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I'm the Bacardi Bat...for real! [01 Nov 2003|03:22am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Junior Jack - E Samba (a wicked song!!) ]

Happy Halloween! Hope your day and night is as freaky as can be. My day was loooong. I woke up at 6 fucking AM today to drive to damn Ramotswa. Which turned out to be a waste of time anyway. Anyway i chilled with David most of the morning then i went to Riverwalk and met my mom for coffee. Saw more unfriendly greek people we know. ah, i don't get them....they saw me and started talking about me in though i don't understand or something! hello! i understand! ah, freaking retards. So yeah, then picked up Chris from school and came home and slept for 4 hours!! four damn hours!! i never sleep during the day, especially not for four hours! haha...yeah, anyway... then this evening i took my mom to the I.B. art exhibition...the one i was helping set up the other day. My mom was really impressed with what she saw. THen i took her home, and i went to Phakalane to Danielle's place. Muneer, Meegan, Sian, Ahmed and i were just chillin there...u know....bombing up a J or two. ....quite fucking stoned! haha
At about 10 I went to Sports cafe for halloween party numero 1. It sucked like hell. Homi asked me to spin for a while....but with that sorta crowd, i'd rather save my good stuff for a better crowd. So i turned him down. Soon after Ndiye arrived, Clara, Nono, myself and Ndiye went to BnB for Halloween party numero 2. That was happening! damn....not as good as it gets...but it was as good as it gets compared to other places in town tonight. damn....this place needs to liven up a lot! So yeah Clara was trashed. She was really fucking with people in there. If we weren't pulling her away from trying to hit girls she figured she had beef with then we were pulling her away from guys she was harasing like crazy. It was just NOT RIGHT!...anyway, she's a weird little girl. She went to the bar and ordered 12 shots of Blowjobs for herself. and yes, she drank them all in a very short period of time.
And tonight things between John and I just turned bad...very bad. He was smiling and i rolled my eyes at him. This simple action led to a nasty sms fight between us. but i refused to talk to him thru a fucking cel-phone. That's just shallow. So i'm mad at him. He's mad at me. We are both aware of this for once. so maybe we'll sort this out soon. At this point, i'm just so mad.
Anyway, i'm outta here too now. it's 4:10am....fuck...i'm gonna be asleep till noon.
peace! The Bacardi Bat lives!

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My Bad...SORRY....It's been a while...again! [23 Oct 2003|12:37am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Right Thurrr(remix) - Chingy ]

OK, I admit!...I am not dedicated to my journal at all. I have not been consistant with my entries. I don't even know if the information i provide is worthy of been journal material. Oh well...i guess anything is worthy really.

ok, so I've been damn busy lately...actually. Even though I haven't got a proper job and I don't go to school, I'm still keeping myself pretty busy. DJing is taking up a lot of my time. Which i don't mind at all, since i'm trying to improve my skills on the decks. And it seems to be going well! I've had gigs every weekend for the last 5 weeks, and i've got gigs for the next 4 weekends. so yay!! a cash flow income going on here. hahaha...

Anyway, Mark's party on Saturday was pretty cool. His dad rented out the whole resturant, and the bar was open for as long as we wanted it to be. EVERYONE WAS TRASHED!!! haha, except for MOI!!! no, for real! I had like, two drinks...but since i was spinning the WHOLE night by myself, there wasn't much time for me to actually have fun and dance and socialize....which always sucks when i DJ alone. man, it sucks soooo bad!...Danielle was updating me on the events of the evening cause i was missing out on it all. haha, THEN the drunk british dudes were pissing me off. Especially the one that pushed me because he didn't like the songs i was playing. Man that made me soo mad!! He wanted to hear songs that drunk people could sing-along to. haha, freakin moron!

The worst part of my evening was definately the point where i had to get TWO cars back to my house with only ONE sober driver, all the equipment which is damn heavy, into the back of my dad's truck...get home before it started raining again so that equipment wouldn't get wet....cause if it did, then i'd be F*****!!!! AND i had to get 5 drunk ass people back home safely! Quite a mission i had for myself. But thanks Clare, u helped out with the equipment even though u could harldy walk straight!! BIG UP TO CLARE!! Anywhoo...David ended up driving my car home....bad idea!!! but nothing happened, even though he was really out of it, he got to my place just fine. I only found out later that he was pretty trashed too. But anyway, after my mom busted my bro and Danielle getting home drunk out of their minds, they headed straight to bed. hahaha, how hectic is that?! haha, my mom was soo mad!! But it was all good the next morning! She made them a nice breakfast and coffee.

Sunday was just AHHHHH!!! Rained all bladdy day!! but it was cool, cause we needed the rain. PULA PULA!! hehehe.... so anywhoo....Muneer, Danielle, Chris and myself were down by the Quarry near Kgale Hill...u know..."picking flowers" hahaha...well, we ended up getting stuck in the MY CAR!! damn, i was well pissed off! I donno what THE HELL POSSESSED ME TO GO THRU THE SOFTER SAND instead of just sticking to the actual dirt road that was perfectly fine!!! must be drugs or something! hahaha......riiiiiiight.... anyway, we eventually got the car out..and well....we were covered with mud and so was my car of course, inside the car too! so we washed it down at a petrol station...then it rained. :|

Oh man...I'm damn tired of typing...i have loads to say though...been doing some hectic thinking....AGAIN! yeah, i think a lot. But right now, i can say that 'U R Here' is making progress. I am patiently waiting for replies from the universities I applied to in Italy. Still no word. Is that a good thing?

ok, i'm outta here....time for me to sleep and dream. :)

Ta ta.... ;)

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sick and can't sleep :( VERY CRANKY! [13 Aug 2003|06:27am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Highveld Stereo: I'm with u - Avril ]

It's 6:38am now.....When i woke up, it was 5:30am. I've got a cold, my ribs hurt cause i slept with 3 pillows so i could breathe ok, but after about 6 hours my ribs were a little tired of basically sleeping while sitting up. so now i'm tired, sick, sore - resulting in an extremely cranky person! that i've expressed how cranky i am, this would be a good time to mention something happier. My cousin Nicola had her first child last Thursday. It's almost a week since it's been born and Nicola and Sean still haven't named the baby. Surely, this is something that most people start thinking about before the baby is born? They have had 9 months to think about it, and only now do they decide to start thinking of a name. From the sounds of it, it never even crossed their mind in the WHOOOOOLE nine months of pregnancy. haha....oh well, hopefully the baby doesn't develop a complex about not having an identity.

-My mind is now at a blank-

Good morning. -Jo

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i'm back..and....things haven't changed. [02 Aug 2003|11:24pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Wayne Wonder - No letting go ( awesome song!) ]

Hello, yes, it is i....Joanna. Been away for a while and haven't had a chance to update my journal. Sorry 4 that! About 4 weekends ago, Gary was in town and was returning to Jo'burg on the sunday, so i decided that sunday morning to catch a ride with him to Jo'burg. I was on route to Cape Town, but the day i was scheduled to leave for Cape Town, plans changed...and i ended up staying in Jo'burg with my cousins. I was there for about 3 weeks. I returned home about a week ago. I got a ride back with Swathi and her folks. I've been spending as much time as i can with her before she leaves back for the States.

Well, I had a really good time in Jo'burg. shopping, chillin, smokin, clubbin, u know the deal....
I got a tattoo too while i was there. Yeah, it hurt! Mad pain i tell u! It's on the back of my neck and on my spine. It's not very big at's an average size i guess. I was tempted to go back the next day for another! haha, but i didn't. Gary came with me, so atleast i had someone there to help me handle it.

Thursday night we threw a party at the quarry at Kgale Hill.....that was pretty cool, the candles and the random flames in the cliffs looked wicked. It was pretty cold, but we made a bonfire and that kept us pretty warm. The baboons in the area tried scare us on several occasions.....haha, and were pretty successful at it! haha, but Grant can grunt EXACTLY like a baboon, as when they would grunt, he would grunt back....which confused them and scared them a lot actually. hehe...

Ok, i just thought i would do a quick update so that i can stop thinking about updating my journal! cause i've been slacking.
anyway, later. peace!

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Preparing for weekend! [26 Jun 2003|01:09am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Erick Sermon ft. Marvin Gaye - Music ]


so there ya go! don't ever say i never advertize online! haha, how corny.
OH YEAH! does anyone know of any good Madonna - 'American Dream' remixes? hmm....been searching, no luck so far. Let me know.

Aight, i'm out. Just wanted to run the 411 by y'all.
Keep ya goose outta trouble! YA 'ER?

-Jo [drops a track] .......To relax my mind so I can b free
and absorb the sound that keep me round,
doing my thing, constantly, with no worries.

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Gotta love it! [25 Jun 2003|01:21am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Moby - Play (album) ]

Swathi was in Botswana! She got here with her parents last Wednesday. I thought she was gonna be here for a week, but it turned out to be 3 days! Kinda disappointed, but we had a good time anyway. She spent the night on Wednesday. We chilled at home, and caught up talking all night. Thursday morning we went to Gary's house and Danielle, Natasha were there too. Then David joined us. We just chilled. Then Thursday afternoon Violet came over and we chilled then decided to go the the Quarry to watch the sun set, Chris came along too. We found Gary, Mark and Danielle there too. We chilled there, watched the sun set while they drove their bikes and quads around. That night, we met back there and chilled. Then i went and fetched Swathi and we went to O'Hagons for a couple of drinks. Then Swathi, Violet and her friend Racheal, headed off to Lizzard Lounge where it was happening. The music was really good. Then Friday went for lunch with Chris and Swathi. That evening us three went to Bull n' Bush to party. I had a really good time that night. ok, yes we were pretty trashed. but music was ok, loads of people, good company, so we had a good time. I danced a lot. Then there was a major fight that went down outside and some guys i know ended up stabbing some dude, so a lot of people were pretty freaked out by that. haha, i carried on dancing. :P
Saturday the Archbishop arrived. He was staying with us for the weekend as he wanted to conduct a service that sunday. That night Chris joined David and myself for a camping trip with Ndiye and a few of her friends out at her plot in Mokolodi. Swathi couldn't make it camping with us. I was pretty upset about that, i didn't wanna go after that. but i had already promised David and Ndiye I would go camping. so I couldn't go back on my word. but it was cool out there, we smoked a lot...i don't think i could have gotten any higher that night. lol anyway, I shared a tent with Chris and David, and we froze! damn it was really cold if u weren't near the fire. Actually, surprisingly we only got to our site after dark but managed to get a fire started up and have all the tents put up within 20 minutes. It was pretty impressive. haha we rewarded ourselves for our great effort by lighting up a J. so anyway, I was really cold and couldn't sleep properly. Sunday morning I had to get up early to get back into town in time for church. so at around 8:15 David, Chris and I left and drove back into town feeling like shit. Took David home, went home showered, took my mom's car (cause mine was really dusty from camping) and headed off to church. After the church service I went to visit Swathi before she left for Durban. I was really sad that she was leaving that day. Her 3 days in Gabs just flew by. haha, like 3 days is a lot in any case anyway! lol
Then on Monday was David's birthday. He turned 20! Ndiye, Shelley, Leigh, myself and David went to Luna Park to shoot some pool as that was what David wanted to do for his birthday, nothing big, just chill have a few laughs. Then we went to Keg and had a few shots and laughed some more. hahah, gosh we had a lot of fun last night. Then today i didn't do that much, I chilled with David this evening for a while.

I just wanted to share my past week with y'all. Might have been boring, i don't care. just wanted to write it out anyway. I am gonna go sleep now. bye bye.

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remember me? [16 Jun 2003|11:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Jarassic 5 - Power in Numbers (album) ]

What should i talk about?? These past couple of weeks have been pretty busy for me. Finally! i'm sick of sitting around doing nothing. sure some people envy me, but really....come on! it's really bad, no one should want to be where i was! haha...ok anyway, that dry, uneventful period has ended now, and things are happening again, and life in going on! Last time I updated my journal i was i'm 20. Yep, it was my birthday on Friday the 6th of June. I had a good day actually. It was a change from the normal stressed out birthdays i have, cause usually i throw a massive party so i'd be busy preparing for that. but this year i didn't feel like throwing a party, so I just kicked my folks out for the night, and invited a bunch of friends over and chilled. We made a fire and were chilling round that, played pool, ate loads of pizza, some had a little to much to drink, while others were pretty much stoned. It was a cool evening actually. Then at about midnight, a few friends a I went to a cd launch concert of a local group. That was really cool. sorta raggae and local rap stuff. pretty tight. hmm....I went to a Variety show, and saw a few local artists, they have soo much damn energy! it was damn cool. Then for that week i spent most of my time with David and Ndiye, chillin, playing pool.

This past weekend was really busy. The annual T-1000 desert race was going down. So on Friday were the time trials, so Gary and I went to check that out for a bit. There were a couple of beautiful Toyota trucks there! wow! but loads of really cool bikes, and four wheelers too. I am thinking about competing next year in the open four-wheeler catagory. So on friday night i went to the launch party of the Desert race, but it was wack as hell. so we went to another party at MacRib (a resturant where Ya Rona FM has a lot of their bashes). That was all good, till i left and went to BnB....whooa, it was so roudy there. only because a lot of these screwed up afrikaners from the desert race were their and drunk as usual. They are so disgusting! ahh!!!
My folks left for Jo'burg on Saturday morning. They went for the night so I invited Ndiye and David over for the night. Chris went with Grant to check out the race in the desert, but weren't planning on spending the night there...but had to in the end, cause there were so many cars and people, they just couldn't get out. so they were stuck there. haha, no food, no blankets, no drinks, NOTHING! just a car. they ended up getting some food from a friend there. lol David, Ndiye and I just chilled at home most of the night, smoking and playing pool. I think that evening we hit 6 jays. Then at about 11pm we went graffing in a neighbourhood nearby. It was a great night to graf. and we watched movies most of the night after that....obviously after hitting a couple of more jays. Sunday morning, hit a jay, took Ndiye to work, and David and I, hit another jay near this pretty cool construction site then went to the driving range to hit a few golf balls. It was interesting playing golf stoned. haha THEN! went and watched a movie...A man apart. (yes, the one with Vin Diesel) it was pretty good. I thought it could have been better though. but anyway, my day was concluded when my parents returned home. It was a hectic weekend, hardly any sleep. but i made up for that last night.

and now that i have updated you with the events that occurred in the last couple of weeks... my fingers are hurting from typing and i am tired so i am goin to sleep now. SWATHI ARRIVES ON WEDNESDAY!! i can't wait to c her again!...Sabari cant make it anymore. Which is a damn pity, cause i was so excited about seeing her again too. oh and Violet is home now too! She got here last Wednesday. she's here for about 3/4 weeks. Then i'm going back to Cape Town with her for about a week or so, just to have some fun over there. AIGHT! i'm outta here now. I apologize for boring u, but hey, noone said u had to read it. ;)

Good Night!


post comment's me. I'm still around. [03 Jun 2003|02:00am]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | Erykah Badu ...and the rain of course :) ]

Wow, I haven't written in here for a while. It's ok though, I'm writing now. I haven't been doing that much lately...well nothing really worth mentioning about, except for a couple of things....but i've been doing loads of thinking. I have a lot of time to think. Anyway, what's been going on in my life lately? hmm....Well, last week sometime....I was with a couple of friends and we were just driving around, chillin...and some dude in the opposite lane had his freakin bright lights on, so it blinded me, which resulted in me hitting a pothole and bursting one of my tyres. Yes, those can be pretty serious. but I was wasn't going fast, so the car didn't swerve much at all. was pretty funny though. We pulled over and David and I thought we could handle this..."just change the tyre and we'll be on our way again." but it wasn't quite that simple....firstly, we couldn't find the damn spare wheel! So that was a pretty good indication that our simple plan wasn't going to work. haha, we eventually decided to call my dad, and yes... he came to our rescue. This was something I was hoping to deal with without his assistance, but anyway...When he got there, we explained that we couldn't find the spare wheel and my dad suggested we look UNDERNEATH the car.....which was something we had failed to do. So David and I felt like right idiots after that. Anway, we sorted everything out. We were all fine. And that was that.

I didn't have a very eventful past weekend. My brother went to Sun City with a couple of friends, so I enjoyed the peace and quiet. haha... I was just hanging out with friends most of the time.

Today is Joanna H's Birthday. She's also turning 20. We're 3 days apart, so we always freak out about our birthdays together. lol Especially this year, cause we won't be teenagers anymore. I still have 2 days left. lol I guess i better spend them wisely. I haven't got anything planned for my b'day. I wanted to throw a party...BUT two particular, very important guests won't be in town yet! so I am suspending plans for a party till they get their asses here!! haha...(They know who they are!!)

Damn, i hate personal trainers! lol Well, not really...the trainers at the gym I go to are awesome, but they always ruin me! haha, I have my own routine now, but sometimes i change it around slightly just to get a bit of variety, so whenever i ask them about a method or machine or something, by the time they are down with me, i am bout ready to collapse on the floor! haha especially with Charles, I try and stay away from him, cause he always drags me over to the free-weights! lol Why am i mentioning this? I donno...i guess because i fear it will happen again tomorrow!

AIGHT, I haven't got much else to say. It's raining outside, just a calm breezy rainfall. I love it!! I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight. :)

Sweet dreams, Good night. -Jo.

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One ReAl fuN niGHt! [19 May 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | The Roots - "Phrenology" album ]

Greetings! and sorry, haven't updated in a while. But I haven't done anything worth mentioning about. Except for the last few nights. On Thursday night, I went out with my friend Ndiye and her sister and a few of their friends. We went to a bar, we had so much fun. Drinking wine and wine and wine...ok, yes I was driving too. but they were drinks I couldn't turn down. haha, i know..."there's no excuse!" haha, but I was controllably drunk. Ok, i'll just shut up now. Anyway, there was this really screwed up old band that was playing at the pub, but we sang along and had fun anyway. After a lot of laughing and cheering, I decided to call it a I drove home. Was rather difficult to do, but i got home just fine! haha I just had a really good time that night, hanging out with new, different people and getting along really well. And Ndiye and I can relate with each others humour, so we were laughing at a lot of things together.
Then on Friday afternoon, I went with Muneer and Chris to Notwane to visit John. We found out that he and his family are moving out of that house with in the next few weeks, and were moving into some little house in town. Really sad news cause they really love there house out there, and so do I. Anyway, after sitting by the river for a while. Muneer gave Chris and I a ride home. Then that evening we met at a pool bar for a few games before heading off to Bull n' Bush. John was driving us around in my car that night, because I just wanted to let loose for a while, and not have to worry about driving. So I spent my evening drinking a bit, but smoking mostly. We took a drive around Gabs a bit, smoking a J. Then we chilled at BnB for a while. Then Ndiye and David came by and told me to meet them at the back outside. So we went for a little drive, and smoked again and after chilling with them for a bit, i headed back to BnB, where a really good pizza was waiting for me. hehe... a pretty good night overall. :)

Saturday night...didn't do anything. Stayed home. parents went out. Chris went out, with Muneer and John. cause the three of them are acting weird. and i stayed home and watched dvds. oh man! i watched, "Ali G in da house." The stupidest movie ever! haha...some funny dumb parts, but overall....the biggest load of BULLSHIT!!!! I don't know what that man's parents think of him. hahaha
Ok, so that's what I've been up to.

Then today I went to the doctor to check out my damn nose the pains have become more frequent, and thus very irritatting. Anyway, doc said my nerves might be trying to regenerate, which she can't understand because it's taken so long for them to start trying to heal, and the pains aren't supposed to occur. so basically my nose and part of my face has little spasms. :| so if i close my eyes at any point and look a little bothered, u'll know what it is. so I'm taking medication now, and hopefully this will calm my nerves. It's actually medication for Epileptic sufferers, but i take a very small dosage.
This evening Ndiye came and fetched me, then we went and fetched David, and drove around for a while then chilled under a tree and talked and laughed and smoked. It's always great just chilling, letting go and enjoying a jay with a couple of good friends under the stars. :)
Ok, so you all know I'm a hip hop fan...well recently I've been really interested in finding out more about the culture of hip-hop and the history of hip hop. It's so damn interesting. It's a culture I have a lot of respect for, because of the struggle it went through to become what it is today. ResPecT!

Here's a hit of some of favourite lyrics:

"I see no changes all I see is racist faces
misplaced hate makes disgrace to races
We under I wonder what it takes to make this
one better place, let's erase the wasted
Take the evil out the people they'll be acting right
'cause both black and white is smokin' crack tonight
and only time we chill is when we kill each other
it takes skill to be real, time to heal each other..."

-Tupac Shakur
I'm out. Done for today. Going to bed now.

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Warning: this entry may be boring to most! About my past weekend in Zimbabwe. [12 May 2003|05:11pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Avril Lavigne - Let Go. ]

I still have no name for my journal, so i guess it shall remain nameless. hmm...I guess I better tell you about my weekend. Well, I left on friday morning and returned home on Sunday afternoon. It's a 8 hour drive each way from Gaborone to Bulowayo. It was really tiring. I hate the actual journey, cause it's soo boring. Anyway, arriving in Bulowayo was different to every other time we had travelled there. This time I noticed a lot more local people riding bicycles and walking everywhere, instead of driving or using public transport. The reason for this: no fuel. The government does not have enough money to buy fuel, and when there is fuel, you have to wait in lines that trail around the entire block for hours. My grandparents are looking older...but I reckon this is because they are so stressed and depressed. There is just so much to say about Zimbabwe that i am just going to put it in point form.

> Basic food supplies like bread, flour, sugar, maize, milk, etc...are not available most of the time.
> Fresh produce is unavailable because the farms have all been taken over by so called, 'war veterans' and they know fuck all about growning crops.
> All tabacco farms that were a vital sector of Zimbabwe's exports, have all been destroyed.
> Human rights are been violated beyond comprehension.
> The president, Robert Mugabe blames the white people for the problems their country is facing now.
> He has robbed the country of billions and billions of U.S. dollars.
> He is accountable for dozens of murders.
> The general elections which took place last year, were illegitamate. However, the only country that recognized the elections as legitamate was South Africa. and since South Africa was the designated country monitoring the elections, the U.N. excepted their decision.
> The black market is the only source of foreign exchange.

Ok, those are the only factors that come to mind at the moment, but there are tons more. Anyway, the weekend was pretty much surrounded by fear of been hi-jacked again, fear of riots and violent outburts on the streets. The situation there depresses me and upsets me so much because I know what it used to be like. It used to be such a great country. I was born there, so it's a country that is pretty close to me. It's hard watching my family suffer over there, but not just my family....the people of zimbabwe too.

And now i'm back home, and kinda bored now. I didn't do much today. The weather was so weird today. It's the first day it's actually been cold. It didn't build up or anything, it just changed from hot to cold. like that.

Anyway, this was pretty boring for me to write, i can only imagine how boring it must have been trying to read it. haha. so I'm gonna end off now.
Have a nice day. -Jo.

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love the late hours....*yawns* [09 May 2003|03:30am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Matchbox 20 - Unwell. ]

Hey, errr...u....i gotta give my journal a name or something. I don't know who actually reads my journal, but i gotta address someone when i write in it...just to make it feel more personal i guess. Well, i can't come up with a name now....if you think of anything good, just holla. leave a comment. haha...

OK! WOW!.....I had a busy day. My back hurts like a muuuuhh!! Woke up at noon, so that portion of the day was wasted......yeah, i's disgusting. Anyway, I met my friend Joanna Hope for lunch today. Yes, i know...Joanna Hope...u're probably thinking of the "gimme hope joanna" song. We went to this Italian was amazing! Then i had a few things to do for my mom so that took up most of my afternoon. When i got home i had to sort out my music and pack for my trip. Yeah, I'm going to Zimbabwe tomorrow morning with my parents and my brother. We're just going for the weekend to visit family. I'll be back on Sunday night.'s an 8 hour drive there from here! I'm gonna sleep the whole way. Anway, i was preparing my music cause I DJed tonight at Sports Cafe. My friend Michelle came over, then joined my family and myself for dinner at this seafood resturant. Then from there we bounced off to Lizard Lounge where John was DJing. His set was pretty cool. Then we all hopped from there to Sports, where i was playing. I didn't play for long. The manager's don't approve of me playing hip hop.....don't ask why! I know, it's pathetic. But they are true white boys...true Jo'burg white boys. Only like their rave and bullshit like that. Oh well...dirt in their eyes! hehehe.... I played pretty well. Some interesting news...I found out from another DJ that i am the ONLY female DJ in Botswana! It sure as hell surprised me. But that's great! No competition! haha, just kidding. BRING IT LADIES!! BRING IT!! hahahaha....
ok, now it's another late night. And i haven't got much else to say. I guess final words and thoughts are: I'm excited about seeing my family this's been something like, 7 months since the last time i saw them. Which means it's been 7 months since i've been to i gotta prepare myself for the even more devastating reality that awaits me this weekend. Life there is tough. Oh yeah, I had a short discussion about Zimbabwe with Sabari just minutes ago...and this part just cracked me up!

safari611: i didnt know it was that bad
blazed beyond: yeah..........bob has got to go. maybe i should talk to him or something. i can be pretty convincing at times. :-) hehehe....
safari611: bo?
safari611: bob?
blazed beyond: robert....rob...bob
blazed beyond: u get it now
blazed beyond: :-)
safari611: robert?
blazed beyond: if u still don't get it.....robert....robert mugabe.....president of zimbabwe.
safari611: hahahahahhahahhhaha
safari611: hahahahhahahahha
blazed beyond: wow....u actually didn't get it
safari611: shaddap!!
blazed beyond: that is too funny!

Anyway....i betta get some dreamtime in. For y'all heading on home for your summer, have a safe trip!
Peace! -J.

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Holla...this is my first entry! [08 May 2003|01:18am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
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HOLLEERRRRRRRR!!! I created this journal a few days ago, but i was having a problem posting my first few entires. but i think it will work this time round. I tried at some point in my a few points in my life, to maintain a journal. But, i never had enough time to keep one. But there are sooooo many interesting things that happen, i had to record them in some way. So i think this online journal might work for me, cause i do spend a lot of time online. Anyway, i will try to keep this journal as updated as possible. :) ....i'll try!

So my day....was ok, only got to bed at 4am this morning. I have no idea why. Then i was woken by my mom at 8am, she wanted me to take my brother to school. grrrr... anyway, I was wide awake after i took my brother to school, so i decided to go to gym. I always try and avoid my trainer when i go to gym cause he always, without fail, makes me do those little weights, which hurt like a bitch!! haha, anyway, today i just did a cardio session.
Then i picked up my brother from school and we went for lunch to a mall near by my house and my brother's high school...Game City mall. Then i spent my afternoon doing a bit of shopping with my mother and cousin. He lives in Zimbabwe, but he's visiting us for a couple of weeks.

I tried recording a mixed tape, but without any luck....i basically just messed around for a while. Then i went out with my friend Ndiye. It was cool, we had fun. Smoked a J. Then we met our friend David, at a regular pool bar spot we go to. I played like shit today. haha...
Then i got home around 10pm. and Muneer came over and chilled with Chris (my brother) and i for a while.
That was basically my day. Nothing grand. Don't worry, they can be quite interesting. hehe....

Oh, and i found out I'm DJing tomorrow night again at Sports Cafe. But i am only gonna play for an hour or so, because I don't particularly like playing for the Sports Cafe crowd. Besides, John is DJing at Lizard Lounge, and that is going be soo crunk! So i gotta support...u know how it is.

OHHH yes, finally, just a quick shout out to my college peeps over in U.S.A. - Wash. D.C, Boston, New Orleans, Phili, Denver, Texas......GOOD LUCK FOR FINALS! Don't stress too much, it's almost ova! :)

Ok, that's it for now. Cheers to my online journal! Hope i can do this again tomorrow. Gonna get some sleep now. Later.
Peace! -Jo.

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