Jennifer Hendricks' Day

Sunday, October 5, 2003

12:35AM - bored

Your the Warrior, ODESSA. You are beautiful and
smart. You are also very physically and
mentally strong. Your always searching for your
true love although you haven't had much luck.
You seem happy, but on the inside your really
depressed. Your represented by the Swored and
your Horse, Bucephaulus.

Which Powerful Woman From My little World R U?(W/ Pics)
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tonight i watched a pretty intense movie with Stuart Townsend called Trapped. it was so intense and weird and good at the same time. im also thinking about writing a novel. the last novel i tried to write wasnt very good and i threw it away. i wonder if ill ever be successful. i dont know. success doesnt run on my dad's side of the family.
i have to go. ttyl.

Current mood: pensive
Current music: Kiss From a Rose by Seal
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1:23AM - more quizzes

Your song is: FORSAKEN By David Draiman. ....Right.
So someone has listened to the Queen of the
Damned Soundtrack way too many times. If you
have been biting people, I'd make sure to get a
rabies shot.

Which Angry Song Are You?
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