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Thursday, December 11, 2003

7:26PM - more quizzes again- really bored right now

Your Animagus Form is a Cheetah!
Your Animagus Form is a Cheetah!

Harry Potter:: What's Your Animagus Form?? (with pictures!)
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Draco Malfoy

You seem to like the hard-to-get guys that are way
out of your reach.Malfoy is harder to get than
Harry, but I'm not positive.Don't put yourself
down if he says no. Tell him your feelings when
you're alone. He can be very caring,, just
don't be around when he's upset or discouraged.
He is fun at times, but mostly serious. Good
Choice :-)

!?WHO IS YouR HaRrY PoTTeR CrUsH?!(With Pics)
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You are plain normal. No one looks at you funny or
calls you anything besides your name. You have
a few close friends and some not so close
friends. You are IN-BETWEEN on the popularity
scale. Some guys(or gurls if you're a guy)like
you for your looks. Others like you for your
personality. You get pretty good grades, but
you never get 2 C's or lower on your report
card. You are the fun-to-be-with type. You like
to hang out with friends and just chill on

Are_ You_ A_ PuNk_PoSeR_PreP_GeeK_or_AvErAgE(With Pics)
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harry potter
Your guy is Harry Potter

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which harry potter boy is the boy for you???
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Harry Potter - little groupie follower sheep -
spose you only slept with him for the fame!!!

Dirty Harry potter men who get their wicked ways
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you are red, you are warm, loving, and caring, you
like rocks, and should study them, reading
books is a good way to do that, and since you
like to do that too, it will work out
perfectly, you should try to read even more, it
is fun and good for you.

what color are you?(girl quiz)
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black fuck life who gives a fuck

What color nail polish are you?
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Movie Trivia
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you are an indian warrior. you dance near the fire
and fight close to the blade.

What kind of warrior are you? (girls only)
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You are a unicorn!! You are such a sweetie!!! Good for you!
YAY!! You're a Unicorn!!! You sweetie you!

!!WHaT KiND oF HaRRy POtTEr CReATuRE aRE yOU????!!
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Gryffindor- You find yourself to be brave, and able
to take on anything. You belong in gryffindor
because you have courage and strength just like
Harry Potter himself!

(A Harry Potter Quiz) Which Hogwarts house do you belong in?
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You are in Gryffindor.You are brave and would go to
any risks to save someone close to you.Great

(For Harry Potter Fans!!!)Which house would you be in?
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You're Harry Potter!
You are Harry Potter! Brave, loyal, and protective,
you are a hero and an excellent person. You
care deeply about people, even if you sometimes
get caught up a bit in your own problems. You
would rather die than see any of your friends
hurt. You have a strong talent for Defense
Against the Dark Arts and are an awesome
Quidditch player. Despite your popularity and
fame, you are modest and have good morals.
Still, you might want to try to control your
temper a little better. Your best friends are
Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Your greatest
fear is fear itself. -art by Mary Grandpre-

A comprehesive quiz: Which Harry Potter student would you be?
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You love Harry got all or most the
questions right.I congradulate you, like
myself, are a true Harry Potter fan. I am proud
to let you join me in the small circle of true
fans. It is a very exculsive club that only
getting the high score on this quiz will get
you into it. SO yippee for you. Keep on loving
Harry Potter and you will go far!!!!

A Harry Potter Quiz That Is Not As Easy As Hell. (only true fans should take it)
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