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[16 Apr 2003|09:33pm]
Hey hey hey, Joel here. The sexy half of the Madden twins. Not to mention the hottest guy in music today. What do I do exactly? Do you need to ask? I'm the vocalist for Good Charlotte. I also am part of the force behind Made Clothing along with my twin brother, Benji. The two of us host All Things Rock on MTV when we're not busy. We also host TRL sometimes. Catch me on AIM: JoelxRxMadden.

I talked to my sister lil_madden_sis earlier. She surprised me. She's here with us on tour. She's also dating stevexklein. She's the greatest little sister in the world. Ok, I'm biased, because she's my only little sister. My only sister at that. Steve better treat her right, or me and Benj will have some serious ass kicking to do. He'll look worse than he did in that Head on Collision video.

I'm on matthewxlovato's fuck list. How hot is that? *dances again mostly to annoy Steve*

Right, I'm out mother fuckers.
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