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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
10:31 pm - here it goes...
*1st entry*

so here it is, my first entry. sounds exciting, right? yeah lemme tell ya...newayz, life has been going alright lately, actually, to be completley honest, its going very well. I got my lisence yesterday...finally...the day ive been waiting for for 16 years, and i passed with a 96%. it feels so good havin a lisence, becuz when i get a car in 2 weeks, ima be outta this mother fucker as much as possible. yeah, its gonna be the life. I got my grades yesterday also....6 A's and 1 B....no no no, im not a school geek so dont be alarmed. i was actually very suprised, seeing that lately ive just been like fuck school. i cant wait till thanksgiving break. i think everyone is in need of a little vacation. And last, i am currently taken by one of the best guys i know, his name is Ricky.
I dont really know why im going to go into detail about this cuz im sure no one gives a shit, but hey, its somethin for me 2 do, and since i dont like talking about myself, it doesnt feel like im doing that by writing in my journal. So anyways, i met ricky almost a year ago. he applied at the place that i work, a restaurant called Skyline Chili. My first impression of him was wow ur so fucking quiet. And as time went by, he finally came outta his shell and realized that everyone that works there is a fuck up anyways so he shouldnt feel bad. hes kind of a big druggie, well, lemme rephrase that, he WAS a big druggie, and has done several drugs, but now just kinda sticks with the weed and zanies (sp?). well newayz, one day me, him, and my friend leslie hung out and did some shit and me and him kinda of became friends. As summer approached, he quit for a job he had gotten in construction. i honestly forgot about him for a while, seeing as he was gone for a little over 3 months. but one day he came up there and told me that he has reapplyed and would be coming back on monday. i was pretty excited just because i kinda missed working with him, because he always made things fun. a couple months went by and it seemed like we were becoming closer and closer each time we worked together. we would flirt, but i would try and tell myself not to think anything of it cuz i thought uhhh no he wouldnt like me. but i began liking him more and more. i was scared tho, because i knew this other guy charles, who used to really like me, and i didnt wanna hurt him cuz i had turned him down. and then one nite, me and leslie went out with him after work, totally shitfaced, and i kissed him...kinda weird, i never really thought id have the balls either, but it just felt right, and i didnt care, i just had to kiss him, and suprisingly enough, he kissed me back. the next day, it was all i could think about. i was really confused hto because he used 2 always talk about how he was "gettin it from his monday girl" and about all these hoes who gives him ass. after i got off work that day, i got a call on my cell phone from a number i didnt recognize, and luckily, it was him, he actually cared, and wanted 2 know if i had meant everything i said and did the night before. i told him i did, because i did and dont regret any of it. he came over and saw me and kissed me, and told me he liked me also. i was so thrilled. i had liked him for so long, and for once, this guy, who i liked, liked me. that was the first time i had ever truely felt good about myself. After that, the following week, we talked non-stop. And then the week after that, i spent the nite at his house, totally shitfaced once again, and he asked me out.........whoa shit i gtg ill wb tomorrow....143


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