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[15 Jan 2005|11:03pm]
What the hell happened to LiveJournal?
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[24 Jun 2004|10:06pm]
Bloody, wanky crappy football team!
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[01 Mar 2004|04:32pm]
whenever I sit down to write in my journal...I'm always full to the brim with emotions I feel I need to pour from me onto the page but somehow it never seems to happen. I don't seem to be able to express myself at all...maybe that's why I live my whole life in an emotional turmoil.

I have an overwhelming desire not to be here today...I wish I could be someone else, living somewhere else with not a care in the world. I'm often asked "what's wrong"? but if I'm honest, I don't know what's wrong....I just know that something is!
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[03 Feb 2004|12:30pm]
Anybody got anything I can smash??? I'm in a destructive mood !
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[29 Jan 2004|12:25pm]
So ....It snowed!

Suddenly it's impossible to get anywhere and everything's closed....WTF! When I was a kid, we went to school through little trenches dug into the snow...which sometimes, were taller than we were...but we still went! What happened to public spirited people....the little gangs of local residents who'd clear the street with garden spades? These days we're all too damn lazy!
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[19 Jan 2004|04:22pm]
I want to have a good old moan....trouble is, It's me I'm pissed off with. Perhaps I should take myself off somewhere and have a word with myself.
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[19 Jan 2004|04:12pm]
I want to have a good old moan....trouble is, It's me I'm pissed off with. Perhaps I should take myself off somewhere and have a word with myself.
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[09 Jan 2004|12:11pm]
The whole world seems to be on a mission to piss me off....
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[06 Jan 2004|12:40pm]
I'm suffering complete exhaustion...I want to be able to be totally on my own with nothing to do and nowhere to go and totally uncontactable. I'm so tired of sick people.. I'm so run down my body's objecting to everything.......please, please...leave me alone!
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[28 Dec 2003|10:40am]
Feeling rough....Hugh's been sick for days.. I'm tired of living in a mess...tired of saying yes to things I really don't want to do and just plain tired. Tomorrow we're off to Kent to stay with the in-laws....can't wait :(

In other news..

I got a Playstation 2 for christmas...and I'm stuck on this one bit of my game and it's pissing me off!

i've eaten way too much year I'm not buying any.

I still havent seen Return of the King...this must be remedied soon

The kids are all happy.....this is a good thing!

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[16 Dec 2003|12:53pm]
I can hear him upstairs......moving his computer desk and searching his drawers....but he's wasting his time. I cleaned his room this morning I've found and taken his cigs and hidden them.

How DO you stop a 15 yr old boy from smoking ?
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[04 Dec 2003|01:08pm]
Okaaay...own up. Who stole all the fun?
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[02 Dec 2003|01:08pm]
It's all bollocks....and you know it
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[30 Nov 2003|08:30pm]
I'm really really tired....

I need to be held, to make love, to feel loved....feel wanted.
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[18 Nov 2003|01:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I keep finding myself wondering why I am where I am.....I seem to remember standing in the kitchen the last time I thought....and then all of a sudden I'm sitting in the living room wondering where the lost minutes have gone.....

Think I'm depressed!

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[29 Oct 2003|09:24am]
I hate birthdays
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[20 Oct 2003|12:04pm]
Not the best weekend ever...

I spent most of Saturday looking at the back of the bathroom door from a seated position....least said about that, the better!

Sunday morning was spent doing all the things I should have done on Saturday + baking a cake because I didn't get to go out and buy one on Saturday. Chris spent most of the day round at my mum's place helping to dismantle her old conservatory because she's having it replaced with something a bit posher. Sunday afternoon Chris's parents drove up from Kent for a visit and to deliver the awful van-like car I've swopped my Rover for. The Rover was left to me by my dad and is a daily reminder of him, which I could well do with removing from my life. The car's never felt like even still smells of my dad. I have refused to drive it since the day I got it! Anyway the Space-Wagon is more suited to our 6 person family, and means we can all go out together in the one car. I don't suppose any of that last bit made any sense to anyone....but it did to me!

Anyway...tis now Monday again. I am patiently waiting for an email confirming the job offer Chris recieved on Friday so he can go ahead and hand in his notice to the godawful company he works for usual the agent is taking his time. Someone from Josh's school just rang to inform me of their intention to pass Josh's file to the local education authority because he doesn't bother to go to registration...therefore he is constantly marked as absent from school even though he's there! If I get fined, I'll sell his cd collection to pay it...maybe that way he'll learn to be responsible for himself.

I'm in a shitty mood.....can you tell?
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Quick Quiz [16 Oct 2003|09:37am]
I haven't done one of these silly things in a while..but I'm fairly pleased with the result of this one.

Which Silver Screen Siren are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
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[13 Oct 2003|10:47am]
Weekend went OK...Picked the kids up on Friday afternoon, got all the new shelving finished in Hugh's bedroom...took the kiddies to see Finding Nemo on Saturday afternoon. Hugh was surprisingly well behaved for his first time at the cinema but the film was a bit of a disappointment (well I thought so).

Sundy, I didn't managed to get dressed until 1 pm and had a normal slopping around type Sunday... watched Henry 8th which was great!
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[01 Oct 2003|02:15pm]
I have the snottiest cold, ever in living history!
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