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[21 Jul 2003|02:13pm]
I'm a bad boyfriend, brother, and guy, I know. Been gone for way too long. But I'm back! I really am.

Everything was going really great and then Ihad to go back up to see my parents. Family emergencies are never good. But everything's ok now cuz I'm back.

A lot really has happened since the last time I posted. Dam. I should post more often. Anyways, I told Marieh I love her, and vise-versa, which makes a really happy Jesse.
cut for sappyness so that Eliza doesn't kill me. *ducks* )

And that is not nearly enough but I just got back in town and my brain isn't working. Had only my heart to form the words right there and not my brain to make it sound better. Uh oh getting sappy again. But that's not bad, right Marieh? ;)

Hey Liza! I miss my unbiological sister too. And hey Claire! Hey Kiki! I really need to get back to talking to more people. Stat.
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[02 Jul 2003|01:47am]
I hate blurty. it should die. I wrote this long post and it ate it. WTF. So here's the gists:

The other night was amazing. Actually i cant think of a word for it so i guess it's indescribable. Marieh's made me sappy. Well she didn't MAKE me but she's the reason i was. And I've fallen for her. Hard. It seems like longer than a week. Much longer. In a good way. We're crazy kids huh? Can't help it really. I mean after we.... yeah... we laiued there and talked. About our feelings and stuff like that. And I was sappy. And I don't care if I was. :P Because everything I said was true.

Oh and Ithink I got in a fight with shiri. Abotu how she strung me along. Oops? It didn't hurt me it just annoyed me. and she said she was annoyed that I moved on quickly. mm k.... what was I supposed to do? Wallow in pity for myself because my crush didn't get back to me and made a date with another guy when I met a girl who was awesome? (I'm guessing you cna figure out who that girl was ;)) And it's not even like she's a rebound. It's like I had that crush SO i could be with Marieh. Wacky huh?

And Kiki is here! So everyone should go say hey to her because she's cool ok?

And I'm done. Damn blurty. This post was so much better before. Sorry there.
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[28 Jun 2003|01:57pm]
[ mood | content ]

Life's been great. My stalker is here and we need to catch up. Hey Erika! I felt kind bad for not beiing talkative to Shiri. Oops? Maybe it was because of what i thought I felt before I realized what she was playing at or maybe it was because at the time me and Marieh were having either the :-* war or <33 war. It's probably both. I talked to Marieh about it, about that Saturday, and actually felt better. probably would have been an awkward talk but I told her how i felt the minute after me and Shiri were done with that talk. So it's all gravy baby.

Speaking of Marieh, that's going great. We've gone dancing and she's spent the night and we've gone to the beach. A lot of fun. I dunno it just seems really natural to be around her. Even if we've only known each other for a week? Maybe more? Hard to keep track these days. It feels like it's been longer.

Oh yeah... the Prinze thing. I know his wife forgave him. And I wouldn't care much either. But he still has that attitdue that annoys the crap out of me. Someone was getting on to him.. don't remember who.. but they said something kinda mean about his dad. and you know, I don't like Prinze jr... but that was a little much. Don't talk smack about someone's dad just because they are the ones pissin you off, especially under um.. those circumstances. But anyways like I said I still don't like Prinze much but we'll see how that goes.

Oh and btw my layout sucks ass. I should do something about it. Or see If my unbiological little sister can make me one since she made one for my unbiological big sister.

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[25 Jun 2003|05:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I agree with you Marieh. Last night was amazing and so are you. Like the new icon ;)

I'm not as sulky now. I wonder why.... ok I know why. and guess what? Code works. So does taking risks. So i'm not sulky at all.

Lately the music bug has been biting me more and more. if I could just do music, and make a splash with that, I would be really happy. But I keep hearing "not right now"s and stuff. Which is probably true. I should do more movies so it won't be as big of a deal when i take a break to make my cd. But I'd rather be standing in front of a colliseum of people doing my thing then acting. Believe it or not. It's true. I've just done acting longer. I mean c'mon, I started when I was a baby when it was techincally not even acting. Just me looking cute in commercials and stuff. And then I get film degrees at Columbia. So film is pretty much set. I'ld just like to pursue my music career as well. but for now I'll wait.

I'm done with school and Eulogy. So what now? Should I take this little bit of time to pursue music? Or should i take the advice of building my filmography so I can come back from the break of making a cd and not have to start all over. I really don't see how I could start over now. I've done about at least one to two movies a year since Bring it on. Maybe the music itch has just grown too much. I can wait. I'ld just rather pursue now.

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[23 Jun 2003|04:33pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | Don't Wanna Miss a Thing- Aerosmith ]

I'm on Liza's info now. She looks topless. O.O Kinda scary heh. but she's wearing a bakini so don't worry. And I forgot earlier... new icon *points*. We are so cool.

My mood is a little better. Emphasis on little. And it's more just certain people my mood is ok while others i'm still doing one word answers. Can't help it. Sorry.

I left to go to lunch and missed some ims from Anna and Marla. Sorry guys! I'll talk to you guys later.

And that's about it.

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[23 Jun 2003|03:11am]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Everything Sucks-Reel Big fish ]

Well this has been a shitty weekend.
I go and open my mouth. I could've just played dumb. But I was hopeful. And opened my mouth and spilled. and now I probably look like a fool. So it's back to Jesse being "mysterious". Cryptic is better anyways. I still have a knot in my stomach.

Oh and then there was Sunday. And Tobey's birthday. Great way to top this sucky evening. From "that's all?" to full monty. And God Matt is starting to annoy the shit out of me. He thinks I think he's just the coolest thing ever. guess what dude? I don't. I'm sick of it. And yeah partly it's the dare but mostly it's just the whole night. My mood went from kinda bad to sour. So not only do I feel stupid for saying something and opening up... I'm pissed about how some were acting, embarassed a little by one thing (and that one thing makes me think of saturday and then i feel worse. and it's not the full monty thing. that just made me mad), and all the damn son comments. I played along at first. Because I thought he was crazt but cool. But starting even before the truth or dare my nerves were severed.

So I'm done. There's more but why the hell do I care if you know? Probably be better if you didn't.

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[19 Jun 2003|08:50am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Underneath it All- No doubt ]

Yeah that's right, Matt said I has a nice ass. Actually he was more detailed than that but I was busy ignoring him. But it's Matt. He just acts weird sometimes. Oh and yes. I am a man. that's what 10 years will do to you. Uh... glad you noticed there...

Shiri said she's havin some problems so we're gonna go out and talk about it. Confusion could maybe get fixed for one of us but who knows since we are both kinda cryptic... haha oops. And you know I didn't used to say oops so much until I started spening more time around Eliza again. *mock glares*

Oh amd Marieh is really really cool and if you didn't know that before you do now. *nods* Ha we have almost the exact same musical tastes. except I I don't have Little Mermaid on my playlist didn't know a few of her bands. She was able to get me to do a <3. So that's... 4 people now? Tobey abused her. That's not cool.

But she abused him too. What's with the abusin? Anyways me and Tobey kinda already knew each other because he visited the Romeo and Juliet set. Speaking of Romeo and Juliet....

Clairey D is here!I always forget that she's the same age as me. I always think she is older. Probably because she's been around longer and is more mature anyways. Oops. But if I had a big sister... it would be her.

Hey guess what. Sugar Ray kicks major ass *is watching their music video* And Claire said that Mark McGrath is hott... oops

I like No Doubt's Underneath it all. It's more like them. I'm sorry... but Hey Baby didn't sound like them. *shrugs* But that's just me.

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[16 Jun 2003|12:30pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Star wars on my tv ]

New Icon *points* And I have one of me and Eliza I will have to use later.

AND I NEVER SAID ELIZA HAS A NICE ASS! Cuz... that's just almost like incest. I did say ass god. I meant to say as good. Oops. But you guys love my typos right?

Star wars is on HBO. I like it when they talk to some weird alien that speaks weird. It's just like random noises. Anyways yeah I've been watching HBO a lot. Yesterday I watched A Walk to Remember and Harry Potter. And those movies rock so step off. :)

I've talked to Shiri more lately and she's still a lot of fun to talk to. Heh I mentioned you too so feel proud. Ass god came from one of our convos.

LOOK! YODA IS ABOUT TO KICK ASS! *watches* Look at that little green guy kick butt. Hmmm kick your ass I will. Bow down and worship me you will. You know this is random but I'd like to hear yoda sing "It's not easy being green". that would crack me up.

Oh hey and the confusion thing is only a little better now. At least I know I wasn't influenced into thinking and feeling the way I do. But then more stuff gets added because of that realization. Great. It even made me say "durn" to Eliza a few times. Who says durn?

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[15 Jun 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | A Little Doubt- Reel Big Fish ]

*pimps icon shiri made*

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[15 Jun 2003|06:23pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Joy to the world- Three dog night ]

I am awake. Which means i probably won't sleep much tonight. Oops.

And kidding fights are fun when you know for sure the other person is kidding....

Shiri made me icons! I will have to use them soon.


There was even a <3 there. Look at that. A <3.

And how can a character be hot but not the actor who plays him? Think on that.

And it's dad's day. Called dad and wished him a happy Father's day. I bet I should have gone up there. Since I'm the only kid. So instead I just called and sent a card and present. Still the good son right?

I talked to Holly yesterday and she's really cool. She said I was sweet and she is too. And then I saw Mia's movie on HBO last night. The making out with the old lady was really... different. But knowing how you really are that was some good acting. She said I must be a ladies man. Unfortunately... it's not looking that way. Or else I would a) have a girlfriend or b) at least have a girl interested in me. Oops. Guess not. They're not confused either because they don't care really about who they date... as lkong as they look good. Or something. Meanwhile, Jesse is confused and can't tell if he feels the way he feels because of him or because people have influenced him. He also is referring to himself in third person. And I'll stop with that now.

Hey. The update got progressively more thoughtful. Maybe because I'm actually awake now...? I dunno. But I'll end it with that. *nods and bows out*

EDIT:Why do people randomly yell? Hmm that's another question added to my list today.
Edit again: I made someone smile. Go me. there's one of my good deeds of the day.

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[14 Jun 2003|03:51pm]
Yo, VIP. Let's kick it!

Me and Eliza are cooler than you!

Heh. Anyways. Hey people I just met and ones I already know. I'll update better later but I'm tired.
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[14 Jun 2003|12:35am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Juliet- Dire Straights ]

And I'm added.

Ok Eliza. I won't use that icon yet so that you won't kill me. This sibling mentality thing is weird. Damn only childness. But hey, otherwise I wouldn't have Eliza as my unbiological little sister right?

Talked to Ali and she was really nice. I know I know... I should take a break for music. But that means taking a break from acting. So it's just as bad.


Talked to Mia too. She's cool. Into music a lot too. And into little things.

Empire Records is on. It's a cool movie. More people should watch it.

Oh and look. I have a new icon of me and some of my costars. I got out of being killed by Eliza because of this icon. So go me.

Edit: I keep on getting told who I should date. And all this other stuff. And I never said anything. So I'm confused. Stupid 'grapevine' saying stuff that is and isn't true.

Edit again: I'm all right! Please you can't base stuff off of influences of other people anyways.

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[13 Jun 2003|03:44pm]

and that's about it.
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[11 Aug 2002|06:28pm]
Yeah It's Jesse. I got one of these things to say what i'm doing, have been doing, and so on. If ya don't me I was in Bring it on, Swimfan, Romeo and Juliet, oh and the biggest movie of all.. Clockstoppers (heh. yeah right)Plus a lot of other movies since I was little. Anyways if ya wana talk my sn is xjessexbx (yeah original i know)

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