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[13 Jul 2003|12:49pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | sum shit on TV ]

ok shit its been how long...? god damn. well yea kelly and i got married and we have a kid and 2 more on teh way! cant wait our first kids name is Joel Jr. yupp nice name and then kellys having twins....and i think weve decided on Creighton and Morgan. cuz ones a boy and ones a gonna be a dad again!...i mean when joel was born i was scared shitless but i think im over that. I hate being on tour tho its sooo hard im starting to feel like my dad and i really dont want that at all!!! i mean i love my kids. but im home now and im spending all my time with them. well we just got off tour and im home now and im enjoying it. peace out

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[05 Jan 2002|03:32pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | What's the Dillio? Mest ]

Sup. Im Joel from Good Charlotte. Yea. THis is GREAT fun. HA but yea. so today like nothin really happened. I think that me and kelly are gonna get married since yea... shes pregnant and all. but she needs to meet my mom. HA ya she hasnt done that yet. but thats k cuz were gonna go down there sumtime. Well we were talkin one night and she freaked out and was nervous and crap. and i was like its ok shell love ya and shes all no she wont!! im pregenant and not married!! and so we kinda fought about it and then while i was chatin with her and somefriend she blew up again!!! i was like wtf! I mean it was like tragic!! lol yea! so yeah but we made up that night and i told her that i was nervous when I met her mom. so yea i still think she is comin and well have a great!! time! oh yea rock on ok yea im like a loser! rotflmfao!! :] But yea her friend Jen is gonna may be come with us. HA she said that i was cute n then kelly was like ugh no hes mine lay off and shes like (stupid, like she didnt kno) "if only he had a twin" and well whatta ya know.....I DO!! so i think were gonna try and hook Jen and Benji up. HA thats hilarious. but yea. kellys still a little freaked out bout it all. ok well i better go.

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