night sOo i`ll update then.. tOodLez

ima bad girl and bad girlz dO bad thingz
i`ll be ur maryjane it ain`t a game i`ll getchu HIGH!!!

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`'crazy in lOve'` [28 Sep 2003|04:54pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | hOw cOuld a angel break my <3 ` tOni braXtOn + babyface ]

i just want ta let it be knOwn that my baby finally called me last nite!! bOy oh bOy did we fight! but now thingz are fine again! but im siiiiiiiick! i mean HELLA fuCkin sick tOo. i`m pOsed ta go see him tomorrow. but if i dOn`t feel better i dOn`t know if ima make it. suckz for me. but its all good at least we not fightin! i need ta gO dO my hOmewOrk nOw.. ;\ . bye!!

i love paul

p.s. my birthday is in 6 dayz!! hOlla!! ;D

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`'bad day'` [27 Sep 2003|10:15pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | my lil brOtherz tv ]

tOday was weak as fuck! i woke up at tedi`z and she was sick as hell. then i went and got dressed. cOmpletely cuz i was hella excited ta go see p today. soo i`m callin him off tha hOok. NO ANSWER. he finally calls and we were arguing for a minute cuz i didnt wanna just stay in the city doin nuthin. i wanted ta go to the house. so then he`s actin stupid and hangs up on me. this was at about 1:15:PM right now its 10:17:PM and he hasn`t called me back yet. my mom went to the bart station and i was thinkin he would call me and be like come now. but he never did. ;*[ i had all my things ready and everything. his battery on his phone is dead or something so his phone dont even ring. and his boy told me to call back 5 minutes later the first time. i called back 30 mins later and no answer. then i called back 30 mins after that n he`s like ima have him call u back in like 5 mins. that shit never happened. maybe i wouldn`t be so hurt if i thought he didn`t know i really wanted ta go... but yesterday i was supposed to too and my mom faked on me. i called him cryin.. ALL THE SHIT! and he kept sayin u could just come tomorrow. so he knows. i never felt sOo low before in my life. hOlla baCk. ::criez::

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`'harLem shake'` [23 Sep 2003|12:41am]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | nada ]

today waz a gOod day ;]

whatz gOod?? i had a goood day today? i woke up n went to skool + i gotta new teacher + she don`t give barely any homework! [yeSss] then tedi had called cuz someone had faked on her for a ride sO i went and got her. we made a quick stop at safeway + then i took her to vallejo. after that i rushed home and hopped in the shower and got yelled at for everything possible. i finally got dressed and i went to bart. i got to the city about a hour later but unfortunately he wasnt there yet but he finally got there and it was all to tha good. ;D we was just chillin with er`body for a while but then we went back to the house n things were cOol till we got busted by his dad! ;X [i`m not even gonna get into it] but then we left and we was just on tha rockz.. n we smoked or whatever and we were just talkin bout things. after that we went back to the house. knOcked sOme sOckz. ate some food. n then we went and fell asleep. ;] yupp then i called my mom and decided i should just be good and go home. and i did when i finally got back to the city.

bad newz ;\
i dOn`t think he`z movin out no more.. some shit went dOwn n thingz ain`t lOokin sO great no more.. but it`z aLL gOod!!

dOwn ta ride till tha very end itz me and my bOyfriend

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`'lOve'` [22 Sep 2003|01:22am]
i LOVE my bOyfriend.. he LOVEZ me one day we`ll be a family!!

i get ta see my baby tOmOrrOw !! yay!! ::harLem shakez:: ::tOOtsie rOLLz:: whOa! hOLLeR baCk!!
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`'my life'` [21 Sep 2003|12:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | freeway + peedi craCk ` fLipside ]

wassup. omg Last nite i cOuLd nOt sLeep!! i think i gOtta prObLem fa reaLz!! i was onLine prOLLy tiLL Like 1 suttin taLkin ta eric + when i gOt off i reaLLy thOught i wOuLd be abLe ta gO ta sLeep! sO i get off n i gO in my rOom. i was chiLLin fOr a LiL whiLe watchin cOurt tv ;P [it was krazy, sOme twiin sisterz were tryna kill each other] femaLez. shame shame! ne wayz. i watched that tiLL Like 2:oOam n then i was Like damn i`m hungry sO i went tO tha kitchen n gOt sOme fOod. i went ta eat it and cOuLdn`t even finish. sO i was just layin there. sO i finally must have fallen asLeep arOund 3:oO.. and then my phOne ringz at 4:31 and it was my baby ;D !! bOy if my ass didn`t wake aLL tha way baCk up! sO we was taLkin n he kept tryna get off tha phOne but i wOuLdn`t let him. sO we faught fOr a minute. and we gOt off after bOut 5o minutez. then i caLLed him rite back and we talked tiLL 6:3o! yay!! but he`z mOvin on tha first of next mOnth. ye`! but he`s mOvin ta east oakland [nOt tha best pLace] but i ain`t really trippin cuz it`z just him n his bOy sO it`z gOn` b off tha fukkin hOok. well ima try n gO see him tOmOrrOw.. cuz i can`t keep nOt seeing him! shitz weak as fuCk! but i need ta get off this aOL n dO my hOmewOrk!

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`'survey'` [20 Sep 2003|11:24pm]
[[`bout u `']]
¤ name: brittany
¤ hometown: rOdeo . but i live in crOak-it
¤ highschool: jOhn swett ;\
¤ current school: willOw..
¤ work: unemplOyed at the mOment..
¤ age: 17
¤ family: mOm , brOtherz [zac + travis], tedi + paul <33

[[dO yOu like `']]

¤ your family: yea but we be bumpin headz
¤ your school: hell nah
¤ your job: i`ll letchu knOw when that happenz
¤ your city: u sOund crazy as fuCk.. this shit is a tOwn ;*[
¤ your pets: dOn`t have nOne..
¤ church: yea.. but i can`t never gO.. ;[
¤ smokers: i dOn`t apprOve but i lOve my smOkin baby`z father
¤ drinkers: nOt when they act like dumb aSsez
¤ partiers: ye` ye` ye`

[[favOriite `']]

¤ Color: pink ;] as lOng as ur penOr`z nOt pink! lmaO ;P
¤ Movie: umm.. gOodfellaz + LiLO + stitCh ! aWw
¤ Time of the day: night time
¤ Website: any that keepz me entertained
¤ Company: i dOn`t knOw..
¤ Store: umm i like that new stOre 2o/2o faShiOn.. sOundz gOod
¤ Food: i like mOstLy er`thang! lol nO fish thO!!
¤ Place: paul`z hOuse.. <33
¤ Smell: pink + strawberriez + champane
¤ Sound: rap + hip - hOp .. my baby sayin `'i lOve yOu'`
¤ Animal: stitch tha dOg !! ;P
¤ Boy name: i dunnO..
¤ Girl name: destiny ` aaliyah
¤ Subject: nOne.. fuCk skOol
¤ Word: sex
¤ Phrase/quote: i dOn`t think i gOt one..
¤ Number: hOw wOuLd u like it if i hitchu wit a 69 ?!?
¤ Childhood memory: dOn`t even think i gOt one.. ;\
¤ Boardgame: i used ta like trOubLe
¤ Band: da band + jagged edge
¤ Outfit: i dOnt`t gOtta favOrite outfit

[[either // or]]

¤ Hiphop/rap: hip hOp i gueSs
¤ Indie/emo: oKay anywayz..
¤ Adam sandler/jim carrie: jim carrey
¤ Soda/water: sOda
¤ Black/hot pink: bOth of em
¤ Halloween/easter: haLLOween
¤ Dark/light: turn Off tha Lightz.. oOo wee !!
¤ Night/day: night
¤ Anorexic/chubby: chub chub!!
¤ Pop/punk: pOp
¤ Pop/hip hop: hip hOp
¤ cuddling/making out: aww.. bOth ..then u gOtta sex him up!! whOa
¤ syke/riiight: sike yO mind.. make yO bOoty shine!!
¤ bed/floor: bed
¤ too much/too little: tOo much
¤ sex/druggie: sex is heaLthy... but sinfuL ..
¤ drink/smoke: smOke weed
¤ party/kickback: bOth..

[[currently `']]

¤ Outfit: my purple pj pantz with frOgz on skOoterz! and a black shirt ! hOlla!!
¤ Eating: nada
¤ Position: in tha fukkin chair
¤ Music: nO muSic.. tha newz
¤ Favorite person: aww.. paul ..duh!! he`z my favOrite in tha whOle wOrld!!
¤ How many im's going: 2
¤ Who's with you: nObOdy
¤ Are you in love: uh-huh <33
¤ Are you in like: yupp
¤ Are you single: nahh
¤ Mood: bLank
¤Caught up or way behind: behind
¤ Horny: nahh be cOo cuzzin
¤ Miss anybody: yuh.. but dOez he miSs me??!
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argh !! [20 Sep 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | dumb aSz miSs america!! ]

i`m sOo fukkin mad!! my mOm wOn`t let me dO shit! first lil jOe called + wanted ta see if i cOuLd dO anything but as usuaL i dOn`t gOt nO damn ride sO i was like i can`t. sOo then whatever. i wasn`t really trippin. thenn terrance caLLed.. and i NEVER get ta see him nO mOre + he wanted me ta gO ta emiL`s hOuse cuz he was havin a party. n my mOmz like well u can`t get tha car. and terrance is like `pLease teLL ur mOm i`LL even put gas in tha car.. i wanna take u out.` she`z like nahh but u want me ta take u?!? fuCk that. this is sOo weak. then mike called and he`z like damn u can`t get out tha hOuse? and i can`t but this is the thing that really gOt me mad! my lil spOiLed ass brOther wanted ta gO tO tha bOwling alley and i cOuld leave IF i went with him!! sO i was gOin tO but had a attitude sO she gOt all mad and tOok him herself! i`m sOo heated! i wanna lOck them out the fuckin hOuse!! and nOw lil jOe just caLLed again ta dO sumthin!! i`m sOo mad i dunnO what ta dO.. i`m leavin nOw. bye!


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sOunded gOod till tha bi-sexual shiT.. fuCkerZz!!
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`'gOssip fOLkz'` [20 Sep 2003|07:00pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | chingy ` juiCe ]

whatz gOod?!? damn i`m bOred as fukk! i wish i cOuld gO out! itz gOn be my birthday in 14 dayz! ::harLem shakez:: yes ma`am shOrty gOnna be a thug [18] in 2 weekz! oOowee!! i`m heLLa fukkin excited! watch tedi gOn` have ta wOrk that day and then she can`t gO cLubbin with me. sO therefOre i wOn`t gO cuz i`LL onLy gO with her. sO i`LL just b chiLLin with my main thang thang!! mmmhmm! ne wayz. tOday was bOring. i wOke up n did nada. then i was sOo bOred i str8`nd my hair. yupp. but i want tedi ta gO over it cuz u knOw she gOt tha magic tOuch. oOoh my eye LOokz a lil bit better. well actuaLLy a lOt better but itz still ugLy! ;P oOowell. i taLked ta my man man tOday and he had heLLa peOple arOund him sOo i let him gO. i`m waitin fOr a phOne call back. hmm what eLse. oOoh randy caLLed. it was funny cuz when my phone rang i didn`t knOw tha number but i picked it up ne wayz. n they was like `wassup u knOw whO this iz?` n i was like `umm either mike or david..` n he was like `aww thas fukked up` n i was like `weLL itz nOt my fault ya`LL twO sOund aLike` and he was just like `aWww` n then i was like `oOoh shit is this randy?!??!` and it was! LOL shit was funny as fukk! but pOor bOy gOt kicked out tha casa + he`z taLkin bOut he gOn` mOve ta washingtOn.. sOo oOokay. but he wanted ta smOke cuz he had gOt `'beat up'` by like 13 peOpLe ..dumb aSz. newayz.. ima gO. maybe i`ll update later!! tOodaLOo!!

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