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    Friday, December 3rd, 2004
    12:40 am
    test me!
    Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
    11:22 am
    First Entry
    So i have finally made it into the evil world of online journaling. I think it is funny how people don't care about other people reading their journals..but me, i am a semi-private person. Which is why none of my friends know that i am getting this and reading this, because hey, not gonna lie, sometimes i am not exactly the nicest person. Sounds harsh, but really, if i am mad at you for something, i want to write it down to vent..and i want to be able to fully write out what i feel, not have to sugar coat it or not say it at all in case the person i am upset with might read my entry. So if i don't know you, please feel free to read my journal! :) really, honestly, i am a cool person. hahah (sounds stuck up..i know) so here goes..

    BOY: t seems that grant and i always get crabby/fight/argue on tuesdays. odd. but true. yesterday when we were studying for spanish i got mad at him because he swore at me and didn't believe that i actually knew what i was talking about..especially he didn't believe i knew what i was talking about with hotdogs!! ERGH. i wouldn't have cared so much if he wouldn't have swore at me. i think it is funny, because then later that nite, he yelled at me for swearing and saying shit when he said hell. i don't understand. we made up after spanish class and came over here and pretty much kissed. he had a bad headache which made me said. we were supposed to go to Jimmy John's for supper..but instead we went to the dining hall. Then we came back here (procrastinated on homework) watched sorority boys (funny movie) made out on my bed (hehehehe..i love it how he really likes his neck kissed and sucked on. i really want to start sucking on his ear...sean loved that..but i think he is afraid of it. lol) then we went to buffalo wild wings with kristen, stephen and jeremy. when we went out to my car (which had been un-driven..sitting here at csp while i was at home..for about the last 2 weeks.) and it was full of snow. that wouldn't have been so bad..except there was a lovely lovely layer of ice underneath the snow. he helped scrape my car :) then later that nite..when i had to go get gas..he squiggied (sp) my windshield so it was all clean..what a good boyfriend :) then we came back here and on the way back from lot E (where i park my the locked parking lot) to my dorm room. we argued about money when we grow up. he wants to be rich and flaunt it and i want to live modestly and not flaunt it..and have my kids (or ours i guess) be humble, generous, NICE, not stuck up...while he wants them to be the envy of others. if our relationship ever gets to the next level (which honestly..i think there is a good chance that it might...) there is going to be some serious fights/issues about i decided if we ever get married, before we officially get married, we would go to money counceling. lol is need. MORE LATER.