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[25 Jun 2003|12:58pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

*Slouches down along the bench, his long legs stretched out, his head against the back of the bench, blinks up at the bright blue sky, his eyes watering a bit from the light, making out shapes from the clouds, growls when he realizes he's making each one a car, closes his eyes, smiles a little when he feels the warmth of the sun on his face* Not as good as the rain...but almost.

*Breathes in deeply, licks at his dry lips, opens his eyes, blinking a few times at the sudden brightness* Still having nightmares. I'm not sleeping too much lately though. Thinking about investing in my own coffee maker.

*Nods his head, sighs softly, running his fingers through his hair* Was going to go to that barbeque thing but...*Frowns* Stuff happened. Tavia stopped by and decided she wanted to take pictures of me. I had promised her long ago that I'd let her. We got into her car and she was going a bit too fast and something was in the middle of the road..*Breathes in deeply, swallows* She turned to miss it and the car jerked and I just flipped. All I could see was a bright red and broken glass. The window was cracked, the windshield just shattered. My entire body hurt so bad...But none of that happened. I wasn't hurt. The car was fine..the red car was fine..Luckily Sean was there...*Shakes his head* He's helping. So much.

*Chews at his bottom lip, thinking* There was some get together in the courtyard and it completely sucked. I stayed for a total of ten minutes. Am I that out of touch with people? I don't know.. I'm a bit worried about Naomi. Met a really sweet but a bit forward Zoey. Haven't talked to James in several days. I should stop by and see how he is. If he's better.

*Scratches at the side of his nose with his knuckles* I have been pulling away from everyone. Too wrapped up in my chaos. I need to get back out there. *Smiles* Basket ball season will start sometime soon. I can't wait. Maybe it will help...

Been talking to Megg quite often. We seem to talk a lot about dreams. It's really comforting actually. I need to go find Zach and help him like I said I was going to..

Dreams, flashes, nightmares, headaches. *Breathes in deeply, looking around* Si vis pacem. If you want peace... para bellum.. prepare for war. *Nods his head, stands and grabs his backpack* I guess I better start preparing...

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