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07.05.04; 21:28pm


I think it's safe to say this RP offically dieded. x__x

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ooc: please help! 27.12.03; 22:36pm

your mission, if you should choose to accept (which you will!): we need a new kaoru. dai dai is lonely, just ask toshiya. ;_; i've asked around and one person said he would rp, but then he got his happy robbing butt grounded for six months. >>; yeah. so help? onegai? *pouts, complete with puppy eyes!*


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Moshi moshi? 25.12.03; 12:09pm

mood x bored

Is this rpg still alive?

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Ahem.. 15.11.03; 23:48pm

I just read this in abuse due to people's accounts being suspended.

"DISCLAIMER: Here is the MANDATORY disclaimer that must appear on both the userinfo page and the main journal page of ALL role playing journals:

This journal is part of a non-profit roleplaying community and is
not intended to be taken literally as the character portrayed. I am in no way
associated with the owners of the intellectual property the character belongs
to. No copyright infringement is intended, nor do I pretend to own any part
of said property, trademarks or characters. This journal may be subject to
permanent suspension without notice at the request of the real person,
trademark holder, copyright owner or agent thereof.


OOC 15.11.03; 21:56pm

AIM list

Hokay.. yeah xD


OOC and rather true. 15.11.03; 21:20pm

Okay this is Yomi/Shinya/Lisa/Lishinya/Whateveryoucallme (including asswipe and names like that)

This RP has been around for almost a year now. Hell, Ekyo (Kyo), Mary (Ruka) and I are the only original members left! Well, I'm going to start doing the good ol' thing I used to do. I'll be keeping the members AIM list updated and on a server for you all to update. I used to do it all the time back in the day.

(LMAO, I'm looking back at old RP logs too Mana: I like cheese! *rolls down a street*)

That sound good with you??


OOC 24.10.03; 19:34pm

i will no longer be AWOL i swear ;.;


ooc 26.09.03; 15:27pm

i'm not really up for rping anymore. i would really like to continue but i haven't got the energy and it seems whenever i'm on no one else is. i want to stay but if i don't find myself updating by the end of next month then this journal will be kaput. or you can just delete me from the taken list. whatever.

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OOC 21.09.03; 18:00pm

while we're on the subject of explanations, i'm so sorry i haven't been active lately u.u school's been more hectic than i thought, and i still don't have regular/reliable internet connection.. u.u;;

my new school -does- kick ass, though, luckily. except for my english teacher. who looks and acts like jabba the hut, only possibly worse.


I guess Lucy has some explaining to do... 16.09.03; 18:09pm

Hello everyone. I just popped in and saw that I'd been dropped from the roster, sniffwe. ;_; So I decided to post an explanation because I've been in and out saying weird stuff O.o

I just started seeing my father again, whom I haven't seen in many years since I was 5 or 6. But before that, leading up to it was a long, dramatic finding-him process that drained me very much emotionally, and a lot of other problems having to do with my mental state, home situation, lalalala... and it's all been very difficult. Needless to say it's been quite hard to find energy to RP. Lately, however, things are improving and starting to run smoother, so I'm starting to be able to come around. The jury is still out, though, on whether or not I want to pick up any of the old rpgs I used to play in as I'm not quite myself anymore, it's all still rather mixed up. Though if anyone misses me, I'd love a message. ^_^

Well, there's my explanation. Bai bai~!

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OOC: 16.09.03; 20:30pm

OKAY. OBVIOUSLY I DON'T READ THE UPDATES BECAUSE SHE NKJFHJDGHDFHHGSF ALREADY WELL DID THAT.... LIKE.. 5 hours ago if I can still count.. and.. um.. read. >_>; OKAY. EXCUSE ME. I'M DUMB. MR TOSHIYA IS LIKE.. GOING TO.. UM.. ._.; ....>>; ::Coughmrr.:: Um.. Think of something.. OMG. I'M SPAMMING. x__X; FORGIVE ME REIKO! Um..


*bursts from the wallpaper and does a super magical and most interesting and quite magical dance* ...:D Toshiya loves you!


16.09.03; 20:25pm

Um.. o.o Yeah.. Just so you know... I gave Hitomi away to my friend because I never really update anyway and she's really nice and.. um.. >.o; Please don't hate me.



OOC: 16.09.03; 13:21pm

Hey, just like to all to know that Jyin isn't taking Hitomi anymore.. o_o Hana is. Me, obviously. ^_^;

<3 *love*

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OOC: goodbye 14.09.03; 18:53pm

mood x guilty
music x BLue-B - Distance

Well, it's been a while coming, but I'll make it official:
I'm leaving the RPG.
I'm sorry, I just don't have time to do my character justice. It's been fun though. ^_^

If you want to drop me a line, I'll be around on my normal AIM sn: hakkaichan.


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OOC!!!!! > 12.09.03; 12:19pm

Okay, people....uhmm...-_-;; Sorry for the long absence of posts from Taiji, Pata, and Yoshiki, but...the apartment complex Dee and I live at...has no internet right now. I'm posting from a school lab, but..>< yeah. Some asshole has a worm on their computer, and...until they find out who and get rid of it, we will have no internet. ;____; So yeah. Sucks. Rar. If ya wanna get in contact with us...uh...912-871-7294. Call. ^^;;


cleaning 10.09.03; 20:37pm

the following people have been removed due to inactivity:


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04.09.03; 12:27pm

I need to burn something >:D

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OOC: 31.08.03; 09:56am

Uu~ Everyone's leeeeaaaaaving! But not me! >D I'm gonna stick around til you all DIE. Ahah.. @_x; Okay. ::Cough.:: I'm not psychotic or sadistic.

Butt eehh~ You all have to update more. x_u; I feel like such a looser updating Totchi's journal all the time when it's like, people update their journals once a month maybe.

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OOC 30.08.03; 11:57am

if you decide to leave the community, don't blame your leaving on anyone else here. if you write some kind of essay about how someone in the community pissed you off, and that's the reason why you're leaving, your comment will be deleted, so there's really no point in putting time into writing something like that. write a reason why you're leaving if you want to, but DO NOT write about how it's someone elses fault. ok? ok.

anyways, the following people have been removed from the community by request:



OOC: 30.08.03; 12:26pm

I'm not leaving spite the one of the persons below trying to make me feel bad.

I show NO pity to you. You shouldn't have such a big fit because someone noted out that you stole an icon. Spite what you still say I think you stole it because that excuse is over used.

Anyways, now back on to the show! I'll probably be picking Miyavi back up as a role again. Eh I'll think about it.


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