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along came a spider who sat down beside her [14 Jul 2005|12:46pm]
mmmm i have nothing to say.

summer is going by way too fast.
my mother embarrasses me. ahh. but i already knew... i just didn't want to think about it.
i don't want to go to work.
i get too jealous. or maybe i don't. maybe it's perfectly reasonable for me to feel the way i do. or maybe not. either way, i can't help it.

what's the point in me updating this? nobody reads it anymore.

(summer time)

there's a place on mars.. [28 Jun 2005|01:43pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

this weekend was wonderful, even though i still miss courtney soooo soo much and i'm still sad. but brian time ALWAYS makes me feel better. sunday was the best. :-) 5 years? i'm gonna die. but hopefully our plan for this summer will work ;-). oh goodness i love that boy. (and i'm sorry i pms)

oh my gosh, dylan has been playing this one stupid song on his guitar over and over and over and over and over again. i think i'm going to die. he needs to learn a new one.

ahh i'm hungry. time for some lunch, and then off to work. crap i need to shower too. poo. anyways. oh! maybe i'll get some of those chocolates my daddy made. pshh maybe? who am i kidding? we all know i will.

:-) tomorrow!

(summer time)

ohhh man [25 Jun 2005|11:26am]
[ mood | sad ]

so i'm back from florida.. i actually got back yesterday.. but yeah. i had so much fun. it was great to see people and everything again. gosh hunters creek has grown, but i guess that's to be expected. lets see.. i'm going to try to recap everything that happened.

friday - flew to orlando. i totally remembered the airport :-) haha. i found the babbs and we went home. courtney, lauren and i just talked for the rest of the day and night. (lauren is courtney's little sister).
saturday - we went to heathers house! ahh heather is the same :-) and i got to meet bianca. we swam and heatehr cooked us a motherly meal of pizza and macaroni and cheese. then we went to some mall place thing, i don't remember the name of it, so we could get some coldstone ice cream. and then we went to the aero outlit store and i got some flip flops for 4 dollars. then we went home and hung out some more. oh yeah, we went to target and bought a kickball/4 square ball. we had to play 2 square though cause we only had 3 people.
sunday - courtney had to work 9-3. but that was okay because i didn't even wake up until 12. so i hung out with lauren and watched tv and read and stuff. at 4 or so courtney's grandparents came over for a sort of fathers day thing. we had dinner and watched golf (! courtney and i almost fell asleep). after they left we went to publix!! and i got to see adam!! :-) that was fun and exciting. and i think that's about it for sunday.
monday - we went to cocoa beach! there were like all these rain clouds out and it kept sprinkling and such so we didn't put any sunscreen on. good job on our part, because of course we got some sunburn. or a lot of sunburn actually. i got it all on my back and courtney got it on her front. oh yeah.. we definitely saw a couple who were about our age or younger and they were having sex in the ocean. we aren't positive, but it looked like it so that's what we decided. so that's fun. on the way home, we got lost, got on the wrong road and it ended up taking us an hour and a half to get home when it's really supposed to take 30 minutes. so yeah. haha.
tuesday - we had to take lauren to the dentist. i got to see my old dentist!! and he recognized me, isn't that exciting? hahah, i thought so. anyways, we were in there for freaking ever because.. i don't really know why.. because they're slow? i guess that's it. but courtney and i read cosmopolitan.. and we learned a lot. haha. after the dentist, we hung around for a little bit. then courtney and i went to coldstone to meet up with joe. we had to get dinner first so we stopped off at quiznos and ate on the way. haha. we went at coldstone for hours.. just talking and such. we got home at 10 i think?
wednesday - we went to seaworld! aww. i love that place. the new rollercoaster is fun. and shamu :-) i want to be a whale/dolphin trainer! i'm not sure if i'm serious or not though. haha. that would be so much fun though. oh well, i'll figure all that out later. but seaworld was much fun. we left when it started raining at like 5. we went to johnny rockets for lunch so we could see bianca. it was yummy.
thursday - we went to the mall. i bought a book and some pants :-) hah. we had lunch and then went to pointe orlando to see a movie. we had some time before the movie so we went into the bookstore. haha. good times. so we saw mr and mrs smith. it was really good. then courtney had to go to work so i just hung around the house until she got home.
friday - :-( i didn't want to leave. well i did but i didn't, i had mixed feelings. i wanted to bring courtney home with me. i miss her so very much already. :-( i cried on the plane.. and then i got all teary eyed again when i was talking to brian about it. i'm a baby.. but she's my best friend :-( and i don't like only seeing her once a year.

P.S. date my mom is a hilarious show. but only if i'm watching it with courtney.. and only if the stupid guy picks angel princess.. i don't believe i'm ever going to be able to get over that. ohhhhhhh cerney.. hahah. i love you.

(summer time)

soooooo [13 Jun 2005|07:42pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]
[ music | system of a down ]

oh man, only 2 more exams to take and then i'm done with school, for a couple months at least.

working at the vet kind of makes me not want to become a vet, in a way. i think because i get to see how much she has to go through and how stressful it can be (and how much she has to know.. i'm not that smart). but i still want to work with animals... and i really have no other interests. at least none that could get me some money. i really really want to work in a zoo, with all the big, not everyday kind of animals. i don't want to spend 8 years in college though, i have had enough of school. but i don't know. and i've always wanted to be a vet, i have no idea what else i would even think about doing.. but i guess i don't exactly have to make that decision quite yet, i still have a little bit of time. as long as i like what i'm doing, i'll be fine. that's what matters most to me.. it's not about money. money can't buy everything.. (remember that, sir)

anyways! so how long until i'm in florida?! 4 days!!! :-) i'm so very excited, and i KNOW i'm going to have a blast. that means a whooooole week away from virginia and my family and work and ...brian. but that's okay, because it'll be so much fun, maybe i won't even miss anything (pshhh wishful thinking, we all know i struggle to survive just 2 days without you). i really can't wait though. it's gonna be sooo different! it's been what... 6 years? my goodness gracious. we're definitely gonna look at our old house... even if we have to sneak around to the back. :-)

i'm stinky, i need a bath.
i'm hungry, it's almost time for dinner.

i'll update again when i get back from florida, for those 3 of you that actually read this.

(summer time)

i should study [05 Jun 2005|10:42pm]
yep. it's 10:42 and i am supposed to be studying for french, but oh well.

school is so close to being over, i can taste it. mmm and florida! oh my goodness! :-) i need to find bathing suits. i'm sad about having to work.. but at the same time i'm not. don't worry, there will still be plenty of time to be with you.

i love cards, i love love, i love you. :-) so amazing. and the most perfectly beautiful face i've ever seen! oh i love you, but you already know that don't you? :-)

i'm dying, so now it's time to go lay in the fetal position again.

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[31 May 2005|10:08pm]
way to go, jessica. way to ruin everything.

(summer time)

:-) [31 May 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i need to take a shower. i'll do that later though.

the past... i don't even know how long... week, two weeks, month, year... have been so amazing. i've been in such a good mood lately and i love it. i'm not really sure what has seemed so amazing, but it's been wonderful. i don't remember when i last updated, a couple weeks ago i'm sure. i don't remember anything from then so i'll just start with this past weekend!

friday was my birthday! that's always exciting. i got lots of cool stuff like a new cell phone, clothes, money, SNEAKERS! yes, because i needed some more. we went to outback for dinner and my mother told the waitress it was my birthday so they sang to me! so embarassing. but actually not as bad as i was expecting. and i got a free desert out of it so i was happy.

saturday morning i went to breakfast at denny's with britty. :-) that was nice. i got some more cool stuff. afterwards, i thought i was going to have to cut the grass but it started raining so i didn't. i guess that's all i did for the day? i don't remember. well at least until it was brian time. we had spaghetti at his house! i love spaghetti, it's my favorite. oh and i got my presents from brian :-) i'm still waiting for the card though, darling.

sunday.. i had to mow the lawn. but only the flat parts because i don't do the push mower. yes, i'm lazy, but that's how it goes. it wasn't bad, it was in the morning so it wasn't too hot. apparently i ended up smelling like grass.. although, not a big surprise. brian came over for a wee little bit. and then ashley and rachel came over. :-) they're great fun. we went bowling where we found the phantom of the bowling alley. he loved ashley and was racist against rachel (because she's asian and wears yellow). we even broke a lane.. oops. ha. it wasn't me though. i take no blame for that. it was all ashley and mommy. but it's okay. we had our whole rescue plan worked out. mr phantom man started getting distracted because of the boys that came next to us and he got too much grease in his eyes. he started confusing rachel and ashley, it was sad. okay, sorry.. you don't want to hear this, you think it's dumb and crazy. but that's us. anyways. i won 2 games and my mom won 1. and we're going to start a bowling team. the bamming bowling league. our slogan is "we'll knock down all your pins". haha. afterwards, we came home and had spaghetti. (spaghetti 2 nights in a row!!!). then we watched the labyrinth!! :-) and did other random things. we went to bed at like 1 but rachel and i didn't fall asleep until like 3:30/4 ish. ashley fell asleep right away and tried to push me off the bed. that's okay.

monday after they left, i had to wash the dog. that was great fun, let me tell you. then i went to the bondurant house. the rest of the family (and some neighbors) came over too. it was fun and exciting. i like talking to those women, they're quite nice. and the guys are all exactly the same... loud and obnoxious. :-) i'm just kidding, i love them too. yes and monday night was amazing and wonderful and all that jazz. mmm. oh yes oh yes it was. :-) oh baby.

today was a normal day of school. well actually i guess it wasn't that normal. in 1st period we carried fetal pigs around the school.. in 2nd we were "working on our papers" which means everyone else was talking the whole time and i was alone doing nothing because i have no friends. 4th is always a joke. in 6th we played capitalism! i was the hobo the most :-( but that's okay because i finally worked myself up to president and i was happy.

i hope i stay in this good mood forever. i like being so happy. let's see... what does the rest of the week have in store? tomorrow is ice cream making, thursday is awards thing, friday is picnic and BRIAN. oh friday. i love fridays. i love brian.

this is all extra long and i'm amazed if you read it all. i barely even had the attention span to write it, i wouldn't be able to read it all. oh well.

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booooored [24 May 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | goo goo dolls ]

*Bold those that are true for you, and repost.

When I was younger, I made some bad decisions.
I don't watch much TV these days.
I love psychedelic mushrooms.
I love sleeping.
I have loads of books.

I once slept in a toilet.
I love playing video games.
I adore marijuana.
I watch porn movies.
I watch them with my father.
I like sharks.
I love spiders.
I was born without hair, and I still have no hair.
People are cool.
I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.
I have a jacuzzi and a Porsche.
I have a lot to learn.
I carry my knife everywhere with me.
I'm really, really smart.
I've never broken someone's bones.
I have a secret.

I hate snow.
I drink only milk.
I hate Bill Gates.
I love Chinese food.
I would hate to be famous.
I am not a morning person.
I wear glasses.
I have potential, it just conflicts with my procrastination.

I'm pure Japanese.
My legs are two different sizes.
I have a twin.
I wear a padded bra.
I can ramble on about absolutely nothing.
I'm left-handed.
I don't like horror movies.
I suck at climbing, but I love it anyway.
People usually hate me.
I love pop music.
I hardly ever go to bed before midnight.
I hate parking fines. --i've never had one but i'm sure they're no fun
I know the national anthem of my country by heart.
I know more than two languages.
I spend too much time on the computer.
I often want to throw the computer out of a window.

I live on a ground floor.
I don't like chocolate.
I'd like to be more original.
I've lied.
Cocks are my favorite birds.
I want to conquer the world.
I wonder what happens when you die.
I've read all books about Harry Potter.
I love to exercise.
I hate chemistry with a passion.
I love to write.
I like changes. --sometimes.
I hate going to class.
I am afraid to die.
I hate dish washing.

My hair is long, brown, and incredibly curly.
My nails are nine inches long.
My favorite color is black.
I like to sleep on the floor.
I am hopeless at cooking.
I sucked my thumb when I was little.
I should be doing something else rather than writing this.
I am online a lot, but not on MSN.
I hate government.

I don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
I am too nice for my own good.
I love to read, I read as much as I can.
I don't trust newspapers.
I like debating.
I live in a wagon.
I clean my room once a month.
I'm scared of American fast food.
I have a third eye.
I love Mozambique.
I dont trust any religion.
I used to play with barbies
I wanted to be a super hero when I was little.
I like listening to wind chimes.
I'm very disorganized.
My hair is long and straight.

I earn a lot.
I don't like spicy food.
I keep a diary.
I can't do cartwheels.
I am very lazy.
I'm sarcastic.
I think my hair is annoying.
I'm very sensitive.

I love being "abnormal."
My left eye is violet and my right eye is a light blue.
I sleep on my side.

Would you ever:

1. Eat a bug?: if it wasn't too extremely gross and you paid me a lot of money
2. Bungee jump?: definitely
3. Hang glide?: oh yes
4. Kill someone?: well i wouldn't want to.. but i guess in certain positions i might in the moment of it all.. ashley and i just had this conversation, ha.
5. Kiss someone of the same sex?: just a peck? sure. make out? no
6. Have sex with someone of the same sex? no
7. Parachute from a plane?: mmhm
8. Walk on hot coals?: no thanks
9. Go out with someone for their looks?: if it was johnny depp.. or one of those other extremely sexy guys
10. For their reputation?: no
11. Be a vegetarian?: i couldn't do it
12. Wear plaid with stripes?: probably not
13. IM a stranger?: sure
14. Sing Karaoke?: no
15. Get drunk off your ass?: no
16. Shoplift?: no
17. Run a red light?: not on purpose
18. Star in a porn video?: no thanks
19. Dye your hair blue?: no
20. Be on Survivor?: i hate that show
21. Wear makeup in public?: i don't wear makeup.. i'm too lazy
22. Not wear makeup in public?: only everyday?
23. Cheat on a test?: :-/ i try not to
24. Make someone cry?: not on purpose..
25. Date someone more than 10 years older than you?: only if it was johnny
26. Stay up all night?: if i had a reason to


Arrested: no
Hand Cuffed: no
Scared: yes
Depressed: yeah
In Love: yeah
Confused: yep
In a Fight: no
In Debt: no
Sick: yes
In the hospital: yeah.. but not since i was little
Insomniac: yeah
On illegal drugs: no
Drunk: no
High: no
On Tv: no
On Probation: no
Under House Arrest: no
Threatened: not really
Happy: yes
Too busy: yeah, but it doesn't happen to me much
Hurt: yes
Ignored: yep


Ugly: yes, most of the time. especially when the matts talk about how gross i am, thanks guys.
Lost: yeah
Forgotten: yes
Used: i have, but not recently
Clueless: yeah
Dumb: yes
Fat: when i eat a lot
Helpless: yes
Ruined: no
Pretty: no
Loved: yes
Annoying: i always think i'm annoying


Meat/Veggies: meat
Love/Money: love
Family/Career: family
Fat/Skinny: not too fat or too skinny
Busy/Lazy: lazy
Car/Bike: depends on where you're going
Summer/Winter: summer
Beach/Mountain: beach, usually
Travel/Work: travel
Lover/Friend: both
Right/Wrong: right
1 Best Friend/100 'friends': one best friend


Name: jessica
Age: 16.. but not for much longer!
Location: chesterfield
Sex: female
Status: i'm married

What are your thoughts on…

Gay marriage?: love is love, gay people should be allowed to be happy
Abortions? : not for me, but it's your choice
Gays in the military? : sure
Human labels?: uh
Clothing labels? : i don't really care
Bush? : whatever
Racism? : stupid


Do you believe in love at first sight? : no
Have u ever experienced it? : love at first sight? no.
Do you believe in love AT ALL? : yes
Are you happy with who you are? : somedays
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? : i would make myself less lazy
Do you think that today’s society is pressured by the media (TV, magazines, etc)? : oh yes
Did Michael Jackson molest those kids? : i've had enough of michael jackson
Was OJ guilty? : yes


Daredevil or Safety-dweller? : safety-dweller all the way
Bitch or Pushover? : i'm a pushover usually, but i can be a bitch
Closed minded or Open minded? : i wish i were more open minded
Introvert or Extrovert? : um
Comedian or Serious? : in the middle
Traveler or Stay-at-home? i love to travel, but i stay at home more than anything
Nature-lover or animal-lover? both.. but i love animals more
Artist or Criminal? : neither
Hugger or a kisser? : i can't choose just one, i'm both
Lover or a hater? : lover
Jock or goth? : neither
Emo or preppy? : ..neither


People who PRETEND to cut themselves? : dumb
People who cut themselves just to be cool? : extra dumb
Black nailpolish? : i don't wear any nailpolish
Brand name clothing? : if you like it
Marilyn Manson? : i'm sure he's a nice guy
Britney Spears? : she annoys me
Braces? : i'm glad i don't have them anymore, i didn't like them much


Made out in the rain? : i don't think so
Sung in the rain? : no
Ran naked through the rain? : i'm not big on running around naked anywhere
Kissed someone of the same sex? : not a real kiss
Of the opposite sex? : yes'm
Dated someone just to shock people? : no
Made out with someone when you were drunk, then forgot their name the next day? : no
Smoked until you passed out? : no
Overdosed on anything? : no
Been molested? : no..
Puked on a friends clothing? : not on a friends.. but on my own
Been arrested? : no
Been in the back of a cop car? : no
Gotten your head stuck in a fishbowl? : um... no?
Shot a gun? : no
Been suspended/expelled from school? : nope
Tortured an animal? : no that's mean
Pooped on someones lawn? : noo
Pooped somewhere other than a toilet? : not that i can remember
Wasted an entire Saturday night doing a survey? : no..


You were rich: i would travel around the world and never work
You were pregnant: i'd be confused.. and then i'd cry
You were deaf: i'd be sad
Any one dream could come true: that'd be great

(summer time)

!!! [19 May 2005|07:43pm]
[ mood | excited ]

look i'm updating without anyone telling me to! i'm in a good mood, so what can i say.

this week was lovely. i really enjoy not going to school. and that hour and a half yesterday was wonderful. mmm mm.
tomorrow is prom decorating! i think it's gonna be fun, as long as we aren't there forever. i have things to do, people to see. well, kinda. but you know.
i'm not all that excited about prom, but who thought i would be. i wasn't excited about the last one either. but oh well. i'm sure it'll be fun.. and after prom will be fun too.

i am so so so very excited that i get to go to florida.. in a month!! :-) oh my goodness i really can't wait. it's gonna be so fun to see everyone and everything again. ahhh.

and guess who's birthday is next friday!

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i got bored [18 May 2005|07:07pm]
What Makes You Sexy?
by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsEverything
Special Talents AreNibbling
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oh baby ;-)

Love by ruby mae
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Your partner
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They are yourShoulder to cry on
You are theirSweetheart
Your love willNever end
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At your ten year high school reunion... by robbiewriter
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oh that's nice

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(summer time)

mmm yes [15 May 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

this weekend was nice. you're wonderful, as usual.
i felt weird and selfish tonight.. i was jealous of the tv, i needed more attention. so now i'm in a jealous mood, again. and i don't want to have to wait until friday, possibly even saturday, to see you.

these next couple of weeks should be pretty good.
chemistry and english sols tomorrow.
history sol on tuesday, then home. (no bio!)
not going on wednesday.
thursday we'll have an extra long math class.. but eh i guess that's okay.
friday decorating for prom, no school!
saturday prom
sunday birthday bash
monday dc field trip
tuesday-thursday normal school days
friday that school picnic and my birthday.

how exciting.

Tell the world who you are survey (160+ questions)

Created by shakido and taken 6 times on bzoink!

Nick Name(s)jessi
Birthdaymay 27
Age you wish you weredepends on the day
Current Locationchesterfield
Eye Colorgreen
Haircolordark brown
What grade are you in11
Zodiac Signgemini
Do You
Swearnot much
Singnot very well
Want to go to Collegeno, but i'm going
Want to get Marriedyes
Belive in yourselfnot usually
Think you are Attractiveno
Get along with your parentsmost of the time
Like thunderstormsyes
Play an instrumentno
If yes, what one(s)
Consider yourself tolerant of othersusually
Trust others easilyyes
Whad do you like most about your bodymy eyes
Leasteverything else
Are you a health freakno
Your heritagelots of stuff
Place to eatmy house
Music Genredepends on my mood
TV Showsaved by the bell
Sexual Fantaasyum.
Turn onbrian
Weathersunny and warm
Late night activitysleep
Have you ever
Had sexno
Drank alcoholyes
Thought about committing suicidei wanted to die in 7th grade
Cut yourself, on purposeno
Had surgeryno
Been out of the countryyes
Played strip pokerno
Want to (again)not so much
Slept with someone of the opp sex, that isn't related to you, wo having sexyes
Kissed the same sexno
Dated the same sexno
Done anything sexual with the same sexno
Been betrayedi'm sure i have
Killed an animal on accidentnothing other than bugs
On purposebugs
Been on Radio/TVno
Danced in the rainno
Had a reoccurring dreamyes
If is; do describeit's too long
Have you colored your hairno
Have any tattoosno
If yes; where
Talk to yourselfyes
Have actual conversations with yourselfyes
Sleep walkno
Snorei don't know
Name one thing you're obsessed withbrian
Fall sleep better with the TV/Radio onyes
Take walks in the rainno
Do you wish it were more socially acceptable for a girl to ask a boy outi don't care, i think it's fine
In the past month
Drank alcoholno
Been on drugsno
Gone on a dateyeah
Eaton an entire box of Oreos yourselfno
Eaten sushino
Been on stageno
Been dumpedno
Gone skinny dippingno
(ever gone skinny dipping)no
Stolen Anythingno
Been called a teaseno
Regret something you didno
Regret something you didn't dono
Soda or Coffeesoda
Coffee or Cappuccinoneither
Chocolate or Vanillavanilla
Briefs/Pantis or Boxers(on yourself)normal underwear
Spandex or Shorts(on yourself)shorts
Skateboarding or Bladingblading, like the cool people in the commercial
Taken or Single(currently)taken
Windows or Macintosh or Unix(Linux)windows
Loner or Group(on average preferred)i don't like being alone
Passive or Aggressivepassive
Optimistic or Pessimistici'm more pessimistic these days
Pepsi or Cokeneither
McDonald's or Burger Kingmcdonalds
Single or group Datessingle usually, but group dates are fun
Lipton Ice Tea or Nesteaneither
In a Boy/Girl...
Favorite Eye Colorblue
Favorite Hair Colorbrown
Short or Long hairlong
heighttaller than me
Body Typeskinny to normal
Best clothing stylejeans and t-shirt?
Number of Piercingsnone
Number of Tattoosnone
Party hopper or more stay at homestay at home
Currently have a crusha boyfriend
If yes; what's their namebrian
Do you dream about your crushsometimes
What do you find most remanticremantic? um, learn how to spell.
Do you consider your significant other hotof course.
Who payshe does usually, unless i feel like being the man
Holding hands ismy favorite thing to do
Do you like watching the sunrise/set with you sig otheri never have but i'm sure it'd be wonderful
Had a stalkerno
Are YOU the stalkerno
Miss someone right nowyes
Biggest turn offoh there's lots
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Would they play with your hairsure
Do you like kissingvery much so
Do you only kiss one person on the lipsyes
If so whobrian
Do you prefer tongue or no tonguedepends
Where is the best place to be kissed on your bodymmm neck.
Worst placei don't think there is a bad place to be kissed
Last person who
Turned you onbrian
Made you laughbrian
Laughed at your joke(s)dylly
Made you cryonly i make myself cry
Brightened your daybrian
You saw a movie withbrian
What makes you cry your heart outmissing certain people, thinking about certain things
Do tears make eyes look prettyno, people look ugly when they really cry
What do you do when you're angrycry
What makes you happyseeing people laugh or smile, my friends, my family, brian
What/who makes you smile uncontrollablybrian
Who cheers you up more than anyone elsebrian or courtney
Your weaknessbrian
Your biggest fearlosing someone i love
Your perfect pizzacheese, cheese and more cheese
Goal you would like to achieve this yearum.. no idea
Your most overused phrase/word on an instant messengerhaha
Thoughts first waking upi want to go back to sleep
Your bedtime10ish on weeknights, 11:30ish on weekends
Your most missed memorythere's too many
Have any pets4 cats, 1 dog, 1 hamster
Who's the person you talk to the most onlinematthew or brian
Who are you on the phone most withashley or brian
Who do you trust the mosti trust many people
Who listens to your problems mostcourtney, ashley
Who do you fight with the mostdylly, or blakely
Name someone's arems you feel safest inbrian, calvin
And Finally
Was this quiz pointless or did it allow you to tell everyone more about youjust using it to take up time

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(1 livin easy |summer time)

i was told to update [11 May 2005|09:32pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | dylans crap ]

i'm gonna try to remember stuff that has happened since april 27th..
well, there was prom. that was exciting. we had to take 7238466534919286 pictures. but brian was adorable, of course. dinner was wonderful. the dance was eh... a dance. i don't like dances. it didn't impress me too much. on our way home was exciting, in a not so good way. but it's okay. after prom was nice and distracting.
the 1st.. that was adams birthday! so that was fun. and that's about it for that day.
the school week was crap, of course. friday came ever so slowly, but when it finally got there it was wonderful... after the AP test, of course. the test was poo. but some much needed brian time was great. SATs on saturday were alright, easier than the last one, or so i thought. after the SATs was last minute mothers day shopping. then brian. sunday was mothers day. we cooked mommy breakfast in bed, but she got up before we were done.. so it wasn't in bed. we went bowling in the afternoon, because she wanted to go. then, of course, time for my love.
monday.. school was ehh, normal. monday night was terrible. i hate pmsing, i hate being a girl. but whatever.
tuesday.. school still ehh. but i felt a little better.
today.. school still ehh. when i got home i washed my car and talked to mommy a lot and daniel came over. it was exciting to see him again. but i wish i would have been at the track meet, i'm so sorry. if i had known.. you know i would have been there. i love you so much and i would never pass up a chance to see you.
so i've been upset this evening just thinking that you might be upset with me :-( i would never just ignore you like that. but.. you got to see that girl, so that should make up for it. i promise i won't even get jealous about it, if you promise you're not mad at me.

so i hope this was good enough for you.
i hope i'm good enough for you.

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you're not something i deserve [27 Apr 2005|06:44pm]
[ mood | stinky ]
[ music | the freshman ]

my birthday is in a month! i'm expecting gifts. just kidding.

i like having all this free time. the week has seemed to go by faster than normal so far, and that's wonderful.
school is so close to being over.. oh i can't wait for summer, and florida! oh my goodness going to orlando will definitely be the highlight of my summer :-) it'll be sooo great.

in biology today mrs turo said "for the life of me" and it reminded me and sahaj of that song by verve pipe. and greg is very rude.

i'm extremely tired so i think i'm gonna go to bed early tonight. i hope i didn't have any homework to do.. eh oh well.

(summer time)

uhhh [25 Apr 2005|06:22pm]
[ mood | itchy ]

oh goodness
i quit today. i'm glad i did it and got it over with and now i never have to think about softball again. yep, i'm a quitter. but i was mature about it, and i didn't even cry (amazing!). i'll miss the girls, but not going out there and wasting my time. i'm proud of myself.
i've "got balls" as i've been told. ha

and i guess that goes right along with me being a fake girl. but that's alright, i don't mind.

let's see.. when did i last update? a week ago? sure. not like i really have anything to say. but i'll recap anyways!
wednesday- it felt like a friday and school went by pretty fast, that's always good. track meet was terribly hot, and so was that one kid running for bird.. i think he ran the 400 and the 4 by 4. the pale one with the hair.. you know who i'm talking about. the concert was fun, even though i was extremely tired. and we came home late, of course.
thursday- i don't remember school. we had a game, but when we got there the sky was green (tornado!) and the other team was hiding in their gym. we got out and threw for a little while but then we didn't want to die so we got back on the bus. the game ended up being cancelled, or postponed or whatever. oh my goodness and thursday morning was cody and david's accident :-(. but they're alright and i love them.
friday- school was normal, nothing special. ashley and i went to visit david after school. brian and i went to ginos for dinner with jordan and michael. fun times.
saturday- mommy and i went shopping in the morning. i waited around for a long while for ashley to call me because we were supposed to go to richmond music center. but there were problems :-( and more accidents. but she's fine. be careful guys, i don't want anymore accidents.
sunday- daddy and i went to the flea market! i've never seen so many mexicans in my life. but it was fun. then mommy and i went shopping some more, i like all this shopping. brian came over after a while and i won at video games. :-) sorry, but i hardly ever win at anything, so i get excited when it happens. i love you.

prom on saturday..
ap exam next friday..
sats next saturday..


(summer time)

keep it to yourself [19 Apr 2005|09:21pm]
[ mood | blank ]

we won today, finally. 2-1. i got to play for the last inning, but only because doogan got kicked out of the game. i guess it was good for being my last home game. away game on thursday and then i'm done with softball, i can't take it anymore. it's stupid, a waste of my time. but thinking about it just makes me mad so let's move on.

mmm tomorrow should be wonderful :-) :-) no practice (for me) and track meet and concert. brian time during the week makes me so so so happy.

mrs edwards asked if i want to do community service by going to the senior citizen prom and talking and dancing with them. haha. teddy might do it. but i don't like dressing up. i do need the hours though, so i don't know what i'm going to do.

ahh i need to finish my english project. i'm going to fail that history test on thursday. and the biology one. craaaaaaaaaaapp. i hate school.

(summer time)

i know, i know... [17 Apr 2005|09:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | 3 doors down ]

:-) i love weekends.

i go through each and every week hoping and wishing that the weekend would get here sooner, just to have it fly by and then start over again.

i love kissing you
i love hugging you
i love laughing with (at) you
i love your singing
i love when you give me those crazy looks
i love when you hold my hand
i love your back massages
i love your smile and your laugh
i love watching you
i love being with you

i know you're restless and always have to be doing something, but it's those times when we just lay around and do nothing that are my favorite.

i love you

(summer time)

mhmm [11 Apr 2005|09:23pm]
Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...breath taking
Your hugs are...gentle
Your eyes...light up a day
Your touch is...the only thing I desire
Your smell is...beautiful
Your smile is...entrancing
Your love of a kind
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i am so tired.. of everything.

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but at least i can say i tried [10 Apr 2005|09:26pm]
[ mood | content ]

this weekend was pretty good.
friday was alright.. not the best friday ever but it was still a friday.
yesterday was pretty good. mommy and i went shopping for a little bit and then we went to brenda's softball game. gosh, how i don't miss slowpitch.. i had forgotten how long and boring it is. after that we went to the tapps house and i got pampered.. that was nice.
today was wonderful. dylly and i washed my car. brian came over after a while. ice cream and the walk was fun. aw the swans. and the creek was exciting :-). and! i'm not broken! yes, it was a magnificent day.
but, as usual, the weekend went by way too fast, and i do not want to go to school tomorrow.
i'm not sure i can make it through the week.. although i say this every week and i seem to have survived so far.

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just to take up time [05 Apr 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Are you a 90s Kid? Then This survey is for you.
BOLD what you know

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Fraggle Rock
G.I. Joe
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Secret World of Alex Mack
Nightmare Before Christmas
Welcome Freshman

Space Cases
The Muppet Show
Muppet Babies
Eureka's Castle
Salute Your Shorts
Legends of the Hidden Temple

You Can't Do That On Television
Nickelodeon G.U.T.S
What Would You Do?
Double Dare
Rocko's Modern Life
All That
Ren and Stimpy
Clarissa Explains It All

The Torklesons
Pete and Pete
Stick Stickley
Angry Beavers
Hey Arnold!
AAH! Real Monsters
Tiny Toons
Pinky and the Brain
The Babysitter's Club

Gullah Gullah Island
Richard Scarry

Dumbo's Circus
Ocean Girl
Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
Snick Snacks
Koala Yummies
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Nick Magazine

The Goonies
Ernest Movies
Radio Flyer
Disney Watchers
Adventures in Wonderland
Homeward Bound
The Adventures of Yellow Dog
Milo and Otis
Neverending Story
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The Lion King
101 Dalmations
The Secret Garden
Pete's Dragon
Hocus Pocus

Secret of Roan Inish
Land Before Time
Fern Gully
Secret of NIMH
Gummi Bears
Care Bears
A Little Princess
My Little Pony
Black Beauty
Rainbow Brite

Lady Lovely Locks
Don't Wake Daddy!
Don't Break the Ice
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Tinker Toys
The castles that made tea sets
Sky Dancers
Polly Pocket
slap bracelets

hypercolor t-shirts
Lite Brite
neon colored/Dayglo clothing
side ponytails
stirrup pants
jelly shoes
saddle shoes
Beanie Babies
Choose Your Own Adventure
Magic Attic Club
American Girl
Island of the Blue Dolphin
Saved By The Bell
Full House
Step By Step
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Boy Meets World
Bill Nye the Science Guy

Mork and Mindy

Eerie, Indiana
Third Rock From The Sun
Tracey Ullman Show
Growing Pains
Family Ties

Felix The Cat: The Movie
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Home Improvement
Tom and Huck
My Brother and Me
Kenan and Kel
Inspector Gadget
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Power Rangers
Hot Wheels
Creepy Crawlers
Easy Bake Oven

Wild and Crazy Kids
playdough McDonald's sets
Rainbow Fish
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Bailey School Kids
Wayside School
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
Boxcar Kids
Ramona Quimby
Amber Brown
Roald Dahl
Allegra's Window

3-2-1 Contact

so that was fun. aw, it made me remember things i had forgotten about. like the magic attic club! i had so forgotten about that. and aw rainbow fish and the wayside school books. wow, the 90s were the best. i miss all of that stuff, it should all come back.

anyways, we lost our game, of course. i didn't play, of course. but, i did learn something new from amanda and now i'm amazing.

(summer time)

that's alright, cause i'm in love with you [04 Apr 2005|09:36pm]
[ music | dyllys music ]

i still hate school. it was soo long and boring today. i wanted to jump out the window.

we have a game tomorrow. yay for sitting the bench. at least we'll be wearing the new uniforms, so i'll be sitting the bench in style ;-)
oh and i got hit in the boob with a ball today. it was because of the wind. or maybe i'm just bad. i still suck at softball.

he's still amazing
he's still all mine
and i still needlovewant him more than anything.

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