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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004

Subject:hold me closer, tony danza
Time:1:44 pm.
Mood: sick.
hmmm.. been to the movies twice in two nights... starting out to be a good week, eh?
the village - actually a good movie. i was nervous because everyone said it was bad, horrible, worst movie ever, etc. i disagree.
collateral - crap i can't spell. or can i? yep, i can. good too. i liked it. not the best movie EVER, but good.
but good. haha. things are pretty good.
these are things you should know:
my car is in the shop... and it will be there for a few days :(
i'm looking forward to classes and being an RA
i'm NOT looking forward to living in walnut ridge

that's all for now.
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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004

Subject:mark 12:30-31
Time:10:55 am.
Mood: contemplative.
Music:filthy - stephen speaks.
it feels good to be home, and nae and nfg are totally right, "it's been a summer." i hate to say it like that because it implies that it's over, but we still have almost a whole month left...
yesterday, dana gave me a copy of the ashlee simpson cd. that was nice of her. i appreciate that, but probably not as much as everyone on the bus appreciates it. i sang it on the way home, maybe one too many times... haha. i sound just like chick.
so. north carolina, come on and raise up. yeah, camp was excellent. chris tomlin ... i wish he was my close friend. wade too. he's a cool guy. he's got one of those personalities that makes you want to be around him all the time just to see what he's going to do next. i like how you can tell just by looking at these men that they totally love jesus.

so today, i have big plans for a shower. it's about all i have though. someone needs to go see the village with me. i feel like i'm the only one really excited about that movie. hmm, jake was, maybe i need to call the boy.
okay, so the theme of camp was "love God love people." the idea is that you love God, God loves people, therefore... you love people. see how that works? good stuff. never really studied it in such a way as this week, it really kind of sank in. i hope that makes sense. so God loved us first (1 John 4:19). so what? we can love because of that love. that's what. yeah...something pressing ... read on.
so i was blowing my nose earlier and thinking... why are so many people wrapped up in things that are so temporary? it really knocks me down to think about how many of my intelligent friends/acquaintances are so taken aback by things like alcohol, sex, etc., and these things are things that can destroy lives. explanation: sex doesn't so much destroy lives... it makes lives! haha. but really, it is bad unless used the way God intended it to be done. alcohol ... it doesn't last. it doesn't make anyone live longer. it doesn't make anyone happier for longer than it is used. why do you rely on it like you do? my grandfather died from being an alcoholic. i'm afraid it's because he never caught on to the fact that it was all temporary and it wasn't helping anything. i don't mean to be such a sunday school teacher, but God is the only thing that isn't temporary. He always was and always will be, and why would you want alcohol to "solve" your problems when God, the God of the universe, wants YOU to ask him to help? God's the best help i've ever found. not only did he save me from an eternal life in hell, he also gives me a better life while i'm here on earth. i'm not saying that i have things easy while i'm here, or that i'm always happy. but i do always have a joy no one can explain. no one can take that joy away, it's God-given. i also don't ever have to be totally on my own, because i have that relationship, that friendship with my pal Jesus. i talk to him. he listens. he speaks back to me in so many ways, and sometimes i miss them, but he doesn't stop trying.
yeah, i wasn't planning on getting into all that. i'm not sorry though.
things i've experienced lately:
God is in control.
God knows just what he's doing.
God is all powerful. (that's big man)
God loves me with a love I can't fathom. It's UNCONDITIONAL. reflect on that for just a moment, pal.
God is God, and I am not him. (so i can't live like i am)
that's all for now i guess, i'm sure i'll be back.
Love God.
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Thursday, July 29th, 2004

Subject:i'm baaaaaaack
Time:12:07 pm.
Mood: tired.
yep, it's true, my plain landed safely. all 890 of them. yeah, don't ever go to denver... i found it to be quite boring.
we leave for student life camp at midnight tonight. this is going to be a long week.
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Sunday, July 18th, 2004

Subject:weekend update with jenn
Time:8:14 pm.
soooo, yeah. in the last 24 hours, things have taken a turn and all gone back to normal. it's great really. prayer... a wonderful thing not to be used as a last resort. stupid.
anywho, tonight i'm going with seth, rebecca, david and my brother to see anchorman. i guess i might come home and pack/do laundry after that.
tomorrow, i have to ... oh yeah, i remember, GO TO BRAZIL! Ahh. i'm so excited.
i want to change clothes.
extreme makeover home edition.. such a wonderful thing.
i might try to update tomorrow sometime. we'll see.
have a good night.
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Saturday, July 17th, 2004

Subject:two dimes and a rubber band
Time:2:22 am.
Mood: discontent.
Music:killing me too - sister hazel.
i don't feel too tired now. i feel like i could sleep, but like i'm on some sort of rush...

i'm home. almost.
i was talking to jm tonight about brazil. he was asking me what it's like over there, and if i was excited, blah blah. of course i was willing to talk to him about it, and i told him this: "i feel at home in brazil. i mean, i feel at home at home, but maybe more at home in brazil with brazilians." he then asked if i've ever wanted to bring any brazilians back to the US with me. what a random question, huh? if he only knew... haha. that diego the first year.. he was a nice kid. yeah, i'm not even sure there was an initial point to that.
saturday = almost monday.
i like you.
ps - i don't know if it's just me, but lately i'm noticing how every song i listen to applies to me. i know not every song applies to me really, but it's like i make it apply... probably not good...
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Friday, July 16th, 2004

Time:5:28 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Music:miami - will smith (how cool is that??).
mom just said i got my dance skills from dad. burn... i bought some things at wal-mart today. sadly, this equals less that i can buy in brazil. i need to check what the exchange rate is lately. okay, it's at three real = one american dollar. that's not too bad. ... i need it to be like 500 real = one american dollar. they could then have a few of my american dollars, and i could have a few 500 of their reals.
hmmmm. yeah, i bought a watch! it's pretty. i also bought some shower items... and some GUM!

i just tried to push up my glasses, but they weren't on my face. that means my fingers almost went into my eyes. i saved myself, though, no worries.
i've been thinking lately. know that.
i just looked up the word lackadaisical because i decided i wanted to say it. i might do that today.
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Subject:it's super dark outside...
Time:12:27 pm.
Mood: intimidated.
Music:dashboard - the places you have come to fear the most.
...i hope this isn't foreshadowing my demise.

i know i'm weird. you like it.
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Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

Time:3:04 pm.
Love is a many splendid thing
Love lifts us up where we belong
All you need is love
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Monday, July 12th, 2004

Time:1:26 pm.
Mood: determined.
Music:passenger seat - stephen speaks.
i've been thinking.
1) i have 17 friends listed on blurty. do you know how many of them update? about 1.3. that's depressing...
2) i lack self-control. i lack a lot of things, but this is one i've noticed here lately.
3) i need to exercise more. i started this today!
4) *this kind of goes with number three, as in, it is a big picture thing involving it* i need to be mentally, physically, and spiritually fit for the mission trip. i only have a week, but this week needs to focus on being fit...
i have been reading up on evangelism. it was a book i was supposed to read when i took evangelism as a class last semester. i wish i had read it, i am seeing where all the test questions came from now...
anyway, yeah. i'm reading. i'm exercising and drinking water. i'm .... praying? yeah, i need to do that. this trip has no purpose if i don't include God.
anyway, that's my mid-day update for ya. have a good week!
ps - i forgot to get the rice and beans out of the closet. oops.

stephen speaks makes me cry.
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Time:11:15 am.
okay, so this friday, saturday, and sunday, tbs will be showing the movie rat race. if you've never seen it, i want you to promise me you'll watch it one of these three days.
ummm, i need my car. i need to deposit some moolah! where did that come from?
have a nice day.
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Saturday, July 10th, 2004

Subject:i'm home!
Time:4:10 pm.
Mood: determined.
Music:on the road to beautiful - charlie hall.
woohoo. it feels good to be home... in a way.
i like being at camp. i like being in camp environments, i guess. i am excited that i'll only be home a week. a week from monday, i leave for brazil. please pray for this trip. i am excited and expecting big things... BIG things. the day we get back from brazil, i leave for student life camp in north carolina. man, never been to that state. that's one more i'll be able to mark off! ***explaining: this week, i decided to list all the states and then mark off all the ones i've been to. i knew it wouldn't be too many, but i'm counting the ones i was just in to catch a new flight or something. well, the hard part came with listing all fifty states! haha. who knew vermont was a state?...***
yep. i got it.
this week will be good. i promise.
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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004

Subject:oh brother...
Time:3:07 am.
yeah, it's been one of those kinds of days. definitely some great parts, lots of low parts. i don't really care to share them here today, i just wanted to let ya know that i survived july 2, 2004.
july 3, on the other hand, is a new day.
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Friday, July 2nd, 2004

Subject:uh huh
Time:1:19 am.
you know what word i've overused in the past 2 days? dorkus. i have no clue where the word originated, but i'm saying it like it's everyone's name.
came home from camp today. chilled on my couch with david. watched simon birch tonight. cried (because of the movie).
i leave for another camp on monday. arg = my feelings for all children at the moment.
that's what's going on. what's going down on your street?
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Monday, June 28th, 2004

Time:2:08 am.
Mood: crazy.
saw dodgeball. not really that great, but slightly entertaining while watching. nothing to remember after you leave though...
i'm excited about brazil. i'm just thinking about it, and man... it's gonna rock, for real. and student life with "tha man" himself, mr. chris tomlin.
camp tomorrow, i have to be at the church in less than 6 hours and i haven't packed. dangit.
have a good week everyone!
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Saturday, June 26th, 2004

Subject:i like that.
Time:2:35 am.
Mood: loved.
i noticed some things tonight - simple things - but things. i like them.
have a good weekend.
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Friday, June 25th, 2004

Time:8:26 am.
i should have never have taught him sign language...
anyway, yeah. i am up and getting ready for a funeral. the funeral is for a little girl from camp this week, she passed away while we were there. i don't think this is going to be very easy. it's sure to be packed. i'm nervous (dang, i couldnt' find the 'n') about seeing her parents. i just have this feeling that they're mad at me or something. i know they're not, but no matter how much anyone says there's nothing anyone could have done to prevent this, i still feel like i should have been able to do something anyway. you never know how the situation could have been different. that's all i guess.
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Saturday, June 19th, 2004

Time:3:48 pm.
it's been kind of a blah day. i showered. this is a plus.
grant and sarah will be on their way any second now. sarah has to do her hair. lol.
i will be driving us to huey's tonight. haha, i'm gonna park in that cool garage i never park in that goes up real steep like... maybe we won't die/wreck my car. that's not funny.
i hope i feel more awake when they get here. i think i will.
i'm gonna finish getting ready.
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Friday, June 18th, 2004

Subject:i want THAT one!
Time:1:56 am.
Mood: touched.
alex and sarah, i was mostly talking to Jesus in my most recent post, but i thoroughly appreciate your comments. you shine with the light from the sun...
i have watched lizzie mcguire too much here lately. i need a new movie to watch. i got 50 first dates from rebecca for my birthday, but it has a lot of gross parts.. too many to be my new favorite, but definitely on up there, lol... i didn't cry last time i watched it, so we're good.
tonight was a lot of fun. david and i ate at huey's, then we met up with julie and stephen at the church's softball game. i got bit up by bugs...but i cheered for jake, annoyed jake, and cheered louder for jake all the while. then we went to julie's to watch the italian job. i talked to leah for a good hour.. it was good to hear from her, i didn't really mind at all that i was missing the movie. i had seen it plenty of times before, anyway, and i needed to talk to that girl.
i'm getting kind of tired, so i guess i will head that way now.
i wish everyone a great friday. keep in touch.
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Thursday, June 17th, 2004

Subject:i'm a failure...
Time:11:41 am.
so why do you still love me?
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Time:1:51 am.
Mood: giggly.
no work tomorrow. much sleep tomorrow.
i need it now, can you tell?
i'm excited to hang out with sarah and grant... too bad john might have to work, huh sarah?! you know...

yeah, i'm over it. have a good thursday. i'll be sleeping. don't call.
call. leave a voicemail harassing me.
haha, david, remember what you were laughing about just before you left? i just thought about that. haha.
ps. unspoken for is the best album ever.
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