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[27 Mar 2005|06:09pm]
Ok Its been a long time since i've read this thing much less updated. I finally went snowboarding in Utah. I can see why people come all the way from Europe for the snow up here. In fact we had a European woman catch a ride on our bus...she had a yellow suit on and looked like a bannana but wow she tore up those slopes...goddamn. As for myself being my first time snowboarding I spent a good amount of time landing on my ass. On those times when I wasn't on my ass I was catching some major speed and the only thing that killed me where those sudden stops. You know like when I fucken flip, roll around a couple times, get airborne, land on my chest so fast and hard that I bounce off the damn ground and land on my leg or arm hard. God those were awesome. Ivan was all the way up on a mountain and even he heard me was that hard and loud. hahaha fucker screamed out for a Medic and then busted out laughing. Umm...I ate it hard a couple of other times. Im amazed I didn't break my fucken neck or something cuz some girl actually did break her neck that day....OUCH!!!
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