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[03 Dec 2003|11:36pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | latif ` don`t wanna hurt u ]

omg i need ta talk ta pOokie face. today was okay i guess. me n tedi slept at jessica`s house last nite. i couldn`t really sleep tho cuz my bed was dumb short n my legs aren`t! but it was okay. we woke up n was chillin and then when we wanted ta go home wouldn`t nobody give us a ride. but tedi called her boy sergio n he picked us up in his pimp mobile. ;]

-` aww last nite i was soo soo sad. me n paul just weren`t workin together. it was all bad. i called him and then it wasn`t coo n he hung up on me. when we got ta jessica`s house i was hella cryin and i had heard this song and it didn`t make things better. ;\ but then i called him and i was tryna ask him something and then i just started hella cryin cuz i couldn`t hold it in any longer. but then we fixed everything so i was sOo sOo happy!! and he was gonna call me when he got home but he didn`t but he did call me at 5:oO so i was still happy! i love him sOo fuckin much!!

-` well im posed ta go n see him on friday so hopefully plans won`t change! ima go now so tOodaLOo!!

happy earLy 6 mOnthz ta me n my bOo

` say whatChu say

[02 Dec 2003|11:22am]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | avant ` read ur mind ]

-` with all this bad shit goin on with me i somehow forgot to mention thankzgiving!

my thankzgiving!!

-` i had a gOod thankzgiving. ;] on wednesday i went out to the city cuz we wanted ta be together on thankzgiving. we weren`t positive that anybody would even cook so in case they didn`t we were gonna ride back out here n my mom was gonna take us out ta fairfield with her. anywayz once i got there we found out that his dad`s girl was gonna cook so it was all to tha good. we went out to the city later that day n somebody got hit by a bus right in front of me! then we went ta get some food and i heard two homeless people havin a heart to heart n it hella made me cry. then p n his boyz got into a scuffle with some boys n we went home.

-` sOo i woke up on thursday with my pOokie! n then i went n got dressed n helped him n his sisters clean up. p wanted ta go ta his friends house so we walked down there n we was smokin a blunt. we get to the boys house but he wasn`t home so we walk back. tell me why we`re walkin back and even tho its freezin i get hella hot n im just tweekin like ima pass out!! i tried ta be cool about it but i couldn`t so i told him, like he told me to do if i feel like that. so he was like put ur arms around my neck so i did and i like fell on him ;X!! and then i was like damn!!!! so i stood there for a minute n he was like i wanna get u off the street so he picked me up. i guess i passed out for like 5 secondz cuz when i came back i was like where am i?! hella tweekin. so he carried me but then i was like nah let me walk cuz i don`t want nobody at ur house ta see me, so he let me down n we went to his house. so then him n his sister n brother went ta smoke again while i played with kobe.

-` a few hours later we ate. it was sOo good!! n i ain`t even the type that likes just anything. it was hella good. n i ate all my food so ye! umm.. after that i was hella sleepy so we was just layin there chillin. then he was supposed ta go ta some club n take pictures for sumthin but i wasn`t havin it and i didn`t let him go. so we stayed home n cleaned his room n shit. then i guess we fell asleep cuz i don`t remember no more.

-` the next day his mom came over n i was goin home that day. so i got dressed n he did too.. but then we were talkin with his mom. she was gonna give us a ride to the city so i could go home but she was like she would take me to bart in oakland instead. so paul ended up leavin with his brother n left me home with his mom n sisters. so we were just chillin watchin a movie n talkin n then we left when his dad got back. his mom is so nice.. she took me ALL the way back to tedi`s house! ;]

-` n that was my thankzgiving with my baby!! <333


indecision can be a stumbling block in parterships or negotiations. watching for subtle cues, especially tonight, gets you more clarity. your unusual notion pumps new life into a difficult project.

-` umm i dunno what that really meanz but ima be watching for subtle cues from p tonite when we talk and we need to make a decision bout what we gonna do. ;\

update on tha drama

-` well when i talked ta my baby yesterday he said he wasn`t mad at me no more. so i guess thats good. but i still need him ta know how i feel. i wrote him a letter.. n its pretty deep so he told me to send it to him. [im callin my mom now ta see if we got stamps] she got them on her ;\ well newayz i guess thingz will be aight. i just am scared its gonna be all strange now. i WISH i fukkin could SEE him RIGHT NOW!!! well i guess thats it for now. i`ll letchu know if anything new happens..

-` tOodlez

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[01 Dec 2003|02:11pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

i guess i should start with the good news since there`s so little of it.

-` i gOt my periOd this mOrning ..sO hOpefully that meanz it was all a false alarm.

nOw for the bad news..

-` yesterday i was callin p all day! no fukkin answer. so i got bored with it n started checkin his messages. on it was 2 messages. one from me and one from some female.. i don`t know her name, cuz the bitch didn`t say it clearly. anywayz she said, `'wassup p. its me ____. i couldn`t see u today cuz i couldn`t reach u so i guess its too late. im only avaliable on wednesdayz n fridayz so maybe we could do sumthin then, call me on my sisters cell phone.'` so i was mad as fuck and kept callin him back. when he finally answered i was like.. '`look, ima ask u a question. n when i do i want u ta tell me the truth cuz it aint really no point ta lie about it.'` he was like aight so i asked him if he`s been faithful and if he be givin his number out. he said he`s been faithful and that he don`t really give his number out all like that. so i was like aight well some bitch is on ur voicemail leavin u messages tryna kick it so u must be doin sumthin. so that got us into this heated ass discussion. n its all bad cuz i can`t explain ta him how i feel.

-` i love him but sometimes i think thats the problem. i think if me n him break up n he gets with some other female ima really be hurt as fuck. i dont understand why u would wanna get into a relationship with a person if u don`t wanna be in one. i know i sure didn`t ask him ta be with me. and maybe he didn`t really ask me all out like that either. but he knew that by me losing my virginity ta him that a relationship was what he was gonna get out of it. sometimes i be thinkin that we`re movin too fast, but then i know that deep down inside he`s who i really wanna be with so i don`t trip of it. n he`s easy ta talk to and it ain`t like he ever pressures me ta do anything. i don`t know ..im just confused as fuck right now n this is EXACTLY how i don`t wanna be feeling.

`- today i talked to him and i asked him if he knows who the girl on his voicemail was n he was like, `'yea, shes some groupie that was just tryna fuck.`' so im like u gonna call her back n he was like no or whatever. but then i asked him why he givin his number out ta groupiez newayz n he said he didn`t. he said that his friend must have. i don`t believe that shit so i was like i don`t believe that n i don`t really think u stupid so i hope u don`t expect me to. and he said '`u tellin me ur friends don`t give no niggaz ur number?!'` n i was like, '`nope they don`t, if somebody gonna ask me for my number n i don`t give it to them, and they go n ask my friend then my friends probably gonna laugh n they face for bein so stupid!'` he was just like, '`well my friends ain`t like that..'` n i said, '`well can`t u ask them ta not give ur shit out..?!?!'` n he was like what for it don`t really bother me. and i told him it bothers me and that itz fuckin thingz up between me n him and then we both just got mad again n i was like bye. so we hung up.

-` i don`t know what ta do no more. i need ta be able ta talk ta him more. i don`t want him havin a fuckin phone unless only I could fuckin reach him cuz right now i don`t feel like i could trust him. we live too far apart. i need somebody that ima be able ta see when i fuckin want to. not no once or twice a week. i need ta know what he be doin. maybe things with me n him aren`t even gonna work out, but i hope we could make it work. but im not about ta let nobody walk all over me. last nite i asked him if he thinks that we should just be friends n he was like he don`t think thats possible. ;\ i don`t know what ta think anymore. i love him too much for my own good. i just don`t want things ta get all fucked up cuz he`s really the only person who really makes me happy all like that.. im used ta him now. -sighz- pray for me tedi. ;'[

-` at least i don`t think im pregnant with his baby yet. oOoh n our 6 monthz is comin up on tha 6th. i wonder how that`ll go.. n my phone will be turned off on the 4th. ;\

-` well ima be out now i guess.. my stomach hurtz!! bye.

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[25 Nov 2003|05:51pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | nada ]

sOrry im sOo fukkin bOred.. n lOneLy! i didn`t knOw what ta dO with myseLf.. here`z sOme dOuble O infO on my bOobie!! <33

++ BASiCS:
01. Name: Paul
02. Nicknames: lucciano, p, young p
03. Age: 19
04. Birthday: march 28
05. Height: 6`5
06. Weight: prolly like 175 or 180 ??
07. Hair Color: black
08. Eye color: brown
09. Distinguishing Marks: heart shaped birthmark on his chest! sOo precious!!
10. Glasses/contacts: nah
11. Shoe Size: like 12 i think
12. Freckles/Dimples: dimplez!!

01. Does he do drugs: yes
02. Does he have any piercings: nah
03. Or tattoos: nope
04. Is he a virgin: nah
05. Is he a trouble maker: lol i believe so
06. Is he shy: depending on the company
07. Is he affectionate: yes when he wants ta be
08. Does he play an instrument: no
09. Does he play any sports: he used ta play basketball
10. Boxers, briefs or commando: boxerz

01. Where did you meet: in the city in front of the gap! hOller!!
02. What were your first impressions: damn he's fine
03. Who asked out who: we never asked each other we just became official
04. Who made the first move: him
05. Where was your first kiss: in the bart station when i was bout ta get on my train!
A: What were you wearing? umm.. i think a burgandy karl kani shirt
B: What was he wearing? no idea
06. When was the first time you did more than just kiss: um i dont know
07. Where was the first place you had sex: lol at a hotel
08. When did you first say I love you: we were at some king place.. and i accidently said it when i was droppin him off but i got embarrassed n was like oops i thought u were my mom! ;X
09. When was your first real fight: i cant even remember..
10. Out of the presents he's given you, your favorite: a ring..

++ RATiNGS (1-10, ten being the best):
01. Sense of Humor: 8
02. Looks: 100
03. Intelligence: 10
04. Kissing: 100
05. In the sack: 1000000000 hot damn
06. His exes: i dont know them.. but i seen them. they not that pretty but i seen letters they wrote him and they seem ta be coo.
07. His friends: 10 no complaints from me
08. His attitude: 7 sometimez hes a punk

01. Get married: he says so
02. Have kids: in a few years
03. Be his own boss: i think he already is
04. Save the world: no
05. Travel: yes. we wanna go on a cruise ta jamaica. and we wanna go ta ATL

01. Color: he said green..but then he said he aint got one..
02. Car: i think a impala
04. TV show: prolly none
05. CD: his own
06. Movie: dont know
07. Sport: prolly football
08. Game: madden
09. Saying/Expression: whatever he wanna say
10. Holiday: dont know
11. Sexual position: i aint tellin ya`ll
12. Nickname for you: boobie, baby, sexy, mami
13. Subject: i dunno
14. Family members: his grandma
15. Inside joke: ??

01. Do you have a special song? no but babyboy reminds me of him!!
02. Do you have a special movie? no
03. What is the age gap between both of you? a year n some
04. Do you like being older/younger? yea.. im his baby
05. Do you know his natural hair color? yes
06. Do you know where he was born?: yes i do.. merrit hospital, oakland california
07. Does he snore? sometimez
08. Does he hog the bed? no he holds me ;]
09. Do you have kids? not yet
10. If you did have kids, what do you think they'd look like? gorgeous
11. Do you have similar tastes in music? yupp
12. Do you know what he's doing now? hes at home
13. When did you last have a fight? like 10 minutes ago
14. Where/When did you last kiss? friday outside the courtyard marriott
15. When did you last hug? then
16. Do you get along with his parents? yes
17. Do you know the name of his last girlfriend? nah
18. Does he ever talk about them? not unless i ask
19. How does he feel about your last boyfriend? he dont feel for him
20. What is the best thing he has ever done for you? once when i was at his house i was hella cryin and he was just there for me..
21. What is the best thing you have done for him? lost my fuckin virginity ta him
22. What is your favorite thing to do together? just chill, smoke n make LOVE!! ;]
23. If he is employed what does he do? unemployed
24. What is his favorite food? i think fried chicken
25. What was it about him that made you fall for him? he was patient, and he listened ta me.

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[24 Nov 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | hOtel ` cassidy + r kelly ]

my weekend was good. umm... lemme think what happened k well friday nite we went and picked up tedi`s lil thang thang or ex thang thang.. i dont even know. but we picked him up on the island. then we went ta go pick up p but he was actin dOo dOo dumb so we didn`t. tedi went and got some perk and then we went ta emeryville to the courtyard marriott. it was hella nice. it was like a lil living room.. a wet bar a bathroom and a bedroom with a big ass bed! so we was chillin.. it was tedi . me . jessica . yesenia . and mike and his friend. so i called paul and he said he was gonna come. then me n jessica and yesenia went in hot boxed the bathroom. damn i was sooo fukkin loaded! ;] tedi didn`t even smoke cuz she was with that boy n wouldnt leave. but yea i was hella loaded n then paul n lee . coleone & phil came over. n we was chillin.. then i guess tedi'z friendz friend got uncomfortable with that and he had tedi`z friend leave with him.. n then people was like ur bf is too confrontational.. i was like wtf i can`t control him. but from what i know to this day he didn`t even do nuthin. the boy that felt "uncomfortable" was tellin me before p got there that he knew him.. n shit seemed ta be cool so i just dont get it. but yea then i was in the bed for hella long cuz p wanted ta chill with his boyz n i was damn near asleep till he came in and woke me up.. then made me back tired so we fell asleep. i dont really feel like typing so ima do this later!! haha! k tOodlez

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[21 Nov 2003|05:24pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | 1o6.1 kmeL ]

wassup. im chillin.. just waitin for tedi ta get out the shower. we`re posed ta be goin to the city with jessica and yesenia. i think we gonna get a telly.. i think we gonna have fun. my day was good so far. i woke up at yesenia`s house and chilled n then we smoked and got dropped off to my mom n then me n tedi went n did a few things till we came back to her casa to get ready ta go out. well ima go. tOodalOo

++ tomorrow nite we`re posed ta go clubbin! hOlleR!! itz ladiez nite

++ tOodLez

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things change. [19 Nov 2003|06:22pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | gangsta girl ` big tymerz + r.kelly ]

wassup? well today was coo, but ima start with yesterday. well i had talked to my baby the night before and he asked me to come over the next day so when my mom came home i asked her. she said that i could so yesterday i woke up and got ready and waited for my mom to get back from the nail shop so that i could leave. she was finally ready and i took her to work and then drove out to the city. i called like 5 times on the way over and nobody picked up so i was worried he wasn`t there. ;\ well i got there and his brother teddy answered the phone and i went in and paul was knocked out on the couch. so i kicked him and then sat on him and he woke up n just started hella smilin. it was sOo fukkin cute! then he got up n went to take a shower n get all fresh n then we was just chillin with each other. then i asked him if we could smoke n he was like yea so we went downstairs to get the blunt n then i started goin through his phone. thats when it happened and i found nene`z phone number in his phone! omg i was so fukkin mad. but it sorta started out as a game. i was just goin through his phone askin who was who and i landed on it. then i was runnin around the house tryna keep his phone from him and get her number out of it but when i called the number it was disconnected. so we got in a big ass fight! i was like look, `if u wanna fuck with her then let me know, but don`t do the shit behind my back, because if i wanna fuck with another nigga ima let u know.`' n then i started cryin a lil bit. so we kept fightin and then i was like '`fuck it i`m outta here!'` then i got in the car and i drove off!! he was all '`BRITTANY COME BACK!!`' but i drove off. lol but then i just turned down the next block and came back and he was still standin outside.. but he had the house phone in his hand tryna call me. but then i went in and was like, '`oh i didn`t come back for you i just want ur weed.'` and then we argued a little bit more and then finally stopped. then we went upstairs and he gave me this ring and asked me to marry him! ;] and we were talkin and he told me, '`brittany i love you more than everybody in my house, put together!`' omg i almost died. and i swear at one point he looked like he was gonna cry. sOo fukkin precious!! then after that we went on a knock ass mission tryna find a lighter. we went to the block and nobody there even had one! i couldn`t believe it. so we left and then we seen gotti and some other guy. and his friend had one so we used it and then went down ta mcdonaldz. we smoked in the car n then gotti n them came to the car and i was hella loaded. but i didn`t wanna get out the car cuz i didn`t want anybody ta see my butt. ;\ and then i finally did and we ate on the block. then after that they was all chillin and i stayed in the car. then gotti was like, '`why u not gonna blaze with us?'` and i said i didn`t wanna get out so they hopped in. and we blazed another one. after that me n p left and went ta find coleone n lee. and then we seen them and pulled over and we smoked again. then we took coleone ta the store and then took him to his house. me n p went back ta his spot and chilled a minute till i had ta leave then i took him back ta oakland n went on ta pick up my mom. but yea, i had a good day! ;] oOh yea and we talked about suttin important that we gotta do! oOoh boy!!

++ well yea i gotta new layout. i like tha song n its tha truth so yea.

++ umm my moms friendz daughter wants ta start her own daycare business. but she don`t like lil kids, and i love them. so she called to see if i wanna take classes with her, that you gotta take to run one. so hopefully ima do that, cuz thats what i wanna do anyways. i guess thats it so

[the end] i <33 p 637 !!

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`'sLeepy..`' [09 Nov 2003|11:04am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | latif ` i dOn`t wanna hurt u ]

wassuh` i`m soo sleepy. last nite was a nite to remember. it was aiight. paul was supposed to come out ta see me but i knew that wasn`t gonna happen. but ne wayz. i woke yesterday at tedi`z and i went and took a shower n shit but i didn`t have any clothes. so we got in the car and tried to get me some clothes from my house but i needed my i.d ta get into my town cuz of the bridge n shit so we had ta go back ta tedi`s n get my i.d cuz i had left it there. then we get to my house and make some lil pizza`z cuz i was hella hungry. my mom was in a bad mood so we left. we decided that we wanted ta smoke so we called up lil joe and ended up gettin 3 for $15.. i think.. or sumthin. then it was raining so we went to this lil fake ass park under the trees so we wouldn`t get hella rained on. then we realized that we didn`t have a lighter or no matches so we had ta go get some n come back. but we smoked half a blunt n went back to tedi`z. then christian n them called again while we were eatin and they wanted ta pick us up. so we went n got dressed and waited on them for a minute. while we were waitin tedi`z mom tried to tell us that if we don`t pick up our phones when people call then she`z gonna take our phones. n tedi was like '`ha ha yea right u don`t pay for this.. i do!'` but for some reason her mom thinkz she still got tha right ta take it. i got ur back tedi! lol andd she said she would take mine. then her husband tried ta say that we were in the dark in the car with them boyz '`kissing in the dark'` ..i think nOt. n my attitude was really about ta come out and attack him but i controlled myself. ANYWAYZ then we left and sammy was still grimey so he had ta drive all the way to susiun [almost getting in like 82374 accidentz] and go in the house take a shower n all the shit. i don`t know i think he was tryna be pretty for tedi.. OR SUMTHIN. we finally left and then he was like well what are we gonna do. i was like i don`t know what ta do.. i figured ya`ll had suttin planned cuz u called us. but he was hella slow ta all that. anywayz we ended up at the courtyard in hilltop. then we went up in the room and left again ta go get some swisherz. we smoked or whatever. and thats it. nobody would let me watch a movie. i don`t know why the fuck not tho! i wanted ta just watch bad boys 2 but nOo.. lightz and tv had ta be off. so me n chrisitian was just talkin n shit. and he told me hella stuff. n he was talkin bout his boy jorge he got shot n killed like 6 months ago. it was hella sad. he was like how he thinks about him everyday.. and how fucked up it is.. and that just a day don`t go by that he don`t think about him. and he`s just depressed about his family n shit. but it was good ta get ta talk ta him n everything. then he was like he really likes me.. but he know that he can`t do anything about it because i already got a man. n he was all.. thats fucked up.. but then its a good thing cuz ur happy n ur doin ur thing.. but its weak for me. but at least he ain`t an asshole about it. well then we were just layin there forever and i was like i wanna drink. and he don`t smoke so he was still sober and i was like that ain`t fair that ur regular.. so we told sammy and sammy and tedi went n got the hennessey.. oOopz i mean hennthuR. i didn`t even drink mine.. he did.. and he drank his half so he drank like a whole half a bottle.. eww!! lol but he threw it back up tOo later. well i finally fell asleep and then woke up at lik 6:Oo.. prolly 5 minutez after i went ta bed. and then i guess i fell back asleep and woke up again at 6:44. i remember askin tedi if she had work and she did @ 2 i think. then her mom called and asked.. then they got off and her mom called back and told her she was posed ta be in there at 9:oO and it was like 8:4o or sumthin.. so then she started gettin ready ta go home. and i thought sammy would take her.. and let me and christian sleep but i guess he wasn`t thinkin that and he made us get up gO too. so i had ta get up hella early and now i can`t sleep no more. but i`m bout ta go call paul again now. so ima hOLLa atchu!

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`' my life..'` [07 Nov 2003|02:33pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | sLow jam ` twista ft. kayne west ]

wassup` well yesterday was a good day. it was my 5 month anniversary!! yay!
happy anniversary ta me and my bOo
newayz. i woke up and i did some lil arrandz for my mom. i sent the letter i had wrote paul off ;] then i came home and waited for her to get ready for work. she did that and then i took her ta work. after that i came back to rodeo and i vaccummed her car and got her phone cards. then i went to tedi`z ta see if she wanted a smoke and call my mom. i realized then that they gave me the wrong cards. so we went back and got the right ones and then we called up some kidz and picked them + the weed up. after that we drove to the park and smoked with ben + runkel then we went to pay my phone bill! sOo i`m back online!! then we drove ta somewhere and got me put on my mom insurance. after that i took tedi back to her house ta get ready for work and then i went ta miCkey d`z n got me some food. after i ate i went and picked up tedi and took her ta work. thenn i had ta go all the way back out to martinez and pick up some food for my mom then go take it to her, pick up her check, and then come back ta rodeo and cash it for her. so i did that and then i went and got myself a miLkshake [i`m sorta addicted now] !! then lil joe called n was like if i pick him up then he`ll blaze with me. so i had nuthin else ta do and a full tank so i went back to the mall n picked him and his friend up. then beal called lil joe and asked for a ride and i wasn`t trippin cuz he was gonna spark another blunt. so then we turned around n went back. we went up in the mall and joseph bought some shoez. then after that we went and smoked in tha parkin lot and carlos called and asked if he could go to the movies with us. so then we smoked and went and got him and dropped things off at josephs house. we went to the movies and it was hella rainin.. we finally snuck in and we went into the matrix.. i was hella bored with it so i left them there and went ta go ta target. when i was walkin out the manager was standin there by my seat cuz they was bein too loud and they was gettin too many complaints. but i left and then they called like 20 minutes so i picked them up and we went to terrance`s house and smoked 2 more blunts.. then i wanted ta go home so i did just that. sOo i got my 5 bluntz.. one for each month with my baby!! aww!! i talked to him today and he was like i didn`t even make a big deal about it.. so i told him he didn`t either and he was like he gotta make it up to me sOo hOller!!!!! well thats about it..

i don`t even know whats bout ta happen today. the plan was me and tedi were posed ta go pimp these niggaz. christian and his cuzzin sammy for tedi. i mean i don`t think we were really gonna mess with them. i know for sure i ain`t cuz i gotta man and the last thing i wanna do is mess that up... cuz i`m really happy.. and christian knowz + understandz that. but i don`t think tedi wants ta go no more.. dOn`t ask me why. i really ain`t trippin either way cuz i made a new friend regardless. ;] well yea i guess i`ll just post later n letchu know wassup! -dOwn-

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`* my miLkshake bringz all tha boyz tO tha yard!! [05 Nov 2003|12:12pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | kelis ` miLkshake ]

`*and they`re like itz better than urz

whatz really gOod?! shit i`m just home and bored cuz i have nothing ta do. my phone got turned off, but i`m downloading some songz till 2:oO so i figured i`d just write n here rite quick. well the other day i went to tedi`z house. we chilled there for a minute. and then jessica came n picked us up. we was just drivin around and then we smoked. after that we went ta pick up her friend from work and her mom tried ta punk us for being in `'her daugher`z`' car. thenn.. we went back ta yesina`s house and they argued a lil more untill we finally left. we ended up at someone`s house.. i dunno who. but i didn`t wanna get out the car but they made me. sOo then we were just in there.. we smoked.. but i dunno what they was all doin.. i was just chillin in a chair.. talkin on the phone. i fell asleep and we left a like 4 in tha morning. i dOn`t even know!!

`*damn right itz better than urz

the next day i wOke up at cOokiez house. and we were just chillin in the hOuse bein hella fuckin lazy. we wanted ta smOke so we started callin people but the boyz we know are shiesty as fuck so it took awhile. so we were just watchin tv and talkin on the phone ta people. my baby woke up early as fuck ta go ta work and he was there all day.. pOor pOokie! i dOn`t know what time it was but we had left ta smOke with bryce + runkle and then lil joe called ta try n go half on some pizza. sO we smoked then we went down ta straw hat and ate. then after that tedi bOught me a miLkshake it was cOttOn candy it was helllllllllla gOod! thanx tedi!! after that we went back ta her house + made a fire and ended up fallin asleep hella early. then my mom picked me up on the way back from work.

`*i cOuld teach u ..but i have ta charge

tOday i wOke up tO a turned off phOne.. ;\ but itz gOnna be okay. i talked ta my baby. tOmorrow is our 5 mOnth anniversary! aww!! que cute rite?!? i knOw i knOw.. but newayz ima gO take a shOwer. i`m anxiOuxLy waitin fOr my auntie fLOw ta pay me a visit. hOller!!

keLis new cd `' tasty drOpz dec 9 sO cOp that! ;D


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oh hell nOo!! [03 Nov 2003|04:31pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]
[ music | the fuCkin tv ]

my family is wack as fuck! im sO fuckin mad i don`t even know what ta do with myself!

first.. my momz `'mad`' at me. shez a grown woman. u would think that if anybody in my household would know that she would know you don`t leave ur family members mad at them. shez gonna get ready for work and go tell my brother goodbye.. but since she`s mad at me she don`t bother to tell me anything. that doesn`t even really make me mad. it just hurtz my feelingz that she would be like that because as much of a bitch as i am i ALWAYS tell my mom that i love her and tell her bye.. even if we are fighting.. because u never know what might happen.

then my momz gonna leave and call me a few hours later bitchin because she wants ta know what ima do with myself.. blah blah blah. she can`t call n just be cool its always an argument, which i don`t understand because if i was at work i would be trying to NOT think about negative things.

then she had the audacity ta call me.. soundin hella nice talkin bout.. '`what are u doing? travis is down the hill with a big box and he can`t make it up the hill can u go help him?'` so i`m tryna be nice and i`m like yea.. even tho the lazy ass could drag the shit up .. OR even better yet... wait untill tomorrow.. when there is actually a CAR here and he could just get it drivin up here!! but no i`m nice about it and go down there. the dumb ass ain`t even there.. so now im cold as fuck.. mad and waitin. so i call her and shes like hes still at the skool. so he finally comes walkin up. with this little ass box that i could carry under my fuckin arm. so i truck the shit up the fuckin big ass steep ass hill and slam the shit on the ground cuz im like why the fuck am i doin this shit for his lazy ass. so i get home and call my mom n let her know how i feel and now i just had ta come online and get this shit off my chest! im soo irratated. and PLUS i still can`t reach paul .. and i think christian is in a meeting with his counselor cuz he ain`t called yet and he was `posed to at 4:oO.. AND i can`t talk to tedi cuz she`s workin.. i have to stay in this fucking house all day!! ANDDDDDDDD i think ima start my period soon cuz its bout time to.. and i don`t wanna be on that shit on friday.. i know i ain`t gonna do nuthin but still that shit ain`t cute!! im out!!

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bLah bLah.. [03 Nov 2003|02:59pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | nelly`iz u ]

What`s really really gOod?!? first off happy late ass haLLoween! lol. my halloween was pretty weak. i woke up happy cuz i was with my bOo bOo face. me n him went ta court n sat there for dumb long! then they finally called him n basically dropped his charges. After that we went n tried ta get his money but them cops are str8 bitches! Once we left there we went back to his house n we was just chillin, fightin and all the shit. But then after a few hours I had ta get back to the city to get on bart, so he took me. This guy on the train gave me a card for some massage place he got, lol the shit is called like, `' a touch of class'` or some shit. i was like oOoh hell nah. But it was aiight cuz he let me watch a movie on his lil dvd player. Newayz.. i got to richmond and my mom picked me up and tOok me to get some food. Then me and her went to KMART. It was cold as fuck outside. I got some gel and some new knOcker ballz. They`re hella cute. Then I came back home and ben called ta see what I was gon` do for halloween. I was tryna go trick or treatin and he said he would go with me. So i got dressed n went down ta the pj`z n picked up ben, bryce and runkel. Thennnn i seen david and christian + mike n they was all jumpin on the car n shit like some crack headz. we finally got away n then we needed some treez so we was lookin for that, we finally decided ta get it from mike so we went back to them and went thru tha whole car incident AGAIN! but it was aiight. we went to the park and got out ta smoke. OMG it was sOo fukkin cold outside! then i talked to my baby paul then christian called me n we was chOppin it up for a minute. after we smoked we got back in the car and went to tedi`z house. we was watchin her lil home video`s of when she was a young buck on halloween. It was cute. n her gramma + dad was on it so it was cOo. then after her mom went up the stairs.. i don`t even know what happened but hella people showed up at her house. me and tedi were upstairs and lil joe high/thizzin ass came up there loud as fuck. but then i went down stairz ta get sumthin ta drink and i turn around and david + christian are standin there. i was like hOt damn! hella fukkin fine!! sOo then tedi came down n somehow we all got outside. we were all just posted outside like some real tweekz but i wasn`t EVEN trippin cuz i was in awe of them puerto ricanz! mmm mmm gOod! ;P sOo yea.. we didn`t do nuthin but talk and people was cold. then i look for ben and bryce and they`re behind some treez.. so i go back there and christian gives me some kandy! anyways ben and bryce are `posed ta be ROLLIN a blunt but they`re smokin it so i take it and hit it like one time.. then like 642418 more people come over tryna smoke and they shitz gone! it was hella weak. but then after that people was basically ready ta go home. this boy beal had asked for a ride home so i said alrite cuz its like a block away.. n i wasn`t trippin anywayz cuz christian had already called shot gun. so we get in the car ta go.. it was me, christian, david, ben and beal.. then big ass bryce tries ta get in the car and him and beal are fightin over it cuz there aint no more room. and BEN is in the front.. so i`m like.. `'NOO!! christian got shot gun.. and bryce needs ta get in cuz he got a ride here from me.'` so then sumthin happend n bryce was like nevermind cuz beal`s a bitch.. so i look at ben and i`m like.. u just gonna leave him??! and he goes fuck it!! and gets out. so im like whatever, i`ll just make two trips.. tryna b nice.. they're like okay. so i take beal halfway to his house.. and then i turn back around and try to get ben n them and he`s left cuz he`s "mad"! so i was like fuck it and i took david n christian back home.. and then i went home myself. sOo that was my halloween.. oOoh yea.. and i didn`t get ta go trick or treating AT ALL!!! ;\

++ saturday

i went and worked at tedi`s work.. JCPENNEY`S. omg they didn`t really give me no instructionz. well they did.. but when i went ta go find the manager like i was told.. he went on break. so i was just bullshittin all day from 12 ta 7. but oOh well i don`t really care.. they fed me and it was gOod. but then i got hella sick! ;\ but its all tO tha gOod. after that me and tedi went to tha store then she picked up some weed and we smoked with ben, brant and lil joe. i guess tedi took me home.. lol i don`t even remember but i know i came home. and talked to christian and went to sleep.

++ sunday

i woke up n texted cOokie n then she came n got me ta go ta sally with her. we smoked on tha way over there and then we came back to her casa so she could get ready for work. then she took me home and picked me up after she got off. we went to her house and smoked the lil dOobie that was left and then she straightned my hair while i talked to christian. then we was talkin or whatever and he was like his cuzzin said `'wassup wit my friend?'` sOo he got her number.. and nOw me and tedi are gon` go to the city with them on friday and chill. we gonna get a suite at some nice hotel and all the shit. and it ain`t even gonna be like that sO dOn`t get nO idea`z fuckerz!! umm.. after she did my hair it was raining.. ;\ but she drove me home and i talked on the phone till i went to bed.

++ tOday

christian called me at 8:oO.. [thas our thing.. he gotta call me everyday at 8:oO] and we talked for a while. then at like 9:45 or suttin i went and picked up tedi to take her to work. she gave me orange juiCe and a cOokie like whOa! then i came home and took a bath for about a hour.. argued with my mom then talked to christian and tedi, and been callin my boyfriend but his phone is fucked up. then i got some really bad newz!!! my phOne is gettin turned off tomorrow so my communication is gonna be fucked the fucked up! i`m hella fuckin mad! but i can`t do nada about it. well ima go call <33paul<33 AGAIN. i`ll write more later.. when more happenz! tOodaLoO
me + paul = lOverz.. muahzz

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`' my day.. [29 Oct 2003|10:36pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | nada ]

Wassup` today was aight. I woke up n chilled with my mom n brother for a minute, then i went in called my babyboy! ;] we was talkin for a minute but he had ta get dressed ta go to the studio so we got off tha phone. I love him soo much! Then after that my mom came in my room and she had me take her to work so that i could go to my lil brothers football game. i went to that around 1:3o but his team didn`t win. ;[ but they played good so it was koo. then after that i came home and just chilled for a minute. my brother came home and i took him ta get sumthin ta eat then i came back home n watched 106 + park and made brownies. thenn i called david [ta see if he was with his cuzin] he was but he was also with his "chick" so we talked for a minute then got off. then i called my baby again ta see what was up with him and we talked for a minute but his boy just got back ta cali from tha east coast so they was chillin so i let him off tha phone ta do his thang. so i was just chillin watchin tv n shit. there`s some freaky ass shit on lifetime and on unsolved mysteries.. oOo spOoky!! but then i was just watchin this movie and i wanted ta talk ta chrisitan so i sent him a text message sayin... `'u should call me sometime. it`s brittany..'` and it worked! lol he called me back.. but i was like '`omg u wasn`t supposed ta call me back sooo soon..'` but we was choppin it up for a minute.. he know i gotta man n all so he`s bein coo. he asked if he could come over.. like whOa. but at least now i`ll have 2 friends on tha island. maybe we`ll kick it if paul don`t want to on halloween.. but i ain`t stressin ..we`ll see wassup. tomorrow i`m posed ta go to the city n spend the nite with my baby.. he better call me back n make plans.. but rite now i gotta go get my mom from work.. hOlla frOnt!

i love paul forever and a day

note to those that read this: don`t get it twisted.. i wouldn`t cheat on my bf.. i just think that christian is fine and i don`t see no problem with havin fine friendz.. ;] tOodlez!

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[28 Oct 2003|03:19pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | jagged edge ` walked outta heaven ]

wassup` i just woke up. its soo fukkin hot outside. i ain`t updated in a minute so i just thought i would. well on friday me + tedi got a rental car. it wasn`t tha car we wanted but it was kOo. it was a grand am. ne wayz. after we picked it up we went to tha mall n picked up our shirts n hatz for the concert! soo we got that n went back to her house. ben called n invited us to christian`s bbq for his birthday. so we went and picked up ben and david and we went out there. omg christian is sOo fukkin fine ta me!! god damn!! but we was there for a lil bit chillin wit his family then we got smokin! ;D we were supposed ta pick up tedi`z boy aaron from tha city so we left the bbq and we took lil david + ben back home. i don`t really remember what happened after that i guess i was tOo high but then we started drivin ta the city. when we get to tha bridge we realize that we don`t got $2 on us! lol so we had ta tell tha lady and she gave us a lil mail in ticket thang for 2 dollars. thenn we had nada ta do so we started searchin for paul cuz he hadn`t called me in 4 dayz!!! sOo we drove around n didn`t see nobody then i made the wrong turn and we drivin down tha street n tedi see`s him n screams out his name. lol so we find a parkin spot after like 342525 minutes and we go n get him. we picked up some weed n took his friends to they`re house n then we went back ta his house n chilled till i had ta leave.


i don`t even remember saturday. i musta been loaded cuz i been tryna remember that day and i cant even rememeber what i had on. lol


i woke up at tedi`s house and took my shower. then me and her went to go get her hair braided. then my mom called and i had ta pick up my brother for her and take him to the movies. then we came back to tedi`s house and she did her hair while i slept. after she finished we went to the mall ta get our makeup done. we did that n left and tedi complaineddddddddddd forever. then we went back to her house and she straightned my hair. we finally got dressed and then picked up lil joe n got our treez n left. we thought we were gonna b late for the concert cuz we took hella long but we made it to the 94.9 booth just in time cuz they were startin ta take it down. the concert was koo. but right when LUDACRIS came out like 7 fine ass guyz sat behind us lookin GQ as fuck. so i was hella spooked. then 2 of the guys started touchin my hair n rubbin my arms n shit so i was gettin hella mad. and there was some freak bitch behind us gettin fingered lookin hella nasty. when we left i looked at my phone and my bOobie had called so i called him back n we picked him up in vallejo. then he was givin me hella attitude cuz he wanted ta sleep at my house.. and my mom was koo with it but she was askin where he was gonna sleep n since my older brother was home i knew it wouldn`t be good if we slept n my room so i was like forget it. cuz i wouldn`t want him ta have ta sleep on the couch i would b mad as fuck. so we went back to his house n we was just chillin untill we fell asleep. but tedi woke me up and then we left.


we were supposed ta take the car back but we were late cuz tedi`z mom had ta do sumthin. so we kept it another day. tedi had ta work tho so i took her ta work at 4:oO. i couldn`t do nuthin all day cuz there wasn`t shit ta do and i couldn`t find paul ..so i just posted at the house till 1o:oO. i picked her up n she was sad and then i took her to her house ta change.. then ben called and he was sad tOo! so i was like damn n felt bad and asked him if he wanted a do suttin so we picked him up and went to oakland ta tedi`z friend jessica`s friend jan`s house. we smoked hellaaaaaaa weed then we left. jessica drove cuz i was tOo high and lazy and i dunno why tedi didn`t drive but newayz we was on the freeway and we got blurped on. which was all bad cuz 1] itz a rental car n tedi`z moms name. 2] jessica, myself and tedi were high. 3] ben was lightweight perkin. 4] jessica had hella weed on top in her purse. sOo.. this bitch ass cop got his intercom shit on tellin us ta get off the freeway. so we do and he gets out with his bright ass lights all in our faces and is like can i see ur lisence.. blah blah. so then he finally lets us go without givin us a ticket and speeds off and pulls someone else over.. like a bitch!! then we took jessica home. and ben home and we went to vallejo for tedi and then came back home. thats all that happened. i`m still tryna figure out what happened on saturday. lol ooh well i`ll tell u when tedi tells me!! haha.. byee!!


lmao okay.. all that shit i said up there is true.. but i think i found p in the city on saturday.. OR SUMTHIN! lol oh well!! ne wayz!! somebody called me from david`s phone but i couldn`t get it.. so they left a message sayin.. "how come u didn`t pick up ur phone?" so i called ben and he said it wasn`t him. so i called david and we was talkin.. and christian was there in the back talkin bout.. "lemme talk ta my girl.. we gonna be together one day.. she dont wanna talk ta u david" sOo hOller!! homebody is fine.. and HELLA puerto rican but i got my baby PAUL and i love him. that just got me juiced tho. lol byee!!

i love paul with everything i gOt.. <33333333

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i`m tired [19 Oct 2003|04:31pm]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | ludacris ` spLash waterfaLLz ]

damn i`m loaded as FUCK! ima TRY n do my homework and fix this shit later..

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`'this just in...'` [13 Oct 2003|12:08pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | paid tOnite ` lil jOn ]

whatchu taLkin bOut shawty?!??!

im sOo fukkin bOred i woke up this morning + my mom was tryna go bad but i slept it off. then i got up about 9:oO and went ta skool @ 9:2o my fuckin teacher wasn`t even there. sOo i waited a lil bit cuz laura + dOpey was there and i ain`t seen them n hella lOng. sO then i ended up writin the teacher a letter tellin her wassup cuz i wasn`t bOut ta wait all day fOr her. they wOn`t dO that shit fOr me sO i was like fuk it. i came hOme n ate n watched mOnteL wiLLiams. n then i just tOok a bath n came onLine. i`m anxiOusLy waitin till 4 ta call tha damn jaiL. ;\ that shit makes me hella mad! and nOw i can`t even go there cuz my mOm left hella fukkin earLy. i wish he cOuld just come here. this is weak as FUCK! but i guess ima gO.. i need a job. 24hOur fitness sayz they keep the damn applicatiOn fOr 90 dayz so if they dOn`t call i knOw i dOn`t get tha jOb. but i guess i cOuld gO cuz i dOn`t have nOthin ta say. i wanna smOke sOo fukkin bad!! argh !!!!!!!! BYE

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`'oOoh happy day'` [12 Oct 2003|07:32pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | my first love ` faith evans ]

my baby is out

oOo boy i`m soo happy! i get ta see him tomorrow tOo!! omg ima nut on myself!! hahaha. just jokin! newayz yea im hella fukkin happy. but i cant type cuz my nails is too long. but i think ima go.. i just had to express my joy for my boy toy! tOodaLoO..


omfg! he went back tO jail fOr some BULLSHIT! but at least i got ta talk to him. and the guy from tha jail called askin 21 questions and im pOsed ta call back tomorrow @ 4 n see wassup. i`m mad as fuck!!

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`'tragic newz'` [12 Oct 2003|03:04pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | nOthing ]

damn!! lee just called me n told me that my baby just got arrested. FUCK THE POLICE!! i hope they all chOke on a dick n DIE sLow!!!

i love my baby

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`'my Life'` [09 Oct 2003|09:51pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | p pOppin ` ludacRis ]

on a handstand.. on LUDA`Z american bandstand

sOundz good! today was a alrite day. i woke up when my mom called me. she picked me up from tedi`s at like 10:oO maybe. then i came home n made me suttin ta eat that i wasted. after that i was just chillin then my mom had me pick up her check. so i did that and cashed it for her. then i called tedi like 34546 times and finally went over ta her house. we ended up goin to curtis` house ta get some weed .sOo we did that n then smoked then he took curtis to tha mall and we went to bens house n smoked some more. OMG i`m sOo excited ta see ludacRis! but tedi what are we gOnna dO ??!?! there`s gOnna be sOo much fukkin gHetto girLz!! oOoh bOy! but i dOn`t care i wanna have fun. we gOnna try n get a rental car n all tha shit sO that we cOuld b pimpin! its gOnna b fun as fuCk!! hmm what else. oOoh i`ll just fill u in bOut my life since i haven`t.

satuRday was my biRthday !!

i wOke up after fightin with my mom all nite [ weak as fukk ] but then i called tedi n whatever n we was talkin for a minute and she was like well we`re goin ta eat. so i talked ta my bOo bOo head <33 then i started gettin dressed. sO im ready and talkin ta tedi all morning n then i talk ta P again n he`s like `'aiight ima call u in like 30 mins.'` sO i`m like okay. n me na my mom leave ta go ta chevy`s. sO i`m like are we gettin tedi [ original plan ] n shez like '`nO.. she had ta dO sumthin for her mom before she cOmez..'` sO i was just like okay she`ll meet us there. sO we bout ta turn n and i see tedi in erica`z car. sO i dOn`t think nuthin of it. we park on the opposite side of the parkin lot and we walk in first. tedi cOmes in after like 546543 years. but then we were just talkin or whatever and she had pointed at some guy n i was just like '`oOoh he lOok like chaz'` then we was just chillin and someone told me ta turn around n all i remember was paul was standin there n my mouth just dropped. i was sOo fukkin HAPPY!!! ye`!! n then he sat down or whatever and i couldn`t even eat cuz i was so excited. thennnn after we ate we showed him rodeo thanx tO our taxi tedi. then we went to my house and dropped off my mom and we left again. we went n got some weed n then went to tedi`s and smoked and then after that we left. i don`t even remember where we went but we eventually got back to his house and i WAS having fun but somebody was alone and bored so i had ta leave. but its okay cuz i got ta go back.. tOo bad i got my period when i finally got ta go.. [ sOo weak ] that was all. but when i went back on.. tuesday we had a lot of time ta talk n shit soo it was gOod. but newayz. i`m bout ta go. i`m tired of typin and i wanna take a shower. -dOwn-

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`'im gettin sLeeeepy...'` [01 Oct 2003|10:32am]
[ music | `watchin bluez cluez ;P ]

wassup` i got home last nite. i finally didi it and came hOme!! yay! but i wOKe up tOday at like 9:00:am. i`m dOin pretty gOod. well thingz were overall gOod when i was gOne. at first we was fightin cuz he was late. but then everything was FINE! umm.. i met sOme girl he fuCked when he first gOt baCk frOm tha millz. but she was cOo. drivin us arOund n shit. umm.. what else? oOooh shit. tedi wOn us tiCketz tO the 94.9 bOO bOmb cOncert! on octOber 26! ::harLem shakez:: itz gOn` be: faboLoUs, LUDACRIS, chingy, lil jOhn + east side bOyz, ying yang twinz, baby bash i can`t think of anyone else. but itz gOnna b off tha fukkin hOok! ima gO eat thO.. hOlla atcha giirL.. 1 [LOL]

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