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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

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    Which Is Better For Your Health – A Low Carb, Protein Diet or A Low Carb, Vegetable Based Diet?
    We all wish to find the quickest way to lose weight safely and naturally, so of course being able to locate the correct dietary balance is essential. Of all the dietary plans available, health experts have divulged that incorporating less carbohydrates into your foods can help you to get in shape – but which low carb diet is best?

    Low Carb, Protein Dietary Plan

    Often referred to as the ‘Atkins Diet’, this dietary regime has become increasingly popular over the last quarter of a century. Designed to cut your vegetable and fruit consumption in favour of red meats, processed meats and dairy products, this dietary form can supply you with an initial fat loss because of your limited carbohydrates.

    Yet despite its fat loss capacity, numerous individuals have found it hard to follow this weight loss plan for long due to the restrictions it places on your other major food groups.

    And not utilising this weight loss plan for too long could be better for your health according to new research described in ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’. In their study they revealed a low carb weight loss plan that is high in animal protein but low in fruit and vegetables can increase your your chances of experiencing cancer, heart disease and even death.

    Low Carb, Vegetable Based Dietary Plan

    Based on a weight loss plan that consists of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, omega-3 fats and a small amount of protein from chicken and turkey, this dietary form has been revealed to create the opposite health effects of a high animal protein weight loss plan, reducing your risk of heart disease.

    Benefiting from Safe Fat Loss

    No matter which weight loss plan you decide to try, there is no denying that reducing your carbohydrate intake can greatly improve your health and ultimately your weight loss.

    Working to keep your metabolic markers in check and transform stored fat into fuel; ensuring you do not eat too much protein (that is hard to breakdown) can halt large amounts of waste from staying in your cells.

    Yet for healthy, natural fat loss, we thoroughly advise that you use a nutritious diet that doesn’t exclude any of your food groups. By incorporating a healthy balance of 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fats - with regular exercise - you can feel confident that you’ll benefit from lasting natural fat loss which doesn’t endanger your health.

    However, if you are genuinely struggling to lose weight, despite these modifications to your eating habits and workout routine, a credible dietary pill can help.

    Found through 6 medical trials to bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake, decrease your appetite, decrease LDL cholesterol and boost energy levels, with Proactol’s help you can get rid of a steady 4-8lbs a month, and ensure your health is in safe hands.

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