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    Tuesday, December 30th, 2003
    2:20 am
    need to update more

    I be ok. Been better, been worst. Chistmas was ok, but tiring driving from dallas, waco and then back to nac. I hate my car!!!!. Rob got his hair cut.... SHORT. its still long but he got like 8 inch cut off. It weirod. Doing a New year party in acouple days at nathens. Going to make turkey, and mashed caluflouer and mashed butter nut squash (akins version of Mashed potato and sweet potatos) Still lossing lots of weight. Current I beleave the total is 20 pounds lost, and that throw the hoilday season. By ushi-con (and defently by akon) no one will reconize me for all the weight Im loosing. ^_^ When I done I be the lightest I been since teen (goal is 140-150) Been 170 most of my life but that all going to chage.

    In other news the only firend I got to see this christmas was Tere and Sam T_T Took sam some Purple dasiy(im sure he was lauphin about that) And spend some time with tere.... his dad still tring to get me drunk though :p I did not like that I could not see anyone else but I could never get ahold of misty but Oh well. We thinking of tring to get ahold of Heather, espesally since I got her a gift, but the next thing I knew it was christmas eve and me and rob where packing up for waco.

    last thing I mention.... my grades sucked this semester, 2 c and 1 b.... But my GPA still high enouph to get me into the elementry education program so I'm not too worried, just need to do better next semster.

    Well Bye for now(since it 2 in the morring)

    Current Mood: tired
    Sunday, December 7th, 2003
    12:03 am
    oh well
    I dont know why I keep writing.. not like anyone reads this this. I guess I do it for myself. school sucks, work suck but Hey i lost 15 pound on my diet. i happy about that, My tummy getting smaller and smaller by the weeks ^_^ I 180 now and I should be 160-150 by new years. If I worked out more I get there faster but I have no time. I when I do I just normal think about... things and curl up into a little a ball and cry. I been such a cry baby all semester, I fell Like i should be getting over things but Im not. I still just running.

    Club wise Im getting lots of things burned. Also finished watching Onegai Twins, Ragnarok and Started to Watch Full Moon (up to ep 11). OH and Im reading the Hobbit. Its great, If you not read the book read it.

    OH and I have to talk about my Brother over thanksgiving when I was talking about Rubin, Rob mom asked me how many brother I had and where they where so I told her about Josh >_< she did not talk to me for liek 20 mins..... oh well

    Not looking forword to the Holidays, I'll be in dallas but I dont think I do anything. I sure Heather, misty and everyone will just love to see me (being Sarcatic) Not like Im much Of a friend anyway.

    oh in other new: Janice (my firend who was pregent) is now the mother of a health baby boy. ^_^ wow there still things in like i'm thankful for.

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: Monday Morning- Prozak
    Saturday, November 15th, 2003
    11:37 am
    Long Post
    I have not even looked at my LJ in a week, not to speck about how long Its been Since I posted. I been depressed lately, what can you expect, I lost 2 people I loved in 4 months time. I was not, "close close" to my grandmother but she was not a stranger. I still hurts that she gone. she was a great women. Part of the reason when I think it affected me so much, is it open back up my semi-closed wound from sam death. Not im been trying to heal all over. Plus my family all messed up now, One of my uncle tried to kill him self a few days before funural (I beleave the day or day after she died) onther one probly has Throght (sp?) cancer from all the smokeing a drinking he does. One good thing came out of the trip, I got to see my 1/2 bother that I have not seen since I was 6. He was all messed up for a while(like the rest of my family) but now he trying to get on the right path (going to AA and thinking about Collage) I might Even have enouph of One of My brothers to have an uncle for my Children. ^_^ (I have 2 have brothers Physcial, But I only reconce one of them.) If you want to see a Pic Of the Brother I dont Reconze:, Look Up Laux. My Anut show me it. Make me happy.

    Well enouph about that. Classes are going.....ok. Anime meeting getting better. I not doing as much and everyone doing there jobs. ^_^ im happy. THough they need to remind rob more about the Wyatt room, Im going to talk to them about it. So im happy.

    Start the Atkins diet. Been doing good. Im on my 5th day. Im gettting trired for the first part (Induction) but that only 2 weeks. I survive the 2 week then everything gets alot easier. Im feeling good and doing great. Lost a few pounds and stuff. (about 5-7) fFeeling great and going strong so Wish me luck.

    In ANIME news
    got alot of new anime in. All of Chance POP Session, watched it ALL yesterday. ^_^ its good but I was balling during some parts. Got The rest of Please teacher in and have the rest of Rahxephon Ordered. Got some Henteis (yes Im a BAAAAAADDDDDD Girl) got those who hunt eleves, Blue seed OAV and on oreder S. Hunter OAVs. Muiki_chan in wonderland and some other that I cant think of off the topof my head. Need to get my manga in too. oh well.

    Im sure there more to update but Im not quite awale yet and my tummy growling so I need to go make my High Protin/low carb Breakfast.

    Current Mood: hungry
    Current Music: Aqua- Freaky Friday
    Friday, October 31st, 2003
    3:32 pm
    My grandma passed away monday and now its friday, in in Illio and Im not happy.

    Current Mood: depressed
    Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003
    11:32 pm
    Sorry I haven posted in a while but Im been busy.

    I desiced to drop Zoo this semester and try it again next semseter >_< im really starting to had Dr. McCord. but besied that Im fine. Sick again. but getting over it. This week end Rob's mom came down and I had the entire weekend to do nothing, she refused to let me clean, cook, do laundry. I played viedo games and watched movie. We showed her Lord of the rings for the first time. I balled at the part where sam nearly Drowned. I had to leave the room. Im pathedic some times.

    Anime meeting been terrable. Seam like no one cares anymore so im starting too not care myself. Chris.... he has not dont much. Joel, Im about to beat him down just to get the Fucking Poster put up. and Johnathen.... I really have no complates...he been doing good with keeping hold of moeny and comeing and STAYING at the meeting Unlike a certion joel who leaves every fucking meeting. Sorry... pissed at him about that. i still thinking of quiting but since I do so much that Im afraid it go to shit without me. I was sooo sick last meeting, but I went anyway becasue joel said he was not going to stay the entire meeting..... again. but he stayed becasue chris showed up 30-40 mins late. I think me going while sick and Chris being late showed just how inporant all are officer stay there is. Becasue if i did not go and he did not go and chris being late..... Poor johnathen, is all im going to say.

    On a less bitcher note, Janice Baby shower this weekend. I cant wait. ^_^ its going to be great. I never been to a baby shower and here the 2nd of my friends to have a baby.... Im getting old. That damn Biological clock.... It need a snooze button.

    I need to go jump my robby-kun.

    Current Mood: horny
    Friday, October 10th, 2003
    11:32 am
    why not
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    Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
    1:11 pm
    stress, stress and more stressed
    Classes Suck!!! I had a small nervous brake down yesterday. I was first upset since Im sure I failed my Poli-sci test and then I want to my Oceanogaphy class to get my test back and there is no grade..... he keeps them secret tell then end... >_< pissed me off, and then I spent another hours in that class with everyone fighting over a stupid answer to the homework that if you looked at the quation the answer was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right there.... and the STUIPED teacher was saying the oppisite and then gave up and told us we dont have to worry about it. Plus I think i failed the Question part of the test which count twice as much as test. T_T

    Got so far behind by being sick and just stressed that when we want to lunch, I exploed in the middle of slochkye(sp?) and started to ball. rob took me home and i sleeped 3 hour tell the shit hit the fan and EVERYONE called me about the anime meeting, "where we meeting, Im going to be late... even though I have what the first thing we are goign to watch" "who picking up the TV" so after the 4-5 phone call I figured I had to go. GO after 5 mins and Joel Insulting me and Yaoi, I balled the throw a VCD across the room. the when it can to talking to everyone I asked Chris If he do it.... but I still endup talking about more then 1/2 the shit and Rob... who should have come to the Officer meeting (since it WAS in his home and he was just playing FUCKING rag) was being stuff up and talking about shit we did want to talk about and already decussed. took us 1/2 hour to get threw buessness when It should have taking 10-15 mins.

    I think Im going to quit the anime meeting and watch it go straight to hell without me.

    But after then meeting was GREAT!!!! want with Nathen and new girl named Jenny to Tokyo Hana and I had this beef bowl thing, Jenny had steamed Soybean (witch are GREAT!!!!) and since I dont like miso i asked if I could try just the plain broth before the miso added (it a fish broth that I can remeber then name, starts with a B) The guy who own the place said he add some noddles and rice to it and spiff it up but what i got was a free, expence pot... not bowl... pot of GOOD udon. He put chiken and beef and Sherp and scloped and fish cakes and everthing Great. Oh it was sooooo good. I want to pay him but he refused to let me pay. Oh it was wonderful. The jeeny came over and we played around onthe puter... It was great.

    Made a great ending to a bad day.

    Current Mood: stressed
    Monday, October 6th, 2003
    9:24 am
    Life suck!!!! not really. Im FINALLY over being sick. Now I have a test today and not lookign forword to it. Since it Poltical Science I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo did not Studty over the weekend so now Im playing cetch up. >_< I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hate this class. but the teacher has made it as easy as possable as long as you put SOME effort in it. Too bad I dont want to put some effort in.

    In other new, Im COMPLETELY debt free. I just payed Rob all the money I owed him, Now it just monthly expences (1/2 internet, Rag, and 1/3 Electrisity) that all equals to about 80 a month. I know Rob Will probly want more now that Im out of Debt.... I'll probly just give him an even 100 for the month. that give me 200-300 to spend for my self. Im soo behind in seris and Im on a manga kick again so I will probly spend money one that.

    Oh the other officer and I know what we going to spend SORF funds on ^_^ YAYAYAY!!!!! my Idea what threw. We going to have a Manga Libary by the end of the year. ^_^ YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! now the question is... what to put in it?

    Other thing:
    Video tape/CDR depending on a vote tomrrow
    Tape suitcase
    Gas/cheaper memebership to Ushicon for Payed members.

    And other thing

    Well GTG

    Current Mood: busy
    Friday, October 3rd, 2003
    9:04 am
    Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
    9:25 am
    Im tired. I been sick on and off for two weeks now. Ive missed 6 days of class. I have a Lab Test, not quiz today. and A test in Oceanography tomrrow.

    Also Im about to kill everyone in the Anime club officership. I feel like the Chris (new Prez)and Johnathan (new Tresure) have not done a thing, even though I asked them to do ALOT. If the room in the Wyatt is not reserved for the next anime meeting soon, everyone going to blame ME... the Lib... who cant do that. Rob refuses to do it without eather one of them (because its not his job) but they just wont go do it. I understand Jonathen a little more since he is out of town but Chris is not doing anything. I also asked Chris to update the site, and Im about to update the site for him. Joel is not doing anything eather but I dont think he really knew what he was getting into. Now I wish Amit won (dont tell him I said that Amit) Im just to tired to wory aboutit this week.

    Im going to E-mail chris and remind himof the Wyatt room. Plus some other ideas to raise non-SORF for the club ^________^

    Plus we got like 350 dollors in SORF fund.... that great for a club who avrages 10-20 members... but I wish more people who signed the sheet came T_T.

    Im glad that kelly cameback but not having Amy and Nicole makes her look bad. If they never show back up then they where just there to vote. but hey thay payed dues so it does matter that much to me. I just wish she did not try to stack the votes.

    been Encoding Episode for the clublike crazy ^_^ Jungle guu, Rag, Da Capo and random other. ^_^ te he.

    beside all this Im been doing alot better. Nightmare are gone. Im geeting out of my Depressed funk a little more and more each day. Im glad I desided to keep the Potion as Lib. ^_^ I just dont want to run the damn thing.

    Current Mood: tired
    9:24 am
    I dont have time to do 2 post on this and LJ so I'll probly Just Repost what I put in LJ.

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