Randomness. . OOH PIE! [09 Jun 2003|10:24pm]
[ mood | devious ]
[ music | Trains Lie -+- Shannen Doherty ( WHAT THE. . ) ]

So Tash followed me, she heard about it through the grapevine I'm guessing. If Lilleh Lizzeh gets one of these bastards, I'll have a party (alone in my room) with my teddy bears. I'll steal an Appleton teddy bear. . that will show them. >:o. LOVE AND HUGS, TO THE PAIR OF YOU, BY THE WAY; AND LITTLE RACHEL.

Now what was it I was going to rant and whine about . . Oh, yes. Eastenders. Anyone who's interested, Sharon almost got kissed off Dirty Den, who's like her brother. Sharon's a pain in the arse, really blummin' annoying . . and do not get me started on Vicky. WHAT'S. WITH. THE ACCENT.

*With a heavy blink, she took a quick glance around the small surroundings of the hotel room she was staying in. Golden blonde locks hung almost dead-like on top of her bare shoulders which were christened by both a tan, and a schemed turquoise gypsy top. Although late, she turned. Quickly. Back to the monitor to continue her wise words of the day, so they seemed to her*

Really. I can do a better American accent than that AND I'M PANTS! Speakin' of pants . . I need to pick up my dry cleaning from my mum. I do my own washing, I swear. Take a whiff. Ugh, bored now. Gotta run up a huge bill from room service to Tasha's room, then sneak out to get it. Oh yes. You heard me.

Until next time. A-TAH-TAH.

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[09 Jun 2003|03:40pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Bugger me, I was about to sing the Saved by the Bell theme song for an update. I've forgotten it, it's times like these when I need Tash and 'Lil . . anyhoo, Nat I followed your request and got an online journal. So it's your fault if I don't update or sorta . . forget? E-Heh!

I love those little . . moody blighters at the top of the page, the horns really suit me. Almost as much as they'd suit the other Appleton. HI NIC!

It's a Brit-Canadian revolution, the end of the century is here!

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