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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004

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    Um yea................
    What to do? What to do? I have no idea what to do because Im going out with him(currently)but I guess im not happy with it but you know what it's saving me from going back out with my ex and it's also making him happy beyond no reason. But I cant do this anymore. I can't keep letting him think that I like him like that so I guess what I am going to do will kill me and hurt his and my feelings with each other. But I cant keep going out with him and making myself feel like this any longer. well gtg toodles

    Current Mood: sad
    Hey waz up? Well I did it. I got over the fact of being scared to tell him and unlike any other guy he actually took it very well. And as far as I can tell he isn't mad about the whole fact of me doing that to him so im happy about that.Well im tired of writing so toodles <3 ya guys c-ya

    Current Mood: relieved

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