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Sunday, March 28, 2004

3:13PM - what a weekend..

Hi.. this weekend was a pain in my ass.. friday i went shopping in steamtown. .after i picked my dog up from the vet cause he got his balls chopped =P.. and got home at about 4.. and then kate and britt came over we went to wal mart at about 12 am? .. and yea.. i was pretty beat so i told them to wake me up at 3 so i can take britt home.. well needless to say they didnt wake me up.. well they tried to.. but i didnt budge..so i woke up at about 10 in the morning not knowing what the hell was going on.. and then i had to be in the shower and out th door in 45 mins.. i pulled it off and i went shopping in tannersville.. with my moms friend nanci.. and by the time we got home i ahd to egt a shower and be at teh penguins game in an hour.. when i got to the game Gereard (my cousin) sang the national anthem and i was so proud.. but my family was spread out all iver the arena so it was kind of hard to find my grandpa.. but.. i left the game about 20 minsutes early.. and i came home.. i watched never been kissed.. and talked to Bry for about and hour.. then I passed out.. now today.. i had to go food shopping.. t00k my dog for a 2 mile walk.. and i think im going to get imancipated so i can live on my own cause i have enough money in my checking acount.. yay ! .. well i got to go now.. I have a birthday party@ 5 and i need to take a shower.. x0 j0elle.. I l0ve y0u Bry

Current mood: determined
Current music: You Raise Me Up. Josh Groban
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