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it's about time [14 Jul 2004|04:58pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | Modest Mouse - Float On ]

well, i'm finally getting ready to go to california. it's been a looong summer so far, hopefully it'll get better soon. only problem is my grandma just got really really sick, again, so everyone is going to be on edge and having to run her around to the doctor's office and everything. when she gets sick, she gets sick, and she needs a lot of care. well, guess what i get to do! babysit my little cousins for hours and hours, while everyone tends to grandma..... but anything i can do to help out i guess will be appreciated. i think on friday there is a memorial service or something for my grandpa, which i'm REALLY not looking forward to at all. i know everyone will be crying hysterically and all that jazz, and it just won't be a good time... ugh..... but anywho, i have to go finish packing. i'm such a procrastinator lol. ahhh and i'm starving. let's hear it for having no food around here. well, i'll miss all you peoples :(. adios!!!!

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2nd update today, go me!! [11 Jul 2004|11:23pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket ]

hey there, hi there, ho there! all is going well except that i have a stalker. meh, what can ya do? i'm purdy bored at the moment, and tired, since i've been packing for like 4 hours. it's insane how much stuff i have to pack for a whole month. suddenly i have become very busy. i have a "to do" list like a mile long. ugh. tomorrow i think i'm having lunch with tiff and alyssa at carlos o' kelly's, then who knows what. tuesday i'm running with alyssa then going to a movie with the whitster, king aurther to be exact. ok i'm a ditz, can't even figure out how to spell aurther?? arther? oh, wait, ARTHUR. thank god i got it. geez. and on tuesday i have to say bye to everyone for the rest of the summer :(. i'm coming back a day before band camp. yay, a whole day to prepare for hell. i'll need more time than that. oh well. on a random note, i ate 16 humongous pieces of ravioli for dinner. i don't know why i was counting. when you count whatever you're eating, it ruins it. i've learned that. well i spose that's all i gots to say. tootles!!

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uh.... no subject really? [11 Jul 2004|05:04pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | No Doubt - Hella Good ]

god, i haven't done anything at all since saturday in the park. like, i've honestly just been doing nothing at all. well except last night i slept at natalie's. we watched the princess bride! i loooove that movie! it gives me chills. hahaha not really, but you should see it, it's hysterical. especially the scene when they're rolling down the hill. then we watched part of a beatles movie. that was so freakin funny!! i thought it would suck, me not being a big beatles fan, but it was very humorous. anyway, i've been sitting at this computer for a veeery long time. estoy muy aburrida. 4 days until i go to california. i think it will do me a lot of good to get outta this city. we're going on a cruise to alaska 2 weeks after i get there, which should be fun unless family bickerings arise, as they usually do.

meh. i thought i was going somewhere with this post, but apparently not. so i'll go pack. adios.

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to the west we go [04 Jul 2004|10:09pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | ACDC - Highway to Hell ]

so it's official..... as soon as i graduate, we're moving to california.


however, it's really hard to think about now, but i know i'll be ready by the time high school is over. as for my friends here, i'll obsess and mourn that later. i must admit already i'm really sad. but i still have 2 years.

anyway, happy fourth of july. so yesterday was saturday in the park. i went with callan, alyssa, and tiffaney, and we stayed all day long. it was really fun but very hot, and of course i got sunburned, even though copious amounts of sunblock were applied. we did a ton of walking too. we walked to and from alyssa's house like 10 times hahaha. and callan skipped with 3 extremely drunk people and told them they were sexy. we hung out at alyssa's house afterwards, but then we had to go home when it started raining.

guess what i did today? nothing!! well actually i filled 2 garbage bags full of clothes and things to get rid of, but that's about it. tomorrow kasey and i may go minigolfing. man, i really need to start running, since cross country starts in like 1 and a half months. uuuggghhhh. hmmm i guess that's all that's going on.... a boring post, i know, sorry! goodbye lovies. :)
ps: why do you get in trouble for parking in handicapped spaces when you're not handicapped, but it's ok for anyone to use handicapped toilets??

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chlorine turns my hair green! :( [29 Jun 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]
[ music | Metallica - Enter Sandman ]

man, already a month of summer has gone by. crazy. well the past few days have been quite interesting, but i don't feel like typing everything, so i'll just get to today. it didn't start off too well. i got like 4 hours of sleep because i'm turning into an insomniac and totally can't sleep at night. anyway so my grandma came in at like 8 in the morning and yelled, "god damn it jennifer, get the hell out of bed and eat some breakfast!!!" i was too surprised to say anything so i just got out and ate one bite of scrambled eggs and fell asleep at the table just to piss my grandparents off. they're so ridiculous. so i wasted the rest of the day doing nothing until i went to alyssa's house and we swam in her pool with her little brother andrew. much better than running! it was soo fun accept i lost my contacts and hurt myself like 20 times. at least i didn't get sunburned :::does a happy dance::: i went home, excited because they had ordered pizza for dinner, but i found out that all we had left was pineapple pizza. how gross is that? pineapple pizza! who's brilliant idea was that? sheesh.

i've been kinda sad all day though, remembering camp. i went to a band camp exactly a year ago (yeah, a band camp outside of school! what was i thinking?!) the camp itself sucked, but something about it changed me. maybe it was the 35 hours spent outside with 200 other amazing drummers who were also amazing people. or maybe it was the evening concerts and activities. but i think it was chris. i miss chris so much. he was truly an amazing friend. we grew closer in 5 days than i have grown with anyone else in 8 MONTHS or more :::crosses arms, frowns, then reaches for a chocolate cupcake::: i guess that shows that you shouldn't set a time limit for things; if they are meant to happen, they will happen. if only we had been able to keep in touch longer. *sigh* oh well. life sucks and sometimes the only thing you can do is wait for it to get better.

anyway, i s'pose that's all i have to say at the moment. i wish you all a very merry evening.

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a pirate's life for me [21 Jun 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | Three Days Grace - Just Like You ]

ah, technology is great. i'm watching a movie, using the computer, talking to alyssa on the phone, and using an electric foot massage. heh! i'm watching pirates of the caribbean. *sigh* goodgoodgoodgood movie. today was decent. natalie and i went minigolfing. good lord, do i EVER suck at minigolfing! forget popcorn and a movie, watching me minigolf is far more entertaining i would think. the first hole took me like 8 shots. and it didn't help having miss Golfer Pro, natalie, going against me. so then we saw this guy that looked so much like dan that we spent the last 10 holes trying to figure out if it was him or not. it wasn't. the only reason we knew was because the guy had a bit lighter hair. oh well. we had some lunch at panera and had a small icecube fight. brr those were some chilly icecubs. then i came home and later had leftover lasagna for dinner and cherry/blackberry pie for dessert. god, the pie was so gross, but i have no willpower so i ate it anyway and felt thoroughly unsatisfied afterwards. so, me, being the pig i am, ate some ice-cream. UGH now i just feel worse. so that was today in a nutshell. tomorrow i'm going to attempt to run to natalie's house, about 3 or 4 miles away. ahh i hope i don't perish. i want to marry a pirate....

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won't you take me to funkytooown?! [20 Jun 2004|11:07pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Lipps Inc - Funkytown ]

hey. hmm what to say, what to say? first off, happy father's day to all you fathers out there. too bad mine is in arizona and i'm stuck here with the rest of my lunatic family, who all seem to be angry with me for not spending time with them. GRR am i ever sick and tired of being expected to spend every waking hour with my friggin grandparents. yeah they're great and all, but please, let me leave the house without a big mushy predicament. oh sorry, i don't mean to be bitter, i'm actually in a decent mood. a hot fudge sundae will do that to a person :). well anyway i'm truckin' through the summer, and managing to stay alive. but i certainly can't wait until july 15 when i can finally stop being bored and go to california. yay!
man, i am soo addicted to mtv!! like i'll just sit there for hours and watch, and suddenly realize: man, i just wasted a bunch of time watching extremely meaningless shows. humph. anyway, jaime is leaving for israel in like 4 hours! she will be missed. luv ya chiki, have fun!
well i suppose that's all, i have run out of things to ramble about, so ta-ta for now.
ps: quote of the day: "a dead end is just a good place to turn around."

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it's a hard knock life [18 Jun 2004|06:13pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me ]

greetings. well i'm pretty disappointed right now. my dad is going to phoenix, arizona and california for a convention for his work. i've been begging him to let me go too. well, today, he said, "hey, jennifer, do you still want to go with me? i can get you a ticket!" i got really excited and started packing, but then mom came home and said ABSOLUTELY not because my grandparents were here, and i only get to see them once a year. i tried to tell her that they were going to be here for 3 more weeks but she got furious. damn! so, i have to stay here of course. at least my trip to california is sorta coming up. 27 more days.
so, you wish to know what's been going on in my life? eh probably not, but i'll tell you anyway because i don't have anything better to do than update this stupid journal thingy. yesterday natalie and i went to the west and north softball game. problem was it was freezing and my feet (i was wearing sandals) and my knees (oddly enough) were so cold. we said a quick hi to whitney before we left. i wanted to say hi to angela but this mean lady person said we couldn't talk. so natalie and i had a few more lewis and clark expeditions and then we decided to pick up her friend beales. we went to shopko and stole jellybeans by storing them in natalie's hood (heh!) and then we had a waterfight in the fountain at grandview. but, we kinda ran into a certain couple people there... and i wished we hadn't been acting so stupid. anyway so then we went to taco bell where once again we acting ridiculous and ran into people we knew. i even got floss stuck in my braces, and i don't know how or why, i just remember chewing on it. stupid braces, will you ever come off?
today it was raining so alyssa and i decided not to go running. yay, excuses!! perhaps we will tomorrow. i don't know. so then i watched boiling point on mtv for awhile and then went to bed again, for 7 hours! how crazy is that? i didn't know i could sleep so much. so anyway here's an update on my love life: i don't have one! i'm confused right now. well, not confused... just liking someone. bah! never mind. who cares. alas, dinner is ready, roast beef here i come. bye bye!

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don't i feel speshul! [16 Jun 2004|08:59am]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | Chicago Soundtrack - When You're Good to Mama ]

just got done running with alyssa. soooo tired. got like 3 hours of sleep. but i feel pretty good, thanks for asking. and hopefully i burned off that whole box of cookies i ate last night. well, my grandpa just gave me The Lecture. The Lecture covers 4 topics - marriage, drugs, sex, and alcohol. i hate hearing The Lecture, but i hear it about once a week. grandpa sits me down and says horrible things, like "you're going to get older and all your friends you have now won't even care about you. you're going to encounter bad situations. you're going to go to college and probably do drugs and drink, and you'll screw your life up if you do. now, you listen to me, i guarantee you'll be miserable if you do some of those things. jennifer, you can easily screw up your life, and you'll never be happy again." meanwhile i'm just smiling and nodding and not listening. he makes it sound like i do that stuff on a regular basis. uh, no? so The Lecture lasted about 20 minutes until my escape arrived in the form of bobcat, one of their cats, throwing up. so of course grandpa tended to his kitty and completely ignored me, as usual when it comes to his cats, which is fine with me! anyway so here i am just typing away and watching chicago. not sure what i'll do the rest of today, perhaps just "enjoy being a kid" to quote grandpa. meh!
ps: happy b-day kasey!
"i took the shotgun off the wall and fired 2 warning shots... into his head!" ~chicago :/ lol

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Ugh... [15 Jun 2004|06:42pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks ]

ew. i just made myself a salad and used ranch dressing we had in our fridge. well, little did i know the dressing expired in january!! why it was still in the refrigerator, i have no idea, because we clean it out a lot. anyway, so i had a fair amount of extremely old dressing until i realized it tasted disgusting. ugh!!! it was almost worse than a few months ago when i made deviled eggs and used mayonaise from february of 2003. i could not get the eggs to taste good for the life of me, so i kept adding mayonaise, vinegar, etc. i kept eating them but they tasted weird still. let's just say it was a nasty shock when i found out how old the mayo was. anyway, i'm still alive, so i'll tell you a bit about my day. it hasn't been the greatest. i got up this morning and got ready for chris's pool party, and i must've put on 5 gallons of sunblock. trust me, sunblock is my friend. i drove all the way out there (about a 30 minute drive) and encountered a turkey and her little chicks standing in the road. it was soo cute! i finally got to his house, and it turns out he cancelled the party because there was a chance of rain! well, i certainly didn't see one happy little cloud in the sky. turns out he called to tell me but i wasn't home so i didn't get the message. DANG. 30 minute drive back. at least i got to see baby turkeys! their fuzziness made me appreciate the finer things in life. natalie and i went to see the stepford wives, which turned out to be really weird, but funny. and natalie and i did our little ritual of sitting in the aisle instead of the seats. some stupid retard lady started tailgating us on the way home, so natalie drove like 10 under the speed limit, and we enjoyed watching the lady getting extremely mad. hahah. well i have to go do some stuff, so i'll talk to all you peoples later. bye!
"did UPS stop by at his house, because he has a package!!" ~Natalie

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hahahahaa [14 Jun 2004|11:48pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama ]

a certain butthead boy was being evil to jaime and now her away message is so funny:

Auto response from JCSpLaShEz06 [11:56 PM]: I'd like to say hello to the "Jerk of the evening."u are a huge huge jerk...I can't believe you said what you just how blunt can you be..why did you even im me could have just left me alone..but're gonna be gone all summer and guess what me too and I don't care you bratfaceidiot make me sooo mad..I am soo angry rite now I just want to smack you in the face but sorry I won't do that bc violence isnt the answer, it rele isn't, so why are we even friends when your sole purpose in life is to make miserable..cuz it doesnt matter that we were bff no no it doesnt you bratface butthead yea notice the word hello..nighteo to evry1 else especially dylan bc he is my bestest bud lol nighteo haha jennifer, P.S. if you think this is about you, it's not.

and a really good name to call someone when you are angry at them is an "apparatus head" lol jaime. haha anyway tonight was quite fun. kasey, brian, adam, jeff, ben, tiffaney and i decided to go bowling but the bowling alley was closed! the funny thing is ben works there and forgot they're closed mondays. haha so we went minigolfing only they were closed too. so then we had a great dinner at taco john's except we didn't because they were closed. so then we went to tcby and on the way there tiffaney wanted me to beat adam, ben, and jeff so we cut them off, except i didn't signal and like almost hit their car! sorry!! :) i got cookie dough ice cream. yummers. well, i'd like to write more but i'm just toooo tired! g'night everybody.

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hmm [14 Jun 2004|06:03am]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Cake - The Roof is on Fire ]

well hi there. i don't have much to say, but here goes. this morning i got up at the crack of dawn (7:45) to go running with alyssa. we ran, it sucked, we were tired, my stomach hurt, it was hot, but at least we ran. it was nice to finally get some exercise. it gave me a sense of purpose. well, i wouldn't go that far, but anywho! then we came back here and played with the kitties and freaked people out online. we were sooo hyper!! after alyssa went home i went back to bed and slept for a good 5 hours. then i woke up, and ... ate? and that has been my day thus far.
my dad keeps talking about moving to california. i have mixed feelings about it. on one hand i looove california and would be overjoyed to live there, but on the other hand i can't stand the thought of leaving everything here. i don't really like sioux city itself, but i would hate to just up and move and leave my school and my friends and everything. so, i'll just tell my dad that i want to finish school here first, then maybe move, cause i'm pretty sure i want to go to college out there. but what the heck am i doing thinking about college? i should do something productive, like study for the SATs. lol i'm just kidding. i'll go walk my doggy i suppose. adios mis amigos y mis amigas!

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eh... [13 Jun 2004|02:10am]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Aerosmith - Pink ]

bored bored bored. i wish there was something to do, anything. i should probably go out there and run a little bit, but i just don't feel like it! cross country is going to start soon, so i need to get into shape quickly. but i'll worry about that later. for now i'll just concentrate on keeping my spirits up. a certain person hasn't been talking to me lately and it makes me sad! i hate it when people just stop talking to you for no apparent reason, and make you feel like you did something wrong, when really you didn't, you know? on another unhappy-ish note, my grandparents are torturing me. if i'm home they drive me crazy, if i'm out they call and complain that i don't spend time with them. and today my grandma flipped donkey because i threw away a tiny little piece of chicken. yikes! anyway, nothing new or exciting has happened lately, so i'll stop rambling and go take a shower. bye for nowzers.

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GRR! [10 Jun 2004|01:39am]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Rolling Stones - I Can't Get No Satisfaction ]

OH MAN! my tv just went out! now i have nothing to do!! :( it's raining now though so that's good.

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Insomnia! [10 Jun 2004|01:11am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | The Doors - Break on Through ]

man i totally can't sleep tonight! so i guess i'll sit here in front of the computer for a bit and waste away. well, nothing too much has happened lately, except natalie and i saw harry potter the other day. i thought it was way better than the first two. ugh my grandparents are coming tomorrow. somebody save me please! they're staying for a whole month and they're going to be living in my house the whole time. i don't really get along with them that well. maybe it's because they care more about their stupid cats than they do me. they're bringing their 3 cats with them, of course, because the precious little babies can't be out of their sight for one minute. needless to say it should be interesting, and we're going to have 5 cats in this house. hmm. there should be some good catfights at least. off the subject, i am such a pig! i've eaten so much today. a whole carton of lo mein, like 3 candy bars, 3 tacos, a can of tuna, some pasta, and a ton of other stuff, and i'm still hungry. eek! the lights just flickered. maybe it's getting ready to rain. i'm so bored, i wish i had something to talk about. ah! i know, i'll talk about how weird my brother is. i woke up today to a huge kid with a fro (AKA my brother) pounding on my locked door, so i let him in, and he was ecstatic because he had just gotten huge new glasses. OK THEN. there's just something humorous about a 6 foot tall 6th grader with a big fro wearing huge glasses (AKA my brother again). well, there's nothing much else to say, and my lights keep flickering, so i guess i'll just watch some TV.

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[05 Jun 2004|02:49am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Cake - Rock n Roll Lifestyle ]

hey howdy hey! i got 14 hours of sleep so all is good. yesterday we had a waterfight at jaime's haha. it was fun, but why don't water balloons ever break when you throw them at people?? they always just bounce off and break when they hit the groud. anyway, last night was really fun at jeff's house. we had a bonfire, roasted hotdogs, and trekked through the jungle in search of bamboo things that pop when you burn them. it was really nice out. oh yeah, and i fell off the swing. ouch. we went inside and played cards and monopoly, and i lost at everything, except one game of speed with tiffaney! oh well. and jeff beat me in rock paper scissors too. hehe. oh geez, but everything turned evil after i took tiffaney home. i got lost, and let's just say bad bad things happened. like me denting a crazy guy's car while turning around on douglas street at 1:00 in the morning. i didn't know that douglas was closed until i was already down the street. the street was so narrow and i hardly had any room to turn around, and this crazy guy only wearing boxers came out and i was scared so i hit the gas, forgetting the car was in reverse. ohhhh man. yep, i dented his car and he was hopping mad but he first told me to roll my damn window down and then he said just go and he could get the dent out. man, what are the chances that the guy would be outside at that hour, just before i hit his car?! let's hear it for bad luck! i had it all night long, as tiffaney and jeff would know. but, thank god my car is ok!!! oh geez. i was shaking the whole drive home, but i made it ok. no way am i going to tell my parents about it, that would not go over well. they were already pretty mad that i came home 37 minutes past curfew. well anyway, i think i'm going to go eat my lovely little cheese pizza that i ordered. i'll talk to you all later. bye bye

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I need sleep! [03 Jun 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (lol jaime!) ]

Last night natalie and i watched the exorcist. scary scary movie!!! it freaked the living mother out of me, and i couldn't sleep at all, so i'm tired. the part where the girl crab-walked down the stairs really got me. well, the past couple days have been really fun. yesterday i woke up late, took a shower and such, then went over to angela's aunt's house. i almost got in a ton of accidents on the way there. oops! we played super nintendo for like 3 hours. it was great. super mario 2 is such a great game. you can throw copious amounts of vegetables and float above anything (if you choose to be princess peach). it's genius. and angela, you are too good at super mario 3! afterwards, i drove around for a bit. i've only had my car for like 4 days, and already i've driven 153.8 miles!! i'm guessing that 100 of those miles have been driven to/from walmart. anyway, i went and picked up natalie and we took crazy pictures in the produce section at (where else?) walmart and at that weird little park on rebecca street with the giant octopus thing. so fun. we rented some movies (the exorcist and spinal tap) and natalie spent the night. the exorcist girl would've gotten me if natalie wasn't there, so thanks natalie for protecting me!
today i woke up early for once and went and picked up jaime. we went to lunch at pickerman's and then played with animals at petco. then, we went to... guess where.... WALMART!!! where we ran into natalie of all people! we bought a buttload of candy (caramel hershey kisses, kitkat bites, and twix). i took jaimers home and went and picked up kasey at school. we went to lunch at panera, and i had my 2nd bowl of chicken noodle soup for the day. lo and behold, we saw zach and austin there! ahh! i see austin everywhere, it's kinda weird! zach came over and put his arm around me and visited for awhile. nice guy, but a little strange! then kasey and i went to the mall and saw the day after tomorrow. a good movie, if you like extremely loud noises and tornadoes, but kasey and i didn't really care for it. then we went to stone park and walked around and looked at the scenery. it was really pretty and relaxing. i took kasey home and drove around for a while more and then went home. phew what a long day! tomorrow i think natalie and i may see harry potter 3 if we can get tickets. yay! then there's a party at jeff's house which should be fun. angela, i hate nunamaker!!! well, i'm off to spend more "quality time" with my mom before she makes me feel even worse about never spending time with her. ahhh! thanks for reading! tootles

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Hello! [01 Jun 2004|11:23pm]
Hi there! i just decided to start one of these things, now that it's summer vacation and all, and i'll probably be really bored so i'll need something to do. well today was pretty fun, did some reading, and we had our first cross country practice. ah soo hard, it was! but i'm looking forward to the season starting, although i probably won't like it once the painful running starts lol. i slept at jaime's 2 nights in a row haha. hey jaime, maybe i should talk about you in every entry, like we did in 6th grade! also, 3 people didn't call me back today!!! natalie, alyssa, and angela, you guys suck!! haha it's ok i'm just kidding. perhaps tomorrow. oh god, my family is so weird. my brother (a ricky martin fan....) just said, "so, mom, how's your social life going?" my mom replied, "just ducky!" DUCKY?! what kind of crazy word is that?! funny, though. oh, the boredness is taking over. we've been on vacation for a week, and i've just been completely inactive. although i'm proud jaime and i went on a bikeride last night. i wonder if i should get a job... hmm. like alyssa! yay carlos o' kelly's. let's see... it's already june 1st. man time flies!! i can't wait until july 15, when i can finally visit my relatives in california. ahhh it's so far away though, like 6 more weeks. well, i think i'm going to go watch cheaper by the dozen with my mom. lately she's been getting really emotional every time i leave the fricken house, saying how i used to love her, but i only care about my friends now. ok.... nothing like setting the guilt trip on me! so i guess i should go spend time with her. oh yeah! before i go, i have to tell you about my horrible experience with a junior mint today. after cc practice i went home and ate junior mints. while i was eating, my dad busted in my door and it scared me so i inhaled a mint, and started choking!! my dad thought i was just kidding so he left, and i was in my room coughing like a mother, and i couldn't breathe! soo scary! i went into the kitchen and my mom was like, "oooh! i know the heimlich!!!!" i ran away from her and just started drinking water, and it eventually went down. phew! so, in conclusion, i am very thankful for my life, i suppose! haha. i'll catch you all later. bye bye
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