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My first Writing [18 Aug 2004|11:12am]
This is my new journal where I will put my deepest darkest secrets....Just playing! I'll right whatever the fuck I want. I just started my site and its da bomb so far.... Well I'm tired an I have gay skool tomarrow
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het [30 Oct 2002|10:37pm]
Three Days since my last write... Well my throat hearts and my eyes are full of clorine. I'm bored and am watching : Trading spaces. Pretzel..... Mmmm want some Ice cold water!
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ummm [28 Oct 2002|08:28pm]
Well im kinda waiting for people to post.
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WTf [27 Oct 2002|07:41pm]
The date on my posts say like october 2002 dont Listen to it
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Omg [27 Oct 2002|07:30pm]
Im bored....... Well I'm watching boiling point. Athena is mad at me because Theres not fucking food in this i ate her starburst. X( They are just starbusts damn N E Ways what do you guys do For fun. Stacie. Well bye
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Yeah. [26 Oct 2002|10:51pm]
It's pretty late and the Cosby show is on.I'm hungry. Well I want some coke. Im bored. O well thats what you all are, you can listen to me complain. Hehe X)hhhahahahahaha stupid Rudy...Your finger doesnt go in the electrical Socket.....hahahahahahaaa......I AM SO ALONE>
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OMG [06 Sep 2002|04:47am]
Im so mad. I just bought the sims 2 and its slow as fuck. It lags like the worlds gonna end. The characters move frame by frame and the graphics arent as good as they are portrayed on the box. My overall rating:C+

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Hey [03 Sep 2002|11:33pm]
Enough said.....
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[31 Aug 2002|08:05am]
Im so bored. Well there is nothing on and my life sux right now
.Jenny is sleepin. (like always.)Well ya. I'm on neopets.
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OMG [26 Aug 2002|08:09am]
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