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    Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
    9:11 am
    Simple Tips to Boost Your Site's Conversion Rate
    A low conversion rate is the end-result of a series of mistakes for most web businesses, although there are many factors that contribute. The remedy for that situation is many-fold, and each situation has similarities and uniqueness at the same time. Reversing this is a process that occurs over time, and when you do begin to test and identify problems; then you'll see things start to happen in a good way. So we do want to help, and we will talk about 3 specific techniques you can put to work in your business to get some relief.Check out : G Headshot, G Headshot Review and G Headshot Bonus

    One evergreen, time-tested method to increase conversions is repeated exposures of your marketing message over a period of time. It's really all about building trust and positive relationships with people, and when they trust and believe what you're saying - then you're closer to home. Naturally before any of that can happen you'll need to find a way to keep in touch with them. However as powerful as it is, hundreds of thousands of online marketers will ignore doing it. Most marketers ask for the first name and email; although some only ask for an email address. Much research has shown that roughly 5 to 6 marketing message tends to result in a sale, on average.

    Do keep in mind that you have to actively do your part to build trust and provide them with valuable information. Take a look at high ranking websites in search engines, and then take xome clues about optin box location and optimization. Some sales pages make use of popups, fade-ins, slide-ins, and all kinds of techniques. Of course you can use the time-tested, and still effective, landing page to create your optin list. This approach does require some work, but not a lot really, but no matter what you should do all you can to build a list.

    Website navigation should not be comlex and hard to understand or follow. Keep it very simple and easy to understand in this area because too many choices leads to action paralysis (other than navigating to another website). One thing is certain about website visitors, they don't suffer foolish navigation for more than about 10 seconds. You will not find a well-converting and highly traffikked website with poor nav layouts.

    The bottom of each page is called the footer, and that is the usual location for links to your contact page, terms, privacy, and disclaimers if you have them. It's easy to get good ideas by just Googling highly competitive keywords, and then study the top three spots because those sites are almost guaranteed to be heavily optimized and tested.

    One terrific thing to do is find a way to have a decent copywriter give your copy a quick review and offer his inputs. We understand that not everyone can afford a copywriter, and that's why getting some feedback from one would be very helpful. You can very often make conversion rate improvements with copy alone, but it's always difficult to general too much about it.

    All in all, increasing your website's conversion ratio is a gradual process and will take time.
    6:59 am
    Greater Conversion Rates - 3 Methods You Can Steal
    Chasing the fabled unicorn that is higher conversion rates typically involves a detailed and well-planned approach. If you want more impressive conversions, then you may want to continue reading to find out the best place to start.Check out : G Headshot, G Headshot Review and G Headshot Bonus

    If you want your copy to convert, then for any claim you make about your service or product, you will need to supply irrefutable supporting data for it. Have you ever read or heard something and wondered, "Is that really true?" Anyone who has spent any appreciable amount of time on the net realizes you have to separate fact from fiction quite frequently. The ideal situation is to have a list and develop a relationship with people; but other than that just present your facts and supporting material - and then cruise on and don't worry about it. But realize and understand that it's not "only" your sales copy that contributes to feelings of trust; it is the entire experience on your website, too. We will caution you about exposing too much of your own private and important details. Using videos is a great way to explain things that are generally hard to explain via text. You need to be careful about making income claims or implications; but in that regard you can show screenshots of accounts, or even scans of affiliate checks, etc. How about using supporting material but in the way of social proof? That kind of support comes in the way of expert testimonials about your claims, etc. The easier you make it for your visitors to believe you, the higher will be your conversion ratio.

    Whenever you're dealing with copy and sales/marketing material, you just must pay attention to the benefits of what you're offering - they must be expressed properly as benefits and not features, plus they need to be written properly. The benefits that either you write, or your copywriter, have a huge responsibility because they must make the reader "feel" all the great things your product will provide for him. Benefit bullets explain the benefits of whatever you're selling, product or service or even a newsletter; and they have to express the benefits in terms of emotional fulfillment. The reason why you want powerful benefit bullets is because people see them and slow down a bit, and they can pull the reader into the copy. Of course you want people to at least know what your product provides for them; bullet points are just the ticket because that is the function they serve - to let people know. Write your benefit bullets short, concisely, no wasted words, and they convey the emotional benefits that the product features represent. If you want you can mention a feature, but then it's critical that you immediately follow-up with the benefit that feature gives.

    One of the most important and critical actions you could ever do is test your sales material/copy. Test everything you can: sales copy, graphics locations, actual graphics, price points, site colors, etc. Anything can be improved upon, and that includes your website - so don't stop testing. It's really a process that should never stop because you can always find something to improve. Things can change online regarding business in the blink of an eye, so don't let them catch you unaware. The conversion rate tips you've just read about are powerful and require more research on your part, but they will make a positive difference if you use them.