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Saturday, December 7th, 2002

Time:10:46 pm.
got me a live journal. yay :) thanks aubrey =D

click here for my Live Journal =D
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Monday, December 2nd, 2002

Time:7:05 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
this is the third time today i've written in here. well that's a lie.. it's the second time today... because the one that i wrote in there secondly was something that had to do for writing class that i just didnt feel like emailing to myself so i just put it on here.
i think that i would like living at school a whole lot more if one particular roommate didnt live here. I know that sounds horrible... and its not like i dont like her... i just dont like her presence. She's loud, disrespectful and rarely EVER leaves the damn room. and the worst thing is, she ALWAYS has people here, especially when i want to write a paper. grr..
speaking of papers.. there's one calling my name right now.
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Time:12:39 pm.
Tessellation for Computer Art

Class that was not advanced, anybody could take it, not many people took it seriously.
*Assignment was to look at work by M.C. Escher and get a tessellation idea and create it with adobe illustrator.
*Wanted something nobody else could do. ( I liked to show off in that class because I had an artistic edge over most of them)
*Went home and came up with the design (I never did my calculus homework outside of school, let alone my elective art class homework)
Got an A (but getting an A in that class wasn’t as sweet because I got A’s on literally every project in there. If it was possible to get higher than an A in that class, I probably would have)

On typical 8 1/2 x 11 Xerox paper
Each section of the pattern was about two inches, the borders for the pattern were thick and black, making the image look almost cartoon like.
There were three different versions of the image, one with mostly reds, with yellow gradient, one with mostly blue with a green gradient and one with equal purple and blue.
Each piece of the pattern looked almost like an inverted triangle, or a small triangle with very large extended arms that interlocked with each other.

Q: What was the overall approach you gave to the piece ?
Q: Was making the piece of art difficult ?
Q: Did you enjoy making the piece of art ?
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Subject:what i do in Writing class
Time:11:53 am.
Mood: bored.
well, i am in writing class (the class i should have written that paper for and didnt) and i am sitting next to three people who also didnt do their papers. oh wonderful.

I think we are supposed to be writing something about our art. I think about a specific art piece. I really dont like too much of my work, but i know i am capable of better. Maybe i will write in here. I'm not sure which one i will write about. I have a few ceramic pieces that i like.. one of my favorites i made was stolen in art class... made me sooooo mad grrr. i dunno. maybe i will write about that insane watercolor again. even though i wrote about it for my first essay. but now looking back at it, i didnt do it very well because i kind of painted it like i was painting with acrylic. the finished product kind of looks like i used gauche (pronounced 'gwash' i dont know if i spelled that right though)

nobody pays attention in this class and it's ridiculous. i have a lot i have to do to catch up in this class.. i have to catch up in almost all of my classes. I decided i'm not going to go out AT ALL this week and i am going to work on class work the entire time. I want to have all my crap together before crits (critique week) I was lazy all semester.. so i am like.. borderline C/B in almost all my classes (except modernism i have an A.

Sammy Durso (what i call my writing teacher) just asked us to write down questions we wished people asked about our projects. dont you think that if we knew what kind of questions we wanted to hear we would have answered them before they had a chance to ask? that's what i call affective writing. meh.

I have 2D class after this and i really really liked my idea for my design for our project. and i thought it would look really good and look like i took a lot of time on it. WELL, turns out, a lot of people's projects are like.. just as good if not better than mine. grrr. that makes me so mad because it always happens to me that way in 2D class. I'm not used to not being the best. it kind of bothers me :-\

In 3D we made these huge inflatable plastic things, and mine came out REALLY good, like one of the bests out of the class.. so i was really happy about that because most of my things i make in 3D class suck. I'm not a 3D thinker, and i'm not too interested in becoming one. grr. i dunno.

The thanksgiving break was great. It wasn't too eventful, like, when we went out it was to somebody's house or to the diner or the mall or something, but just that fact that everyone was home and we all got to hang out made it great, i'd rather do nothing with my close friends than to do something with people i dont know that well.

I got to see a lot of people though, which was cool. I saw Pam, Britni, Lindsay, Shaun, Lisa, Joe, Leah, Fred, Natalie, Ray, Dave, the other Ray, Cones, Char, Kristin, Geoff, Nick, Dan, my didders, Mike & the rest of his family, the other Nick, Chelsea and Dan. That was pretty damn cool... that's a lot of people in only a few days. There were some people i wish i could have seen though, like Amy, Mike & Dustin and some others.. but it was ok.. i had an awesome break.

sometimes in this class, people laugh at each other, and Durso thinks he's laughing at what he's saying, it kinda makes me sad.

anyway, i am rambling on quite a lot, if anyone is still reading this, thanks :) i'm off for now
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Sunday, December 1st, 2002

Subject:first entry... EVER!
Time:6:54 pm.
ok, so well i finally joined the "club" and got me one of these journal things. and i know that everybody's first journal entry is like that... but blah blah blah. i'm sure this is another one of those things i wont ever update. hah. i have so many projects i never finish. meh.

my mom just brought me pineapple. real pineapple, not that fake canned crap. yum.

thanksgiving break was pretty good. kind of evil though, because now i want christmas break to come even more. it would be great to not have so much work to do. It's like, since we got a few days off for thanksgiving, my professors decided to pile on the work twice as much. grr.. speaking of work.. i should be writing a paper that's due tomorrow. but instead i am doing this. dammit i procrastinate TOO much.. i know it will one day be the death of me.

I hate my graphic design class. i DREAD going there.. it's SO boring and ridiculous and repetitive. and that was going to be my major! i SO changed my mind about that. now i am "undecided" hah. i'm actually thinking about art therapy. i might get a C in GD just because i hate it so much and BS EVERYTHING! ahh!! i might not even get a C. oh yes i will.. i BETTER. i am taking photo as my elective for next semester.. but i think i might drop it and take guitar for non-majors. even though i'm going to start guitar lessons in like.. 2 weeks.

This week is going to be CRAZY for me. i have to redo SO many of my projects, it's ridiculous. I have to redo 2 of my 2D projects, 1 of my 3D projects, and probably a few of my drawings too, i've been real lazy in drawing lately. I've been too damn busy trying to party. maybe i should stop doing that and start worrying about my grades. I have to stop worrying about the fact that i HAVE to be doing something interesting every night. meh. i dunno.

where are my priorities? obviously misplaced because i'm STILL WRITING IN HERE AND NOT WRITING MY ESSAY! i wish i was one of those people who loved to write.. then i could go off on everything. I like to express myself, and i like to write that way.. just not like.. essays and whatnot. I usually do pretty well on essays even though i have so much trouble with them.

I am writing this paper on Bridget Riley.. and it has to be like.. 3 or 4 pages long :-\ i'm so screwed i dont even know who that chick is barely. hah. hence the STILL not writing the essay.

i dunno. i really should get going. i have things to do.. like.. find people to go bowling tonight and possibly start my paper. haha. meh. i had lots of things to talk about. but i really shouldnt.
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