Jennifer Hendricks' Day

Thursday, July 24, 2003


Congratualtions!!!! :-) You Know this song inside
and out like me :-) It's a really great song I
always listen to it when my best friend pisses
me Anyway that's a different story,
but great job and I'll still congratualate you
even if cheated some by using the song book,
hey at least you wanted to Thanks
for taking my quiz great job. :-)

Finish the lyrics to 'Going Under' by Evanescence
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img src="" border="0" alt="Fallen Amy">
You are Fallen Amy Lee. You (and possibly Wind Up
Records) chose to play up the darker side of
your personality to reflect the music on the
album. You give off a dark, brooding vibe in
your black corsets and striped sleeves. While
some people may see this as selling out, most
of your fans relate to the vibe you give off.
You go for yours, just be comfortable doing it.

What incarnation of Amy Lee (of Evanescence) are you?
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