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[02 Dec 2003|11:51pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | afroman-colt 45 ]

well.. aight me and my mom are talking again.. im glad.. wutever tho.. she really is pissing me off still tho, and i dont even wanna get into the drivin test deal ;(

yesterday i went to sam's house.. her brother drove me home before she had to be at work.. today, jenni came over for alil..

im really tired and i have work tomorrow afternoon so im off to bed much luv xoxo

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[30 Nov 2003|11:26pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | christina aguilera-the voice within ]

this weekend wus fun

turkey day wus gay.. you know family gatherings are gay.. but the foods all good.. of course

i slept over rachels on saturday.. we hungout wit jared and mo in the wawa parking lot for a long ass time hahah dorks we know.. then we went to parkway pizza and ate.. then we back to her house.. then went back to wawa again, hahaa! and got subs and chips and shit ahaha.. then we just chilled at her house for the night.. it wus fun.. awww i really missed her ;)

anyways i got off work early today.. im really pist tho because i wus short 21 dollars and thats sum BULLSHIT right thurr.. but yo anyways pe@ce im off to bed.. g'nite!

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[27 Nov 2003|11:59pm]
[ mood | busy ]


last week/end:
*nicoles birthday party- me and sarah slept over.. alcohol ;) really really good. drunk within 10minutes.. hehe well i wus ;) they are awesome girlies tho we had fun.. even tho i past out and they never slept at all.
*ashley slept over- we hungout.. then went to travis.. for his birthday.. drank some in "the gazebo" wit travis, paul and mike. it wus fun as hell. came home.. and did some stupid things.. and me and ash both got really sick.. it wusnt a hangover tho..
*i didnt go to work for three days in a row.. or skewl.. cus i wus sooo sick.. it sucked so much. i never wanna feel like so much shit ever again

right now im busy kleanin my room spotless so my mom doesnt TRIP OUT AGAIN! newayz LATA x0x

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[16 Nov 2003|11:30pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | missy and wyclef- party to damascaus ]

so right now im pretti fucking pist off because of some shit.. wait till tomorrow.. uh oh.. this weekend all i did wus work.. it sucks.. saturday i worked till 7;30 and then went out to dinner.. tonite i worked till 10 im quite tired but jus dont feel like goin to sleep cus of how ticked off i am.. god i wanna skream.. jen came home on my bus a bunch of times and we hungout till she had to walk to work.. thursday i hungout wit ashley.. we had fun.. *puff puff pass* if ya kno wut im sayin.. then i got my nails done.. and nothing exciting has been happenin so oh well. my life is boring and it sucks.

sweet dreems xox

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[04 Nov 2003|08:35pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | mariah carey-always be my baby ]

so i havent written in this shiit for a while--but i been busy..

last weekend i sleptover ash's friday and saturday.. we went to fright fest saturday night.. it wus crazy, we had so much fun. then after my mom picked me up, i went to mikes. i got some of his thuggie clothes lol to wear fer halloween..

thursday wus muh birthday--im very excited.. next month ill be drivin!! can ya believe?! haha-- this weekend, halloween, i had to friggin work it wus so retarted.. i didnt get to go out till like 8 so i didnt get much candy.. i went wit ash, manda, and joey.. we had fun tho.. at like 9 we walked to genaro's to eat.. then we went back to my house..joey and manda left around 11;30 ish and ash sleptover of course.. then saturday we all went to the mall.. ashley sleptover again.. we snuck out to meet josh and travis that nite.. hehe =) were lil angels. AND we didnt get caught this time!

i have been working alot..its gotten much easier den when i first started.. except for one bad day..its great, havin money, lol. i really need to go get my nails done soon-- blah i dunno maybe tomorrow.

well, aint got no mo` shiit to say, bye guys much luv
xoxo -shee- xoxo

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[19 Oct 2003|02:57am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Trina- All my ladies ]

soo lifes pretti sweet.. i been doin nuttin really.. i forget when i wrote last but.. i been goin to skewl.. except friday, i jus had a baddd cold and i said FUCK IT.. plus my voice wus all messt up and i didnt want anyone to hearr meeh sound lyk a man.. i still feel like shit tho

me and jenni got into a semi fight that nite i guess.. but wutever.. maybe just an arguement

i had comp trainin for work friday and saturday.. *boring* im really nervous.. i start monday! ahh! i wish nicole wus still workin durr!! but ill be okayyyyyyy haha

since i didnt go to skewl friday, my mom has been gay like alwayz, i cant do shit this weekend.. so, me and ash's planz got ruined =( i wuz just on da fone wit her fo a long ass time.. we talk foreverrrrrrr and everrrrrr hahaha.. den i got off wit her.. and mike called me woo hoo

i feel so bad, me and rach havent chilled in forever, but we both been kinda busy.. i miss her tho!!!

i cant sleep im soooooooooooo hyper.. but im out newayz.. pe@ce ~*~MaDD Luv~*~

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[14 Oct 2003|10:52pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Fefe Dobson- Take me away ]

went to skewl today.. woot de doo.. i woke up late so i didnt come in till like second period..had fun.. tried to push ash into one of the hott boyz.. haha.. lmao!! (ash) and had fun yellin skank at the bitch we hate..

went home on nicoles bus, hungout at her house, we walked all the way from her house down route 88 to kims nails to get our nails did.. it wus fun tho.. haha.. i didnt get tired or anythin.. jus real hot cuz i wus wearin nicoles hoodie that wus huge on mee..haha nic, mexicans are always horny.. they tried to holla at us.. too many times hahahahahah.. my nails are realli purtty they are pink wit dese black linez and silver glitter.. dnt know how to describe it..

we walked to the kmart shoppin lot after we were dun gettin our nails filled and wanted to go in fashion bug but den muh mom pulled up.. so we left.. and i went back to nicoles.. den my mom took me and shawn to mc donalds.. and i came home and talked to ash on the fone.. and now here i am.. and im really fuckin tired so i gotta date wit muh bed and pillow.. and dont stay up cuz ill prolly be out all night...lol.. sweet dreemz

*!* sheena *!*

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[13 Oct 2003|07:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Marques and Joe Budden-Clubbin ]

i had a wealli good weekend.. exceptionally..

yesterday wus one of the most horrible days in muh life tho.. and well.. i wus about to do something dumb and me and ash got on the fone from 8 to 3am and we helped each other from makin a really big mistake..i love you hun.. i cant live wit out you.. i need u.. and u need me

today i went to orientation at shop rite from 11-4 it wus soo gay.. boring.. we sat and listened to dawn tell us a million dumb things.. and they even hada fuckin 200 page workbooks of shit.. its like damn your just a supermarket.. but im really excited.. on break i went outside and called nicole then went back upsturrs and listened to dawn some more.. blah.. then we got a 25 min break.. so i went and got a a coffee colatto and went out side again.. and the finest guy everrrr @ the register who i stare at every time i go in that store hahaha saw me and i wus happy he kept starin so i winked at him and he laughed.. hehe.. so i cant wait.. and then i called ashley and nicole again and talked to dem till i hada go back..

it wus so dumb.. i cant even xplain but.. my mom picked me up and we went shoppin and i got muh uniform and some other clothes hehe.. minutes for my cellie.. and went back home.. den ashley called me and i wanted to go see her so i told mym om a stupid lie that she had my homework and i hada go get it! so i juz got back from jersey farms.. haha.. me and ash are crazy retarts.. i <3 her!!

i needa get in the shower.. but kyle is in durr.. so i gotta wait.. err.. i will write laterrrrrrrrr xoxox

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[11 Oct 2003|04:51pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | JLO- Love dont cost a thing Remix ]

yesterday wus fun.. I went to skewl.. Haha.. Every one thinks im some kind of crack head cuz i wus so hyper and actin strange.. joey, manda and ash were stealin my thingz and i wusnt even payin attention.. I wus throwin food at joey im suprised I didnt get in truble when i hit some kid in the ass hahah.. i love them tho!! we alwayz laugh so much 2gether

then Nicole came home on my bus.. and we hungout at my house and I drove us to shoprite so we culd finally take our workin papers there..and fuckin some motherfucker tried to pass me on the LEFT!! when i wuz turnin on to a side street lyk WUT THE FUCKKKKKK r u on??.. if he didnt stop so short i probably would have died cus he would have hit RIGHT into my door! and nicole behind me!!! i wuz so scared after that.. i culdnt stop flippin out.. it wus lyk a near death thing..

we bought a bunch of shit at shoprite to eat.. and i talked to some kid joe at the register he asked me if we were workin there and shit.. we have orientation monday and training on friday and saturday.. so i sleptover nicoles.. her lil baby cuzinwus over and she is the CUTEST fuckin thing i have ever seen.. =) we juz chilled..and had alot fo fun.. cuz shezz muh gurrrrrrrrrrl and so no matter wut we do itzz fun az hell.. oh and we got these awesome cheesesteaks at pats.. lol.. and took madd pictures.. buh if u wanna see dem u gotta AsK mEe

i came home this mornin at 12 and im soooooo tired.. im suppost to go out wit jen and maybe alison.. but jenni hasnt called me yet sooooo we will c.

but i need to shower....... so im out.. XoXoXo MaDd lUV

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woo hoo [09 Oct 2003|09:51pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Black Eyed Peas- Shut up ]

whut up.. nada hurrrr.. i finally went back to skewl today yay.. i missed some ppl.. hehe.. others deff didnt.. i wus havin a good day.. until joey did something he wusnt suppost to! and i was very pissed off.. thanx joey again.. good secret keeper.. :( but itzz all good.. i went to kara's tonite and dat wus it.. im very tired.. but aint wantin to go to sleep.. lol

i have alot of shit i missed and it sucks. im most deff behind in accountin class now doe.. but i hate dat class.. its bullshit and i cant get out of it err! i can't wait till da weekend holy shit hell fuckin yeah need to get out dis bitch.. feels lik i been grounded fo muh life..

rachie is going to see cky on halloween so no trick or treatin 2gether boo hoo =( SMT! =) hahah! well.. so now im gunna go wit liz and jenni.. but i dont know wut the fuckkkkkkk to be..

* guh nite * sweet dreemz xOxOx

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sigh.. seems lyk the longest weekend eva [06 Oct 2003|12:31am]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | Jagged Edge- Walked Right Outta Heaven ]

2day I went to my cuzin Anne's suprise baby shower.. I didnt wanna go.. But I did anywayz.. It wus aiight.. The baby is adorable, his name is evan.. hes soooo cute.. I almost want 1.. haha.. But I was there at Amy's house for a couple hours.. we had dinner and cake.. and watched Anne and Rob open like fifty million presents.. Then I came home.. we drove muh grandma back and she stayed at muh house for alil.. den we drove her back to her house..

I just watched muh favorite movie for the millionth time.. Save the Last dance.. Makes me cry every time =( lol..

Well.... I still feel like shit. Im suppost to chill wit Rach, but I dunno, Im going to the doctors tomorrow i think. and to get a new medicine hopefully.. other wise I dunno when ima be goin back to skewl.. not that I care.. Itz gunna suck all the shit I gotta make up tho.. and how Im gunna be behind.. But I hate feeling like this.. Maybe Im dying.. but fuck that.. Sometimes I just wish to die.. I wish.. therez nuttin in muh life to be happi bout.. or look forward to.. I hate acting like im something im not.. Happy.. I alwayz feel so empty.. and I cant even xplain..

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LoL more... [05 Oct 2003|10:05pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Tyrese- I like Dem Girls ]

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hmmmm [05 Oct 2003|12:18am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Ying Yang Twins- Naggin ]

i got up madd early today.. cus muh mom wouldnt leave me alone..

i thynk that i am dyin.. bcus every day i feel like im gunna past out.. and im all dizzy and shit and it makezz muh stomach turn.. and fuck wut the doctors say cus if i wus jus allergic to muh pillz den why wud i still bein feelin dis shit after a week.. i juzz wanna be able to do shit wit out feelin like shit!

nicole has da flu!! i love you bitch!! your bitch ass better get better soon, so u can be up and pimpin again.. hahah!!!

me and nicole start shop rite next week! i want to know my damn hours now tho.. lol..

on to brighter thangzz.. i went shoppin today.. i got a bunch of shirtz, a million hoopz (earrings), and some cute ass picture framezz.. bcuz i got muh film developed at cvs.. altho i am really pist cus i didnt get doubles.. my mom fuckin told them singlez and i alwayz get doubles!! now i have to go back and get done ova or wutever.. oh well.. then we went out to pizza hut fo dinner.. and i came home and showered and uhh did nuttin.. cuz im bored as fuck..


bein grounded sucks!!! lol--but itzz da story of muh life right =(

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Rest In peace [04 Oct 2003|12:28am]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | INOJ- time after time ]

Today wuz aiight.. didnt do nuttin important.. but it wuz a sad day.. bcuz itz a yr since muh pop pop been gone.. i didnt even realize.. till my grandma called cryin.. i am all teary eyed.. tryin not ta cry.. bcuz i kno hez aiight.. but i really really miss him.. itzz a reality check.. i alwayz think hez still over durr wit muh grandma keepin her company.. readin his newspaper and watchin a game.. but he aint.. and i miss him soo much no1 knowz.. i miss him callin and checkin up on me.. and tellin me how proud he iz n shit.. even when i did something fucked up.. i juz wish i culd see him again and talk to him for even juz a minute.. but i guezz we all gotta feel pain sometimez.. i love you pop pop <3 april 4th 1924 - october 3rd 2002

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I got madddddd bored [02 Oct 2003|11:30pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | 112- Love you like I did ]

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6 day weekend [02 Oct 2003|06:37pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Right Thurr Remix ]

wuz craccin.. im bored as hell

i aint been to skewl for the past two days.. because.. well none of your bizness.. but it sucks, cuz im grounded and i cant do nuttin but sit on muh ass..atleast saturday im going to go shoppin wit muh gramz.. lolzz.. and sunday i gotta go to my cuzin baby shower.. they adopted a lil baby boy frum russia.. i saw his picture and he is so fuckin adorable! i cant wait to see the lil baby hehehe!

ash is grounded for the 4 day weekend too!!! sorry ash.. haha.. but now well be chillin on dis bitch or da telly all weekend haha.. thingz culd be worse i guezz.. i cant wait till next weekend tho right ashie ;)

28 dayz till muh birfday! and 29 till halloween.. im bein a pimp and rach is muh hoe hahaha

im out bout to go take a shower.. x & o'z `!` pe@ce pe@ce portugese `!`

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-blah- [30 Sep 2003|09:20pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Next- Wifey ]

yesterday sucked cuz it wuz monday.. and skewl wus gay as alwayz.. i went to nicoles house.. and we hungout for a lil and went to shop rite to drop off our papers! yeahh wut i got a job.. heheh!!.. and we got french vanilla coffee colattos at dd.. becuz dey are da shit.. and i went back home after that cuz nicole had to be at work soon..

and today sucked too.. haha.. i went to skewl and came home and fell asleep.. i think there is something wrong wit me because at the end of the day i started feelin really dizzy and like i culdnt breathe.. and when i walk it feels like muh body is fallin apart.. and like im gunna pass out.. i dunno.. i have to go get a physical tomorrow! which im not lookin forward to cuz some of that is very inapprropriate! lolzz.. buh wutever

im bout to hitt da sack.. so pe@ce.. ttyl.. xOxOx

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muh wEEkend [28 Sep 2003|09:06pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Tamia- Fallin for you ]

Friday wus sooooo much funn! I went to skewl, and nicole came home wit me on da bus, then ash came over around 3.. then my mom took us to shoprite cus me and nicole had to get our workin papers signed! then we dropped off nicole.. and ash came back home wit me.. we chilled and talked about a bunch of shiznit.. shes muh gurl.. i love her sooo much.. im so glad were like the best of friendz again =)

At like 9 *mike* and sean came over.. i kinda snuck them in buh not realli, because i told my mom ppl were comin over, i just didnt say who and wen.. so thats not my fault.. but we chilled for awhile till my mom realized and called my fone and flipped out on me because shes fuckin gay like that.. then we went outside and hung out in front of muh house.. den we walked down muh street and my mom called my cellie again askin where i wus and i told her im wuz in front of the house.. so i grabbed ash and we ran back.. den when my mom started yellin out the door like a psycho... so i ran back down the street and jumped on mike and told him i had to go cuzz i wus in truble.. so they left.. and i wusnt that mad cuzz we still had fun.. soberly.. heheh.. *mikes realli hott mwuahz baby<3* and yah well i got grounded for this weekend.. but its not realli botherin me cuz i had to do stuff this weekend newayz.. and monday dont count and therez no skewl.. so im gunna get to chill wit muh gurl rach.. who i havent seen in awhile.. i miss u rachster! =(

Then we got in truble again cuz me and ash tried to sneak out at 3 and we got caught ;*( we went to sleep eventually.. and saturday wen we woked up we walked to the store to get subzz.. and later on she went home.. and after dinner.. i went out to manasquan beach.. and to sundaes.. w/ my mom and kyle..

And today.. I wus suppost to go to laura/sue's party but i culdnt ;( so i didnt do nuttin that excitin..oh well

Im outttttiez -- xOxOxOx -- back to skewl tomorrow woot woot.. ha memorial sucks

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