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Sunday, August 15th, 2004

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    Ok. Today I got a Blurty but I know that I am hardly ever going to write in it because I am always busy skating. But for who ever reads this and especially if Gretchen reads this...I am getting over you Gretchen and I have started to set my mind on someone else already too so if you want to talk to me please be nice to me because I am not mean to you. And just to let you know...Me, Darin, Paul, and Charler were at Kroger the other day and some kid came out and asked me if I was your ex. I was like yeah and he said that Jay was bragging about how you and him had sex when you cheated on me. I dont know if he was telling the truth but I am telling the truth about him telling us that and I know you will probably think that I am trying to ruin your life because you did mine but I just want you happy and I am not trying to ruin your life. I though that I would tell you that so you could ask him. I dont care who you believe but that is what some wierdo kid told me in the Kroger's parking lot.

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