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09:53pm 21/09/2003
mood: blah
music: "Somewhere I Belong" Linkin Park
I quite frankly dont give a crap of who reads my journal...ferget all the fuss I made when I found out certain ppl read it. Cuz..muh sis knocked some sense into me...ITS ON THE INTERNET!!!!! EVERYONE CAN READ IT! so...I dont care....but I am digging LiveJournal better....check it out ova there.

Leave me comments er I wont POST! :-D thnx Have a nice day!
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The End...   
11:57pm 18/09/2003
mood: sleepy
music: "Poetic Tragedy" by The Used
Alright...Alright...all you blurty pplz...Ive finally moved all my entries over to my other journal host. And customized things over there...Im a lil tired I say good bye to Blurty fer good...and g'nite fer now!

I love y'all...if u need my new address to my new journal....IM me. XoBlondeGeniusoX

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10:08pm 18/09/2003
mood: disappointed
music: "Hurricane" by Something Corporate
Alrite guys....Satuday...I want everyone one of you to make the right decision...plz...I care about you all...and to see you guys chose the wrong path...juss aint kewl. Plz choose the rite path....plz....make the right decision
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05:16pm 17/09/2003
mood: sore
music: "Konstatine" by Something Corporate
UGH! My foot hurts sooo bad I could scream.

So...I asked my dad if he would give me a ride to school today, becuz muh foot hurt really bad and I dint wanna walk to the bus. So in the car hes all like "You need to quit Marching Band then...if you cant even walk to skewl...what makes u think u can march?? You need to quit" I juss looked at him and laughed...and he was like "Im serious" I was like "You would have to be crazy to think that I would quit one of the most important things in my life...Marching Band is my everything...and u dont understand..." my dad dint say another word. Yeah, Id let him make me quit, like my mom would let him make me the band would let him make me quit, and like Mr. Cramer would let me quit! HA! My dad would be crazy! Just cuz he dont take interest in what I do...doesnt mean that its Not important to me. UGH! Parents these days!!

Afta and my dad took a tomatoe to my grandma...cuz she had a craving for one...and then from there we went to the Podiatrist....and they took X-rays...and messed around wif my foot...I wanted to kick the guy in the face (wif my good foot). Then he put a cortozone shot in muh foot...oh it hurt so bad..and as hes doing dad is talking to him about Baseball. But I did notice how me dad wasnt even looking at the doctor when he was talking to him...he was staring at at the ground. My dad hates needles. My mom was surprised when I told her that i dint cry er scream...when I got it...cuz shes had them b4 in her shoulder...and she said that they are very very very painful. Well, Im feeling it now...and I wanna scream so bad. I have to get surgery over Christmas Break...there goes Winterguard...8'(

Afta all that fun dad took me out to it was good...David's New York Deli...yummy! And then I came home...and went to up..and watched William open his presents...aww I love muh Will.

I should be getting ready fer practice rite now. I have to be there in a half hour.

Oh...guys I wont be online tonite...afta practice....I have to study fer my Biology Test and my Algebra test, and its a game day in Mr. Gordon's class tomorrow. And I definitely need to study. So...yeah..G'nite y'all!

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Orange Juice   
10:29pm 16/09/2003
mood: sleepy
music: Drew Carrey Theme Song
Ahh...a good day starts wif Orange Juice...and Ends wif a glass of Orange juice. Today was like...kinda wierd. I got up at dressed, brushed my hair, packed my back pack, ate some banana nut muffins, a nice glass of orange juice, and walked to the bus stop. I road the bus wif Bea...we walked to each others lockers, then went and sat down in the lil cobble stone thingy area wif the BIG RED poles in the middle of the hall..yeah there. Then I went to first hour..and slept....

Second hour was spanish..we went to the computer lab, and I sat between Ashley and Joey Brandt...(both Varsity Cheer leaders) and we talked bout Cheerleading and Marching Band...they were dissapointed that the boys dint come down and do the funky Chicken! I really hate it how ppl diss the cheerleaders...cuz they dont really know them....Ive known Alex & Joey fer a long time, almost 8 years and theyre super awesome!...and Ashley is sooo sweet.

Third hour~ I talked my way outta taking the test...woohoo! lol Im a smoooooooothe talker! lol I slept the whole hour

Fourth hour~What the hell was Masse talking bout? would anyone like to let me in??? I think today's discussion had to do wif Niagra Falls...and uh...some author who chose not to win the Nobel Piece Prize...? i dunno...I never know what the hell hes talking about.

Lunch~OH baby...what a fight! It was terrible...they had to call the cops and an ambulance..wooo...yikesiez... Then afta fourth hour...there was another fight...I dint stay to watch taht one...I had a math test to talk my way outta.

Fifth Hour~Sprague decided not to give us the test...cuz there was an assembly fer Juniors...and afta they left..there was only like 10 ppl in that he changed it till thursday. Woohoo go Sprague! Then my mom came and got me...and I went to see muh Doctor...and Doctor Knas said that I have to get surgery..either that er there gonna juss shave the bone off. But more than likely will do the full surgery. So she gave me a referl to go see Dr. Kalmus (foot doctor) tomorrow at 11:30...oh yes fun! She gave me a note to give to Mr. Cramer bout not wearing those marching shoes...cuz she says that my marching shoes are what is causing me so much pain. But Im not gonna give him the note..cuz she dont understand..I HAVE to wear the shoes for competition. She said to stay outta as much as I can

Afta the appt. I had a private lesson...she said Im doing well...I had fun today...I was like "yeah..ur daughter's band smoked us Saturday by 40 points" and she was like "ooh...Im sorry" i was like "well we wernt expecting to get first place wif Plymouth Canton there...but I was at least hoping to do well" I dunno...what really happend Saturday.

I came home...slept..ate pancakes...then went to practice...which went by really fast...I dint even kno it was 9. We got a few sets done...not our goal tho. Our goal was 12...we I think...10 pages of Drill. If you're reading this...and dont have a clue of what im talking bout, drill, sets...all that stuff...then I suggest u JOIN MARCHING BAND and see what im talking about! :-)

Oh was funnie. We were in the waiting room in the doctors office...and I was I started conducting to the music on the tv...and this guy turns around and is staring at me...and I look at him...and I felt so stupid. I catch myself doing that all the time...conducting in public...oh Sarah and I were talking we lay in bed...and juss start conducting. Its addicting. lol

Alright...I think im gonna go to bed...tho I only have a half day tomorrow...

Oh tomorrow is William's 2nd birthday! HEHE! I love muh Will!

Steve asked why I dint ask my dad to teach me how to play the drums...I have...I have asked my dad to teach me...but he juss says "I dunno" I think...when Missy moves out...and we clean out the basement...Ill ask him to put his drumset together...and teach me!I think Ill make him do that fer my first reportcard!

I dint have much homework today...surprisingly tho...cuz I stayed home yesterday...I was sick, my head felt heavier than the rest of my body...and I couldtn really walk well. So I called my mom at work..when I got up at 6, and she told me to stay home.

I feel like such a pill popper, I take 2 tylenol allergy cold and sinus pills, 2 excedrins, 1 singulair. Good God...5 pills.

Ugh...ok..this comp is addicting. Everyone has already signed off...and im still on here..updating my I need to go to bed. Which I know I wont...cuz Drew Carrey is on...and I wanna watch it! :-) hehe G'nite


Mara!!!!~ How do you put picutres in your journal???

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07:25pm 14/09/2003
mood: sore
music: *I kissed a Drunk Girl* by Something Corporate
Okay...Im too lazy to transfer the rest of my blurty journals to my other fer now Im a keep blurty. I talked to my mom...she says she dont care that its fer 18 yrs er older. Its not like its a porn site..she said as long as it dont cost her anything shes kewl.

So yesterday we had our first competition at Novi...I marched the show in tears. There were tears flowing down my cheeks the whole show...I hope that a judge dint see me. Yesterday, my foot decided to get worse. My bunion (yeah gross is) on my right foot started getting really the fact that I can barely walk on it. There was no point in telling Nurse Kierpaul..there was nothing she can do fer it. The only person I wanted to see yesterday was my mom. I dint see her at all. She said she waited fer me afta we performed...but I couldnt find her. I was hoping maybe she coulda gave me one of her darvasets er sumtin.

Okay..I juss wanna say how great of a friend Daniel is to me. He soo understands me...he understands also why I was upset yesterday..not juss cuz of my foot..but of other reasons..that will stay between me and daniel ONLY!! And I dint think anybody would understand...but he did. And It felt good, knowing he does.

I think that our problem yesterday at the Invitational...wasnt that we were bad wif muzik er marching er what not. But people still have the attitude in their blood...thinking "We suck...I dont even have to try...I can do it on my own I dont need anybody...who cares bout the drum major...all she does is flap her arms around..." I think thats what ppl are thinking...and it hurts sooo much inside of me..that ppl would think that. Cuz if I become drum major....I dont want ppl thinking Im worthless...Drum Majors do a lot, and have a lot on their shoulders...I dont even wanna kno the stress they have.

We ended up getting 4th place (outta 4 bands) and got a score of 44.4! Yikes! But ya know me...Scores are just opinions, (very educated opnion) but the only opinon that matters is MINE! :-) hehe My mom video taped Plymouth Canton's fer me...and their show isnt that great this year...but it is pretty kewl. Their colorguard wasnt together. And their drum majors had different tempos. ::snickers:: My aunt and uncle juss left..and they live out in Canton..and I was telling them bout yesterday...and my aunt was like "use our address and go to Canton" I laughed..but u know... I wouldnt wanna go to Plymouth-Canton...cuz to juss seems like its more work than fun. When here its equal. Its fun while working.

The bus ride home I was so annoyed. Everone on the back of the bus was drivin me nuts...all they did was scream and throw water and...But what really made me mad...was who ever picks the grade the cleans the bus needs a new head. The sophomores have cleaned it THREE TIMES IN A ROW! Thats not fair! Wheres the freshman? or the JUNOIRS? er the SENIORS? Its not fair...

I cried tho whole ride home in the car wif my mom...cuz muh foot hurted so bad...and there was nothing she could do. Tomorrow she is gonna call the doctors to get a referl to the Orthopedic for my foot. My aunt looked at it today..and was l ike "wow thats bad..." I dont know how Im gonna march on it tomorrow...if I can march on it. I need to be there. I was there when I was really sick and couldnt handle anything...and that was the worst practice last monday. And I nearly threw up on the field. Im sure I can handle it...I dunno. Mom says that all I can do is take 2 excedrins b4 skewl...and hope they last me till 5 (which they wont). I mite have her come in and talk to Mr. Cramer for me. So that way he dont think Im a drama queen er anything. My mom had the same thing.

I pretty much slept all day today...watched movies...ate food..and juss layed on my bed er the recliner elevating my foot. It was pretty swollen today...and I cant walk on it. Im a be a limper tomorrow! OH YAY! (sense the sarcasm??) Well I want more food...bye byez.

<3 Jessy
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12:03am 11/09/2003
mood: jealous
music: "May It Be" enya






Uh oh! lik thats never happened b4. Of what you ask??

Hmmm...fer me to know...and u to NEVER FIND OUT! :-)

Ugh..I hate this makes u wanna scream, cry, kill, destroy, and plan revenge all at the same time! Thats too much for a blonde!
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Happy Birthday   
10:49pm 10/09/2003
mood: silly
music: "Ill catch you" by the Get Up Kids

HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10:02pm 10/09/2003
mood: sick
music: "Too Far Gone" All American Rejects
So much has happend over the past 2 days...but I really dont feel like typing it all out.

Yeah I know I said I was gonna finish transfering my journals over to LiveJournal...but I havent had time to finish that....I mean when do u ever have time to breathe during the fall (marching band). But thats the way I love it...cuz last year...when our fall season ended...I dint know what to do with all my extra time..I know what im gonna do wif it this year....


So this morning I was in a pissy mood..and I felt bad fer Bridget..cuz I wasnt talking to her...and like she was trying to read my shirt...and I thot she was gonna make fun of it cuz its a band shirt (DMA shirt) but she dint...and I felt bad cuz I nearly like attacked her.

Last nite I thot I left my flute in Mindys car...but I dint know that till this morning when I was looking all over my house for I go to call Mindy's house..and I accidently called Alyssa's...oopsie...I thot it was Mindy's...I felt like a dork! So then I got Mindy's number talked to her..and she was like "yeah Ill bring to skewl" I woke her up...hehe Oops!

So then first hour...we had a game day...and everyone in my group answered a Q&A except..MEEEE!!!! UGH! I sometimes feel soo stupid...but I dint have anytime to study yesterday. Today I was glad we dint have practice..cuz I had a crap load of homework and it gave me time to study fer Gordon's test tomorrow. We get $20,000 per A in a group! so..if we all get A's...thats $100,000 in my group! Killer! lol Our group is first place in GNP...we have 100,000 sumtin already..its awesome. Our country is the biggest and most powerful in our class rite now...hopefully we'll stay that way!

Second hour...ugh..boring! ::ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzz::

Third hour...another boring class...but I juss finished my work in that class...cant really sleep in her class..kinda skary too..

Fourth hour...there hasnt been a day where I dint sleep in his class. I dont really care fer that class...but Ill get by..

Fifth hour...ooh man..what did I get myself into??? Stupid me...joined some stupid Math Contest...I get out of class fer 2 hours...but still...Its only gonna put more and more stress on my shoulders. I know it doesnt really matter that Im only a sophomore...and this would be considered practice...and Mr. Sprague insisted that I sign w/e here I go!

Sixth hour...uh? not much to say...Told Nicole a suggestion of what to play fer her Church Art Festival thingymabobber...Adante in C by it was Adante..I cant remember. Hopefully thats not too hard/easy for her...

Afta skewlio...I came home..complained to my mom and dad bout all the shyz thats went on in skewl...and then had a really long talk wif muh sis Katie...played wif muh niece and nephew...then practiced fer an hour er two..still havent got Part III memorized..but Im a go afta I finish studying fer Gordons test, downstairs to practice it...and hopefully Ill get it memorized. Then I took a nap...and got up and ate..then played wif William and Kaitlyn some more...talked to my Uncle Ron...and then went back and layed down..Im soo tired and sick..ugh..Im so congested. And both me and Matt W, barely have voices!

Im kinda mad my Moms bday..and Sept. 11. And I ONLY get to see her a hour and half tomorrow. Cuz I called a sectional again tomorrow at 4:30...cuz Kim wanted to talk to us..but she wouldnt be there till 5..and we really need to work on Part III like I mean yeah Family does come first b4 mom knos I love her and that I wish her the happiest birthday...on the saddest day. Which reminds me...I should make her a card! lol...kinda fergot bout that.

Natalie~u rock muh socks gurlie!! G'job in 5th hour...Thats awesome that ya did that! Keep it up! 8-D

UGH! Jeremy was really making me mad and Lee were both arguing wif him. He kept saying how band is soo easy...and how the football players that were throwing shyz at us at that one practice wern't immature. He was like "Immature is when u act younger than ur age, and kids our age do that stuff!" I started laughing so how ignorant he was to say that. So I told Lee to tell him that "you dont see the band throwing pop bottles at the football team when they're practicing, or anybody else in the stands our age throwing things at them...and we're of the same age...hmmmm what does that SAY?" I couldn't handle his ignorance and jock I juss blocked him. He told Lee that if he gave him a Trumpet and muzik...he could learn to play it so quickly and march the show sumtin like that. Yeah..OK! U DO THAT JEREMY! U show us juss how easy it is...when we've been in it...this is our second year! You show us! U DONT HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT UR TALKING ABOUT...SO SHUT UR MOUTH! GOSH! and you wondered why I would never talk to u online er inskewl...cuz I dont like ur attitude towards band. U really think I was gonna like someone who made fun of me cuz I was in band? Uh..hellll no! The very first time I talked to you...u were like "why dont u quit band? U dont look like a band person" hmmm...Jeremy..tell me...what does a 'band person' look like??? tell me! And tell me why 2 football players have quit playing football FOR BAND! tell me...why did they do that? No it wasnt cuz they're stupid...its cuz they opend their eyes...and saw that U DONT SIT THE BENCH in marching band...everyone gets to play...everyone is important. EVERYONE IS NEEDED! Unlike football..they keep a million of ya guys...fer towel boys and water boys...and another 20 of u to keep the bench warm! Im not dissing football pplz entirely...only the few who think they are better than everyone else. See...our country tries to promote "everyone is equal" but our skewl doesnt show it. They give the football/basketball/baseball players anything they want. While the band who actually make it states (not in the past two years..but WE WILL this year) gets shafted! You dont have a clue of what you're talking about back off!

::Sniffle Sniffle:: well my history book is calling off I go to study! blahness like woah yo!


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11:41pm 09/09/2003
mood: sick
music: "Bohemian Raphsody" by Queen
Um..k..well I guess this is my final BLURTY entry. Um...I have another journal where it is legal to have under the age of 18...if u want the address to it...IM me and get it...XoBlondeGeniusoX. I had an interesting day tho today...Nathan gave me a throat lossenger...and it numbed muh whole mouth and tongue and throat..I could barely speak first hour...but it made my throat a hecka lot betta. Then Second hour...Mr. P's class...we went to the comp lab...and surprisingly I actually learned a thing er two! HEHE Third hour was kinda funnie. You know those lil pill capsule thingys? that when u drop it in the water they expand into lil sponge creatures? Well we had to have one cup warm and the other cool. And we had two lil capsules. And Mrs. Drews had a huge beaker thingy of water on a burner keeping it warm fer our warm water cups. The glass melted and all the water went all over the floor. So we got to break open our capsules and saw what was inside..and we'd redo the lab tomorrow. I got a blue duck..and Alex got a red mermaid..she was singing "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid...while making her mermaid was sooo hilarious. I love ya Alex! Then fourth hour..I havent the slighest as to what the heck Mr. Masse was talking I looked at my algebra and literature text book as they were pillows and took a nap till the lunch bell rang...then I went to lunch where some stuck up lil freshman thot they could steal chairs from us...we took care of that. They thot it was the event of the day..they kept staring at us...and Ehryn was bout to pounce on them. Fifth hour was good..I payed my homework done..and actually participated in class. And Im getting my first A+ in math in my entire life! Mr. Sprague said I looked like an A student..I was like 'yeah I wish...Ive never gotten an A in math" But i have a feeling I will this year! :-) YAY...6th hour...omgosh was so and nicole are prolly the funniest ppl you will see together...she smacked me in the tooth wif her flute today! it was quite funnie...and last year when I would rush in the piccolo part in Stars and Stripes...she would smack my leg to get me to slow down..and I rushed a lil bit in one of the parts today..and she kicked me..geeze we're so violent! lol Nicole rocks!

Then afta skewl I had private lessons which I got muh Solo for Solo and Ensemble today...ah its so awesome! by Telleman! :-) Rockin some socks there...then afta that i came changed...packed muh bag fer Marching and was out hte door cuz i had a sectional at 5....left the sectional at 5:30 fer a supposed meeting that dint happen till 6...but oh well.
The meeting was bout an hour long...good I was productive...yeah.

To the pplz who read/have a blurty...and in MB (marching band) do me a favor...for me..plz do not post any more crap about ppl in here...if u really need to it to ur dog...or cat...and babybro, niece, nephew...w/e...cuz we really dont need any more problems. And this isnt a realy good place to vent so that everyone can read. Yes i have wasnt right. Anywho...g'nite y'all.

Reminder..if u need my address to my new journal...its at LiveJournal..(Im pretty sure u dont have to be 18 to be on there) but if u need it...Ive had it ferawhile..juss neva gave it to ppl...IM get it.

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Have I changed??   
07:08pm 06/09/2003
mood: awake
music: "Here Without You" by Three Doors Down
Okay...according to Steve Jensen...I have changed...ever since I started hanging out wif Lisa. Does anybody think thats true?? and see if u agree.

XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:08:08 PM): hey
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:08:12 PM): I have a question
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:08:12 PM): hi
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:08:15 PM): whats up
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:08:23 PM): how have I changed?
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:08:32 PM): u said I changed eva since me and sean started fighting
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:08:36 PM): I wanna know how Ive changed
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:08:46 PM): i figured out it was not sean
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:09:06 PM): it was lisa...
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:09:08 PM): what?
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:09:20 PM): how have I changed since I started hanging out wif Lisa/
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:09:21 PM): ?*
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:10:54 PM): lisa is just a drama queen and she rubbed off on you a very lil bit.....and your attitude has changed a lil bit and it scares me caue i try to keep the people i am friends with away from lisa cause she always changes them but we missed you cause of sean...we figured that it was sean but it is in fact lisa....she has changed you and it is not good
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:11:22 PM): what?
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:11:25 PM): my attitude?
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:11:30 PM): are u talking bout me not wanting to drink?
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:11:32 PM): uh no..
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:11:35 PM): I hate drinking now
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:11:39 PM): no....nothin to do with that
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:11:39 PM): and its not becuz of lisa
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:11:58 PM): and ur trying to say Im a drama queen now?
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:12:00 PM): ok yeah thnx!
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:12:07 PM): it has nothin to do with that at all....your whole attitude towards almost everything escpecially your friends has changhed
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:12:38 PM): you are not a drama queen but you have changed so much
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:13:08 PM): plz...tell me HOW! I dont understand
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:15:46 PM): it is very simple....lisa get sin side someones head and changes them, she changes there attitude, changes the way they act and then if they start to realize it she goes into on of her lil drama queen things and makes you feel guilty and blah blah blah
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:15:59 PM): i apologize for letting her get into your head so deep
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:16:05 PM): no no
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:16:10 PM): thatz not what Im asking
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:16:23 PM): I wanna how am I different? what am I doing different? that makes me changed
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:17:13 PM): i dont know how you changed but you did...everyone it just not me.....everyone is so mad lisa got to you
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:17:21 PM): you are just differnt
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:17:32 PM): what are u talking bout??I barely even hang wif lisa...god
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:17:52 PM): we can finish talkin a lil later i g2g....i am headin back to school
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:18:05 PM): i got to finish packin then i am gone
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:18:17 PM): if you want i can stop and talk to you in person for a sec on my way
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:18:53 PM): no dont bother!
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:18:57 PM): ok
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:19:07 PM): whatever makes you happy
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:19:51 PM): i realize you are pissed and probably never goin to want to talk to me again.....
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:20:05 PM): no
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:20:06 PM): I will
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:20:09 PM): cuz I wanna kno
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:20:10 PM): but the way i look at it the "real" you is gone
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:20:12 PM): how the fuck Ive changed
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:20:18 PM): THE REAL ME?
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:20:23 PM): WTF? I havent changed
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:20:28 PM): you are so differnt...
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:20:29 PM): as far as all my other friends say
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:20:33 PM): I havent
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:20:45 PM): which friends?
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:20:46 PM): a human monkey (5:20:01 PM): i havent noticed anything change about u other than slowing down on the guys
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:20:56 PM): who is that?
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:21:00 PM): my good friend Matt
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:21:15 PM): emodrumfreak182 (5:14:56 PM): well, you have changed for the good
emodrumfreak182 (5:14:59 PM): you don't drink anymore
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:23:46 PM): ask jj, chris, fetty, jenna, me, rachel, sean, colin, deann, ashleigh and there is probably more i dont know of

TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:24:05 PM): but i have to get goin for eastern now so we can continue later
TUBASTEVE1O12 (5:24:13 PM): or w/e
XoBlondeGeniusoX (5:24:21 PM): yeah sure
TUBASTEVE1O12 signed off at 5:24:23 PM.
Session concluded at 5:35:37 PM

So when Ive asked ppl they told me no...that I havent changed.

emodrumfreak182 (5:14:56 PM): well, you have changed for the good
emodrumfreak182 (5:14:59 PM): you don't drink anymore
emodrumfreak182 (5:15:15 PM): but i personally haven't noticed

a human monkey (5:20:01 PM): i havent noticed anything change about u other than slowing down on the guys

xosaxieblondeox (5:28:39 PM): not that i know of ur alot perkier have i changed since i hang out with tom and step

JGRockets06 (6:42:26 PM): you changed for the better because you become more of a leader since your in charge
JGRockets06 (6:42:30 PM): you dont drink anymore
JGRockets06 (6:42:53 PM): your fun to hang around with... like seriously we become better friends this year then last year

So honestly...I dont really think I have changed...I think it was him who has changed. I really do. I think it was him who has changed. Two ppl have told me that they think he was the one who had changed... NOT ME

But if u think I have changed...comment and let me know. If I have changed for the good or the worse.
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Sad and Lonely!   
12:14am 05/09/2003
mood: tired
music: Lawrence Arms
Today was ok...I got up and drank my OJ (lol Bea). And went to skewl...I only slept during Sprague's class. Tomorrow is a game day in Gordon's class...good deal there! I came home from school...slept till 5 and got ready fer practice. We had practice today during a JV Football game. And there were a bunch of complete ass holes up there throwing shit down on our field. UGH! I HATE FOOTBALL PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways...tonite..afta I put my away message up sayin "im in bed..blah blah blah" I started reading some old conversations I had had wif this person who I used to like...and its kinda sad to see how much I used to like him...and how much he used to like me. And then we stopped talking...and then juss any chance I ever had wif him...juss went down the drain. And Im kinda proud of myself...I dont like him anymore rite now. Im not really liking anyone at the moment...I mean that is besides Steve H. Well, Im tired...and I have a long day tomorrow. I get to go to the Varsity Game vs. Canton tomorrow wif Steve...and DeAnn and all them will be there. So..yeah its gonna be kewl! Well...g'nite all.

<3 Jessy
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I scream, U scream...we all scream fer ICE CREAM!   
09:04pm 03/09/2003
mood: giddy
music: "First Eviction Notice" Lawrence Arms afta skewl was my first flute lesson of the skewl year...I love my teacher...Ive been studying wif her fer almost a year now. Shes one of the best teachers Ive ever had. I already got my solo and ensemble piece. Its soo pretty. Then afta lessons...I came home..took a shower..then went out to eat wif muh rents. Then they dropped me off at practice a half hour early. So I layed down fer awhile..till Matt tried to explode his pop on me. Then I started playing Steves tenors...I can play Mary Had a Lil Lamb on his tenors. He was laughing at me! lol On the way out to the field...the Cheerleaders were leaving the field...and I saw and Alex and Joey...and ran and gave them both big hugs. They are the sweetest gurls ever. They sent me a card in the mail, saying they were always there fer me.
I love ya Gurls...ur the best!!
I a long time had fun at practice. My mom had told me how she was talking to Bryan Vantoll's mom and telling her how tense I was...and that I juss need to let things roll off my shoulders. Well im starting to. I dont really care when Dave er any other instructor is yelling at me...cuz i know they're juss trying to help. I dont really see how "yelling" at me is gonna hurt me in anyways...its not like they're beating me. Yeah I have to admit it does get annoying...over and over again. But its really pointless juss to get mad over yelling. So as I realized this...practice became fun fer me again. It really did. Dave FINALLY fixed the set where I look like a goof goin around in circles...I was happy! Then afta practice...I ran ova Bea's house to give her a card, cuh her grandpa had died...

Then this morning...I got up and got ready fer there, copied Matt's history. Then skewl was okay today. Wasnt the greatest...but w/e. Then afta skewl we had a rehearsal fer the Patchin Performance. And I dragged Stephanie in there. I love that girl...she tries her best and thats whats so great about her. Me and her did a duet. THen I came home from there...and got ready...and then left fer Patchin...we played our duet like a buncha times..then went outside...played it out there...then played the fight song...and then we got free ice cream...and then left to go out fer some taco bell. Steve was a real gentleman..and paid fer me! :-)
I came home..and I guess Im here now I walking down the hall...a few of these things popped in my head:

**Why do ppl gotta walk so damn slow!
**Does anybody hear that 1 minute bell? WHY ARNT THEY MOVING!!!!
**Why do ppl insist on congragating in the middle of the damn hall way?
**Wow some of the freshman this year are shorties! (not that Im short or anything)
**Those tennis uni's are a lil short...I really dont wanna see any of that! EWW!! PULL THAT DOWN STUPID WHORE!
**Why do girls think they have to dress all skimpy? It only makes them look like trash.
**OOH! there goes Brad!
**ok..WOAH! way too much make up!
**Ewwie...anybody ever heard of a shower er Deoderant?I think this skewl should give lil things of deoderant to the smelly ppl.
**I talk way too much to myself.
**Damn hes hot...but too bad hes prolly a jerk.

Have any of those thougts crossed ur mind???

OOH...and does anyone else think this is kinda mean?? er...I dunno if its mean...but I juss dun get it.\

XoBlondeGeniusoX (4:27:52 PM): hey!
O o N e Y 120 (4:27:56 PM): hey!
XoBlondeGeniusoX (4:27:59 PM): whats up?
O o N e Y 120 (4:28:02 PM): not much
XoBlondeGeniusoX (4:28:30 PM): did ya really need a dollar today?
O o N e Y 120 (4:28:42 PM): lol i never NEED a dollar
O o N e Y 120 (4:28:45 PM): just WANT one usuallyt
XoBlondeGeniusoX (4:28:50 PM): lol
XoBlondeGeniusoX (4:28:52 PM): ok
XoBlondeGeniusoX (4:28:54 PM): I get ya
O o N e Y 120 (4:29:21 PM): but treat my friends they way ud treat me from now on
XoBlondeGeniusoX (4:29:37 PM): um...I dint even know him
XoBlondeGeniusoX (4:29:45 PM): Im not gonna give a random person money
O o N e Y 120 (4:29:52 PM): hes tony colosimo
O o N e Y 120 (4:29:57 PM): hes like my brother
XoBlondeGeniusoX (4:30:19 PM): was I supposed to know? I dint know him
O o N e Y 120 (4:30:43 PM): lol ok now u do
XoBlondeGeniusoX (4:32:03 PM): ok..well anyways im gonna go...juss thot Id say hi..I have to go get ready
O o N e Y 120 signed off at 4:32:16 PM.

Its this part that bugged me....
O o N e Y 120 (4:29:21 PM): but treat my friends they way ud treat me from now on

I dunno...I dont care.

Mara~how'd u get pix in ur journal?

Ive also and I never talk anymore. I think theres something wrong wif me...cuz all my bestfriends keep dropping away from me. :-/

Oh has anyone noticed how like every gurl in our skewl is either on their period, gettin ready to start, er juss ended? its like a plague!
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Jeepers Creeper...where'd ya get those peepers...Jeepers Creepers..where'd ya get those EYES!   
02:13am 01/09/2003
mood: pleased
music: "Still Frame" by Trapt this morning...muh mom wakes me up and asks if I wanna go out to breakfast. So I get up and get ready...and we go to the Village Coney Island [Good Food] Then from there we went up to the see my grandma...she cant really talk well cuz her throat was really dry today I guess. My mom let me push her in a wheel chair today...she wouldnt let me do it last time...cuz the time b4 that..I was goin really fast wif her in it..and running her into walls. And so she wouldnt let me push her anymore...but she let me today. I was being a good girl. Then afta the hospital we went to Aunt Sabrina's and she wasnt home again..then we went to Pam's and she wasnt home again...then we went home. My mom sent my sister up to the gas station to get some gas in a can fer the lawn I could cut the she did that...I cut the front...and my mom weedwacked the back yard..and I cut the back yard...and I got stung by a god damn bee...I almost stung me rite in the ankle.
Afta that...I came inside and took a shower...and then got ready..and headed off to Lisa's..we were watching DCI Wolrd Finals...and then Nathan and Wesely came over...then everyone started coming over. Chris K, Ryan W, Aaron K. we were all ova..and Chris was showing us how they march ova at U of M. They do like High Stepping and stuff..its like utterly amazing!
Then we all piled downstairs to watch Jeepers Creepers 1...we ordered pizza and ate that all up as we watched the skary movie [me and nathan had already saw it]
Po Ho Po Po Po Po Staton
LMAO NATHAN! haha that was great "Did I hear u purr?" ::Purr:: lol THen Julie and ALex and Kyle showed up afta the movie ended..and we all took off fer Canton 6.

I saw Robin shes soo funny. She yelled at me and LIsa to get into her Robin..I should get used to u waiting on me. Lol She was so excited to go and break up ppl making out in the theatre. And..then we finally all get seated in the theatre...the movie is starting...and I see Robin walk down the aisle...and then like a skary part comes on the screen...and u see Robin Go RUNNING back out the theatre...I was laughing soo hard.

The movie was sooo skary....I couldnt handle it...I was burying my face into Nathan's arm. I think I cut his circulation off. It was funnie tho. I had a blast. And me and Lisa were dates! HEHE

Then afta the movie we all went back to, wesely and kyle all got back b4 anybody else..and Lisa calls and says they ran outta gas. So Mr. Shuryan gave Weseley a gas can...and me and Wes ran it up to them They were at the gas station at Ford and Sheldon. And Lisa had been touched by an "angel" as she says...she said he was sooo "pretty" lol I love ya Lisa! We got Alex all filled up...and followed him to another gas he would have enuff gas to make it home. Then me, wes, and lisa went back to her house. We all sat downstairs and talked till 1...adn then Wes took me home. I had an awesome day!


Ryan~Thanx fer bein there fer me...Im always here fer u..ur the bestest friend a girl could have!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday!   
02:38pm 31/08/2003
mood: happy
music: "happy birthday to you"


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02:21am 31/08/2003
mood: distressed
music: "Eviction Notice" Lawrence Arms
Sorry I havent updated in a longwhile bout whats goin on. Ok here..Thursday we had a football game to play at...well Dave was pissin me off...and I had asked him nicely to at least hold on to muh inhaler till we got to the stands...cuz I dint wanna take my gloves off...then undo the buttons..then undo my jacket and find the up my jacket, rebutton it...then put my gloves back on. But noooOOOOoo he made me do that. So then while we're in the stands...Brian kept yellin at us every 5 seconds. But what I really hate was how...he would say "Section Leader you should know better" 1) my name ISNT section leader...its JESSICA! 2)Section Leaders arnt perfect...we do make mistakes!

The half time performance wasnt really bad...but it was good. Some of the cheers that the Cheerleaders looked a lil skary...where they go up and stand on pplz that would skare the shyz outta me.

Then afta the game..I changed outta my geek uniform...and get back into my civilian clothes and went out wif the rest of the band to Red was fun. Me and Trisha had a nice long to how bad I felt fer treating her like shit last year...and so on and so on. Trisha is a really good person...shes awesome. Then afta, steve, Trisha, and Amanda went to Krogers and walked around there. And then Steve dropped me off at home.

Then Friday...I went up to the hospital wif my visit my grandma...and I cried lots...then I went over Steves fer his lil going away party...and me and sean got in a huge fight...and so he went home...and I stayed and said buh byes to muh bestest friend Steven...and then came home and called Ryan..and talked to him fer awhile.

Then Saturday...I woke up and got ready..and me and my mom went up to the hospital to see my grandma..then my mom took me out to lunch at Famous Daves...omg the food was juss incredible...I loved it. I wanna go back there sometime. Then we went home and I talked to becky, and she asked if I wanted to go Kassandra picked me and Robin up and we went to Beckys and waited fer lil bit. Then we went to Vision Lanes..and I won the first game against becky...and then the second game becky beat me. It was a lot of fun. It was me, matt, stacy, robin, kassandra, becky, Danielle, Kim and Mike. We all had a good time. Then on the way home..we stopped at Taco Bell..and I got a numba 7...and then we dropped Robin off..then me...

and I went over to Seans lil party and he kicked me out. What a bastard. I dint come to see him..I only came to see Stephanie and steve. And Sean sees me and is like "who invited that bitch...shes a fucking whore I dont want her in my house...stupid bitch...fuckin whore.." all that good stuff....and he went on saying how he wasnt my friend anymore...and how he hated me. Well...Im glad he said all that...cuz...drunk er not....I know he meant it. But yet how quickly he god damn quickly he fergets. How I was there when his dad found he had cancer...I was there every time Brandon dint say I love you back..I was always there fer him. ALWAYS!!...but hes so quick to throw me away as a friend. How much u wanna be he dont even kno my grandma is in the hospital? He said he was mad cuz I never call him anymroe...well 1) when the fuck would I have time to call him? He never wants to talk to me anyways. When I call him hes always like "OOH its u..." and doesnt talk. and 2) HE NEVER CALLS ME!!! why the fuck should I call all the time. What is his damn fone broke? I doubt it! Another thing that bothers the many and many of years Ive spent sticking up fer his ass when eva ppl called him Gay...and then to find out hes gay...and he doesnt even appreciate me standing behind matter what he, straight, bi...I dun even kno anymore. I talked to my mom about it...and my mom said that hes choosing the wrong path to go down...I guess he smokes now too..great how wonderful is that? EW! I cant stand it. Hes going down hill..and hes going fast. And there is no fucking excuse fer it either. He cant say well "I smoke/drink...cuz my life is hard' well news to u sean...EVERYONE has a rough life..ur not the only open ur damn eyes! He would never be able to survive in my anybody elses shoes fer that matter. As far as I see him that all he cares about is himself. I dont understand him anymore...I really dont. We at one time used to be great I juss cant stand anything he does. I really cant...bcuz it hurts to see how hes transformed from being that great kid...that I used to know and being some guy who only cares about himself er the things close to him...and anything else can go to hell.

Well...what eva..Im out...g'nite

Thnx Ryan fer always being there fer me.
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I cried...   
06:46pm 29/08/2003
mood: depressed
music: "I hate eveything about you" by Three Days Grace
I went up to the hospital this morning to see my grandma. It hurts me seeing her like that...all the IVs and oxygen wires and crap all ova her. Then rite b4 we were grandma was like "Terry..come here...listen...when I past my closet is a has a cover over it, but I wore it to Katie's wedding...burry me in that. I took me eveything I had to keep from crying so she wouldnt see me crying. I gave her a big hug, a kiss on the cheek and dint wanna leave her. As soon as I stepped outta that room...I started crying sooo hard...and all the doctors and nurses were juss staring at me. But I couldnt help it...I love her sooo much...and shes leaving me...fer ever.
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01:37pm 29/08/2003
mood: confused
music: Lawrence Arms
Why am I dreaming about Brad????????

Does this mean I like him?

I think it does...

But I think he has a g/f....

do I care?

yes...very much....

NO!! Im not supposed to care...Im supposed to be okay wif it...

Well...I am

Why did I dream about him??



In my dream he helped me out of a life er death situation..comforted me...then told me more bad news...then helped me thru it again. u think that means something?

Brad~If u read this...Im not normally THIS skary....juss its wierd...ya kno? 8-/
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A nightmare come true...   
11:39am 29/08/2003
mood: sad
Last nite I dreamt that I was wif JJ, Brad and Sean...and we were at some Old Theatre that was turned into a trainstation...(wierd..yes I know) and I was walking up the steps...and I got all dizzy and fell down and was sitting against a wall...and everything was turning white...then Brad came up to me and helped me up..and when he did that I like felt better...and he was sitting next to me...and was like "your dad called me and said that ur grandma had a heart attack". I started crying..and he gave me a hug and drove me home...fer some reason JJ and Sean had already been home..they left when I fell I guess...I dunno. I cant understand my dreams. And when I got dad said she had died...
Then this morning my dad woke me up to say that my grandma had a heart attack last nite...I was so upset..cuz I had dreamt it...I feel realy funnie rite now... I really do.
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First 2 days of skewl!   
11:24pm 26/08/2003
mood: sleepy
music: "I hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace the first day was kewl...I got up at 5...turned on muh straightner..and then went back to bed fer a half hour...and got back up at 5:30...straightend muh hair and got ready fer skewl. I left the house around 6:25...and met sean at the stop sign at the corner by our houses...then at the bus stop..I saw a few of muh friends [Bea] then I got to skewl...found muh locker [right accross from the band room..check dat lucky shyz out] And so me open it...and theres a cherry coke and a bag of skittles sittin there...steve had gotten them fer me fer da first day of bout a sweetie. Then me and bea go look fer our first hours and I saw Brad in the hallway...and he looked super hot! :-P...both of our (me and bea) first hours are the same hall...which is kewl. I have Mr. Gordon first hour fer Am. History...we get to play the game...which is like super awesome! Maybe later Ill explain the game. I dont know anybody in my first hour except Ryan Yudt.

Second Hour, is Mr. Poniatowski [Spanish 3] I had him last year...I think hes a good teacher...I like the class...cuz u dont have a lot of homework...juss do a lot of work in class. My pop was funnie...and the top of my desk was a lil sticky. Theres a lot off ppl in that class...Joey, Jessica M, Jenny S, Alyssa, Bruce, Matt D, George..juss a bunch of ppl.

Third Hour...I have Ms. Drews for Molecular and Bea were hoping to get to sit by each other at our lab tables...but we dint...Im next to Alex Brandt...which is awesome too...cuz me and her are kewl..and Im juss glad I dint get stuck wif someone I dont know. We played some Ice Breaker game where we had to go around and put our opinons on pieces of paper at the different was kinda fun.

Fourth Hour...I have about a total bore war class. I cant stand it...its Lit/com 10...he talks fer ever bout the most stupidest and pointless things. So, if ur anybody who knos me..u can guess what I did during his class....I slept! lol I have B lunch

B lunch rocks...everyone is in it...[including Brad] and Nicole is too! I was all happy to see her. And Ryan V as well...hes awesome...he always makes me laugh...we have so many inside jokes its awesome!

Afta lunch...I went back to sleep in Masse's class..then went up to my fifth hour

Fifth Mr. Sprague [Algebra 2]...That class wasnt bad...the work seems a lil easy...but I havent done Algebra since 8th grade...cuz i had Geometry last year. So im a lil "rusty" he gave us some packet wif 100 problems...but we only had to do the first 25...easy cake there. I like the class...the teacher is kewl

Sixth Cramer..Symphonic Band...was kinda boring...but I guess it will be boring till we start playing....alrite... ::confession time:: yes I love band...I love playing..when eva we dont play...Im severly dissapointed and mad. So I guess I am like a hard core band-o [hence the icon thingy]

Then afta skewl we had a Section Leader/Officer meeting...was kinda interesting...cept different ppl were talking bout differnet subjects..and it was gettin a lil annoying..but oh well..we got a lot of stuff accomplished. Then Bryan took me and Steve home... I had a lot of homework fer juss the first day of skewl...:-/ not kewl stuff there.


Got ready fer skewl...and was really tired...we had an assembly 1st we dint get to pick our countrys in Gordons class contact in my right eye fell out at the sucked. The assembly was juss a waste of time...we couldnt even hear Mrs. Sedik talking...then second hour was boring..I had a HUGE head ache in it...and third hour too. Mrs. Drews gave us binders and shyz today...and we watched some movie on different races...I dunno what that had to do wif Biology..but w/e. Fourth hour got books...and read some story that I read as a freshman. Lunch...saw Brad again...hottie! I got to talk to him afta lunch...he tried to kick me in the back of the success there! lol...hes great! 5th hour...we finished up some page in our packet..and that was it. 6th hour... I helped Nicole organize muzik all hour...I love Nicole...shes like super awesome! haha Then I had a sectional at 5...was good...the talking was down..which was like a major plus..we got some things done...but they really really need to work on Part would help a lot...There really isnt any attitude this year...which is awesome...unless its coming from me to tell someone to SHUT UP er STOP TALKING....sorry if offends anyone in my section...but I can only take so much when Im talking. Ya kno? Practice wasnt really that bad...

Tomorrow we all decided to hold a Marching Sectional, cuz we really need to work on a lot of stuff..rite afta skewl...till when eva we decide we're done. We juss really need to get our shit together.

I saw that Lauren gurl...the freshman thatz pregnant...I kinda feel bad fer her...she ended her childhood too early...cuz if shes deciding on keeping her baby...there goes the rest of her life. I know ppl are gonna comment to this and be like "its none of ur buzness" er "how would you know?" well..ur isnt any of my business...but I would know cuz i watched my sister throw hers away. Juss not quite as young...I juss hope that God is on her side..and will guide her thru this.

Ryan~hope you're feeling betta...Im sorry that your sick...Im praying for ya hunn...and you cna juss tell me tomorrow. love yaz...g'nite

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