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    Thursday, May 13th, 2004
    5:55 pm
    hey everyone! how are you? well, things are looking least w/ JT..not We talked last night...ALOT, we got everything out on the "table" as u would call it. and he didnt think he loved me w/ all his heart....but then today, he realized he did when he went off on ashley for asking him wat was wrong and i guess usually, he'd tell her but yeah...I dunno. o can hurt sometimes, and i suppose it has to, it just well, im out to go and talk to some friends. Later!
    ~ Krissy ~

    Current Mood: drained
    Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
    10:56 pm
    yeah..wat a fricken wonderful night...NOT! JT brought up an old event...which is when i had cheated on him...i didn't want to...and I don't kno wat provoked happened like..8 months ago...and i can tell hes hurting and its killing me inside...i wish i could do something to ease his pain....i feel like the worst person in the world....i wish he would tell me all his feelings and stop hiding his feelings....i love him so much and i don't know what to do...maybe...o i dont know...i wish i could be dead may make it ezier on still talkin 2 him so i will write some other day.

    Current Mood: depressed
    Monday, May 10th, 2004
    4:33 pm
    hey everyone..yeah I know, it's been a while. update u, Prom was fun, and going further into the me not being pregnant..I could tell b/c I had a miscarriage...sad..huh? I feel horrible, I mean...yeah, it would've been bad if I did end up having it, but still, it was in me and's almost out thank start next friday...crazy crazy..well, I haven't got much else to say so I'm gonna go and get ready to go tanning...ttyl!
    ~ Krissy ~

    Current Mood: gloomy
    Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
    9:30 pm
    Hey..things are looking up a little..I know I'm not that's a good thing, prom is on Saturday (May 1st) is just going to try and forget about his feelings for the friend of is 2marrow, I should b in bed but I can't sleep good neways, so it'd b pointless...o's just a college test, I can always retake it if I get a bad score..I want a 20 or above..which who knows if thats gonna least we get to leave as soon as its over..Thank god...and on thursday, I have the PSAE or w/e it is and I get 2 leave early on that one too...well, I'm gonna go and continue watching Real World! TTYL!
    ~ Krissy ~

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Saturday, April 24th, 2004
    12:30 am
    Hey are ya? Everything here is pretty much mom is staying w/ my dad till I graduate next yr...then yeah..o well...everything else seems to suck...and I found out my b/f has some feelings for one of his friends....yeha..nice huh? He used to like her ALOT when me and him 1st started dating and then those feelings went away and everything was fine...and just recently he started getting those feelings back and it hurts so much inside, but I won't let him know, the only thing he does know is that it bothers me and thats all he's gonna know. I don't want him worrying about me anymore than he already does. He's got enough stress b/w his family, school, and work. Me being worried bout bein pregnant prolly doesn't help him and I feel bad that I even mentioned anything to him. I'm trying to convince him not to worry and that I'm not and I'm pretty sure I'm not cuz I'm only a week yeah..o well, if I am...then I'll deal with the b /f said he'd help me if I was and I trust that he will, I just don't want that burden to be put on him, it may b too much for him to take, but yeah..I'm gonna go cuz I'm actually gettin somewhat tired..tty all later
    ~ Krissy ~

    Current Mood: sad
    Current Music: Love Song by 311
    Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
    9:28 pm
    My 1st entry
    Hey..none of u who read this really need 2 know much about me, if ya wanna kno sumthin, ask me!..neways, to the real reason why I made a journal. right now, I'm dealing with so many problems with my family and if I write it down, maybe...just maybe it'll help me get through it. my step-mom who has been my mom since I was 3 is probabaly gonna leave my dad. my step-brother has been living w/ us for about a yr now b/c he is having trouble getting back on his feet after his divorce (he's 30 something) and my dad hates him. my dad hasn't showed ne of his emotions until just recently. he makes small comments about him to my mother and this hurts her emotionally b/c he is her son and it's hard. I don't kno wat to do, the only thing that has been keeping me going is my boyfriend, JT. he is the only source of happiness I have, whenever I talk to him, things seem fine and then I have to go and talk to my family and then all of it goes away. I'm gonna have my step-mom adopt me, so if she decides to leave my dad, I'll b able 2 stay with her. my dad isn't stable enough to take care of a 16 yr old grl and I only have this yr to finish and then my senior yr next yr so I don't really want to move, plus I want to be able to be with JT...b/c without him, I know I won't b able 2 make it. I try 2 be strong for everyone but sometimes the pain is too hard to handle...I feel hopeless and's a horrible feeling. b/c on one hand, my dad is my true dad but on the other, my step-mom has always been there for me, even when my dad gave up hope and didn't care, she was there and I kno she will alway be yeah...well, I'm gonna go and work on my paper due 2marrow..I may write more, I don't kno yet. Night
    ~ Krista ~
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