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the airport, beauty through the passenger window and the ocean.. [27 Aug 2007|08:40pm]
i saw you step off of the plane. you had your head down and your duffle bag over your shoulder. you looked up and glanced around. my grip tightened around the flowers in my hand. i felt the sweat trickle down the side of my temple. i was nervous. thoughts raced through my mind as our eyes met. a smile immediately drew onto your face as you approached me. your cheeks were flushed and the smile turned into a grin and you looked up at me. the flowers and your luggage hit the ground as i took your face in my hands and kissed those perfect lips. you wrapped your arms around my waist and our bodies met. not even an inch from your lips we said hello to one another. you laughed and turned your head down. i kissed your forward. you bent down and picked up the flowers. you touched them to your nose then kissed me again. i took your luggage from you and we walked, hand and hand to my car. i placed your luggage in the back. opened the passenger door for you. you stood there and wrapped your arms around me. you pulled me close. i could feel my heart racing. you whispered 'i love you' into my lips and kissed me. i felt my knees get weak under your passionate kiss. 'i love you too' escaped my lips when you pulled away.
your fingers between mine, the trip home was scenic and beautiful. the water was crystal blue. you had a smile on your face and kept pointing out different things that caught your attention. we pulled into my driveway. you took off right for the private beach behind us. you beckoned for me to follow. you ran right into the water, clothes and all and once i was close enough, you pulled me in with you.

i don't remember anything. shortly after, i woke up.
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