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5 got confused try and understand.

[16 Sep 2003|08:12pm]
i got a livejournal.

AIM me at rumorcometrue for the username.

byebye blurty!

4 got confused try and understand.

[16 Sep 2003|02:36pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

yeah so blurty suspended erupt. because they think its a "traded EA account"

so im leaving blurty. i will wait to get a LJ but blurty is being extremly stupid. i didnt violate anything. so screw that.
they said i was also violating blurty policy by "attempting to suggest to underagers that
they can avoid suspension by not posting their ages", meaning in youwish

okay well blurty, thank you for being stupid and ruining every aspect of this site possible. im probably one of the older people using this anyway. im not a 14 year old or anything. go ahead and delete this account too, because i wouldnt use your stupid site anymore if you paid me. livejournal> blurty. byebye.

try and understand.

[14 Aug 2003|06:02pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

yeah so i decided i wont be posting in this journal anymore..

im going to use erupt so mosey on overt there, but im going to be picky with who i keep on my list... im only keeping a few people i dont know in real life... the rest are my actually friends i hang out with, so dont be mad or anything... :o/

thank you for reading my journal and putting up with me. :o) i shall miss you all.

5 got confused try and understand.

[14 Aug 2003|05:29am]
new journal...


i will probably only add people i know in real life... sorry.

and i will still post here for you online friend kids.

10 got confused try and understand.

cut [07 Aug 2003|12:51pm]
will the following users please take me off their friends list:

-chebabe moved journals
-godrox-moved to LJ
-gothickitten996 you never commented to be added, if you want in feel free to comment.
-ichabodberry-new journal
-knifelifestrife-new journal
-sarah_madden22 role play journal...?
-skitzophrenia didn't post enough... no hard feelings?
-snozberry dissapoeared?
-stellarvampz never posted
-thegirlsasnob i didnt ever know whats going on in your journal...? :o(
-twink123 moved i think..?
-ualldeserve2die moved to DJ
-vernice i dont even remember its been so long
-xxpray ditto.

please please please take me off... my friends list is too big. you're all going to hate me, but its just massive. so yeah, no hard feelings.

78 got confused try and understand.

Makin the cuts! [22 Apr 2003|06:11pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | Relient K: Falling Out ]

Ahhh sowwy kids! I decided to make my journal friends only because:

-I want to know who's reading my private thoughts
-I don't want certain people reading this: like my parents, etc.
-to maintain a certain amount of privacy

Have no fear... To be added:

-first you must have a blurty acount (dur)
-then just simply comment and i will add ya back!
-and please do not TaLk liKee Dizz. please have some intelligence.

:) later kids!

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