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im back! [03 Dec 2003|09:19am]
hey all ....

everythings well in the land of nod i go to school now can you belive that shit? i finaly scumbed to the system and all its values now for the next 60 years i can work my ass off for a few bucks have more then i really want taken from me then die with a piss stain on the crotch of my pants and a peice of roast beef on my shirt but hey its better then nothing i'd rather do that then give up and be a welfair bum that would be more of a white trash thing to do i supose .... so anyways school is pretty cool i supose its something to run with i get alot of good grades and learned a few things i didnt know before so i guess it isnt that bad off it beats sitting at home thats for sure ... well then im gonna go get ready for school ttyl folks

ps: remember everyone loves a good dose of the ol' ultra violence ...
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hey there [24 Sep 2003|09:53am]
hey people hows it going im fine just sitting here doing nothing at all uhh i went to a reception saturday that was fun i fell in the tub after words and now my back hurts lol it was funny
i guess im going to go theres nothing else to talk about

"we're all going to be cool just like the fonz" samuel jackson from pulp fiction
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hey [26 Jul 2003|11:38am]
hey its been a while

thanks people for your comments i noticed it was just a couple of girls that droped the lines heh one of them has never had a boyfriend and the other moved in with a so as you can see there opinons dont really mean to much to me:) anyways im still waiting on my uncle anyone else woulda told him to go get fucked and some say i should but i still keep waiting ... talk about loyalty if i've ever seen it well anyways ttyl
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pissed off [08 Jul 2003|09:51pm]
err heh welcome to another episode of me bitching this one stars the people that get away , me STILL not working and last but not least how dumb 4th of july is when you really think about it

1st. ok im loseing sleep over this one why is it that the guy that does everything but kill the girl still gets to keep her cause she "cant stop thinking about him" but the nice types are always the ones that are shall we say to friendly to date or how ever they put it oh yeah i got it "they dont wanna ruin the friendship" YA! thats the right fucking phrase well anyways its pretty stupid i mean like what is it that she cant stop thinking about the left hook or the right cross? ... i dunno you tell me

2nd. its july 8th my uncle got his licence june 21st ... still waiting to go to work

3rd. do we all really feel that independent ?? btw did anyone ever notice how strict they are on fire works? always seems like you have to drive acrossed state lines to get the shit
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long time [20 Jun 2003|11:48am]
long time no see hows it been ?.... good here

my uncle got his shit in the mail last night so i'll be working for once heh heh anyways you guys are going to trip when i tell you this shit
my bro told me last night that he wanted me to watch the dog tonight i said cool no problems so far right
well this morning i hear click click click ting the sound of someone trying to stick there key in and unlock the door well i get up to go see and theres my bro and his thing standing there with the dog he says "hey why dosnt my key work for the back door anymore .... this fucker tried to pawn his dog off on me the whole fucking day instead of just the night ... and didnt even offer to pay me anything for the extra time sorry bub you never did anything extra for me im not gonna break my neck trying to do anything extra for you anymore shit well im done bitching for now ttyl later
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cracked out [29 May 2003|09:43pm]
hey ...its the 29th of may and why the hell are people lighting off fireworks isnt that about the dumbest shit forth of july is a month away and these dumbasses go out back and light up everydamn one of there fireworks so they can go back and spend 300 dollars more on more shit to blow up frankly i say light your houses on fire and watch it blow up if your gonna blow shit up go for the gold stop being pussyfide wimps .....

uhhh not much else is going on im just waiting to start work its very soon like right around the corner thats gonna be hot shit man ...

people have been giving my friend danielle shit and its pissing me off they should leave her alone she dosnt bother anyone for them to give her shit .... fuckin shit heads :(

anywho im out ttyl
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sick to my brain [27 May 2003|04:17pm]
ok i woke up this afternoon around 2 oclock , i knew i had a gut feeling that i was going to get pissed off and have an attitude towrds EVERYTHING that moves mainly people that cry and bitch over the opposite sex .."ME" mostly im tired of hearing my self complain about the opposite sex and the way i see it now is fuck if they dont want me what ever i dont care i have a job thats gonna pay me enough money to live on plus some i have both parents i dont have but like 2 real friends but fuck it who needs em anyways they just fuck you in the long run so why bother with them right? uhh i talked to one of my friends spencer the other day it was good talking to him danielle of course is my other real friend i hope lol i just wrote this really funny away about her cause she said on hers "im dont fucking care anymore" or something like that so i replied with something funny on an away so she might be a little mad about that i dunno i kinda get bummed out cause she puts all her effort into these non appreachiative little bastards that think they have it all figured out when really there dumber then a rock on drugs "note to danelle :lose the gangster skater types or your just gonna be sad moving from one to another the rest of your dateing life they dont appreachate anything at all so why try and work with them stop getting hurt"
well thats all im gonna do today ttyl
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anyways [21 May 2003|08:37pm]
so anyways im sitting here agian its 8 something im board as fuck boring boring boring..... talking to ciara my friend daves half sister shes pretty cool she just told me about how she ko'd some ass at school now if i seen that shit happen i woulda laughed so fucking hard "and then punched him myself for being an ass" anyways next subject....

i dunno if anyone else pays attenchin to boxing but theres a pretty rediculus fight comming up between lennox lewis and kirk johnson personally i think they should scrap this junk match and bring on chris byrd and lewis... byrd is the fighter of the future he has beat every sub 6'2 heavy weight there is worth beating that has been willing to fight him and i just think lewis should give him a chance so lewis can get clowned and flint have its first i belive ever unifiyed world boxing champion anyways thats all i have to write so i'll see yall laters
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you were saying? [14 May 2003|10:28pm]
today was a pretty good day i'd say i kind just sat
around talked to my dad a little bit we got into an
argument but i molded things over so nothing would
become of it ... umm i went to sleep for a little while
woke up talk to my ex for a few that was alright i supose
im talking to my friend danielle right now ... i dunno how
to feel about her she makes me super happy but i dunno i
dont wanna get to involved like anything would come of it
lol life isnt like the bachlor folks girls arent there falling
over you left and right and theres more to it then you getting
to pick which one you want heh i dunno everything is gonna be
alright though it always is regaurdless of the situation....
well anyways im gonna finish talking to her and prolly go finish
watching jerry mi fucking guire heh heh ttyl mates
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boxing [06 May 2003|11:25am]
ok here are my top 10 favorite pound for pound fighters in the history of the great science that is boxing

1.tommy hearns
2.ray robinson
3.muhamid ali
4.ray robinson
5.rocky marciano
6.julio ceaser chaves
7.ray lenord
8.felix trinidad
9.roy jones junior
10.jack dempsey

hands down no complaints here
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hanging out [17 Apr 2003|10:43am]
howdy im sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting to go to the doctor .... yeeee so anyways hows it hangin folks im listening to henry rollins comedy lol thats the type of shit where he makes you laugh but in a way hes funny but like im funnier cause i belive your looks makes up half of your comedy skills its almost like the more goofy you look the better so i am funnier then him just on my goofy looks n shit well im hyped cause theres a little party thing going on sunday so that should be awesome so im gonna go talk to some peoples and some kids you know same shit try to sell kids crank before they go to school lol
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popeye tatto [13 Apr 2003|12:38pm]
hey guys hows it going.... im sicker then hell but having a good time anyways my friend holt smiths bday is 5/13 im marking it in here in case i forget hey im only human heh so happy bday to him when the time comes i wanna start a band with him well its his idea actually to make the band im just trying out but i'd like to be in it so the 19th is comming thats when my friend tom gets out here its going to be a fucking blast theres noisefest on the 19th and then after i see my friend preform hes in a band called offing ingus there a flint local band best of luck to them guys ... i am not familur with the band except for i know well i think dave plays guitar i've never actually seen them in action but i will this weekend for certain

i was thinking about getting a popeye tatto on my arm it would look great and its possibley the only cartoon i liked as a kid other then the simpsons and beavis and butthead... yes at 9 and 10 beavis and butthead were my heros i wanted to be them in everyway lol so these stoner teenagers that act like they've stumbled on to them while downloading bootleg shit should back off hey listen skeezick i was watching beavis and butthead before you were even aloud to watch tv alone lol beeeeef caaake!!! heh

well thats all the rambling i can put out for this journal write so i'll leave you with some fond words i wrote a while back

Drunken eyes

i had a heart of iron that would not budged
keeps ticking and ticking even through being judged
i've stood the test of time takeing all the pain lifes got to offer
that was ever so long ago now im seeing things through drunken eyes
dont want any trouble i just wanna go home and leave this hate behind

i cry every day i tell you its not a lie
dieing little by little every time i think
of what a weak soul i've become to sit and drink

the shit i've done i cannot tell you now i have not the time
shit i've seen i cannot show you for i dont have time for that either
i feel as if im the most twisted person whos ever steped foot on the earth
which is severly untrue for im seeing life through drunken eyes
realizeing my body is just on loan i turn the other cheek
i allow people to walk over me and let people run me down
get me worked up and fly off the deep end with a case of bud
which is severly untrue for im seeing life through drunken eyes
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hells bells [08 Apr 2003|10:25am]
"hey you guys wanna see a dead body ?" "from boys in the hood"

this seems to be the only thing going through my head right now see i used to hang out on a street called asylum whn i was like really little my baby sitter lived there i guess and from what i can remember it was almost like boys in the hood the entire movie was based on the one block i stayed and just the thought that at any minit i coulda been shot to shit by the gang bangers that stayed on that street too ... i dunno it just really pisses me off that i didnt get to see as much action when i stayed on that street it was mostly people screaming then someone would take me inside.... BULLSHIT let me stay out in the front yard i wanna see whats going on damn it ... fuck shit damn cant a kid just see some violence for once ... so anyways go figure after all the violence i caused in school i should have been filled to the brim with it by now but na its not like that i wanna see more damn it see they shoulda sent me over to iraq with an m60 i woulda littered that place with bodys... fuckers there takeing to long they need to get up in that shit and get this over with and stop trying to get raitings for the news programs its bullshit people are dieing so ted koppel can yammer on for about 24 fucking hours aday about what the war is like and how violent it is .... well thank you bill nie the mutha fuckin science guy i didnt know it was that violent yeah i thought they were just throwing water balloons cause i swear i seen micheal jackson runnin around behind the camra .. lol

anyways i guess this is all stupid and shouldnt be posted but im gonna post it anyways nobody reads this crap .. goodbye blue sky leave me alone before i punch you in the eye
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rancid cow do do [06 Apr 2003|12:15pm]
well folks i finaly made a trip to see my friends dave and jerry last night at the local it was pretty exciteing seeings how i havent seen jerry in ages dave stoped by the other night for a bit im sure i talked about that already well anywho it was fun ...

i finished the english part of my practice exam i only got 26/50 kind of disapointed yeah but its practice after i finish the first practice test i will do the excersizes and learn how to do some of the stuff so its not hard for me when i take the test...

well anyways im going to get scooting talk to you later goodbye blue sky
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howdy rutin tutin cowfolk [03 Apr 2003|10:10pm]
hey today the doctore looked at me told me to say ahh then said her weird named assistances name and i thought she wanted me to say it cause it was weird kinda like an ahh sound thing well i said it lol but realized she was talking to him hahahaha o well i can go to the local now thats pretty tip top shape uhh what else is going on ... i wanna get a tatoo of one of those frogs that you lick and get stoned on the bottom of my feet its the most soft spot to have a tatoo and big strong bikers get it done and damn near shit them selves well i'll get it done and prove that i should be the one on that hog haha move over charlie bodatios joe is in the chair haha na you guys are stronger no doubt you'd beat the bloody piss out of me and thats all there is too it heh well thats it for me ttyl goodbye blue sky
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as i was saying [02 Apr 2003|04:23pm]
as i was saying last time i was on here ...

today was kinda cool i sat around layed around and will prolly go to sleep later on that will be my wensday heh fun times at alvord high...

uhh tomorrow i get some money but im gonna let my mom have it i owe her then at like 3 im going to detriot to see my doctore and she is gonna be cool and tell my mom that going to the local isnt gonna get my nose fucked up any worst then it already is lol na its not that bad..

well im off to eat ttyl good bye blue sky
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maybe its just me [01 Apr 2003|10:23am]
i was sitting on the couch the other day .. it seems to be my stomping grounds of late that and my weight bench its kinda sad really cause all i can do is work out sit around and smoke pot i cant do anything else untill i go back to the doctores and then i am cleared to go do shit having surgry sucks not the surgry it self but the wait untill i can do shit agian is horrible not like i have a life in the first place you know lol well what ever

my uncle is suposed to be getting his papers to when he can take his test agian ... if he dosnt make it this time i will surely hope he askes for help and takes a class or something it would really speed things up for him in the long run ... but what ever suits him is good with me hes the brains behind the project im just the ox lol

well i guess i should go take a nap ........ zzz

song of the day : color me once
band of the day : type o negative
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whatever [29 Mar 2003|03:44pm]
yo whats going on nothing much here just playing my guitar im board as fuck nothing much to do at all but sleep and play guitar and come on here of course well anyways my mom is picking me my studying books up today so i can study for my test so i can go get me a job ... it sure would be nice to have my own money for once well enough bitching from me im going to play more guitar although i think im starting to get carpel tunnel in my strumming hand .... this is not good at all

band of the day:ccr
song of the day:heard it through the grapevine cover by ccr originaly done by marvin gaye i belive
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a funny song i made [28 Mar 2003|09:23am]

there was this girl that lived around the way
her name was terry she had many of kids
she lived about 4 trailors from the gay
fucking anything all day and every day
i decided to call her ted ...ted yeah

ted ted ted it stands for
terrys everyday dick
ted ted ted it stands for
terrys everyday dick
ted ted ted it stands for
it stands for

now im not one to point any fingers
i have my own flaws
see what it is that you dont understand
ice cream men landlords even the gay
fucked her all day every day yeah shes ted


and what it boils down to shes a super slut
grabing the nick name ted and cinch along the way
till this day only to be known as the slut
that fucked the gay
fucking her self fucking them shes ted

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is there anyone out there? [27 Mar 2003|08:40pm]
hello people how are you tonight.... im sicker then hell i still havent figured out how 3 or 4 oz's of water can induce 10 mins of throwing up lol its a mystery i guess .. i was thinking about how great it would be to box i would be the perfect prospect i belive so anyways nothing really suprises me i can prolly bust a water melon with me fist lol im not sure if thats a good feat or anything but im sure i could try it ... can you guys belive im listening to faster pusy cat-house of pain lmao its an ok song i guess my uncle failed his test agian im kinda pissed about that but hey what am i gonna do lol i dont care well my so called friend just blocked me agian lol shes a magnet for assholes just ask her she attracts more asshole then fat bastard heh if you get what im saying so anyways im going to get going im tired ... goodnight trivial bullshitters
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