12:31pm 26/01/2004
mood: blah
music: Good Charlotte-Emotionless
Right now I'm in period 6/7...Accouting. Oh joy. How fun! This class is a breeze. We go on the internet, look up famous people, do reports, and on occasion we do math. haha, its great.

Well, nothing too important has happened lately (latly). how do you spell that? hmmm..

I went shopping yesterday and got a pair of shoes, a pair of pants, and a shirt.

OH!! Today in first period (science) Chad Benson got mad at me for something really stupid, I dont even remember what exactly I did...but anyways...he freaked out on me and called me a whore...Nice huh? Well hes an asshole, and if anyone is a whore its HIS GIRLFRIEND...shes the one who slept with like 4 ppl in one night, and she is only 14....GREAT GIRLFRIEND....haha. (i hope she or he reads this too!)

Well, I must be on my way
10:42am 25/01/2004
mood: relieved
music: Strong Enough-Sheryl Crow
Well, the weekend is nearly over and I have accomplished absolutly nothing. I tell myself I'm going to do my laundry, get my homework done, and clean my room...well none of that has gotten done.

I realized something this week...I HATE Susquehanna. All people do is talk shit and run their mouths. Its the most annoying thing ever. Ginny Lane is a good one at this. I told her that I was friends with Jason Penny, and I still am JUST friends with him. Well Ginny decided it would be fun to tell his ex-g/f Brooke that I am going out with him and that we slept together. I guess Brooke didn't really care, but Ginny sure thought it was funny. (and she calls herself a friend...YEAH OK) Its amazing how one thing I say can turn into the complete opposite. And just for the record....I DIDN'T SLEEP WITH HIM...

OMG, Daniel Haggard got out of jail on friday (its now sunday). He was the 18 year old from Cali that robbed Haleys and served underage girls (one even had their stomach pumped). Me and Ashley wrote statements on him because we WANTED to see him get put away. In his letters to Ashley he said that he told on everyone in town for any small little thing they have ever done that he knows about. And that he was going to beat me up. Well, im happy to say that he wont be beating anyone up. Because right now he is on a bus back to California. THANK GOD!

Nothing really new is going on, but I will keep ya posted!
What a weekend...   
02:13pm 18/01/2004
mood: sad
Well, I decided to write in this thing again...But I'm not that I don't know how "good" this thing will be.

Ivan moved :-(...He is going to Job Corps. I am happy that he is doing what he wants to do...but im sad at the same time. I really miss him. Things just arent the same without him around. I miss him so much.