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    Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
    5:00 pm
    I need your help!
    I made WAY too many new icons. Um. Where you can check them off...That's the ones you want me to use.

    Help me choose which ones to use )
    4:55 pm
    This Ain't Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Kiddos.
    Take off your knit sweater, take off your sneakers, but keep riding the train.

    My icons are a bit naughty, aren't they?

    If you don't know me...your loss. Frankly, I'm a goddess, and you should recognize that. Guys want to be with me, girls want to be me. Some girls want to be with me, too. Most.

    I believe that everyone is bisexual, they just don't know it yet. Maybe it's time you found out?

    Current Mood: spicy
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