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Date:2006-10-19 16:11
Subject:Oh fuck.

Well, i have written in here in a long time, high school has started, and has gone by ver quickly, its the second quarter, i have a boyfriend of what..2 weeks? less? Yeah, well, I dont perticularly like him a whole bunch, i mean, he is a great friend, but not boyfriend material for me, you know? Devon is so nice, i feel like a fucking bitch for this, but i am feeling a little smotherd. I cant do it over aim, thats just fucking cheep, and i dont really want to do it in person, but since im a shallow bitch, i will probably end up doing it over aim because i am afriad, and i hate that.

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Date:2006-08-31 16:59
Subject:see, he is pleasant.

BooksAntiDrug: what time do we get out of school tomarrow?
BooksAntiDrug: (I forgot)
coalkid101: 11
coalkid101: 30
coalkid101: i think
BooksAntiDrug: Ok, thank you.
coalkid101: 11
BooksAntiDrug: wait, didnt we get out at 11:30 last yr?
BooksAntiDrug: idk, thank you.
BooksAntiDrug: so, hows pottery?
BooksAntiDrug: XD
coalkid101: i believe its eleven
coalkid101: its great
BooksAntiDrug: Yeah.
BooksAntiDrug: Thats goood.
BooksAntiDrug: (I think jennas in your class)
coalkid101: she is
BooksAntiDrug: Oh yeah, angela said she hates you.
BooksAntiDrug: She said she was partnerd with you in a group or something..
coalkid101: umm
coalkid101: no
BooksAntiDrug: In enlish?
coalkid101: oh
BooksAntiDrug: **English
coalkid101: angela is
BooksAntiDrug: *points up* i said Angela.
coalkid101: sorry i read it to fast
BooksAntiDrug: k.
BooksAntiDrug: but anyways, yyeeaahhh.
BooksAntiDrug: isnt your english teacher creepy or something?
BooksAntiDrug: with all the hearts on his door.
coalkid101: yeah
BooksAntiDrug: I think he wrote them to himself.
BooksAntiDrug: because from what angela tells me, everyone dislikes him and his radio.
coalkid101: haha
BooksAntiDrug: Angelas sister (Who graduated already) was in his class a while ago, and someone changed the radio station, and he freaked like a little girl.
coalkid101: hahaha
BooksAntiDrug: So im just warning you, angela might dare you or Dylan (How ever you spell his name, Dillan?) to change the sation.
BooksAntiDrug: **station
BooksAntiDrug: Dont, because he will freak out.
BooksAntiDrug: anyways, gtg, have fun at the football game (If your going)
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Date:2006-08-14 20:56
Subject:First Day Of School

I didnt really like it. I mean, my teachers sound really nice, but i just dont like it.
Im already stressed out about school, i double checked my assignments because im scared i am going to get off on the wrong foot, Im just really nervouse.
I have been crying my eyes out for the past hour because my parents have been driving me up the wall, my mom bitches about completely nothing, and dad says just fucking deal with it.
How can I deal with it when she is trashing me? I hate her. Shes so fucking stupif, all she thinks about is herself, and she wonders why I treat her like shes stupid, thats because she acts stupid.
How does she expect me to treat her with respect, when he trewats me like fucking trash? Get my drift?
I cant do it anymore, its driving me fucking crazy.
Mom says its being a teenager. I think not, its her treating me like im fucking worthless.
Dad says she was a happy person until i was born.
Well i just fucked up everything now didnt I?
Fuck her, im tired of this shit.

Im tired of fucking everything.

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Date:2006-08-10 22:57
Subject:Cody Conversastion, yes i know, wierd.

BooksAntiDrug: Dude, you need to change your aim name.
Lebiont32: And why is that?
BooksAntiDrug: So Angela and I wont bother you.
BooksAntiDrug: Haha.
BooksAntiDrug: jjjkkk.
Lebiont32: I'm being bothered
BooksAntiDrug: I thought angela would of been calling you a Cunt by now.
Lebiont32: Nope
BooksAntiDrug: woooow.
Lebiont32: I thought you'd be calling me a cunt by now
BooksAntiDrug: wwoooaahh nelly.
BooksAntiDrug: I was nice to you the last time we talked.
Lebiont32: You were
Lebiont32: That really surprised me
BooksAntiDrug: eh.
Lebiont32: I thought you'd be all "DIE YOU MOTHERFUCKING BITCH GO DIE IN A BIG FUCKING DITCH YOU FUCKING CUNT" That's how I thought you'd treat me
BooksAntiDrug: Nope, im only like that to angelas X boyfriend.
Lebiont32: That's nice he's even more of an asshole then I am?
BooksAntiDrug: *thinks*
BooksAntiDrug: yep.
BooksAntiDrug: : )
Lebiont32: Wow didn't think I find someone worse then me
BooksAntiDrug: *thinks* you werent that bad.
BooksAntiDrug: Patrick was a complete nazi jesus freak.
BooksAntiDrug: thats all he talked about.
BooksAntiDrug: nazis and jesus.
Lebiont32: Wow
BooksAntiDrug: yyeeaahh.
Lebiont32: That sounds like Mike
BooksAntiDrug: Mike?
Lebiont32: A friend of mine
BooksAntiDrug: mmm.
Lebiont32: So how's life been treating you?
BooksAntiDrug: uummm.
BooksAntiDrug: Lets see..
BooksAntiDrug: Im starting highschool on monday.
BooksAntiDrug: im scared shitless.
BooksAntiDrug: umm..
BooksAntiDrug: Dan is kinda stalking Angela and I.
BooksAntiDrug: hmmm..
BooksAntiDrug: My cats dieing my lucimia.
BooksAntiDrug: aanndd Angela and I quit band, so now the band teacher is making life a living hell.
BooksAntiDrug: What about you?
Lebiont32: Umm I almost broke my glasses everyday since the summer started
Lebiont32: I've been shot atleast 10 times with a pellet gun
BooksAntiDrug: haha (i broke mine at the begaining of summer)
Lebiont32: That's all I can really think of
Lebiont32: I dropped mine into a 20 foor deep lake
BooksAntiDrug: lmao, no ones been caught on fire and needed to jump into the bathtub?
Lebiont32: Foot*
Lebiont32: Not lately
BooksAntiDrug: mmmm.
Lebiont32: Oh a fire hydrant lit on fire
BooksAntiDrug: woah.
BooksAntiDrug: Dont hear that everyday.
Lebiont32: Yeah that was a strange day
BooksAntiDrug: I bet it was.
BooksAntiDrug: Whens school starting for you?
Lebiont32: September 5th
BooksAntiDrug: lluucckkkyy.
Lebiont32: Not really you get out earlier then me
BooksAntiDrug: yyeeahh,.
BooksAntiDrug: *sighs* im bored.
Lebiont32: Me too
BooksAntiDrug: ooo0h, i shoulld make a potatoh bomb.
Lebiont32: I should find my potatoe gun
BooksAntiDrug: oh, groovey.
Lebiont32: Have you ever seen one?
BooksAntiDrug: Nope.
BooksAntiDrug: :D
Lebiont32: They're pretty cool
BooksAntiDrug: Okie dokie.
Lebiont32: Ooookie doooooookie
BooksAntiDrug: o.0
BooksAntiDrug: Damn America to hell.
BooksAntiDrug: Did you hear about the terroist?
Lebiont32: Nope what happened?
BooksAntiDrug: I havent heard all of it.
BooksAntiDrug: But the airlines was threatened with liguid explosives.
BooksAntiDrug: again.
Lebiont32: oh I did hear about that
Lebiont32: CNN did this huge thing on
Lebiont32: it
BooksAntiDrug: yep.
Lebiont32: They think it may be al quieda or whatever but they're not sure
BooksAntiDrug: yyeeppp.
BooksAntiDrug: I bet there gonna fly another fucking plane into the white house.
BooksAntiDrug: *rolls eyees*
BooksAntiDrug: ***eyes
Lebiont32: The white house won't do that much
Lebiont32: Canada burned it down in 1812
BooksAntiDrug: yyeeaahh, and you guys detroyed alot of documents and paintings.
Lebiont32: That'd we did
Lebiont32: That*
BooksAntiDrug: yep.
Lebiont32: ... So bored
BooksAntiDrug: yeah.
Lebiont32: Yeah..
BooksAntiDrug: So..*thinks*...hows the weather?
Lebiont32: The weathers been nice for once
BooksAntiDrug: luck ylucky lucky lucky.
BooksAntiDrug: **lucky lucky
Lebiont32: How's it there?
BooksAntiDrug: hot
BooksAntiDrug: and humid.
BooksAntiDrug: Its Hell.
BooksAntiDrug: its was around 109 today and the humidity was 72.
Lebiont32: Wow is that ever hot
Lebiont32: I'd die in that heat
BooksAntiDrug: Its gets hotter.
BooksAntiDrug: about 2 weeks ago it was 118 degrees outside.
Lebiont32: Holy fuck that is hell
BooksAntiDrug: yep.
BooksAntiDrug: Thats what happens when you dont live in paridise.
BooksAntiDrug: even though my school is called paradise..
BooksAntiDrug: Crazy Gits.
Lebiont32: Lol
BooksAntiDrug: Ick, i hate it here.
BooksAntiDrug: I plan to move to Forks Washington when i get out of collage.
Lebiont32: Family there?
BooksAntiDrug: Nope.
BooksAntiDrug: Thats exactly why i want to move there.
BooksAntiDrug: Peace and quiet.
Lebiont32: That'd be nice to have but I'll probably never get it
BooksAntiDrug: Haha.
BooksAntiDrug: Annndd why is that?
Lebiont32: Because a lot of people are idiots and to be away from them would be like heaven
BooksAntiDrug: ...what?
Lebiont32: People around here are idiots and loud and to get away from them and the noise
Lebiont32: It'd be heaven
BooksAntiDrug: oh.
BooksAntiDrug: Isnt Canada heaven though?
BooksAntiDrug: Arizona is discusting except for flaggstaff which is the only green part of AZ.
BooksAntiDrug: I would kill to live somewhere up north.
Lebiont32: I'd kill to live in Bc
BooksAntiDrug: Bc?
Lebiont32: British Columbia
BooksAntiDrug: mmm.
BooksAntiDrug: I would like to either move to Forks washington or Italy.
Lebiont32: Italy sounds nice
BooksAntiDrug: Yeah, it does.
BooksAntiDrug: There a small (but cozy looking) houses near the ocean, i would like to live there.
Lebiont32: That sounds really nice
BooksAntiDrug: Yeah.
BooksAntiDrug: I just want to get out of Arizona, haha.
Lebiont32: Lol
BooksAntiDrug: ugghh, Arizona is sooo boring.
Lebiont32: Toronto is pretty boring if you don't count the drug dealers and the murders
BooksAntiDrug: Lmao.
BooksAntiDrug: Phoenix had a rapeist and a crazy killer on the loose for 3 months.
BooksAntiDrug: They just caught the both of them (which were working together) a couple days ago.
Lebiont32: Working together? Like the rapist caught them raped them then the crazy guy killed them?
Lebiont32: Something like that?
BooksAntiDrug: Yeah.
BooksAntiDrug: and than there was this guy who shot people for no reason, who wasnt caught for 2 months.
BooksAntiDrug: Pheonix sucks.
Lebiont32: Sounds pretty crappy
BooksAntiDrug: unless you like heat, sunburns, coyotes, the grand canyon, and the color brown.
Lebiont32: No one really likes those things they only pretend
BooksAntiDrug: yeah.
BooksAntiDrug: My parents said "Caitlin, dont you like the grandcanyon?"
BooksAntiDrug: I replyed "No, its a huge crack in the ground, whats so fasinating about that?"
BooksAntiDrug: and when angela went there, they didnt have a bathroom, so when she went pee she peed on her shoe.
BooksAntiDrug: XD
Lebiont32: Ew that's gross lmfao
BooksAntiDrug: yeah, but its funny.
Lebiont32: Yeah it is
Lebiont32: Just like my dad said "Cody do you want to mow the lawn?"
Lebiont32: And I said "Hell no"
Lebiont32: So he said "Well get the fuck off the lawn so I can"
BooksAntiDrug: Hah!
BooksAntiDrug: Theres no grass to mow during the summer here.
BooksAntiDrug: Dad only gets winter grass.
Lebiont32: Winter grass?
BooksAntiDrug: yeah.
BooksAntiDrug: you know, the name kinda explains everything..
BooksAntiDrug: it grows in the winter.
BooksAntiDrug: *claps*
Lebiont32: I didn't think that was possible but I guess it is
BooksAntiDrug: yyeeaahhh o.0
Lebiont32: Indeed
BooksAntiDrug: *drops head on desk* theres nothing to do.
Lebiont32: I know I could sleep but fuck that
BooksAntiDrug: Indeed.
Lebiont32: Very indeed
BooksAntiDrug: Haha.
BooksAntiDrug: I forogt you said that all the time, thats probly who i got it from.
Lebiont32: Probably lol
BooksAntiDrug: *nodds*
BooksAntiDrug: *twirls in chair* sooo, go on any sites lately?
Lebiont32: Any good sites? No
BooksAntiDrug: ssaammmee.
Lebiont32: But then again what's good on the internet anymore?
BooksAntiDrug: hhmmm.
BooksAntiDrug: Porn?
BooksAntiDrug: jk.
Lebiont32: Lol
BooksAntiDrug: Nothing really.
Lebiont32: Yeah life sure sucks lately
BooksAntiDrug: What do you expect? We are 14.
Lebiont32: True enough
BooksAntiDrug: mhm.
BooksAntiDrug: GUESS WHAT?
Lebiont32: What?
BooksAntiDrug: *punches air*
Lebiont32: Permit?
BooksAntiDrug: yes.
Lebiont32: For what?
BooksAntiDrug: for driving?
BooksAntiDrug: o.0
Lebiont32: For driving?
BooksAntiDrug: your shelterd..
BooksAntiDrug: yes.
Lebiont32: Wtf is that bullshit
BooksAntiDrug: you know, you turn on a car and put it in drive?
BooksAntiDrug: *snickers*
Lebiont32: I need to be 16
BooksAntiDrug: i need to be fifteen and 6 months.
BooksAntiDrug: :D
Lebiont32: But I can get a fully licensed at 16
BooksAntiDrug: ....
BooksAntiDrug: WHAT??!
BooksAntiDrug: WHAT THE FUCK!
Lebiont32: I can get my g2 at 16
BooksAntiDrug: THATS NOT FAIR!
Lebiont32: I can drink at 19
BooksAntiDrug: i get my liscense at 18.
BooksAntiDrug: WHAT??!
BooksAntiDrug: THE FUCK!
BooksAntiDrug: DAMNIT
Lebiont32: I can move out at 16
BooksAntiDrug: DAMNIT
BooksAntiDrug: DAMNIT
BooksAntiDrug: WHAT????

BooksAntiDrug: KFDJH
BooksAntiDrug: DJG'F;KJLF
BooksAntiDrug: JYLK;UGFK;L
BooksAntiDrug: GDHK;J'
Lebiont32: Well I drink now so it doesn't matter
BooksAntiDrug: same./
BooksAntiDrug: but anyways, WHAT THE FUCK??!
BooksAntiDrug: THATS IT!
BooksAntiDrug: haha.
Lebiont32: You wouldn't like it here
BooksAntiDrug: wwhhy?
Lebiont32: I'm here
BooksAntiDrug: eh.
BooksAntiDrug: Your not thaaattt bad.
BooksAntiDrug: Im actualy the mean one.
BooksAntiDrug: :D
Lebiont32: You're not that mean
BooksAntiDrug: I have missed talking to you actually.
BooksAntiDrug: Dont tell angela.
Lebiont32: I won't
BooksAntiDrug: *thinks* i think she hates you.
Lebiont32: Me too
Lebiont32: Oh well
BooksAntiDrug: i dont remember and i dont feel like bringing that up with her.
Lebiont32: Oh shit time for 52 pickup
BooksAntiDrug: eh?
BooksAntiDrug: (oh yeah, i hate you because you get to drink at 19, its 21 over here)
Lebiont32: It's 21 in alberta
Lebiont32: But ontario it's 19
BooksAntiDrug: t-thats not fair..
Lebiont32: It isn't fair
Lebiont32: I know eh
Lebiont32: Our PM is like a ganja smoking crack head
BooksAntiDrug: ..what?
Lebiont32: He's a stoner
BooksAntiDrug: (sorry, but im shelterd thanks to my parents)
BooksAntiDrug: (sorta..)
Lebiont32: Ganja is weed
BooksAntiDrug: oo0h.
BooksAntiDrug: i only know it as the reefer or w/e
Lebiont32: Time to smoke a dooobie maaan
BooksAntiDrug: *yawns* its only 9:24 here.
BooksAntiDrug: LMAO.
BooksAntiDrug: what movie is that from??!
BooksAntiDrug: i forgot..
Lebiont32: I got no idea
BooksAntiDrug: because angela says that alot.
Lebiont32: Half baked
Lebiont32: I think
BooksAntiDrug: ...
BooksAntiDrug: never heard of it.
Lebiont32: It's like a cult classic
BooksAntiDrug: ggrreeaatt.
Lebiont32: I guess it is
BooksAntiDrug: (sarcasme buddy)
Lebiont32: Same here
BooksAntiDrug: mkay.
BooksAntiDrug: SOOOO, what do you want to major in in collage?
Lebiont32: Computer engineering or something tech
BooksAntiDrug: Coool.
Lebiont32: Not really
Lebiont32: What do you want to major?
BooksAntiDrug: Yeah it is, you can do alot of stuff witht that.
Lebiont32: You can make a lot of money too
BooksAntiDrug: Writing and Art.
Lebiont32: Sounds good
BooksAntiDrug: eh.
BooksAntiDrug: I want to become a writer.
Lebiont32: That's always a good carrer
BooksAntiDrug: Buuutt thats not going to come true, so my back up is to be an art teacher.
Lebiont32: Also good
BooksAntiDrug: Or something along those lines.
Lebiont32: Fuck fuck fuck I'll be back in like some amount of time under 20 minutes
BooksAntiDrug: ok?
BooksAntiDrug: Your house isnt burning down right?
Lebiont32: Not that I know of
Lebiont32 signed off at 9:28:03 PM.
Lebiont32 signed on at 9:33:59 PM.
BooksAntiDrug: *snickers* put the fire out?
Lebiont32: Oh yeah that was a tiny fire
BooksAntiDrug: ssuurree.
BooksAntiDrug: What happend?
Lebiont32: I need to reroute the cable spliter
BooksAntiDrug: fun?
Lebiont32: Yeah I did it faster then I thought I could
BooksAntiDrug: Groovey.
Lebiont32: Damn straight
BooksAntiDrug: Hah.
BooksAntiDrug: wow, angelas feeling..pleasant today..
BooksAntiDrug: *coughs* PMS
Lebiont32: Lol
BooksAntiDrug: im seriouse..
BooksAntiDrug: BooksAntiDrug: Cody and I are being pleasant to eachother.
OAngieGurl: XD
BooksAntiDrug: or "were" he had to go, i suspect his house is burning down..
OAngieGurl: Hopefully.
BooksAntiDrug: why?
OAngieGurl: So he'll die.
OAngieGurl: XD
BooksAntiDrug: *frowns*
BooksAntiDrug: Told you so.
Lebiont32: Oh well I'll get mine soon enough
BooksAntiDrug: get your what?
Lebiont32: Death
BooksAntiDrug: why?
Lebiont32: I deserve it
Lebiont32: I'm not a very nice person
BooksAntiDrug: ..why?
BooksAntiDrug: You seem to be Cody.
BooksAntiDrug: I was the not nice one.
BooksAntiDrug: I bet you have alot of good friends too.
Lebiont32: I do
BooksAntiDrug: *nodds*
Lebiont32: Friends I wouldn't trade for anything
BooksAntiDrug: me too.
Lebiont32: Ok this fly is pissing me off
BooksAntiDrug: LMAO.
Lebiont32: It'll die or my screen I will trying
BooksAntiDrug: that came out of no where.
BooksAntiDrug: yyoouu didnt awnser my question.
Lebiont32: What question
BooksAntiDrug: why you deserve to die.
BooksAntiDrug: no one does, unless your a rapest..
Lebiont32: I don't deserve to die
BooksAntiDrug: OR a complete asshole and sexist.
Lebiont32: I'm not sexist but I'm sure some will say I'm an asshole
BooksAntiDrug: Lebiont32: I deserve it
Lebiont32: I'm not a very nice person
BooksAntiDrug: ..why?
BooksAntiDrug: (your not an asshole)
Lebiont32: Not to you atleast
BooksAntiDrug: true.
BooksAntiDrug: To who?
Lebiont32: Douches of people
BooksAntiDrug: I really hope you dont beat up people at school for no reason.
Lebiont32: No
BooksAntiDrug: well they can go fuck off?
Lebiont32: I don't beat people up
BooksAntiDrug: Good.
Lebiont32: Yeah they can
Lebiont32: I'm not a bully
BooksAntiDrug: GOOD.
BooksAntiDrug: o.o
BooksAntiDrug: *ducks and covers*
Lebiont32: Ok it's dead
Lebiont32: I hope
BooksAntiDrug: lmao.
BooksAntiDrug: i bets its going to come back to life and swarm around your head in revenge cody.
Lebiont32: Omfg it's not fucking dead
BooksAntiDrug: I WAS RIGHT
BooksAntiDrug: smash it with..what evers handy?
Lebiont32: My fist
Lebiont32: And it's dead now
Lebiont32: i made sure
BooksAntiDrug: eeww..
BooksAntiDrug: wash your hands.
BooksAntiDrug: : )
Lebiont32: K brb
BooksAntiDrug: Okie Dokie./
Lebiont32: Oklie dokily
BooksAntiDrug: i bet i sounded like a mom huh?
Lebiont32: Probably but not mine
BooksAntiDrug: I sound like my mom all the time, it drives me insane, thats why i want to move so badly.
BooksAntiDrug: I dont even want to see her for fricken holidays.
BooksAntiDrug: maybe once ever ten yrs..
Lebiont32: You really hate her?
BooksAntiDrug: Yes.
BooksAntiDrug: I do.,
BooksAntiDrug: **do.
Lebiont32: I'm not even gonna ask what she did
BooksAntiDrug: Good.
BooksAntiDrug: Lets just say my mother and I dont have a good relationship.
Lebiont32: Okay
BooksAntiDrug: *yawns*
BooksAntiDrug: GOD DAMNIT, its only 9:50.
BooksAntiDrug: *groans and bonks head on table*
Lebiont32: It's 12:51 here
BooksAntiDrug: lucky.
BooksAntiDrug: im fricken nocturnal, its just i get a little bored.
BooksAntiDrug: i went to bed around 3 last night, only because i had to get up at 9.
BooksAntiDrug: but usualy i go to bed around6 or 7 am.
Lebiont32: Same here
BooksAntiDrug: Moms not going to be home tomarrow, im so excited.
BooksAntiDrug: ew, this gum taste like shit now.
Lebiont32: I wish I had gum
BooksAntiDrug: its winterfresh.
BooksAntiDrug: NOT THE BEST.
BooksAntiDrug: **caps
Lebiont32: Speamint is the best
BooksAntiDrug: THANK YOU!!
BooksAntiDrug: jeeze, atleast someones human in the world.
Lebiont32: I know it seems like no one like spearmint anymore
BooksAntiDrug: I KNOW.
Lebiont32: What the hell do they think started gum?
BooksAntiDrug: ..damnit.
BooksAntiDrug: I learned this in 8th grade because my history teacher rocked.
BooksAntiDrug: I forogt.
BooksAntiDrug: **forgot
Lebiont32: Chicle and natural latex
BooksAntiDrug: ..really?
BooksAntiDrug: I dont remember that..
BooksAntiDrug: OH WELL.
Lebiont32: It's not stuff that'll kill you to forget
BooksAntiDrug: *shakes head and throws gum out*
BooksAntiDrug: im bored.
BooksAntiDrug: And im sorry if i say that ten thousand more times.
Lebiont32: That's ok I'm bored too
BooksAntiDrug: *nodds*
BooksAntiDrug: Dare i ask if you have the evil space of the my?
Lebiont32: The evil space of my as you put it has no part in my life
BooksAntiDrug: uuggh, lucky.
BooksAntiDrug: Myspace is adicting as hell.
BooksAntiDrug: it eats you alive.
Lebiont32: Now it's going to stay with not part in my life o_o
BooksAntiDrug: ugh.
BooksAntiDrug: I really want to stop, but it follows you.
BooksAntiDrug: hahah.
Lebiont32: Heh
BooksAntiDrug: well it does.
BooksAntiDrug: SEE!
BooksAntiDrug: i-its EVIL!
BooksAntiDrug: *emphisizes the word evil*
Lebiont32: Seems evil
BooksAntiDrug: it IS.
BooksAntiDrug: hah.
BooksAntiDrug: just DONT JOIN IT.
BooksAntiDrug: its like a cult
BooksAntiDrug: o.o
Lebiont32: A cult? That's a perfect idea!
BooksAntiDrug: oh god..
Lebiont32: I'll be like the cool aid guy
Lebiont32: Wait nevermind that's not a good idea
BooksAntiDrug: whats not a good idea?
BooksAntiDrug: "cool aid guys" are groovey.
Lebiont32: To start a cult
BooksAntiDrug: LMAO.
BooksAntiDrug: I'D JOIN.
Lebiont32: The end would end with everyone dead
Lebiont32: That's why it's not a good idea
BooksAntiDrug: *god damn you caps, dad spilt soda..*
Lebiont32: I killed my old keyboard somehow
Lebiont32: The a typed a smiley face
BooksAntiDrug: mmm
BooksAntiDrug: oh god, see, this is what happens when my little group of friends get bored.
Lebiont32: Sounds like my friends
BooksAntiDrug: Haha.
BooksAntiDrug: probley.
BooksAntiDrug: Our group of friends are the misfits in the school.
Lebiont32: Were the "cool kids of grade 8"
Lebiont32: Or we were
BooksAntiDrug: ick, we werent, we were the crackheads who climbed the trees, screamed "FUCKER" danced around, pulled guys pants down, and shit like that..
Lebiont32: That made us the cool kids
Lebiont32: We climbed onto the roof and got caught by the janitor
Lebiont32: He called cops on us =D
BooksAntiDrug: our school is over come my preppy people.
BooksAntiDrug: YES!
BooksAntiDrug: *high fives*
BooksAntiDrug: we cant get to our rooves, they are over 20 ft tall.
BooksAntiDrug: or way more/
BooksAntiDrug: idk.
Lebiont32: That sure as hell didn't stop us
BooksAntiDrug: all i know is that i hated vvms.
BooksAntiDrug: eh, i didnt want to get into any more trouble, i was already failing Math.
BooksAntiDrug: again.
BooksAntiDrug: *thinks* you know what..
BooksAntiDrug: i have always gotten a D in math..
BooksAntiDrug: *shrugs* oh well.
Lebiont32: Math is over rated anyways
BooksAntiDrug: eh.
BooksAntiDrug: the problem was that rochelle (one of my best friends) sat right next to me, so we were always goofing off.
Lebiont32: I just think it's the teacher
Lebiont32: I've always done nothnig and pulled a B or higher
BooksAntiDrug: luucckkkyy.
BooksAntiDrug: the teachers hate me.
Lebiont32: My french teacher hates me
BooksAntiDrug: probly because we currupte everything..
BooksAntiDrug: right on.
BooksAntiDrug: OOOH!
BooksAntiDrug: whats fuck in french??
Lebiont32: Umm Baise
BooksAntiDrug: YESS.
BooksAntiDrug: wait..
BooksAntiDrug: do you speak fluent french?
Lebiont32: Not even close
BooksAntiDrug: eh.
BooksAntiDrug: im taking German.
BooksAntiDrug: only so i can get into a University.
Lebiont32: I would if my school would fucking let me
BooksAntiDrug: heh, i could take German Japanese french polish and somethig else..
Lebiont32: Don't take frecnh
Lebiont32: French*
BooksAntiDrug: wasnt planing too.
Lebiont32: Good
BooksAntiDrug: Dont like it?
Lebiont32: No
Lebiont32: Everyone who I've know to teach french is a bitch
BooksAntiDrug: lmao.
BooksAntiDrug: im sorry.
Lebiont32: Don't be you're not my french teacher
Lebiont32: Unless you are?
Lebiont32: You aren't right?
BooksAntiDrug: nooo cody, im a 14 yr old girl who is as pale as a fricken vampirew, who lives in the fricken state where you get sunburned when you walk outside, and who is always failing math.
BooksAntiDrug: i dont think im your french teacher.
Lebiont32: Ok good
BooksAntiDrug: hah.
BooksAntiDrug: I hope your not my band teacher..
Lebiont32: I highly doubt I am
BooksAntiDrug: Okie dokie!
Lebiont32: Sooo if you don't mind me asking why did you miss talking to me?
BooksAntiDrug: Your interesting to talk to and you are nice.
BooksAntiDrug: *scoffs* and why didnt you miss talking to me?
BooksAntiDrug: *snickers*
Lebiont32: I thought you hated my guts
BooksAntiDrug: NO.
BooksAntiDrug: i said this last time we talked.
BooksAntiDrug: i have never hated you.
BooksAntiDrug: im just sturborn.
Lebiont32: But there wasn't a day that I didn't wonder how you were doing
BooksAntiDrug: wha?
BooksAntiDrug: Umm, okie dokie.
Lebiont32: Don't think of it as weird I always wonder how old friends are doing
BooksAntiDrug: OK!
BooksAntiDrug: good, because this guy i havent talked to tried to hit on me, and it was creepy as hell.
BooksAntiDrug: haha.
BooksAntiDrug: Well, i guess i have thought about you too, everytime someones says canada i think of you, or someone says cody, i think of you, it just kinda rings a bell, you know?
Lebiont32: Yeah
Lebiont32: There was a girl named Caitlin in my class this year the made sure I didn't forget you.
Lebiont32: Not that I would anyways
BooksAntiDrug: Heh..
BooksAntiDrug: why wouldnt you forget me?
Lebiont32: I don't forget about friends
BooksAntiDrug: Nore do I.
BooksAntiDrug: butt i would asume you would like to forget about me.
Lebiont32: Why?
BooksAntiDrug: Because i was a total bitch to you all the time.
Lebiont32: Oh well that's okay a lot of people are
Lebiont32: You weren't that bad
BooksAntiDrug: yeess i was.
BooksAntiDrug: I didnt forget what i did to you, i wasnt nice at all.
Lebiont32: You mean what we did when we stopped talking?
BooksAntiDrug: *coughs*
Lebiont32: What you did when we stopped talking
Lebiont32: What's your favorite band?
BooksAntiDrug: oh god..
BooksAntiDrug: *thinks* Nirvana, takingbacksunday, AFI..
BooksAntiDrug: sadly MCR..umm....
BooksAntiDrug: *thinks*
Lebiont32: Wait
BooksAntiDrug: i cant pick..
Lebiont32: New AFI or old?
BooksAntiDrug: Both.
Lebiont32: I don't like the new
BooksAntiDrug: The new stuff is growing on me.
BooksAntiDrug: I've got to say though, New Davey is quite cute, lmao.
Lebiont32: Lol
BooksAntiDrug: sorry, i tell everyone that, and i tell dan that all the time just to piss him off because hes a creepy ass stalker who wont leave me alone.
BooksAntiDrug: What about you?
Lebiont32: Oh jeez
BooksAntiDrug: haha.
BooksAntiDrug: oooh, are we writing a book?
BooksAntiDrug: hah, jk.
Lebiont32: Yes
Lebiont32: Barenaked Ladies, The Beatles, Blink-182, Cake, Dashboard Confessional, Death From Above 1979, Foo fighters, Modest Mouse, Nine inch Nails, Nirvana, Our Lady Peace, Queen, Rammstein, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Relient K, Smashing Pumpkins, System of A down, Treble Charger, Underoath, Weezer
Lebiont32: There's probably more
BooksAntiDrug: (i also like from first to last, chiodos, sum41, halifax and more)
Lebiont32: Sum 41 is good
BooksAntiDrug: thank god for underoath.
Lebiont32: Thank god?
BooksAntiDrug: I cant stand the beatles anymore, my mom plays them ALL THE DOO DAA FUCKING DAY.
BooksAntiDrug: They are funny as hell, they were on a radio show one night (underoath)
Lebiont32: That's cool lol
Lebiont32: They make good music
BooksAntiDrug: Yeah.
BooksAntiDrug: Do you like Chiodos?
Lebiont32: I've never heard them
BooksAntiDrug: listen to "theres no penguins in alaska"
BooksAntiDrug: thats my favorite out of that album.
Lebiont32: Sounding good
BooksAntiDrug: mm.
BooksAntiDrug: There other songs are pretty good too.
Lebiont32: Hmm they play Toronto Tomarrow
BooksAntiDrug: yyeeep.
Lebiont32: I wonder if I can somehow magicly find a ticket
BooksAntiDrug: YES!!
BooksAntiDrug: MESA!
BooksAntiDrug: YYEEESSSS!
Lebiont32: Yeo
BooksAntiDrug: might as well not get too excited, im not going to go.
BooksAntiDrug: haha.
Lebiont32: I have 22 hours to find a ticket
Lebiont32: Pfft like that'll happen
BooksAntiDrug: eh, there are usual a couple tickets still available.
Lebiont32: Lol like I have moeny
Lebiont32: money*
BooksAntiDrug: arent the tickets like..25 bucks?
Lebiont32: Like I have 25 bucks
Lebiont32: And I'll probably be getting shot with a pellet gun
BooksAntiDrug: Chiodos

August, 12 2006 at Park Place
Not Available, Toronto, ON

BooksAntiDrug: its sold out.
BooksAntiDrug: wooaahh..
Lebiont32: Doesn't surpise me
BooksAntiDrug: usually it isnt.
Lebiont32: Toronto has about 5 million people
Lebiont32: Well I could probably stand outside park place and hear it
BooksAntiDrug: phoenix has ...(runs to ask dad) over 7 million people.
BooksAntiDrug: yeah.
Lebiont32: Wow
Lebiont32: That's like a third of Canadas population
BooksAntiDrug: yep :D
BooksAntiDrug: gotta love the USA, we're fat, over populated, and we throw our missles where ever we damn please.
BooksAntiDrug: oh yay -.- *rolls eyes*
BooksAntiDrug: another rason why i dont want to live in phoenix, to many people.
Lebiont32: Yeahh to many people sucks
BooksAntiDrug: yeah.
Lebiont32: Oh sweet deal I just remebered I might move to Halifax
BooksAntiDrug: Isnt Halifax a band??
Lebiont32: It was the capital of Nova Scotia first
BooksAntiDrug: wwiieerrdd.
Lebiont32: They should be from Halifax
BooksAntiDrug: nope.
BooksAntiDrug: says their from thousand oads in California.,
Lebiont32: I know
BooksAntiDrug: **oaks
Lebiont32: But they should be from Halifax
BooksAntiDrug: indeed.
BooksAntiDrug: \DAMNIT.
BooksAntiDrug: in need to stop saying that word.
Lebiont32: Say it to much?
BooksAntiDrug: yes.
BooksAntiDrug: rochelle screams at me.
Lebiont32: Lol
BooksAntiDrug: i maybe say it 5 times a day or less.
Lebiont32: Well I should probably hit the hay before my dad cans my ass
BooksAntiDrug: lmao.
BooksAntiDrug: Yeah, moms telling me to get off she thinks if she goes to bed with me on the computer than im gonna sell stuff illigally or watch porn.
BooksAntiDrug: wtf is up with her and saying "I dont want you watching porn"
BooksAntiDrug: im not the one.. *glares at dad* pervert..
BooksAntiDrug: ANYWAYS!
BooksAntiDrug: night
BooksAntiDrug: **NIGHT
Lebiont32: G'night
BooksAntiDrug: haha./
Lebiont32: Will I have the pleasure of talking to you sometime in the near future?
BooksAntiDrug: iiiiff you add me to your friends list than yes, because im a computeraholic and im on almost all day.
Lebiont32: I've already done that
BooksAntiDrug: Okie dokie.
BooksAntiDrug: Than i shall speak to you tomarrow, or in your time, later today.
Lebiont32: Lol G'night
BooksAntiDrug: Bye.
Lebiont32 signed off at 10:56:51 PM.

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Date:2006-08-08 21:09
Subject:Made me think

Ever since summer vacation started, i have been feeling different, i really dont know why, but it was really strange. My vision is Different, my body has now changed (Thanks puberty) I think differently. Nothings funny anymore, everyone is anoying, including most of my friends. I keep on getting frequent headachs, basicly the only thing that soothes me is walking, and listening to music.
I looked into this on "Google" and nothing came up..strange, no?
After watching dead like me (Great Sci Fi series) It makes me think, are there grim reapers? Is there a Hell? A Heaven? A different Dimention? Makes you think too huh?
And you know whats really wierd? My hair is growing wwaayy faster than normal, i mean, i usually get it choped off during summer, always at the begaining of the summer, so i did the same thing this summer, (usually doesnt grow at a rapid speed) but this summer, i swear to god, it has grown at LEAST an inch. Isnt that wierd? 2 months and almost 3 weeks have gone by, and my hair has grown a tramendouse amount.
Anyways, my eye color is changing also, instead of blue//green or blue//gray, its just a real deep blue, everything is changing! and i cant catch up! ACH.
I am currently listening to Linkin Park, its putting me into a bad mood, making me want to scream at my mom for basicly being a cunt to me, its driving me insane, does she find the need to scream at me every five minutes? What does she think, I wont respond, well, shes wrong, I will respond.

Another topic, shall we?


Angela, OK. Angela has been flightly, shes nice, and when shes cranky, we get into a little hissy fit, blah blah blah, than she blames it either on her sisters that shes always mean (which shes not) Which brings me to this conclusion. Why does angela always blame it on her sisters?
"Im like this because my sisters were tough on me"

bbllaahh blaahh bbllaahh..Does she enjoy blaming everything on her sisters? Because when im over her house, they arent all that bad. (oh yeah, her sisters arent hating me as much, I should keep what im doing up) But, what i mean is that every time we get into a fight, she suddenly puts up a wall, blaming it automaticly on someone else besides herself, and when she does blame it on herself, shes being a sarcastic peice of shit. Whoops, sorry Angie, but its true. It bugs me, because ever since we were younger, she blamed stuff on other people than herself, you know? Like, this is an example, once we prank called this girl "Nicole R" and she agreed, than we said something stupid, blah blah blah, we hung up, giggled, than the phone rang, she picked it up, it was Nicoles mom, saying shes going to call the police, blah blah blah, than nicoles mom hangs up, angela freaks, cries. Blames it on mmmee. im like, what the fuck, you wanted to do it too, you laugehd too, i wasnt the only one, you were just scared
so this is what i think, when ever she is scared, she runs, hides, blames, than goes on to do more stuff. but, when she reads this, shes going to look at it in a totally different perspective, saying "That never happened!"
blah. blah. blah, you know? I dont really care though, well, im going to go check up on my writing, tootles..

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Date:2006-07-30 15:13
Subject:Bring on the Pain and Pills
Music:My Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead

For the past few nights of sleep, i keep on having strange dreams, last night i had a dream i was stabed, it was really creepy. The pain is comeing back to my neck and back, bring on the pain and pills, im ready.
School is coming closer and closer, kinda worried. I dont know why im already stressing out about school, its not about the grades, i guess im worried about what people will think of me, im a skinny enough, and i still fat, am i ugly, will i be made fun of as always. Whats going to happen next? I guess im a worry wart, but i cant help it, it just comes back every summer and last the whole year of school.

Bring on the pain and pills.

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Date:2006-07-27 22:42
Subject:Carlos and I (being goofy)
Mood: giggly
Music:Dad trying to sing XD

MexicanFajitas91: lol
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
BooksAntiDrug: wierdo.
BooksAntiDrug: haha
BooksAntiDrug: have something against jews?
BooksAntiDrug: XD
BooksAntiDrug: lmao.
MexicanFajitas91: maybe
MexicanFajitas91: damn Jews
MexicanFajitas91: lol jkjk
BooksAntiDrug: *snort* yyeeaahh
BooksAntiDrug: *trys to stop drooling* the lead singer of sum 41 is
MexicanFajitas91: hahaha
MexicanFajitas91: yeah he is
BooksAntiDrug: O.O
MexicanFajitas91: lol jk
MexicanFajitas91: ...
MexicanFajitas91: no im not
BooksAntiDrug: you think hes beautiful too???!!
BooksAntiDrug: XD
MexicanFajitas91: yes
MexicanFajitas91: jason has a poster of sum41
MexicanFajitas91: and i was playing fat lip on guitar hero
MexicanFajitas91: which is an awesome game, btw
MexicanFajitas91: hah i love that offspring song ahhaha
BooksAntiDrug: mmhm
BooksAntiDrug: this is my favorite song.
MexicanFajitas91: k
BooksAntiDrug: but hes pretty good lookin.
BooksAntiDrug: haha
MexicanFajitas91: haha
BooksAntiDrug: dude, im getting nervouse for school now.
BooksAntiDrug: i mean, like last night i had a dream, and i was standing infront of the class, and than someone threw a tomato at me, than after class, i guy asked me out, and he said he put a p[resent in my locker, when i opened my locker there was like, idk, puke.
BooksAntiDrug: Now im really super nervouse for school.
BooksAntiDrug: like, UUGGHH, its not funny.
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
MexicanFajitas91: i know
MexicanFajitas91: im scared
MexicanFajitas91: cus im a tiny little man haha
BooksAntiDrug: wtf
BooksAntiDrug: XD
BooksAntiDrug: dont worry, i bet your gonna get all "Buff" or something, later in 9th grade, because your getting really tall, so the rest of your body's going to catch up pretty soon.
MexicanFajitas91: i hope
BooksAntiDrug: dont worry, you'll be fne.
BooksAntiDrug: butt to me and the girls, we dont see whats wrong we you o.0
BooksAntiDrug: we think you need a new percription of contacts.. because you cant see yourself O.O
MexicanFajitas91: hahaha
BooksAntiDrug: seriously though, you look fine to us.
BooksAntiDrug: normal actually.
MexicanFajitas91: with my shirt on
BooksAntiDrug: hey, i've seen your chicken thing, i think your pretty talented.
BooksAntiDrug: :D
MexicanFajitas91: lol
MexicanFajitas91: no
MexicanFajitas91: i mean like i'm really skinny
MexicanFajitas91: i have no pecs!
BooksAntiDrug: *scoffs* lucky basterd *coughs and clears throut*
MexicanFajitas91: noooo
BooksAntiDrug: seriously.
BooksAntiDrug: yyeess.
MexicanFajitas91: when youre a guy it sucks to be twiggy
BooksAntiDrug: Girls think its hot believe me.
BooksAntiDrug: Ambers (angelas sister) boyfriend (forgot his name at the moment) Is super skinny, and hes HHOOOTTT, aannnddd hes mexican. But he has a fucking sixe pack, and he doesnt work out at all.
BooksAntiDrug: so, i think you will be just fine.
MexicanFajitas91: mmk
BooksAntiDrug: so, stop worrying, otherwisew you will force me to cause you pain because your being a little vain bitch
BooksAntiDrug: XD
MexicanFajitas91: hahahahaha
MexicanFajitas91: okok
BooksAntiDrug: *yawns*
BooksAntiDrug: but i cant wait till i get skinny (hope i do) because all my cusins (who are now old, like around 18) used to be my size, or bigger, and now their supppeeerr skinny. but i used to wiegh more than i do now when i was in 5th grade, IICCKK.
BooksAntiDrug: im grossing myself out just thinking about it.
MexicanFajitas91: yikes
MexicanFajitas91: well you know what
BooksAntiDrug: mmmmmmhm
BooksAntiDrug: ?
MexicanFajitas91: i think youre fine
BooksAntiDrug: tthhaannkkks.
BooksAntiDrug: Not what my mom says, but thanks.
MexicanFajitas91: just because you weigh more than your cousins or whatever doesnt mean youre overboard or anything
BooksAntiDrug: *shrugs*
BooksAntiDrug: OK.
BooksAntiDrug: I bet we arent going to see eachother (and all the girls) for a long time : (
BooksAntiDrug: its like, we might bump into eachother one day at the mall, when we are in 11th or 12th grade,, you know?
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
MexicanFajitas91: but i mean we don't have to not hang out
MexicanFajitas91: my sister is still friends with people from PV cus she stayed in touch since eighth grade
BooksAntiDrug: yeah, but we might loose touch axidently, you know? : (
MexicanFajitas91: then we just cant let that happen
BooksAntiDrug: okie dokie.
BooksAntiDrug: but i still worry about it.,
BooksAntiDrug: : (
MexicanFajitas91: yeahh
BooksAntiDrug: OOKK, can i ask you a question?
MexicanFajitas91: go for it
BooksAntiDrug: (thinks of a way to say it*
BooksAntiDrug: Were you emberresed at the movies because your other friends saw us or something?
BooksAntiDrug: *doesnt really know how to say it*
BooksAntiDrug: or were you emberresed of us?
MexicanFajitas91: i wasnt embarrassed
MexicanFajitas91: nonononono
MexicanFajitas91: NO
BooksAntiDrug: *closes mouth* o.o
MexicanFajitas91: i was mad at chase
BooksAntiDrug: because you acted kinda funny.
MexicanFajitas91: cus he was being a douchebag
BooksAntiDrug: (is mad at chase for being not so nice to me)
BooksAntiDrug: why?
MexicanFajitas91: cus
BooksAntiDrug: cus why
MexicanFajitas91: i invited him to see lady in the water cus he wasnt able to get a ticket to superman
MexicanFajitas91: cus it sold out
MexicanFajitas91: and then he expected me to go see you me and dupree with him after making plans with you guys
BooksAntiDrug: sorry.
BooksAntiDrug: you could of gone with him.
MexicanFajitas91: no
MexicanFajitas91: i didnt want to
MexicanFajitas91: i was mad at him
BooksAntiDrug: mmm.
BooksAntiDrug: ok, can i make a statement/question.
BooksAntiDrug: ?
MexicanFajitas91: go for it
BooksAntiDrug: I kinda have a feeling your other friends dont like me and angie and rochelle, idk why, but i do.
MexicanFajitas91: its cus theyre...
MexicanFajitas91: how do i say this..
MexicanFajitas91: well.. preps lol
MexicanFajitas91: but a lot of them do
BooksAntiDrug: well we arent goth, wtf..
MexicanFajitas91: i mean, theres ben nicky emily..
MexicanFajitas91: and theyre some of my closest too
MexicanFajitas91: its not like they hate you guys
BooksAntiDrug: but they dislike us, no?
MexicanFajitas91: well some of my friends do
MexicanFajitas91: because they dont know you
BooksAntiDrug: is it because we are different than them?
MexicanFajitas91: probably
BooksAntiDrug: (sorry, im just curious)
BooksAntiDrug: how are we different?
MexicanFajitas91: idk
MexicanFajitas91: its kinda dumb
BooksAntiDrug: \
BooksAntiDrug: Im going to bug you till you tell.
BooksAntiDrug: and you know it.
BooksAntiDrug: now spill Mr.
BooksAntiDrug: and no lieing.
MexicanFajitas91: uhhhh
MexicanFajitas91: *thinking*
BooksAntiDrug: *waits paitently*
MexicanFajitas91: well
MexicanFajitas91: i think they see you guys as different
MexicanFajitas91: cus you arent like them... you know..
MexicanFajitas91: preppy
MexicanFajitas91: loud
BooksAntiDrug: Define Different.
BooksAntiDrug: ooh.
MexicanFajitas91: really outgoing i guess
BooksAntiDrug: we are kinda loud..
BooksAntiDrug: wait.
BooksAntiDrug: HUH?
BooksAntiDrug: (confused)
MexicanFajitas91: gimme a sec
BooksAntiDrug: k.
MexicanFajitas91: well idk
MexicanFajitas91: theyre dumb
BooksAntiDrug: are we anoying to them?
BooksAntiDrug: Are we too obnoxiouse and loud or something?
BooksAntiDrug: : (
MexicanFajitas91: dude
MexicanFajitas91: you think YOURE abnoxious?
BooksAntiDrug: sorta?
MexicanFajitas91: you guys are nothing compared to the preps!
BooksAntiDrug: I screamed fuck about every 2 minutes out loud.
BooksAntiDrug: how so?
MexicanFajitas91: umm
MexicanFajitas91: let me give you an example
BooksAntiDrug: Im talking to my dad about this, and said their snobs, but i dont think som they just dont know us, so they think we are wierd automaticly.
BooksAntiDrug: k.
MexicanFajitas91: omgahh omgahwd !!! im hapy im sad im happy im sad AHGDUHFu idk what to do *SCREAMMMMMMM*
BooksAntiDrug: why are you talking about nicole marchie?
BooksAntiDrug: *snickers* sorry.
MexicanFajitas91: XD
MexicanFajitas91: lol
MexicanFajitas91: i was TOTALLY thinking about her too
BooksAntiDrug: lmao.
BooksAntiDrug: greeaatt.
BooksAntiDrug: im sorry, i still dont understand, i guess i dont judge people until i know them for a while.
BooksAntiDrug: ok, about chase being a meanie to me.
BooksAntiDrug: read
BooksAntiDrug: you know how he posted those bullitins about him being a geek?
BooksAntiDrug: (bullitin) a geek i realized
and now im depressed
i want a girl friend

i feel for you hayden
this is gay as hell huh
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
BooksAntiDrug: (me replying and trying to be funny) now to mention it, you are wierd, and you are a nerd, it kinda showed when you walked away from us at the movie theature, you were walking like you had something that died in there XD

oh yeah, and you were being a party pooper and kept coming in during the movie.

so die.
MexicanFajitas91: yikes lol
BooksAntiDrug: (him being not so nice) um are you being serious because if you are

who the fuck are you to judge me you dont even fucking know me and now youll never get the chance you stupid bitch

but if your joking then lol
BooksAntiDrug: ( my reply) i was joking, god, now im not joking, your an ass and that was mean, i would never do that to someone i dont know very well.

MexicanFajitas91: hahaha that was funny.. "and if you were joking then lol"
BooksAntiDrug: its my fault, but i thought i wasnt meaning mean, i was trying to be funny and sarcastic, but he took it the wrong way : (
BooksAntiDrug: hahaha that was funny..
BooksAntiDrug: ...
BooksAntiDrug: i diddnt think so.
BooksAntiDrug: i thought it was mean.
MexicanFajitas91: yeah he did..
MexicanFajitas91: it was
MexicanFajitas91: but i found that funny when he said if youre kidding then lool
MexicanFajitas91: lol**
BooksAntiDrug: i didnt know chase was like that.
BooksAntiDrug: (i still thought he was an ass..)
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
BooksAntiDrug: sorry if im talking ahbout your really good friend, but still..
MexicanFajitas91: no its fine
BooksAntiDrug: but yeeaahh.
BooksAntiDrug: OK, Im going to be a total bitch and bring up that subject again.
BooksAntiDrug: so their judging us?
MexicanFajitas91: yes
MexicanFajitas91: basically
BooksAntiDrug: *sighs* why?
MexicanFajitas91: cus theyre dumb
MexicanFajitas91: i mean its not like they go and say "OH we're gonna judge..... THEM!"
BooksAntiDrug: i know i know.
MexicanFajitas91: but its kinda a subconscious thing
BooksAntiDrug: and now im gonna ask a bad no no question which i know i shouldnt ask.
MexicanFajitas91: ok
BooksAntiDrug: do they ever talk about us? (which i bet they dont)
MexicanFajitas91: no not really
MexicanFajitas91: not that i know of
MexicanFajitas91: but i really think they dont
BooksAntiDrug: thats what i thought.
BooksAntiDrug: sorry, im getting really nosey.
MexicanFajitas91: its ok
BooksAntiDrug: umm.. Im sorry if im using you? But since i dont understand because im retarted, what DO they talk about?
MexicanFajitas91: youre not using me and its fine
BooksAntiDrug: ok.
MexicanFajitas91: they usually talk about boooooyyyyysss
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: more than me?
BooksAntiDrug: o.0
MexicanFajitas91: and just like anything
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
BooksAntiDrug: iicckk.
BooksAntiDrug: im sorry.
BooksAntiDrug: XD
BooksAntiDrug: and im going to bash nicole marchie a little.
MexicanFajitas91: XD
BooksAntiDrug: you know how she tends to cry a little..wait, let me rephrase know how nicole crys ALOT, i think its because CJ is telling her to stop stalking him, and stop sneeking into his room and stealing his underwear and smelling it.
BooksAntiDrug: *snickers* sorry, but thats an idea me and angela and rochelle made up.
MexicanFajitas91: hahahaha
BooksAntiDrug: anyway..
BooksAntiDrug: Is matt gurber ever on his aim name?
MexicanFajitas91: he hasnt been on in a long time
MexicanFajitas91: and no not usually
BooksAntiDrug: yyeeaahh
BooksAntiDrug: damn.
BooksAntiDrug: need toi talk to him about band.
MexicanFajitas91: why
MexicanFajitas91: er what about?
BooksAntiDrug: nothing, its complicated.
BooksAntiDrug: OK, explain this to me, why does every girl from VVMS, want to fuck matt gurber?
BooksAntiDrug: because erin liked him
BooksAntiDrug: and rochelle
BooksAntiDrug: and other girls.
MexicanFajitas91: idk
BooksAntiDrug: wait, not rocvhelle, angela i think
MexicanFajitas91: he has a HUGE tongue
BooksAntiDrug: it was a while ago.
MexicanFajitas91: its like
BooksAntiDrug: O.O
MexicanFajitas91: BLEUHGUHE
BooksAntiDrug: CARLOSz@z
BooksAntiDrug: DLKJDHLK;HF
BooksAntiDrug: DLK;F'HJ;LFJDF'H
BooksAntiDrug: EECCKKK!!
BooksAntiDrug: how would you know???!
BooksAntiDrug: ...
BooksAntiDrug: EECCKK!!
MexicanFajitas91: cus
MexicanFajitas91: you can just see it
BooksAntiDrug: well i dont stare at his mouth.
BooksAntiDrug: o.-
MexicanFajitas91: memoriesfade345: mmkay so i was gunna have my birthday party the 18th but thats the day of your guyz freshman dance do you think youd come to my party be COMPLETELY honest with me
MexicanFajitas91: thats nicole
MexicanFajitas91: gahhhh
BooksAntiDrug: *blank face is soon consumed with arogent smile*
BooksAntiDrug: you shouldnt of put the aim name on there..
MexicanFajitas91: damn
BooksAntiDrug: dont worry, i wont be that bad.
MexicanFajitas91: lol
MexicanFajitas91: you didnt get her sn from me
BooksAntiDrug: nope.
BooksAntiDrug: i little birdy flew by and smashed into my window, and its last words were her aim name oo
BooksAntiDrug: **o.o
MexicanFajitas91: xD
BooksAntiDrug: o.o
BooksAntiDrug: its true.
BooksAntiDrug: what are you laughing about??
MexicanFajitas91: umm
MexicanFajitas91: nothing
MexicanFajitas91: ;-)
BooksAntiDrug: hah
BooksAntiDrug: goofy.
BooksAntiDrug: YOU TOLD!
MexicanFajitas91: no i didnt
MexicanFajitas91: told what?
MexicanFajitas91: o.o
BooksAntiDrug: shes creepy.
MexicanFajitas91: mk
BooksAntiDrug: seriosuly.
BooksAntiDrug: she reads minds.
BooksAntiDrug: AANNDD smells coles underwear.
MexicanFajitas91: XD
BooksAntiDrug: -.- twisted soal she is.
BooksAntiDrug: she hates me, always has since brownies XD
MexicanFajitas91: hahahahaha
BooksAntiDrug: seriosuly.
BooksAntiDrug: *tyrs to make conversation)
BooksAntiDrug: oh great, shes going to pv, now she gets to stalk cj some more o.o
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
BooksAntiDrug: ok, i will stop XD
BooksAntiDrug: nicoles boring.
BooksAntiDrug: -.-
MexicanFajitas91: ahaha
BooksAntiDrug: *has terrets, because i screamed random shit at my mom*
MexicanFajitas91: haha
BooksAntiDrug: it was funny, moms like "are you feeling well" and im like "NOPE IM FLYIN HIGH!!!!"
MexicanFajitas91: hahahahaha
BooksAntiDrug: moms expression was around the wooorrdd "shit.."
MexicanFajitas91: hahaha
BooksAntiDrug: *yawns*
BooksAntiDrug: im bored.
BooksAntiDrug: *talks to rochelles mom*
BooksAntiDrug: we are bashing rochelle XD
MexicanFajitas91: haah
BooksAntiDrug: go say hi to her mom, Ruth is really awsome, shes on rochelles aim name right now.
MexicanFajitas91: hahaha
MexicanFajitas91: no thanks
BooksAntiDrug: chicken.
BooksAntiDrug: XD
BooksAntiDrug: well, shes gone now, haha.
MexicanFajitas91: nice
BooksAntiDrug: im bboorreed.
MexicanFajitas91: me too
BooksAntiDrug: lets teepee someones house O.O
BooksAntiDrug: na, nv,.
BooksAntiDrug: **nah nvm
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: *looks at nicoles profile on aim*
BooksAntiDrug: ...eewwwwwyyy..
MexicanFajitas91: eeeeeeew
BooksAntiDrug: memoriesfade345: ahah my mascott is a condom BE JEALOUS
YaY4TwiX322: its better without condoms
BooksAntiDrug: ick.
BooksAntiDrug: aanndd how does Derek know?
BooksAntiDrug: XD
BooksAntiDrug: jk.
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: *twirls in chair*
BooksAntiDrug: LMAO!!!
BooksAntiDrug: i was twriling in the chair!
BooksAntiDrug: and i was going really fast!
BooksAntiDrug: and
MexicanFajitas91: and..
BooksAntiDrug: the whole chair tiped over with me in it
BooksAntiDrug: !!!!!
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: *laughs hestericly*
MexicanFajitas91: that happened to me once
MexicanFajitas91: and i hit my nose
MexicanFajitas91: and it started to bleed
MexicanFajitas91: a lot
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: i hit my whole face on the floor
BooksAntiDrug: XD
BooksAntiDrug: oh, jeeze! that was fun as hell..
BooksAntiDrug: brb
MexicanFajitas91: lol
MexicanFajitas91: ok
BooksAntiDrug: ow.
BooksAntiDrug: that one hurt.
MexicanFajitas91: hah
BooksAntiDrug: ok, can you make a promise?
MexicanFajitas91: ok
BooksAntiDrug: Will you promise to tell me when im starting to become not "Different" ?
MexicanFajitas91: not different/
MexicanFajitas91: ?*
BooksAntiDrug: umm *thinks how i should explain it* like if i were to ever become like nicole marchie.
MexicanFajitas91: WHOAH
MexicanFajitas91: ok if you ever become like nicole
MexicanFajitas91: i would scold you
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: : ( it might happen.
BooksAntiDrug: im seriouse carlos, i could wear creepy ass dresses to school, and say LYKE more than 10 times a day, it could happen.
BooksAntiDrug: and the pink
BooksAntiDrug: THE PINK, i could wear pink every day..
MexicanFajitas91: umm
MexicanFajitas91: NO
MexicanFajitas91: its not gonna happen
BooksAntiDrug: i mean, not including my underwear XD
BooksAntiDrug: BUT STILL.
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: it might.
BooksAntiDrug: i could end up liking her music..
MexicanFajitas91: ewww
BooksAntiDrug: i dont know what she likes, but i asume its not good.
MexicanFajitas91: haha
BooksAntiDrug: ok, im gonna stop, im creeping myself out.
BooksAntiDrug: and i need to stop bashing nicole.
BooksAntiDrug: im anpoying myself -.-
MexicanFajitas91: haha
BooksAntiDrug: UGH, when we were at rochelles, we kept on getting but bites, than i saw this big ass misquito, and i sqwished it, and blood went everywhere O.O
BooksAntiDrug: it was ggrrooosss.
MexicanFajitas91: cooool
BooksAntiDrug: ok, nvm
BooksAntiDrug: about the nicoel thing
BooksAntiDrug: her away message : in a bad much for fucking friends.
MexicanFajitas91: what a douche
MexicanFajitas91: you know why that is?
BooksAntiDrug: drama queen?
BooksAntiDrug: hmm?
MexicanFajitas91: cus
MexicanFajitas91: she said her bday party might be on the 18th
MexicanFajitas91: but thats NCs freshman dance
BooksAntiDrug: so?
BooksAntiDrug: ssooo?
BooksAntiDrug: XD
MexicanFajitas91: so she asked everyone if theyd go to her party even if it was that day
MexicanFajitas91: and to be COMPLETELY honest
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
MexicanFajitas91: i know
BooksAntiDrug: aannd to be completely honest...what?
MexicanFajitas91: ok i told her i might but it depends what happens with people and stuff
MexicanFajitas91: to be completely honest if we'd go to her party
BooksAntiDrug: were you tellingthe truth?
BooksAntiDrug: or were you just being nice?
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
MexicanFajitas91: i aws telling the truth
BooksAntiDrug: k.
MexicanFajitas91: i said i might but i couldnt be sure
BooksAntiDrug: i would pck the dance.
BooksAntiDrug: or stay at home
BooksAntiDrug: O.o
MexicanFajitas91: like if i had a date to the dance i cant just not show
BooksAntiDrug: i know.
BooksAntiDrug: OMG!! i just rememberd, one day i was feeling nice, and nicole was crying, so i threw a note at her and askedif she was ok. and she rolled her eyes and threw it in the trashcan.
BooksAntiDrug: i was like "Meanie O.O"
MexicanFajitas91: what an a-hole
BooksAntiDrug: she used to be soooo nice in brownies, i dont know what happened.
BooksAntiDrug: i mean, nothing has happened to me, i have always been mean XD
MexicanFajitas91: nono shes been mean er dumb or something since like the beginning of eighth grade
BooksAntiDrug: yeah.
MexicanFajitas91: so much for friends? we used to be best friends a year ago
BooksAntiDrug: brb, girlie needs.
MexicanFajitas91: then she ditched me and our group for cj and dillon and them
MexicanFajitas91: ok
BooksAntiDrug: back.
BooksAntiDrug: Yeah, i noticed that.
BooksAntiDrug: WAIT.
BooksAntiDrug: do you think your friends thought of you like that when you would hang out with other groups??
BooksAntiDrug: O.O
BooksAntiDrug: whoops, im being nosey again.
MexicanFajitas91: no
MexicanFajitas91: cus i actually TALKED to people in my group
MexicanFajitas91: i wouldnt JUST hang out with you guys
BooksAntiDrug: yeah.
MexicanFajitas91: Subject: uck.
Body: whatever.
ill invite two or three people.
MexicanFajitas91: ^nicoles bulletin
BooksAntiDrug: *snickers8
BooksAntiDrug: **
BooksAntiDrug: she blocked me on myspace a while ago.
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: ssooo shes basicly throwing a tintertantrum??
MexicanFajitas91: no
MexicanFajitas91: shes throwing
MexicanFajitas91: titantrum
BooksAntiDrug: ..
BooksAntiDrug: same thing.
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
MexicanFajitas91: haha
BooksAntiDrug: lol
BooksAntiDrug: anways, she will get over it.
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
BooksAntiDrug: i wonder how many people she invited..
BooksAntiDrug: 40??
MexicanFajitas91: nahh not that many
MexicanFajitas91: ashley and chase did lol
BooksAntiDrug: (sarcasme)
MexicanFajitas91: and only like 20 came
BooksAntiDrug: woah.
BooksAntiDrug: jeeze.
BooksAntiDrug: my birthday party had...
BooksAntiDrug: hmm.
BooksAntiDrug: you derek jenna erin angela
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
BooksAntiDrug: 5
BooksAntiDrug: o.o
BooksAntiDrug: because i didnt know rochelle yet.
MexicanFajitas91: ohh yeah
BooksAntiDrug: and my parents thought that was too much -.-
BooksAntiDrug: ANWAYS, for my birthday, i want to do lazertag..
MexicanFajitas91: oh sweet
MexicanFajitas91: i love lazertag
BooksAntiDrug: Ditto..WE GET TO SHOOT PEOPLE!!
BooksAntiDrug: HAHAHAHAHAA!!
MexicanFajitas91: yessss
BooksAntiDrug: i mean, oh, violence is bad, tsk tsk.
BooksAntiDrug: >.>
BooksAntiDrug: <.<
MexicanFajitas91: haha oook then
BooksAntiDrug: sarcamse buddy.
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
MexicanFajitas91: i know
BooksAntiDrug: Have you watched the mtv2 show, Final Fu?
MexicanFajitas91: nope
BooksAntiDrug: its pretty cool.
BooksAntiDrug: uumm, oh hell, can i be anoyying and ask another question?
MexicanFajitas91: go for it
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: Did your dad think we werent that wierd?
BooksAntiDrug: Or did he not like us.
MexicanFajitas91: he didnt say he thought you guys were weird
MexicanFajitas91: i dont think he thought you guys were weird
BooksAntiDrug: ok.
BooksAntiDrug: sorry, for some odd reason i seek approval from all my friends parents o.0
MexicanFajitas91: hahaha
MexicanFajitas91: yeahh
BooksAntiDrug: so, what'cha doin?
MexicanFajitas91: nothing
MexicanFajitas91: watching mind of mencia
BooksAntiDrug: haha
BooksAntiDrug: racest show
BooksAntiDrug: LMAO.
MexicanFajitas91: haha yeah
BooksAntiDrug: WOAH
BooksAntiDrug: BULDGE MUCH
MexicanFajitas91: XD
BooksAntiDrug: LMAO.
MexicanFajitas91: hahahahhahaha
BooksAntiDrug: hehe
MexicanFajitas91: YEAH BEANER!
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: the beaner *shakes head, shakes with laughter*
BooksAntiDrug: thats greeaattt
BooksAntiDrug: haha!
MexicanFajitas91: XD
BooksAntiDrug: AH!!
BooksAntiDrug: EECH!
BooksAntiDrug: EEEK!
MexicanFajitas91: COOL!
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: AAHH!!
BooksAntiDrug: GF'HJDF
BooksAntiDrug: GLLKFX;H
BooksAntiDrug: KUNG FU PENIS
BooksAntiDrug: -.-
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: *shakes head* wth
BooksAntiDrug: XD
BooksAntiDrug: haha
BooksAntiDrug: yayy
BooksAntiDrug: o.o
MexicanFajitas91: hahah
BooksAntiDrug: one asian at a time, haha
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: what do you want to be when you grow up? (stupid question)
MexicanFajitas91: idk
MexicanFajitas91: im not sure
BooksAntiDrug: hmm..
MexicanFajitas91: you?
BooksAntiDrug: writer, artist
MexicanFajitas91: oh cool
BooksAntiDrug: mediator for teens.
BooksAntiDrug: thats about ti.
BooksAntiDrug: **it
MexicanFajitas91: oohhh that sounds interesting
BooksAntiDrug: you should be a......HITMAN!!
MexicanFajitas91: XD
MexicanFajitas91: *cocks gun*
MexicanFajitas91: heh
MexicanFajitas91: lol
MexicanFajitas91: i couldnt be a hitman
MexicanFajitas91: i would laugh at the word "cock" too often
MexicanFajitas91: hehhe
BooksAntiDrug: *snort*
BooksAntiDrug: oh god.
MexicanFajitas91: yeeeah
BooksAntiDrug: uummm...
BooksAntiDrug: you could be the new carlos mencia?
BooksAntiDrug: XD
MexicanFajitas91: lol
MexicanFajitas91: carlos terminel
MexicanFajitas91: XD
BooksAntiDrug: only your carlos terminelberri
BooksAntiDrug: haha
MexicanFajitas91: haha yeh
BooksAntiDrug: did i spell it right?
BooksAntiDrug: O.O
MexicanFajitas91: oh what classes are you taking for high school
MexicanFajitas91: ?
BooksAntiDrug: ujm
MexicanFajitas91: Termineliberri
MexicanFajitas91: people usually forget the second i
BooksAntiDrug: **umm, im out of band, so that class is going to be journalism, which is writing for the school news papper, and im having german.
BooksAntiDrug: and than all the main classes.
MexicanFajitas91: sweeeeeet
BooksAntiDrug: mhm
MexicanFajitas91: i got intro to art and graphic design
MexicanFajitas91: =D
BooksAntiDrug: haha
BooksAntiDrug: OH YEAH, art too.
BooksAntiDrug: HUR.
BooksAntiDrug: **DUR
MexicanFajitas91: i love those kinds of thing
MexicanFajitas91: s
BooksAntiDrug: god im blonde.
MexicanFajitas91: hahaha
BooksAntiDrug: *watches tv* o.0
MexicanFajitas91: haha
BooksAntiDrug: whats that?
MexicanFajitas91: watermelon
BooksAntiDrug: mm
BooksAntiDrug: i thought it was raw meat
MexicanFajitas91: noo
BooksAntiDrug: im like, eww..
MexicanFajitas91: ha
BooksAntiDrug: o.0
MexicanFajitas91: whoah
BooksAntiDrug: i would eat like, 2 at a time.
MexicanFajitas91: hahaha
BooksAntiDrug: OH!
BooksAntiDrug: GO WHITE BOY!
MexicanFajitas91: XP
BooksAntiDrug: YYEEAAHHHH!!!!
BooksAntiDrug: GO CHAD!
MexicanFajitas91: hes shaking!
BooksAntiDrug: CHAD! CHAD CHAD!!
BooksAntiDrug: NOO!
BooksAntiDrug: NIOOO!!!
MexicanFajitas91: JOSE!
MexicanFajitas91: XDDDD
BooksAntiDrug: DAMN TOCO BENDER!!!
MexicanFajitas91: XD
BooksAntiDrug: -.-
BooksAntiDrug: *slumps* the white guys never win.
MexicanFajitas91: XD
BooksAntiDrug: ITS TURE
MexicanFajitas91: he won the ice skating thing
BooksAntiDrug: **TRUE
BooksAntiDrug: yyeeah
MexicanFajitas91: joseeeee!
MexicanFajitas91: yessssss
MexicanFajitas91: !!!
MexicanFajitas91: XP
BooksAntiDrug: AGAIN??!!
BooksAntiDrug: DARNET!!
BooksAntiDrug: THATS NOT FAIR!
MexicanFajitas91: yes it is lol
BooksAntiDrug: NA UH!
BooksAntiDrug: haha
BooksAntiDrug: i like his DUR DUR DUURR voice thing
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
BooksAntiDrug: o.o
BooksAntiDrug: whats this?
MexicanFajitas91: cheppelle's show lost episodes
BooksAntiDrug: oohhh..
MexicanFajitas91: yeahhh
BooksAntiDrug: i've never really watched it before.
BooksAntiDrug: is it good?
MexicanFajitas91: ehh
BooksAntiDrug: should i not watch it?
MexicanFajitas91: umm
MexicanFajitas91: you could give it a shot but idk
MexicanFajitas91: its alright sometimes
BooksAntiDrug: eww..
BooksAntiDrug: O.O
MexicanFajitas91: mhm
BooksAntiDrug: *changes*
BooksAntiDrug: YAY
BooksAntiDrug: *futerama*
MexicanFajitas91: yay
MexicanFajitas91: yayyyyy
BooksAntiDrug: is this one of the first episodes???
MexicanFajitas91: ewwwwww one of the first episodes
MexicanFajitas91: lol
BooksAntiDrug: WOAH!
BooksAntiDrug: YAY!!
MexicanFajitas91: its the first
BooksAntiDrug: YYAYAYAYAY!!!
BooksAntiDrug: his poor doggy!
BooksAntiDrug: : (
BooksAntiDrug: AH@!
BooksAntiDrug: *snort*
BooksAntiDrug: you dont like the first episodes? : (
MexicanFajitas91: haha
BooksAntiDrug: ow.
BooksAntiDrug: O.O
MexicanFajitas91: i like the newer ones
MexicanFajitas91: better
BooksAntiDrug: mmm
BooksAntiDrug: heh
MexicanFajitas91: haaah
MexicanFajitas91: good plan
BooksAntiDrug: good plan
BooksAntiDrug: ?
MexicanFajitas91: throw her in the freezy thing haha
BooksAntiDrug: OH, yeah, hah.
BooksAntiDrug: shes scary in the first couple of episodes.
MexicanFajitas91: yeah
BooksAntiDrug: hehe!!
BooksAntiDrug: going through the toob thing.
BooksAntiDrug: suicide booth O.O
MexicanFajitas91: lol
MexicanFajitas91: XP
BooksAntiDrug: SHIT.
BooksAntiDrug: AH!
MexicanFajitas91: good choice XD
BooksAntiDrug: lmao!!
BooksAntiDrug: *runs to site*
MexicanFajitas91: haha
MexicanFajitas91: what about
BooksAntiDrug: theirs hardly any good anime on!!
MexicanFajitas91: ohhh yeah i know
BooksAntiDrug: seriously, its fricken anoying.
BooksAntiDrug: EEWW!!
BooksAntiDrug: *chokes to death*
MexicanFajitas91: ?
BooksAntiDrug: UGGH!
MexicanFajitas91: eeewww
BooksAntiDrug: it hurts to brreeaatthhee!!
BooksAntiDrug: *coughs*
MexicanFajitas91: haha
MexicanFajitas91: well i gotta go
MexicanFajitas91: talk to you later
BooksAntiDrug: okie dokie.
BooksAntiDrug: me too.
BooksAntiDrug: night night penis lover.
MexicanFajitas91: gnight
MexicanFajitas91 signed off at 10:42:11 PM.

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Date:2006-07-26 19:55
Subject:Fricken Tired
Mood: crappy
Music:Fat Lip by Sum41

Im really tired, I mean, not tired tired, just mentally. School starts in less than a month, i have yet to go school shoping because moms being lazy, so, MAKING LIST.

School Clothes List
15 t-shirts
5-6pairs of jeans
Couple jeans from Gap
2 pairs of converses
Flats from hottopic
5 bras (victoria Secret)
underwear lots

Remind me please

Anyways..yeah, now i have this huge not in my neck, and my backs starting to ach. I dont feel like talking about everything right now because im still sleepy.

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Date:2006-07-24 00:45
Mood: distressed

Sorry, back again, OK. Dads going to drive us to movie, watch movie, Mr. Terminell is going to pick us up, drop us off at my house, moms gonna be all weird and stuff, go to angies, sleep over, THERE WE GO.

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Date:2006-07-23 21:31
Subject:Okie Dokie
Mood: lethargic

Today, i woke up around 9:30, Took a shower, washed my face. Went on the computer, talked to angie.
Later on today Rochelle, Angie an I are going to watch the movies and catch up with Carlos, we are going to watch lady in the water.
Im really excited about school, im pumped, except for the first week of school, alot of new people, but worst of all, Angela and I droped out of marching band, and we have to stay in that class for the week (until thursday) and im super nervouse, heh.
Anyways. I read a book Called "Burned" its a really good book. Its about a Morman girl, who lives with her 7 sisters. Her father abuses their mother. This book is a good book for girls who are going through an emotional crisis, it helps you understand things (not just in the book) but you kinda look beyond that and think about stuff in your life, and relate to the book. Im updated on my story either today, or tomarrow, might not have enough time today because i need to clean.

To Do List

Clean Room
Clean Bathroom
Clean Cage
Update stories
Put up with mom
Steal Angelas Band T-shirt

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Date:2006-07-23 21:24
Subject:Just Testing

just testing

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Date:2006-07-23 21:24
Subject:Just Testing

just testing

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