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[12 Jun 2003|11:23am]
Well as my friend Amir says I don't update much, but that doesn't mean I never will. I usually have most of my freetime during the weekend, I don't go out into town until really the night but I've been given all this weekend and all next week and it's weekend off. I don't have much to speak about, I haven't met anyone new that's something I can say. But besides that I might go to the club tonight if I'm not too tired, it really just depends on my mood and if I Feel like taking the time to glam myself up. ::Shrugs:: Anyways I'll be around.
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[06 Jun 2003|10:07pm]
[ music | Mindless Self Indulgence - Backmask ]

Whoo, a second day of updating. This is something I could get use to, well I haven't talked to Amir on the phone yet and I haven't seen him any this weekend. Maybe he and I should go terroize the mall next weekend, we're always usually the ones being chased down by crowds of fans but this time will be different. Amir and I should get our own sick and twisted show.

Still we both have no community to fuck with right now, but who really fucking cares. Most likely we're too pretty for them all. ::Laughs:: I might go to Lip Service tomorrow and see what new clothes they've designed, if he's nice I'll bring Amir along for the ride too. But I agree with what he said, Bobby, Paige, and Ryan get your asses journals.

Now I feel there is nothing more to talk about.

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[05 Jun 2003|09:49am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Murderdolls ]

Amir told me to finally do an update, I apologize about the past old ones. Screw those, WE as the band Orgy have not done much I know a lot of you are awaiting our third album but along with the DVD we did we are re-releasing it with an EP to tide you all over. ::Laughs::

Besides that I along with the others have been in the studio at vast pace trying to finish up this album and begin touring. I can't wait to get out there on the road, and it almost slipped my mind. Good friends of mine from Korn, Jon' Davis and Munky are planning to do a Queen of the Damned tour later this year, I might try to get on it but it's really just Jon doing a lot of the songs he composed for the soundtracks but who knows. A lot of you probably have forgotten my AIM, so it's hypnotizing jay

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[31 May 2003|03:36am]
[ music | Twiztid/ICP - Meat Cleaver ]

God I need a cigarette right about now.

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