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    Sunday, December 8th, 2002
    11:50 am
    A Boring Day
    Yesterday was Aaron's Birthday. I kind of enjoyed what my sister did for him. She threw him a party even though he wasnt here lol, she does it every year. But Friday, Nicole get hurt thanks to Jonathan lol. But I wont get into that story. Its not 11:50 or so it says. But anyway, I dont know what Today will bring. Its kind of boring right now. Im waiting on a very special person and tomorrow I have to go back to college. Its been fine especially since Tony is going to stay here with me for a while. I mean you know, its not everyday that I get to see him. Hes staying in the Guestroom I dont think he likes it though b/c its pink lol oh well he can get over it or sleep out in the cold. Hes going to take me back to college and come pick me up in the evenings. He wants to come home every now and then. But he said that this would be the only time he would do that hes a sweetheart and hes all for Torrey, my friend. Or he thinks shes cute he says that hes not going to rush into a relationship, I mean seriously, He likes Torrey and theres like 50 other girls after him including Krista. But oh well he says that if anyone hed rather get to know Torrey. I have nothing to write about or nothing to do so im going to go hang out with Tony in the den, but Ill be on AIM and Yahoo so dont be afraid to talk to me b/c the computer is in the den! :)
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