11:54pm 30/06/2003
mood: mellow
music: coldplay[live in paris] - yellow
i was waiting on a moment, but that moment never came. all the billion other moments were just slippin all away.
i must have been trippin'.
were just slippin all away.
just ego trippin'.
i was wanting you to love me, but your lovin' never came. all the other love around me was just wastin' all away.
i must have been trippin.
was just wasting all away.
just ego trippin'.
was just wasting all away
must have been trippin'...
i will love you always, and forever   
11:46pm 30/06/2003
mood: sick
music: Screaming Infidelities
i am officially sick. i hope that it doesnt affect the whole lollapalooza experience. i doubt it will though. maybe i will be better by then. only 5 days away =]
11:25pm 23/06/2003
  why wont you burn.
11:17pm 21/06/2003
mood: loved
music: Queen - Love of My Life
"you wont remember when this is blown over, and everythings all by the way.
when i grow older i will be there at your side to remind you how i still love you."
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11:13pm 21/06/2003
mood: fucking happy as can be
music: Queen - Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To.....)
poop in your mouth.
thats what she said to me.
poop in your mouth.
thats all ill ever be.
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10:25pm 19/06/2003
  hmmmmmm scanning pics and puttin em on the website!!!!!! ah-ha! im a dooshbag......+1...and.......?. .'/  
12:14am 19/06/2003
music: Miles Davis - Enigma
i feel very mellow. the kind of mellowness you get after you run like 8 miles and then just stare at something while youre resting... but i didnt even run so i feel strange.
oh yeah! i took some pics with the dual ownage camera...the freaking color roll of film was 800 speed which is way fucking grainy and i thought it was 400 speed.. GARN!
anywho...jazzzzzzzz rocks my world...oh and i now like the band Thursday (kara gots the hookup). i downloaded some songs and theyre awesome... Rufio as well...but thats all me. hehee....oh yeah bright eyes is awesome too...i was gonna get the cd but it was like $20 so i decided against it. ahh college will be sweet when i can hear all the local bands down at lafayette...the only bad thing is i will be at purdue which i think might suck...damn ag schools..thinking about transferring to a school in chicago next year so we'll see...anywyays im gonna go..umm..do something that gets me totally blown away..you know ;) hehehe....nitey niters!
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this song   
09:46pm 10/06/2003
music: saves the day- my sweet fracture
if you hate someone this song is for them...haha
i loves me some good ol' saves the day.
'i choose my company by the beating of their hearts, not the swelling of their heads'
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you did   
09:42pm 10/06/2003
music: saves the day - rocks tonic juice magic
im gettin pumped...time to rock out! ayayayayay.. woah that was rough. =]
du du dun HEART IS ON THE FLOOR yesh this song rocks my socks off.
du du dun HEART IS ON THE FLOOR! heh that is some sweet ass kool-aid.
01:05am 10/06/2003
music: Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely
heh...i just noticed....i twirl my hair in my fingers all the time... the count of monte cristo has nothing on me! :.NOTHING.:
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01:00am 10/06/2003
mood: restless
music: Radiohead - The National Anthem
scratch that last idea..
change me from the inside out when my stomach bends in so many ways.
i have an everlasting burning that will never go away, so why do i leave it underground instead of bringing it to the surface?
perhaps it is time to become who i truly am.

<3 jessica is so lovely
12:56am 10/06/2003
music: Radiohead - Kid A
ok i think i might post for every song im listening to...im gonna listen to kid a, amnesiac, AND hail to the thief....hmm maybe not everysong...we'll see
'the rats and children follow me out of their homes'
[] [ ] [ ] [ ]   
12:37am 10/06/2003
mood: gritty
music: Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place
i feel like smashing my teeth out.
maybe ill grind them away until the nerve endings are sticking out.
im drifting off into magical land and its only the first song!
im a puddle on the floor.....
12:05am 10/06/2003
music: u.s. 31
maybe random psycho would be a good band name..never mind just pull back the hammer and blow me away.
11:25am 09/06/2003
  i guess that this reminds me of a bull in a china shop..no matter how careful i am about anything im sure to break some dishes...or even if i dont break any it will be like that one cartoon where the either a dog is chasing a cat or a cat is chasing a dog and they run through a china shop and a bull is just standing there, they break all of the dishes and run out, and the bull is standing there and is all like, "this isnt what it looks like" heh i like that carto0n.  
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07:43pm 07/06/2003
  shit...thats all....just shit  
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02:19am 02/06/2003
  a fleshy wound hangs at the end of my finger. if im too gentle, it will tear my skin away leaving me exposed. why force it when it will give me my end? soak it in gingerale so it tastes sweet, thinking of you hours in advance.  
02:13am 02/06/2003
  i realized that i have the perspective. the one that i could previously only imagine. maybe im a melting pot of ideas and a stream of continuous themes will settle into my brain. i can find the answer if im given some precious time.  
02:06am 02/06/2003
  i can feel my retinas melting away...almost a diffusing sensation.
maybe its because i haven't been blown away in awhile. so i guess i have you to thank. you always did know when to make me smile.
01:56am 02/06/2003
Your Heart is Red