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Tuesday, April 29th, 2003

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    Tuesdays With... Julia ;)
    School is so boring. No joke. All you do is sit there and pretend to learn stuff that you most likely already know or just don't really care about. Today science was SO GROSS! We had to dissect worms!! They smell really really bad and they are hermaphrodites. How sick is that?? yuk yuk yuk... who cares about worm intestines? not me, thats for sure! In English today we were so bored that my friend Alie drew the world Aloha on my hand and she made little flowers and waves around it and colored it blue... it's really pretty. I think Alie should be my personal tattoo artist hehe. She draws all of these cool little swirlies all over the place and she decorated my school planner for me hehehe. Oooh guess what! I heard Ruke sing her nyssma peice today! It sounds soooo good!!! Its in like French and everything, and i could totally see her in a little French baret and being all "oui, oui!" hahaha.... I'm so0o0o excited because this Thursday im going to a bar!! hahaha dont think im crazy (even though i am lol) because its just to see my sisters boyfriend play in his band... the band is sooo good. Check them out at and listen to some clips, you wont regret it! Alrighty, i have a massive load of homework to do, and then dance... more later hehe

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