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    Thursday, March 31st, 2011
    3:03 pm
    Modern furniture manufacturer and exporter
    There are many modern teak furniture manufacturer and modern teak furniture exporter in Indonesia. Those modern furniture exporter normally focuses themselves in making indoor wooden furniture made of quality tropical teak wood, only a few of them also make discount patio furniture for serving overseas buyers who also need outdoor garden furniture to widen ranges of furniture they sell in their own furniture stores. Of course, they work best to offer quality hand and machine crafted complete line of indoor furniture including teak nested tables and teak console table, wicker-decorated dining set, teak cabinet and teak bedside drawer, teak bookcase, teak shoe rack and teak clothing stand, teak framed mirrors, and other teak indoor furniture.
    3:01 pm
    Modern teak wood furniture
    Indonesian teak wood is the material of choice for many people, especially those who prefer the "natural" look of it. And with today's technology, the coatings that have been developed will ensure that your modern indoor furniture withstands the elements of indoor environment.

    If your preference is for some of the more minimalist style furniture, or of modern furniture style, you'll likely be looking at a combination of plywood and modern teak wood. And with today's high standard of furniture craftsmanship, the result is a beautiful furniture that matches to all interior setting. A modern teak furniture always adds your rooms a character of its own!
    Saturday, March 12th, 2011
    3:30 am
    Free kindergarten information
    The Preschool resource online which is a free online resource containing information related to preschool children, including methodologies, tools, and materials that support diverse kind of preschool activities. You may find there free K12 activities information resources including preschool books and preschool worksheets. This site also lists various internet resources on this issue, all are those classified into kids friendly website.

    There are also some free kindergarten teacher resources on the net which may help easing kindergarten teachers around the world in finding appropriate materials for their specific works. Most of them are things related to educational system development like free kindergarten curriculum examples and free kindergarten lesson plans; free kindergarten graduation ceremony ideas and kindergarten learning software are also part of this kind of information resource. Such kindergarten site also contains some downloadable materials like free kindergarten math worksheets, free kindergarten coloring pages and free kindergarten puzzles.
    3:29 am
    Preschool activity ideas
    When you think about preschool age children who normally always around you, believe you will have the same impression about how cute they are. And, when you further look for ideas on free kindergarten activities, the internet always has a solution for such kind of needs. Many children friendly website offers free preschool activities ideas that will help you in planning best programs for your local early childhood activities. The Preschool Themesite - for example - provides several preschool ideas that worth to consider; from free kids activities information, preschool assessment methods, first grade science worksheet to samples of printable kids activities. So, briefly speaking, the internet is a good and also reliable resource for any kind of preschool children and kindergarten activity needs.
    Friday, March 11th, 2011
    8:19 pm
    Preschool resources on the net
    Those of you who have been quite long time dealing with educational preschool activities must be so concern to a healthy development of preschooler toddler. Many also believe that children of such age deserve for having the necessary facilities and support in order to best develop a solid foundation of their own future. And as the world of children is basically playing, therefore, things like educational games learning environment is a mandatory requirement for a good children development process. For those children who prefer to study at home instead of studying at a formal school, a free home school for kids is one of the best alternatives.

    People around the world including those preschool education consultants with various duties and assignments normally also manage some online resources which provide free information on children education issues. To name a few here are some of the resources you can find from the net: free kindergarten writing, free kindergarten reading, free kindergarten crafts and art, free kindergarten drawing, free kindergarten stories, free kindergarten book, free kindergarten games, free kindergarten songs.
    Monday, March 7th, 2011
    12:39 am
    Electric power distribution in Indonesia
    PLN Distribusi is in charge of the distribution of Indonesian electrivity energy (distribusi listrik of listrik PLN in Indonesia), a country that consist of more than 13,000 islands. In 2005 listrik Indonesia sold by PLN reached 107,033GWh and distributed to 34,559,000 customers.

    In 2011 all publicly accessible informasi PLN and any other informasi listrik is being integrated into one central PLN online website, while previous regional websites remain under their intranet system.
    Meanwhile, a knowledge repository on teknologi listrik including Indonesia's electrical standard (SPLN) is also available since late 2008 under the Jendela Distribusi portal.
    Sunday, March 6th, 2011
    5:47 am
    Modern design of muslim clothing
    Fashion Baju Muslim specializes itself to baju muslimah and baju muslim of modern design. Most of its muslimah blouses (baju muslim blus), muslim women's abayas (baju muslim gamis) and two-pieces wear (baju muslim setelan) in its clothing collection apply simplicity design approaches. This is to accommodate the increasing demand on -what local people call it- a practical Indonesia's Islamic clothing. This is defined as a type of fashion muslim clothing which leads its users having the freedom to do their daily activities at home, their dynamic activities at office or in doing businesses and in their social activities.

    Despite its large market potential Indonesia still been considered having a limited internet technology infrastructure compared to most countries on the globe. Consequently shopping online has not been a standard behavior of millions of customers throughout the country.

    Responding to such situation Fashion Baju Muslim's website is intentionally not designed as a sophisticated ecommerce online store. This islamic fashion website is more an online muslim clothing catalog which provides freedom to its visitors to asses latest design of Indonesia's muslim clothing fashion items from Fashion Baju Muslim's clothing collection.
    5:44 am
    Launching of baju muslim site
    In response to the increasing demand on muslim clothing Fashion Baju Muslim has launched its new website at This islamic clothing website is more targeted to reach customers reside in remote areas of the many islands scattered throughout the country, especially those muslim women who can't afford to come personally to the fashion clothing centers of this country such as Bandung, Surabaya and Jakarta. The growing number of clothing online presence on the internet these days really better serve those fashionable women.

    The website is aiming at providing a comfortable online shopping environment for those muslim people who like to get fashion clothing information and buy trendy islamic clothes anytime through internet. In a modern city nowadays, people have to work hard and get no leisure time to check the price and choose their clothes for a long time in the streets. Specifically, this clothing website serves busana muslimah fashion enthusiast who reside in urban areas at a distance from Indonesia's fashion industrial centers.
    5:42 am
    Latest Indonesian muslimah fashion clothing design
    Fashion Baju Muslim's Islamic clothing website was launched specifically to respond to the increasing demand on Indonesia-made modern muslim clothing (aka: busana muslim). The online fashion store eases people of Asean countries to shop for best Indonesian muslima clothing items right from their home.
    5:38 am
    Synthetic rattan furniture
    Another issue is that - as happen to any natural material - rattan should receive a proper treatment to improving its resistance against attacks of termites. Again, the weather condition where a rattan furniture is located may affect its durability.

    "Specifically if you need rattan and wicker furniture for use in an outdoor setting, the solution is wicker outdoor furniture made of polyethylene-based fiber, the synthetic wicker furniture," an executive from Abacus Wickers Indonesia explained. "Use of this polyethylene-based fiber to furniture combines the elegance of classic wicker crafts and the endurance of synthetic fiber, resulting to long-lasting all weather rattan furniture," he confirmed further.

    Wicker, although classic, works well for the furniture buyers who always seek for discount wicker furniture to expand their import-export business. Wicker furniture reflects the feel of casual elegance in classy private residences and in commercial buildings as well. Furniture made of synthetic rattan not only offers comfort, versatility and livability, but it also offers superb endurance a rattan wicker furniture always requires. It mixes well with any flower plant pot and large garden pottery items you may have at home.

    So when you have flower pot crafts items such as large decorative vase, plant pots, and other decorative terra cotta pottery items, no need to worry; this kind of plastic rattan furniture even matches to stone water fountain, to cast stone garden water feature, and to decorative wooden lamp as well.
    5:37 am
    Disadvantages of natural rattan
    Most rattan grows to hundreds of feet in length; it is one of nature's strongest materials. It will not splinter nor break so it is ideal for making furniture. And when a curve-shaped furniture component is needed rattan is easily does it; once molded by steaming process, solid rattan retains its contours permanently. The outer skin of the rattan pole named as peel and traditionally is used to wrap joints. And, due to such flexible characteristics, various kind of decorative lamp and other kind of home decoration items can be made from natural rattan.

    Note: For those who prefer a Japanese-style living environment, a Japanese paper shade lamp made of tropical wood or other types of wooden lamp are still the best alternatives.

    Nothing is perfect in life. As a natural fiber, rattan also has some weaknesses in its inherent character. Natural rattan furniture can not be exposed to harsh ultraviolet sunlight for prolonged periods of time, as this can affect the color. Water hyacinth, for example, as it is a natural untreated handmade product, it will absorb moisture and dry out in direct relation to climate conditions. To avoid any deterioration natural rattan furniture is only suitable for use in a dry and well ventilated environment. Briefly speaking, although protective surface finishing may help but basically a natural rattan furniture will not survive well in an outdoor setting.
    5:35 am
    The natural rattan furniture
    Natural rattan has been used in furniture making for quite long time. Since the beginning of this decade, however, its role in the furniture industry is decreasing due to the introduction of a polyethylene-based fiber. Today we find synthetic rattan furniture everywhere, reflecting the more acceptance of worldwide customers to the outcome of great works in modern PVC technology.

    It is widely known that natural rattan has some advantages compared to wood. It is lighter in weight, strong, elastic, easier to make both regular and irregular shapes and of course less costly. Due to these comparative advantages rattan has been widely used as the material to produce minimalist-style indoor furniture such as teak console table, dining chair and tv cabinet & drawer. Additionally, rattan grows faster than any tropical wood species and people gain from easier harvesting works. Overall, making indoor furniture from rattan is economically more beneficial than making similar indoor wooden furniture.
    5:33 am
    Synthetic rattan furniture for outdoor and patio environment
    Despite its advantages over modern teak wood furniture, any designs and models of indoor rattan furniture made of natural rattan always has its own disadvantages; it is sensitive to surrounding climate conditions. Outdoor wicker furniture sets of an outdoor restaurant which are exposed to strong sunshine will not last in a long period of time. The same problem may happen to patio rattan furniture installed on your backyard, especially when you live in countries with heavy rain.

    In such environmental setting a synthetic wicker furniture made of polyethylene-based fiber is a solution. So ... when you need a really durable patio wicker furniture for your home or around your gazebo pavilion, look no further and find this kind of wicker furniture.
    5:31 am
    Children at their kindergarten age: educating early
    Research shows that children's intellectual development from birth to age 3 years is as good as those of the age of 4 years to 18 years. That is why, ages 0-3 years are often referred to as the golden age. At the age of 4 years, 50% intelligence of a child's brain has been formed.

    Life at home becomes the first school for our children. How to educate young children, habits of parents and other family members will affect the overall characters and habits of children in the future. Briefly speaking, what kind of kindergarten activities at home will definitely affect the rest of children life.

    If parents used to watch, children will also be happy to watch. If parents like to read, children will also be familiar with reading materials. Not just any reading course. Grade reading is accompanied by interesting illustrations that will facilitate the children absorb knowledge in reading.
    5:28 am
    Preschool age children
    Children's world is playing and preschool children activities at home is one of the most important thing in their life. Thus, for preschool age children every moment is playing. All the objects that are nearby can be used as a tool for the small game, including ball. The round proved to be a very exciting game for the little ones who are still aged under five. In addition to fun, this ball game can even be a fun learning event.
    4:49 am
    Hot tub gazebo
    Having a wooden garden gazebo is so very relaxing. Can you picture sitting in the middle of your garden and watching the flowers grow? How about sitting in the modern gazebo curled up with some great gazebo books and enjoying the fresh air? Having a retreat in your garden is definitely something that garden lovers dream of. Maybe you have a nice bench out there now, and are saving for that beloved modern gazebos?

    Traditionally a gazebo pavilion is made to function as a place for family members to sit and relax in the garden. Modern gazebo designs today are also intended to offer consumer market with a contemporary gazebo of different purposes such as to function as a place to house your outdoor hot tub. This is the concept of where a hot tub gazebo comes from.

    Manufacturers of modern gazebos including those who make the Indonesia gazebo produce diverse designs, types and sizes of both hot tub gazebos and wooden garden pavilion to fulfill market needs. For your outdoor pools poolside gazebo and poolside pergolas are also available. So, ready to have a full relaxation on your backyard now?

    ref: dyah novida (alumni sma kudus, alumni fakultas hukum, alumni universitas mpu tantular)
    4:48 am
    Marketing of solar water heater
    Many countries manufacture diverse types, sizes and models of solar water heater product by their own brands. While China might be the largest producer of such heating equipments, Indonesia solar water heater products are also among those available in the market.

    Competition in the market, domestic and international, is of course very stiff. Under the growing concern to environment preservation, therefore, all solar water heaters are made by utilizing an appropriate and an efficient hot water heater technology to produce truly environmental-friendly home solar water heater. While manufacturers compete each other promoting their own solar heater products, still they have an obligation to implement a fair business practice to all customers and potential clients of solar heater systems.
    4:46 am
    Solar hot water heater
    Solar hot water is water heated by the use of solar energy and, the equipment to do such process is called a solar hot water heater.
    A solar hot water heater - also called solar domestic hot water system - can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. Of course, they can be used in any climate and the fuel they use - sunshine - is completely free.

    Solar water heating systems usually cost more to purchase and install than conventional water heating systems. However, a solar water heater can usually save you money in the long run.
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