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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

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    social whirl
    I live a quiet, fairly solitary life these days, it's the way I like it and the way I want it. But sometimes I get drawn into events and occasions which it would be rude to snub; thankfully those occasions are few and far between. Except this month. Not only have I had to attend several parties, but they have all been surprise parties for colleagues; two of them for the same retiring colleague and two of them on consecutive evenings last weekend - It feels as though I'm working a twelve day stretch. It's been very stressful and I'm glad it's nearly all over - I have one more evening out this weekend before I can get back to being a recluse.
    An old friend of mine retired a week or two back. I haven't seen him for about six years, but he and his wife put on their christmas card this year that from early February they would be living in the south of France, where he's had a small house for quite a few years. The day before his birthday, which was the date of their move, I got a large brown envelope in the post from him, returning some photos he'd come across whilst clearing his house. They were my pics which he'd had in his possession for thirty five years, mostly of my twenty first birthday. It was spooky to see myself, my friends and my family as we all were then; nice though. We'll probably spend a few days with them over there later in the year.

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