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[21 Oct 2003|11:44am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I highly recommend married life, well I guess that depends on who your husband is ... and ladies I have the best one. *giggles*

I never thought things could be like this. Waking up every morning knowing I am his and he is mine well there isn't any thing better then that. Just when I think I love him as much as I possibly could I find I love him more. He'll give me a look, or that smile or the way he says baby girl and he makes me weak in the knees. Since that first day he has taken my breath away.

I am so happy. Just know what is written on my heart my love cause the sweetest song in all the world doesn't describe how I feel for you.

Now did you all enjoy that sappy update? *grins*

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Friday Night - Wedding [11 Oct 2003|02:47am]
The early part of Friday night was the wedding rehersal. So the wedding party - would go to dinner afterwards.

Then the bachelor parties ... Have fun with those. Bachelorette too.

Thursday night was the party hosted by the Party of Five Cast and Heartbreakers past.

You still have the hotel until Tuesday if you want to stay and play and do things. Have a big group party.

Remember to pickon Freddie and Carson if you can in your posts.

Thanks peeps.

Back in Character -
I love you JD and I miss you! I'm your wife tomorrow! Really today.

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[07 Oct 2003|12:06pm]
As I lay here in JD's arms waiting for the day to begin ... yeah we slept in late so ...
Feels like everything has been speeding to this week ... going so fast going so slow I can't wait for everything to begin ... I'm scared and I'm calm ...

Mia has been in a surly mood although JD seems to get her out of it. Orlando has finally surfaced and I guess that brings back memories of Leo or maybe she's just missed O.

Mia made a comment last night about the way Colin looks at Natalie. So I watched and he does he watches her. Natwas up late watching Life Is A House. Made me watch it with her ... and we cried. I realized even more how much I love JD. He is my house.

I will never ever understand the connection Nat and Hayden have but then I don't know him well and this week isn't the week to get to know anyone is it?

Nattie seems to be the ball of emotions ... off center without Hay or Ewan or maybe centering herself. A different Nat.

I'm worried about Keri. She's doing really well on the outside... I worry about her inside. She's been so incredible supporting everyone. Bella is sick .... Nat talked to her last night.

Lace called this morning ... slight problem with her dress but I think we've got it covered.

Maj called ... stilll worried about singing silly girl. After the fifteenth call JD unplugged it and we went back to bed. *grins*

Tonight at the Judds ... tomorrow Opryland and Grand Ole Opry .... the week can't go fast enough.

JD baby I love you so much.


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Going to the Chapel - Tuesday's Activities [04 Oct 2003|05:34pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I’m in Nashville at JD’s. The wedding is a week away. I can’t believe it. I know after everything is over I’ll be glad we have all these things scheduled but right now I just want to be married.

We wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate each of you. You stood by us when things got difficult with LeAnn and Rascal Flatts and that means everything to us.

I know you guys are going to be sick of my updates but I’m the bride. *grins*

You’ll hear this again but: If you intend to spend the week with us you should be ready to leave Tuesday boarding the plane at the LA airport by ten. The VIP lounge will be open for early arrivers. (If you are flying in Saturday you should be ready by ten then too to catch the plane.)

JD has booked the Loews Vanderbilt Plaza for the week starting on Tuesday. I’ll stay there with you guys. We have the hotel through the following Tuesday. There is a guest list so only wedding guests will be at the hotel. Everything is taken care of you don’t have to worry about a thing including the bill.

Tuesday night Ashley and Dario and Natalie (and I’m assuming Jude) are hosting a party. Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti are having everyone out to their house Tuesday night.

Make sure you wear your jeans and be ready for a real southern hoedown. There will be horseback riding, a caricature artist, a bonfire, and country line dancing and any dancing you want to do.

For those guys who get bored Dario will have some of his racecars out there so the men can play with toys. Yes and you get to drive them too. Naomi and Wynonna Judd are going to give us a small concert. Thanks Ashley and Natalie.

There will be babysitters at the hotel for any kids or you can bring them along.

I hope this gives everyone an opportunity to read each other’s journals and comment about crazy things they did and help us interact as a community. Feel free to make fun of celebrities who aren’t in the community doing crazy things if you want. I hope we can have fun with this.

Not all the bridesmaids have responded so I’m not going to mention you unless you mention it in your posts. I still don’t have someone to catch the bride’s garter. So if any couple is on the way to getting serious this would be a good opportunity – or if you’d like to make it silly that works too. Email me at

JD add anything you want since we keep missing each other. You get off too quick! (Hint … Nudge)
Now will you believe Rascal Flatts is in town this week doing a concert how weird is that?

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[30 Sep 2003|03:58pm]

Happy Birthday Lacey!

All right let's hit Lacey with Happy Birthdays!

Some gorgeous unattached man take her out!

Lacey you are special and I know several people think so! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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[28 Sep 2003|05:43pm]
Do all women panice before their wedding? Well I am. I keep telling myself to just breathe Love.

The thing I know is I belong with JD. I'm not paniced about JD ... it's just everything is beginning to .... to much to do and too little time.

I know that JD is my destiny. God I love that man. I just wonder if we should have eloped. No I know the wedding is the right thing to do and I will look back on our day and be so happy ... it's just the details that are driving me insane. The calls the reporters. JD snuck in and out Friday night. I should have scheduled this at a better touring time than I did for JD. If it would just be that day ... or if I could be with him every minute of every day but I can't. If Ben and Jlo stayed together I think there would be much less 'interest' in our wedding.

JD baby please don't panic at this it's not you at all baby. My only wish is being your wife.

Ste dropped out of the wedding. So that leaves a huge gap. *cough hint* Tobey JD *coughs*

My bridesmaids - I'm not even going into all the stuff that's going on with them ....

I am on my way to Keri's with a ton of food to a spend the night party then I'm kidnapping them to Nashville to help me do things and so spaing and basically calm the bride down and spending time with Keri.

Jude I can't wait to meet you and thank you so much for letting Iris be in the wedding. Mia has the dress .... someone there can do any of the alterations.

OCC Wedding Help )

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Going To The Chapel [22 Sep 2003|04:01pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Wild Horses - Tori Amos ]

What is about weddings that create such frenzy? Fans seem to want to know every detail. Some things should be able to be private but I guess that’s part of the price you pay for stardom right?

JD and I thought that we were immune I guess I’m not sure but things have been pretty quiet until the last few days. Once the snafu with Jlo and Ben hit the paparazzi have started to follow us. The best way to bet them is to join them right?

I sit here on the bed crying missing JD wanting to be in his arms. Crying from joy crying from stress and just missing the most incredible man in the entire world.

I haven’t seen JD in weeks now and I know that is the price we pay but I wanted to see his face see what he thought. I have to admit the idea of him in a tux really turns me on.

If you want to know all the details Our Wedding )

I guess the only surprise will be who catches the bride’s bouquet. *smirks*

I hope to see you all there.

Thanks for indulging me ….


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[14 Sep 2003|03:29am]

Happy Birthday JD

It Was Yesterday

But I wasn't on the computer

... SOBS

There are so many things I want to say to you ... but I trust you know what you've written in my heart. I didn't really start to live until I met you. I burn for you my love. It's a flame that defies time and space.

Come home so I can give you your presents in person. *smirks*

We get married in less than a month.

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[07 Sep 2003|10:00pm]
Okay first am I the only one who can't change her picture?

This time next month I'll be married to JD. I don't think I've ever seen a man so much in love. I adore you JD! I can't wait to be yours. I look back at that Saturday when we met. I'm embarassed to say we met and that was it. I still have the muscle shirt he left that first night ... yeah the first night. I hope everyone finds the love and the passion we have. The things he does to me ....

I'm glad Barbie is back. Girl I've missed you and you have to get a fitting for your bridesmaid dress. Nat I sent yours to you ... if there are any problems let me know.

OCC in IC ... *smirks* )

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[12 Aug 2003|12:09pm]
[ mood | Blissful ]
[ music | Bare Naked CD ]

Less than two months! It's so hard to believe. I wonder if I should hire Martha to help with all this insanity.

Working here and having the wedding in Nashville is insane so I'm taking a few days off and going to Nashville to surprise my man to work on wedding plans. Those one hundred and one details that have to be done.

It blows my mind to think of JD in a tux I don't think I've seen him in anything other than jeans and wife beater shirts. Of course I like him better naked. He'll look so handsome. This is all still so much like a fairy tale.

Usually when we're apart the days go by so slowly but it seems like only a few days until October 10.

My parents are coming in this weekend to meet him. All I really want to do is just be with him.

Mia looks great in every dress. It doesn't make chosing one any easier. I need to grab Keri too. But for now I really need his arms.

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Can I Do This? [04 Aug 2003|03:17pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Chapel of Love - Elton John ]

I had to buy another cell phone just for JD to get through to me. Two months ... in two months ... Saturday, October 11 I'll be Mrs. J. D. Rooney.

My house has turned into wedding central. Keri's promised me not to go into labor until after the second Saturday in October. I've been bribing Bella in the womb to stay there.

Patches is going to school to learn some manners. After all we can't have the wedding without him.

Nat tried to pull out of the bridal party, but I begged her not too. Is that too selfish? I just want all my friends to be happy. Barbie left and I really hate that. But I guess she's happier. I hope so. What's this with people leaving. *Eyes Mia*

Speaking of happy congratulations David and Sarah. I'm so glad for you two!

Biggest problem is going to be who I throw my flowers to catches the bridal bouquet.

JD I miss you baby!

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So You knew What The Answer Would Be .... [30 Jul 2003|12:01am]
[ music | Love Will Keep Us Together - Capt. and T. ]

I sleep beside him so many times, yet we are still separated so much that I still wake up to listen to him breathe.

I've loved this man since the minute I laid eyes on him. Watching everyone around us get engaged has been wonderful but difficult. Not knowing where we were going. He is my heart and where he is - that's home.

We've chosen October - Keri, when is your due date? We want you to be our matron of honor. Maj, Lace, Sarah's, Mia and Nat - bridesmades duties. (Nat when are you and Jason tying the knot?)

We plan to marry at his place in Nashville.

I look back at my first party so long ago ... yet it seem like yesterday. *smiles*

And the answer was not only a yes ... but it was Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

::flashes ring:: I'm going to be Mrs. Joe Don Rooney. :: Smiles::

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[22 Jul 2003|11:11pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | How Do I Deal - Jennifer Love Hewitt ]

The house is so quiet ... if you don't count Patches chasing Don Juan and Haylee. They run around the house in the middle of the night ... I get cat pounced ... right in the middle of the stomach. Is this possibly Garfield's revenge? At times it feels like it is. My waking up just reminds me how much I miss JD. I turn in the bed and it's empty. I think that's the saddest feeling in the world feeling the cool sheets with my hand. I love you JD! Miss you baby.

On a brighter note:

I'm waiting for Maj to come crash ...

Breck has an new series. Congratulations Breck.

Looks like Zach is coming for Barbie *crosses fingers* missed you girl!

What's this about Lace as a stalker?

Mia where are you?

Orlando did you die? *cries*

Nat I hope everything is okay with Hayden and all that stuff. Tell Jason hello.

Keri - if you need me call me okay.

I'm going off now - lots of things to do - busy work.

I love you JD. I need to surprise you on the road. You are my heart!

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Nattie and Jason [17 Jul 2003|12:13pm]
[ music | Rascal Flatts CD ]

I don't even know where to start.

Congratulations Nat and Jason. I'm going to be a bridesmaid! Yes Nat I'll come to Australia but I don't know if JD can come. I haven't seen him in a week. *frowns* I love you JD.

Kiki I'm so glad Jake is back!

All my friends seem happy, well except for one, glad you are back home hon.

Maj and I need to get our dating service going. *eyes her single girl friends.* Maybe I should have a party for them.

Not going to pimp the single girls here, but guy if you want to know I have a list!

Happy birthday Tash. Hope it's a great day!

Maj ... I miss you. Barbie come back soon.

Hayden and Ewan you need to support our Nattie!

Get ready for another Party ... this weekend or next. Maybe both. *grins*

Edit Watch Kiki and Eliza - USA Network - tomorrow night - 'Bring It On' and Julia in '10 Things I Hate About You' Sunday night.

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Nashville ... Nah JD [11 Jul 2003|11:12am]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Everyday Love - Rascal Flats ]

How do I describe a week in Nashville with JD? Perfect is way too sappy, I know but it was. I think the best thing was time to be together. We fit … I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone or so loved. I love you baby!

We spent the first few days away from the world, well except when he went shopping. I think he’s opened his own account at Victoria’s Secret. *smirks*

Typical musician, he couldn’t stay away from his guitar. He sang something in his head making the words up as he went along. I started humming and singing with him. I guess he really hadn’t heard me sing before. He has my CD’s but the man hardly has time for anything. He got up in the middle of our little jam fest and got another guitar. Before I knew it we were writing a song together … our song.

Wednesday night he had a party and the guys came. So did all of his friends. Since I hadn’t been able to go to a concert they gave an impromptu one, singing ‘Morning Love,’ the song he says describes me. As the week draws to a close his mood has changed. Our relationship is so intense being away from each other is painful. As I packed today, I noticed he’d slipped a tour schedule in with my first love letter. *smiles*

I feel I’ve been a horrible friend; I haven’t been around to talk to anyone very much. I don’t know what to do to help the people I love. Things are so complicated back home. I’m here for you guys - all of you.

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Fireworks ... [04 Jul 2003|09:09pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Unbelieveable - EMF ]

Well when JD called yesterday and said he needed to stay in Nashville ... I was on the first plane there to surpise him and bring him a special present.

So I drive up in his driveway in it ... and a special outfit sure to set off the fireworks.

He's off until Friday. So I'm here until he kicks me out or Maj calls wanting to go on a road trip. Maj I left his number on your answering machine.

Now I'm going to show him just how much I've missed him!

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The Hunks In My Life [04 Jul 2003|12:52am]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Everyday Love - Rascal Flatts ]

I am one lucky girl! I have all these hunks in my life!

Tony- I'm just getting to know you but you're cool.

Leo - you're a smart man. Don't break her heart.

Andy - congratulations on the album.

Tobey - you are a great friend. Thanks for the presents.

Freddie- you never welcomed me like that.

Orlando - What would I do without you?

RJ - Where did you go man?

Christian - You are just the sweetest!

Ste- Happy Birthday!

I love you JD.

Baby I understand. The time you spend flying into surprise me for even those few moments means so much. The roses are beautiful. You are the best boyfriend! Think I should come surpise you!

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Friends .... [30 Jun 2003|12:33pm]
[ mood | Concerned ]
[ music | Friends - Elton John ]

JD breezed in again like always. When he’s around the world seems so much brighter. I’ll be glad when he has some vacation time. When he’s away it’s almost as if my heart stops beating.

The party for the people Friday night was interesting. Thankfully this time there weren’t any games. I had to convince Mia to even make an appearance but finally she came. She seems to be keeping close to Leo these days.

Tara and Tobey seem to be getting along well. I haven’t talked to Nat much but she and Jason seem fine. Lace on the other hand has gotten quiet. I’m not sure what that means but something is definitely going on with her.

Maj too seems to be quiet. Our plans to start our little dating service have been put on hold for a few days so she can workout whatever. I’m here for you Maj.

Okay gang it’s off to start work on my next project.

Why is it when you try to write a love song to the man who owns your heart that the words come so much harder?

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Short Notice But .... [27 Jun 2003|02:53am]
Since we have so many new folkes, particularly Lace, I thought I'd have another party. I do reserve the right not to play in any party games. Well with JD afterwards

Welcome to all of our new folks. Happy Birthday Tobey!


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He's Home!!!!!!!!! [26 Jun 2003|12:07pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Lady Marmalade - Mya ]

Yesterday was an excellent day. I’d spent most of the day relaxing. I watched Mia cook and ate like a pig . I ’m usually spent after wrapping a film. But I had so much energy. Have several projects in post-production but nothing I had to do yesterday. I do miss clowning around with Breck on the set. I haven’t seen him around much; I guess he’s helping Rachel. I haven’t seen either of them in a few days.

I spent the late afternoon talking to Lace! I can’t believe she’s here. Now if the rest of the crew will get here … *looks around for Scott * . I really admire what Lace is doing and yes she conned me into helping out in my spare time. I talked to Orlando and Leo *winks at Leo* I’d really like to know what’s going on since some people still aren’t … well saying much.

The best part of my day was the end. JD is always surprising me. I was out by the pool when a little puppy came running up. The little guy was cute … I fell in love with him right away. JD named him Patches. Haylee and Don Juan stayed a safe distance away until he brought out the kitty toys.

On my wrist in the diamond tennis bracelet and on my vanity the diamond tiara sparkles under the lights. I’ll never wear a tiara … maybe Breck and I will get nominated for Oscars and I can wear it then. JD says I’m his queen and he is the king of my world.

He’s off the road for a few days. Here with JD for a few days I’m so happy. I love that man of mine.

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