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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003

Subject:today's post
Time:11:46 pm.
I finally did it! I went walking again, hehe. I knew it was going to rain in the afternoon, so I woke up early and went to walk, without my friend. But I ended up walking 2 miles. :) Tomorrow we are planning on going at 8:30 in the morning because I have a full day tomorrow. I have to go by blockbuster, drop some things off, go meet with the people at Ladie's Workout Express for my membership thing, go to the college library and work on my research paper, then to meet with my advisor at 1pm for registration, then back home, study for my government final, then out to dinner with a friend and my old boss. Man, I'm tired just thinking about all of that! lol. Anyway, the other exercises I did today were my 40 crunches and 20 arm lifts on each arm. And below is my food:

BREAKFAST:leftover macaroni salad,roll

LUNCH: WW smart ones Lemon Herb Chicken w/rice,Roll

DINNER: Healthy Choice pepperoni pizza,WOW ruffles

SNACKS: 2 pieces of diet strawberry shortcake,1 reduced fat Orange Dream Bar


FAT: 27.5 grams
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Monday, April 21st, 2003

Subject:today's food..bleh
Time:10:03 pm.
Ok..i didn't walk today, but i did my arm lifts and crunches. Now for my food:

BREAKFAST:PB rice cake,banana

LUNCH:Roast Beef sandwich,WOW chips

DINNER:1 slice bbq brisket,1 spoon beans,macaroni salad,2 rolls

SNACKS:2 pieces of strawberry shortcake(the healthy way)


FAT: 25 grams
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Sunday, April 20th, 2003

Subject:lost weight
Time:1:54 pm.
Hey guess what?! I lost the weight I gained last week, plus 2 more! So now I'm at 285. Woohoo! Anyway, thought I would tell you all that right quick. I will have more later. HAPPY EASTER!!!
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Saturday, April 19th, 2003

Subject:APRIL 18, 2003
Time:2:21 am.
Well, after a lot of problems with the geocities server, my site is back up. I thought it was gone for good. But it's there, thank God! Anyway, I only did my arm lifts today. But tomorrow, of course the day before my weigh in, weather permitting, I am going to walk 2 miles in the morning or early afternoon, and then another 2 after dinner in the evening. I also plan on doing my crunches, and a little jump roping. I usually try a little extra the day before my weigh in. As far as food goes, here it is:

BREAKFAST:1 caramel corn ricecake

LUNCH:chicken club salad from jack in the box

DINNER:chili cheese dog,baked fries(fat free weenie,turkey chili)

SNACKS:Twizzlers,small ice cream cone from Dairy Queen,WOW chips


FAT: 27.5 grams
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Friday, April 18th, 2003

Subject:APRIL 17, 2003
Time:1:14 am.
Well Well, here I am again. I need to start posting earlier, lol. Anyhow, my friend Allie now has her very own weightloss site. And she says I motivated her to do it, YAY!! I'm doin something right I guess lol. She has joined PALS 4 life, but of course won't be accepted until Michelle gets to it. So yall check out her site.

Exercise today was walking 1/2 mile..i should have done more, I know. Anyway, I also did 40 crunches and 30 arm lifts on each arm. :)

BREAKFAST:2 caramel corn rice cakes,diet cherry coke

LUNCH:roast beef/swiss sandwich,WOW ruffles

DINNER:Healthy Choice Cheese and Broccoli potatoes,salad

SNACKS:1/2 chicken fajita,fat free yogurt,Smart Pop popcorn


FAT: 24.5 grams
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Thursday, April 17th, 2003

Subject:APRIL 16, 2003
Time:12:08 am.
Well, I did quite well today. I walked 1 1/2 mile, and jogged just a little of it, and did my 40 crunches and 20 side crunches, as well as 20 arm lifts on each arm.

BREAKFAST: Sausage Cheese Biscuit

LUNCH: Chicken Club salad from Jack in the Box

DINNER: WW smart ones seafood linguini

SNACKS:2 bananas,fat free yogurt


FAT: 29.5 grams
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Tuesday, April 15th, 2003

Time:8:40 pm.
Oh yea..and I walked 2 miles today, did 60 crunches,and my arm lifts! :)
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Time:8:34 pm.
Hey all! I didn't post last night, I do apologize. But I'm making up for it by just doubling up my post today. I didn't walk yesterday, but I did 60 crunches,and 20 arm lifts w/8lb weight on each arm. Now on to the food:

APRIL 14(Monday):

BREAKFAST:Caramel Corn Rice Cake,Dole juice

LUNCH:Hot ham/swiss sandwich,WOW ruffles

DINNER:WW smart ones Honey Dijon chicken/stir fry veggies

SNACKS:rainbow sherbert,hot n spicy pork skins


FAT: 19.5 grams

APRIL 15(Tuesday)

BREAKFAST:2 caramel corn rice cakes

LUNCH:roast beef sandwich,Baked SCO lays

DINNER:Veggie burger,baked fries



FAT: 24grams
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Sunday, April 13th, 2003

Time:2:10 pm.
Well, I weighed today. I gained 2.5 pounds! I really can't understand why, because I did everything right. The only thing I can think of is that my muscle is finally overtaking some of my fat from the extra exercise I have been doing. I was a little upset at first, but I know I'll lose next week. One gain is not gonna make me give up completely. After church today I felt much better about it. :)
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Saturday, April 12th, 2003

Subject:APRIL 11, 2003
Time:5:09 pm.
I neglected to post yesterday because I fell asleep fairly early. So I'm gonna go ahead and post my food for yesterday. I walked 1 mile for exercise yesterday and did 50 crunches.


LUNCH:6 inch teryiaki sub from subway,baked doritos

DINNER:Healthy Choice pizza,salad



FAT: 31 grams
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Friday, April 11th, 2003

Subject:APRIL 10, 2003
Time:11:12 am.
I forgot to post yesterday. I was busy busy all day!! But I didn't go walking, but i did do 50 crunches last night.


LUNCH:6 inch turkey sub from subway,baked bbq lays

DINNER:6 inch turkey sub,potato salad

SNACKS:Weight Watchers fudge bar, 1/2 piece of apple pie


FAT: 24.5 grams
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Wednesday, April 9th, 2003

Time:11:19 pm.
I didn't walk today. I did 50 crunches. I plan on walking tomorrow. But is my food:

BREAKFAST:8 vanilla wafers

LUNCH:6 inch roasted chicken sub from subway,Baked bbq lays

DINNER:Low fat Chicken Cordon Bleu(Thanks to Lisa for the was GREAT!!!),Broccoli,baked potato, salad


FAT: 33grams
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Tuesday, April 8th, 2003

Subject:not bad
Time:10:19 pm.
I forgot to post yesterday. My food and stuff. But I ate 1725 calories and 45g fat! Over my 1600 limit of cals, and almost to my limit of fat! I won't do that again, lol. Anyways..yesterday I walked 2 miles and today I walked 1 mile. Yesterday I also did some jump roping. Here's my food for the day:


LUNCH:turkey salad,fat free crackers

DINNER:Big fat salad w/chicken,crutons,bacon bits,cheese

SNACKS:pineapple w/fat free cool whip,WOW ruffles w/ff ranch dip


FAT: 26.5grams
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Sunday, April 6th, 2003

Time:11:34 pm.
Here's my food for today:
BREAKFAST: 1/2 serving of fat free yogurt,diet dr. pepper

LUNCH:Golden Corral,diet coke

DINNER:Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken dinner

SNACKS:BBQ baked lays, 1 piece butterscotch candy


FAT: 33grams

Today I did 40 crunches and 20 side crunches.
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Time:5:34 pm.
Wonderful news!! I lost 3.5 pounds this week! That brings me to a total loss of 25.5 pounds, and a weigh in of 287 pounds. I was so nervous about my weigh in, but I did great! I'm so proud of myself. Thanks again to Pals 4 Life and WLBB for your WONDERFUL support! I could not do it without you all! Yesterday I had to babysit and didn't have time to post. But my total calories for yesterday were 1100 and my fat grams were 29. I didn't walk, but did do crunches. I will post my food for today later this evening! Good Luck to all others that are weighing in today, and I hope you all have a GREAT week!
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Friday, April 4th, 2003

Time:11:45 pm.
I'm quite satisfied with my day today, although I didn't go walking today. It poured down rain almost all day. I did do 40 regular crunches, and 20 side crunches...10 on each side. :) Did well on food as well

BREAKFAST:3 twizzlers,crystal lite

LUNCH:Turkey Sandwich,WOW Ruffles

DINNER:Boca Veggie Burger,Baked fries

SNACKS:sugar free jello,fruit cocktail,milky way lite


FAT: 17grams
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Thursday, April 3rd, 2003

Time:11:06 pm.
Today we walked 2 miles. :) Just wanna say good luck to all my Pals 4 life buddies!!


LUNCH:Healthy Choice Pizza,WOW doritos(I know,weird combo,lol)

DINNER:Turkey Sandwich,WOW ruffles

SNACKS:milky way lite,lowfat sherbert,Smart Pop popcorn(1 serving)


FAT:17 grams
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Subject:APRIL 2, 2003
Time:1:32 am.
I didn't walk today. But didn't do too bad on food. I'm posting late because I have been typing a paper for the longest time! Grrrr....Anyhow, here is my food:

BREAKFAST: ff chocolate pudding

LUNCH: tuna/crackers,baked potato

DINNER:Teryiaki Chicken w/stir fry veggies,rice

SNACKS:lowfat sherbert,twizzlers,WW smart ones strawberry cheesecake


FAT: 18grams
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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003

Time:10:01 pm.
I walked 2 miles today! And didn't do too shabby on my food. So here goes....

BREAKFAST:2 pieces toast w/jelly,juice

LUNCH:"6 turkey sub,baked bbq lays(Subway)

DINNER:Healthy Choice Turkey/Dressing dinner,1 large onion ring

SNACKS:1 milky way lite,lowfat sherbert,sugar free jell-o


FAT: 27 grams
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Monday, March 31st, 2003

Time:11:11 pm.
Today wasn't so bad. I walked a mile and a half today.

BREAKFAST:1 reduced fat biscuit

LUNCH:turkey sandwich,WOW doritos

DINNER:spaghetti,buttered toast

SNACKS:milky way lite,fruit cocktail


FAT: 29grams
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Blurty for Amber.

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