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I don't wanna care no more [26 Apr 2005|01:01pm]
[ music | Kelly Clarkson " Since You've Been Gone " ]

Well ok i'm the only one that reads this as I just found out, but there always is the chance that someone might randomly stumble upon it in which case Wassup? Got Free tickets to Velvet Revolver last night. Um...Hoobastank opened up for them...they weren't very good. I honestly wish I had stayed home and studied and slept. I had planned on going in to work early to make up for a phone call during the duty day. So yeah I look like a bad airman in front of my supervisor. The show only got interesting when the Singer jumped into the crowd and ran up into the stands where everyone picked him up. I wasn't totally blown away by the show. I think i'm getting depressed again but fuck everyone gets there now and then right? right? Fuck yeah i'm right if you say otherwise i'll show you a liar. Well i'm gonna go enjoy the rest of my lunch break.

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