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[04 Jan 2005|06:47pm]
Well i just got back from Cali. That was a long shitty vacation. I've had funner times in bootcamp. I got screwed out of my laptop, my car, my money, all my friends flaked out on me, my parents left to LA. It was just a total shit storm. I wanted to write one long complaint but why would I want to remember this? I was so pissed i said fuck cali and my friends im never going back! but my brother and his wife are having another baby so im going back for that hopefully....just not staying with my parents. Hey well at least i remembered some of the reasons why I left. From now on im using my leave to go travel and fuck around on my own...not calling my friends...not visiting my family. I can't believe almost fucken everyone let me down. Its ok now though... or maybe im lying to myself. For my next trip I am going to NYC and fucking around with Jessie at all the bars cuz i'll finally be 21. oh yeah and gotta get those black and white cookies for Lisa. Well i gotta go unpack and iron and do my laundry so goodbye.
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