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    Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
    11:35 am
    Now we are done
    I am just so freaking happy that we are done with this blurty thing! I can not tell you how much I really hate them. I am always running out of things to say! Well let’s see what is left to talk about. I have a hockey game this weekend and I think that I am going well I hope to go. We are playing an away game and I really want to go. I forget who we are going to be playing but I want to just go so I can actually watch a game for once! I hope that someone goes with me so that I am not the only fan in the stands for YSU like I usually am. I wish that the other team mates on Joe’s team that their girlfriends would go to the games to cheer them on. I think that they like that. Well I would anyways!
    I love EBAY! I just that that I could tell you how much that I really like it! I think that it is so much fun that I could just burst. I finally won the item that I was bidding on last night. It is one of those Video Now Jr. that is what I am giving my Niece Alissa for Christmas this year. You can buy it in store for like fifty dollars but I got it for only thirty-six and that includes them taking it to my house and me not wasting any gas to drive out and get it. I don’t have hardly any shopping done yet. The only people that I have done are Joe and Alissa. I still have to buy for Nicole, Brian, Mom, Dad, Richard, Diana, And Joe’s side of the family. I also Have Katie and Jake and my oldest brother Steven but they wont get theirs until after Christmas, because they live out of state. I miss them so freaking much.
    I love Christmas music! My favorite some is I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. I don’t know why but every time I hear that song I have to turn it up really high and sing at the top of my lungs! Ha ha ha! I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday!
    I can not wait for New Years Eve! I always party hard on that day! I love it! I hope that I get all good grades this semester if not I will be pissed off. I just realized that I jump around for topic to topic. I don’t know why but I think it has something to do with I really don’t have very much to say but I want this extra credit thing and I want it bad!
    I want to bake so thing to night like a cake or cookies or something along those lines. I don’t know why but I think that I am going to. Man it is getting harder and harder for me to go to school. I don’t know why I am getting to be so freaking lazy!
    I really enjoyed being in our class this year we sure did have some characters like the person that would never shut the hell up and the few that faded away. What ever happened to them? Not like I really care or anything but yea. I found a lot of really cool people this year to. I am glad that I met a lot of you! Man I think I sound really cheesy right now but I do have a lot of cool friends in the class.
    I just hope that I don’t have to take my freaking biology class again because it is so freaking hard and I really hate the teacher. Maybe if she took the time and would teach the way that her tests are set up that I would actually learn something in there. I hate the lab to that class too. Sorry I am not used to taking a test over something that I have not yet been taught but then after the test teach what we just took a test over! Yea that’s really smart people. Not!!!
    I really like to bitch if you could not already tell that about me. I guess I am a bitch. Oh well you don’t like it tuff then don’t talk to me because I am a real person and speak my mind when ever I get the chance!
    I wonder how much I have to type to get enough to stop? I hope that everything is going well for everyone else. I wonder what Joe will get me this year for Christmas! I really like Christmas very much! But I am not like other people like a little kid when it comes to opening gifts. Like some one I know who would buy gifts for themselves and wrap it up and say it is from someone else just to have more presents then everyone! Come on and you are how old? I think that it is time to grow up! Yea, well I believe that I have enough now so I am done.

    Current Mood: bitchy
    11:34 am
    What is left to say?

    Wow, I can’t believe that we have only two weeks of school left! I can not wait for this semester to be done and over with! I just want a break and not a little one like we just had! I think it was like a joke! Well I did not think that it was so funny! I just wanted to stay at home and get some sleep. I don’t know bout you but I am counting down the day until class is done with! I only have three more tests and I am done! Thank you GOD!
    So how was every ones Thanksgiving? I think that I could have had a better one if I had not been sick for it this year! Well everything looked great! On Thursday I set up our Christmas tree which I do every year but I had help from Joe. We listened to Christmas music and had a great time doing so. I can’t wait until Christmas this year. I just want it to hurry and come so I can see what everyone things about what I had gotten them. I love to watch them open presents and see the looks on their faces. I hope everyone likes what I got them. I don’t really know what I want this year. I swear that every year it gets harder and harder to buy things for people. And I never know what I want to I am sure that it is really hard for people to buy for me as well. But I try to think about what I want and I don’t ever know because I don’t really need anything! Well I would like a new coat. You know one with a hood! I have like five or six coats but I don’t have one that has a hood on it and with the wind on campus you need one I swear. Last week I thought that my ears were going to fall off!
    I don’t know what else to talk about. Oh what, I got my first ticket ever! You know how they have those really stupid cameras in Girard. Yea well it caught me going 50 in a 35. I don’t think so! Well yea ok it has a picture of my car on it and everything. Man that really sucks I have to pay an 85 dollar fine right before Christmas, do you know how bad that sucks? I know I should not have been going that fast but I knew right were it was because that same day I told my dad to slow down to show him where it was on the way to watch Joe play hockey! Come on and I am the one that gets a ticket.
    I told my mom that I am not the one that got the ticket since the car is in her name the ticket came in her name but I still am the one that has to pay it! Man that was a really shitty day for me. But I got over it. I won’t be speeding through Girard anymore that’s for sure!
    Well I have to go to work tonight and I really don’t feel all too great. We got robbed the other night! I guess some one broke in or just broke a window or something. That is not cool! I don’t know who would want to rob an ice cream store. Man people need to get a life! I don’t like being there because of everything that I know is going on. Like I think we have a hooker in are parking lot! I don’t think that it is funny because I sometimes don’t feel all that safe. I wish I could work in like well I don’t really know! But I don’t want to work tonight just because I don’t feel like it! I just want to get paid though so it looks like I am going in right. I only work three days this week I guess I could just suck it up and go in!
    We only have a few more weeks of class!!!!! I just want to be done already!!!! I know we get like a full month off and I just can’t wait! Did I already talk about this???? Oh I got a really dumb nickname from being the DJ at the hockey games. They call me jam master J come on people I don’t like doing the music I only do it because the team likes it when they play! I wish that I didn’t ever tell them that I would do it because I can’t ever watch the game because I have to get the next song ready for whenever they blow that stupid whistle!
    I don’t really have anything else to talk about I just want to hurry up so that I am not late for work so I must type as fast as I can so I can get the hell out of here. I did not go to math today because I am getting to be too lazy! I think it is because we only have like 3 more weeks of school left! I think I am done talking now I will talk to you all later! Bye!!!

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    Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
    12:37 pm
    I really don’t know what to talk about today. I don’t really feel that great. I freaking hate having to think about what to talk about. Last night I watched a movie with a Joe, we watched Charlie and the chocolate factory. I loved the original and I thought that the new one was funny. I think you would have to have seen the first to really know what the movie is about. Well not really but ok. I think that we are going to watch another movie tonight called the devils rejects. I just don’t care right now. I have a freaking pounding headache and I really don’t want to be here. I knew I should have done this last night.
    Well on Monday we started to watch garden state and I think it is going to be a really good movie. All I know is that they like the F word a lot. The one girl that lies about everything is crazy, and the main character t he one that had lost his mother needs help. He acts like it wasn’t a big deal and he needs to find friends that actually care. When he was at the grave site they were like hey what are you doing here and he said that they were going to be barring his mother and they were like oh sorry do you want to go to a party tonight? He needs to talk about is problems with his father. I don’t really know what they are doing with the drugs. All I know is that they seem to do it a lot.
    Man I really don’t know what to talk about. I have to go to work tonight and my hours are getting cut. We are not making very much money since we are not as very busy anymore. So we are now closing the store at nine instead of ten. Last night I was taking a test and I told them that I had two tests back to back and do you think that would stop them from calling me? Hell no! I just finished my first test and was getting ready to take the next when I get a phone call. Then like five minutes after telling them that I have to go take a test they text me and ask me if I could come in at eight forty- five and just shut the store down. Hell no what a waste of gas that would be. I don’t care to drive all the way out there for fifteen minutes. No thank you! Well he wanted to go to the Bon Jovi concert, because his cousin had an extra ticket and he asked him to go. I don’t even get out of school until seven so I don’t feel like going straight to work. Well I do have to go to work tonight and I really don’t feel like it.
    Well like last weak my dog was sleeping in my bed and was acting funny. I didn’t know what was wrong so I woke up like at five in the morning and checked him to make sure he was ok. Well from what I could tell I thought that he was ok. So I told him to come up and lay next to me. He was starting to get up and next thing you know he started to get really stiff and started to shake. He fell right off of my bed. He did it like three times that night. I got up and I ran into my parent’s room crying my eyes out. I had no clue what to do. I didn’t want to go to class the next day because I didn’t want to leave him alone. Ever since that night he has been fine so I don’t know what to do.
    I can’t wait everyone is talking about getting married. I can’t wait for mine. I don’t even have my ring but I know what are date is for our wedding. It is June 21, 2008. I know that that seems like a long time from now but I can not stop thinking about it! I am like counting down the days for it. Joe will graduate form YSU that year in the spring. I don’t even know when I will be out of here. But I really don’t care. Well we are looking for a house that is not to far from my mom and dad’s house. Yea let me tell you that I t is right next to my house! I don’t want to live that far way! Man I can’t wait!
    There is not to much more to say I guess but I want to keep typing just to make sure that I have enough to get full credit for. I really have typing! I am like the worlds slowest typer! Is that even a word oh well! I can’t wait to just go home today. I just want to lie on my couch and watch a movie or something that I know I like doing. I wonder what I am going to have for dinner tonight. I hope that it is something good. Well I going to go I have enough now talk to you all later!

    Current Mood: anxious
    Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
    10:04 pm
    Nothing to Talk About
    Wow, I can not believe that we have been in school for only ten weeks. I feel like this semester is going so freaking slow! I still don’t really know what the hell I have to do with the essay. I hope that I am doing everything right. Well I was sup post to go to the three doors down concert last Saturday and I missed it because Joe wanted me to go to the hockey game and I would be the only one there that would know how to run the clock and everything. Yea the game got canceled and we could have gone to the concert but I had to work. Man did it suck all I wanted to do is watch the band play. I feel really bad for the kids I worked with that night I wouldn’t let them listen to the radio because ever commercial was about the concert. Oh well like sucks and then you die. I really didn’t do all that much this weekend; I just watched scary movies with Joe. Halloween was great I dressed up and a beauty queen and all the little kids that live around me asked me if I was a princess because I live in a mansion. Yea right. I do have a really big house I guess. We just added on to it last year. We have the biggest house on the street. I love it. Man right now I am in a really bad mood Joe wanted to go work out so he waits until I get out of work to go do it. Whatever! I don’t have to wait on him. I haven’t eaten like since yesterday and I am hungry. When ever I get done typing I am going to eat some ham. My mom and dad are going to the game this weekend. This is the first time that they have ever seen Joe play hockey. I can’t wait. I love hockey but Joe is not my favorite person out there. Ryan is because I know that there is going to be action when he plays. I think that makes Joe mad but who care not me! Every scary movie was on this weekend and I can’t stop thinking no matter how many times they try to kill Jason never dies. Nightmare on Elm St. is my all time favorite scary movie because Freddy only comes when you fall asleep. Man that’s great. I really like Halloween because you can pretend to be whatever you want to be. You can be whatever you heart desires. I just hate it when there are people my age that go trick-or treating! If you want candy that much go to the store and by some! I wont give people who I know are older any. I think it takes away form the younger kids. We really had a lot of trick-or-treaters this year. We had to of had over a hundred and fifty. I just like seeing the little ones in their costumes. I wanted to spit in this guys bag because he had to have been older then me. Both of my nieces went as bumble bees. They are so freaking cute!
    I had to work today for two hours! I think it is such a waist of gas to only work two hours! I hat school so much. I mean I like it but I don’t. I guess it is hard to explain! I like going and seeing all the people but I just don’t know what I don’t like. It is a feeling that I get when I know that I have a hard time trying to understand something I have know freaking idea what I am doing!
    Oh I bought my boyfriend a hockey stick on Sunday because he doesn’t like the stick he was using. The Ice Zone gives the players a really good deal on the sticks. Joe’s stick originally would cost me like two hundred and ninety-nine dollars plus tax but I got it for eighty plus tax. He really likes it now. Well all I know is that was definitely an early Christmas present because I don’t have that kind of money to throw around!
    I notice that it is getting harder and harder to find things to talk about. I mostly talk about hockey because that is all I do every weekend for the guys. Man that sucks like my whole weekend is taken for hockey and I don’t even play or get paid for it! I just volunteer I guess? I don’t know what else to talk about. I know that I have a lot more to do tonight like eat sleep and start on my essay again! I hate that essay already I hope that I do well on it. I thought that it was funny that nobody had a clue what we were doing in class on Monday. I don’t know all I knew was that we had a public reading and I just brought one of my blurtys in just incase. I didn’t really wasn’t to read anything I just wasn’t in the mood I guess. I hate when I get out of class early because I already have big breaks and just hate to sit around or try to do something to keep busy. Well I am done talking for now I will see you all later. I am about to go eat some ham!!

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    Current Music: 3Doors Down
    Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
    12:59 pm
    Whatever Comes to Mind
    Well I really don’t know what to talk about. Not too much has been going on with me. Joe and I have been getting along really well lately and I am finally happy. The only bad thing that has been going on or happening to me is I don’t have money. I am so freaking broke it is not funny. Between paying for school, my cell phone, and making payments on my credit cards, I have no money! It really sucks because I would like to go out with our friends and party but we just don’t have the money to right now. Oh well life sucks. I just have to go along with the ride. Ok well on Saturday I had to go and get fitted for the dress that I have to wear in one of my best friends weddings. All of the girls that are in it lets just say that we are not the skinniest people in the word. I don’t see anything wrong with that I am happy. But I have self esteem issues that I have to work out. Well anyways I always feel like the fat one of the group. Well not any more I have been losing weight ever since I have been having problems with my stomach. They still don’t know what is wrong with me. Oh well I should find out soon. Finally I feel like I am not as fat as what I think I am. I have to work tonight and that sucks I have a really hard test today and I was studying for it so I missed my math class. That’s ok because I have taken my midterm and I know I did ok on it. Well any ways this weekend it going to be so much fun I cant wait. I have a hockey game on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I love to watch them play. We don’t fight like we used to because this year if they fight they will get benched for the next game. I don’t care I want to see some action.
    Well anyways I have been having some really bad stomach problems and I went to go to the doctor and they did some tests on me. If nothing comes out from them I have to have a colon check done the day before thanksgiving. Man I really hate my body, I feel like I have a seventy year olds body. My mom and dad feel really bad for me because I am having problems already and I am still really young. I feel bad for myself. I have already had my gallbladder removed last January. I can still remember the pains that I had from that because I still have them. I hate it. When we go out for dinner I get sick and have to leave in the middle of our meal. Even when I am home half way through dinner I know I have to go to the bathroom. I hate it because I don’t always know when they are going to hit me. But when they do I feel like I want to just fall over and die because it hurts so badly.
    Ok I don’t really wasn’t to talk about it. I can’t wait Christmas is coming soon that we think. I love that holiday! I am very family oriented and I love having everyone home for the holidays. I still have some shopping to do. I have no clue what I am going to get anyone! I know that I will be getting Joe a PS2 game, because we won’t stop talking about it. He is driving me nuts. I just hope that I have enough money to buy everyone what they want. Do you know how cold it is outside? I love this weather. I would rather be cold then hot. I love it when it snows outside! I just hate driving in it. I really suck at driving too. I have started on the essay for class I have only done a love letter and my birth announcement and obituary. I think I am doing it right well I hope so anyways.
    My niece is growing up so fast. We are going to take her trick-or-treating this weekend. She picked out her costume. She is going to be a bee, and so is her little sister. I love it she is so freaking cute.
    I had a hockey game last Thursday and we won and it was great. I almost got into a fight because this little slut was saying stuff to my friend and wanted to fight her. Well anyways she is the type of person who would just stand there and let them say all this really ignorant stuff in front of all the parents. So I walked over and said if you don’t stop you won’t have to worry about her meeting you outside I will meet you outside. Boy did she shut her mouth. I thought that it was the funniest this that I have ever done. I can not stand there and listen to her bitch about absolutely nothing. I was getting on my nerves. I knew she would shut up. I have nothing against her I just don’t want her to mess with my friend. It was over a guy and I think that he doesn’t really like either of them because he was interested in the friend that I brought to help me out.
    Oh well shit happens I guess. Talk to you soon. Bye

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    Friday, October 21st, 2005
    1:09 am
    Well our group went on Friday and I fell that over all we did fine. I don’t know if you could tell that I was shaking but I was. I really don’t like to talk in front if groups but I think all in all I did ok. I fell that I did a lot of the talking. That was not my fault at all I am sorry that the other people besides Elizabeth did not do one damn thing. I don’t think that they even read the essay. Man I really hate working in groups. I had to stay up until like two trying to come up with questions to ask just incase if the others didn’t email me. Well thank God I did because I don’t think we would have been as prepared. I hope that we don’t have to work in groups ever again because I can not rely on people. Well any ways we were the first group that went. We were the so called guinea pigs. I like to be the guinea pig. I like to get things out of the way. That makes me less stressed I guess. Hay that rhymed! Well I hope that the others in my group feel that they were somewhat lost because I swear that we must have looked like we just got thrown in to it. I hate looking like that. I like to be prepared for what lies ahead. I hope that the others in the classes enjoyed what we discussed and thought that they could relate to the questions that we asked.
    I really don’t know what else to say but that I enjoyed the essay we chose it because we felt that the class could really relate to the subject. I know that everyone in our group said that they could in someway or another. I hope that everyone in the room enjoyed what we did. I hope that we never have another group project like this again. I know that if we do I want another group that I would be able to rely on to get the information that I need to be prepared I mean seriously we are in college now. Come on kids it is time to grow up. They really pissed me off and I hope that they don’t affect my grade. i know that the only person that i was not upset with was Elizabeth And Angie because she was sick and did not know anything so no fence to you guys!

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    Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
    1:19 pm
    Ok well I have not written for like what seems for ever and I like that feeling. I hate school right now I am so stress out I don’t even know what to do! Ok well I didn’t feel all that great on Thursday I don’t know what is wrong with me I had to get blood work done a t the hospital on Friday. Well anyways I went to my math class and I never misses a class yet and I asked him if I could leave because I felt really sick and he told me no. come on I know people just get up and leave and nothing is ever said to them I mean he doesn’t even take attentions in class. I was so pissed off it is unbelievable. Well I have to get started this weekend on the essay I don’t really know what I want to talk about. Well back to hockey I love hockey so much and I will be at there first home game this Thursday! I hope we win because right now we are 1-4. We are sucking. Come on guys get with the program. Really! Sweetest day was Saturday and I wanted to spend some time with Joe. Well I didn’t, go figure he had a hockey game in Pa. and I wasn’t going to go because its like two hours away and I don’t want to sit and watch them play at ten o’clock at night and then it takes them about an hour to wash and get dressed. Plus take another two hour to get home. I would not be home till like four in the morning. I don’t think so. So I asked Joe to miss the game that way we could go out and do something! I thought that it would be fun. Do you think that he would miss a game for me Hell no! I didn’t really care because I went out and got movies for my sister and me to watch. We have gotten really close ever since she moved out like four years ago. I can remember when we shared a room. That was hell at least it was for me. I was like seven years old and we had punk beds and I had the top bunk. She used to tell me that it was not my room mom and dad only let me sleep in there. What a bitch. But now she has two beautiful little girls one is about a years and a half the other is only four months old. They light of my life. Their names are Alissa and Alaina. When they smile it is like my heart melts. I love those little buggers with all my heart. Well so we hung out this entire weekend. I feel somewhat bad for my sister because she is home all day alone with two babies and has no time to talk to her friends so we are best friends. I have a really close but crazy family. My sister lives right across the street form us. I love that because if anything should happen I or someone could get there fast. My dad is retired from GM. I am so glad because he has worked so hard for so long; they made him retire because he is a health risk I guess. I have been through a hell of a lot with my dad. He has had two heart attaches a stroke and a five bypass surgery and I don’t ever want to lose him. He is also a diabetic. My mom is a beautiful person. She is also my best friend. I can tell her anything. She works at warren ophthalmology and is the office manager there she works her ass off. I think she need some time off. Steven my oldest brother is like thirty- four. He lives in Connecticut with his son and daughter Jake who is five and Katelynn who is six. God I feel old. Nicole is my one and only sister (thank God!) Richard who is older that me he is twenty-three, works with my mom he is an optometrist. Josh is my little brother. Every time I say that I laugh he is younger than me of course yet he is like 6’4,260lbs. I think I will always call him my little brother though. He is a hard worker and is going to school to be horticulture major? I think anyways. What ever he decides to do he will be great at it. I come from a big family and I think they are what made me the person that I am today. I don’t know what I would ever do with out them.
    Man did you notice that I talked about like five different things. I make myself laugh sometimes. Man I have to learn how to spell. I just looked up at the page and noticed how many little red squiggly lines there are. That is like my biggest down fall. I really don’t know what else I want to talk about. Oh guess what I am skipping math right now so that I could do this. Ha. I also had to do my biology home work I don’t know why I have to learn every muscle in the human body. That test was hard. The test really pissed me off because I studied and learned them and there was like only ten question and like a thousand muscles. But I have to go. I will not miss my biology class. The test is on Thursday. So I will talk to you later!

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    Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
    11:30 am
    What a sad, sad weekend!!
    OK so this past week was like the worst week ever for me. Michelle who I used to work with died on Saturday and of course nobody knows why. I just feel so bad for her husband and their two kids. Mathew, who is a freshman in high school and Jenna who is only in the seventh grade are the ones who fond her. I don’t know what I would do if I were to find someone I love dead let alone my mother. So I went to her calling hours on Wednesday. Tuesday I found out that Brian who’s twenty-one killed himself in his dorm room and nobody knows why again! I just don’t understand what is going on! Brian and I were friends in high school. He was the president of the band and I was the vice president and we worked really close our senior year. He was a really smart kid. He was in his junior year of college and seemed to be happy; at least that was what his friends at Kent said. I had his calling hours on Thursday, let me tell you I saw everyone that I had graduated and that was really nice but I was so sad that it was for this occasion and not some thing that was good. What is going on in the world today? What can be so bad that you would want to do that to yourself? I just don’t understand! They said that he hung himself off his loft bed with his belt. I also heard though friends that he called his best friend and told him everything was ok and that he was fine, and in the same breath I heard that he called his family and told them that he was checking out! That is just hear say I don’t know what to believe at this point. Well you know the way people say that deaths come in threes. I know that they do because on top of Michelle and Brian’s death I found out that my distant cousin, who I just met about a year ago had past away in his sleep he was like eighty-six I think. So I lost someone who was thirty-seven, twenty-one, and eighty-six. Wow I don’t think I can handle too much more. So I had calling hours on Friday as well. OK back to Brian’s, that was the saddest thing in the world. His parent knew me and I was an open casket and his dad kept saying how Brian was such a good son. He knows that he is in heaven and how lucky Brian was to have us as friends in his life. I don’t think that I could have gone through it if it wasn’t for Ali. Ali is my Best friend and the one person who knows what I am saying before I am about to say it. She was also one of Brian’s many friends. I just don’t know about anything anymore! I don’t think that I could cry anymore for like the next year. I was and still am so sad about everything that is going on.
    Ok time to change the subject before I start to cry. So anyway Sweetest Day is just around the corner and I bought Joey cereal. HAHAHA I know I weird but hey I know that he like it so what the hell. Am I right! HE likes cereal, oatmeal, and fruit snacks, so that’s what he got. I don’t think I will be getting anything from him but that really doesn’t bother me because I think that this is a really stupid holiday that is made up for no reason at all! Oh this year for hockey they are letting me play the music and sound the horn when they score!!! I am so freaking excited! I also get to announce the play’s names when they get a penalty and at the beginning of the game you know the starting players!!
    Man it is hard to forget about this weekend I just saw Brian’s younger brother Adam at work. He looks just like his brother. I don’t understand why they are acting like nothing even happened! Is that normal? I don’t even know what is considered normal anymore!
    I don’t know what I want to talk about anymore. Oh I watched this really good movie last night it is called “Mind Chasers” man that was a great movie! I want everyone to watch that movie! Halloween is coming soon! I can not wait for that. I am going to walk my niece around so she could get some candy no I am joking we are just going to walk around that way she wont be afraid of people in a costume. I know when I was little I was afraid of people, especially if they had a chainsaw. I like going to haunt houses but I don’t like when they touch me. Please leave me the hell alone I will tell you if it is ok to touch me.
    I am about to watch another movie tonight with Joe; it is our movie night. Once a week we take a night off and watch a movie together. I have to go the movie is about to start!

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    Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
    11:48 am
    Joe Toth brings it down the ice; he shoots and scores with a hat trick! The penguins are winning three to one. Boy do I love hockey season! This is a true sport. Well I like watching it that is! I don’t know it must be something about the was two guys slam each other in to a glass wall that really gets my blood going! I really don’t know what all the terms mean but there is something I like about the game. I would have to say I have been watching Joseph play hockey ever since we started dating but I think even if we broke up that I would still want to watch the team play. Did you know that YSU has a hockey team? Not two many people know that we have a team. Man I can not believe that the season has already started! We lost both games this past weekend and I ended up driving down for the second game to watch them lose. I really don’t care if the win or lose I care about how they played the game. I want to see just one fight. Here it comes the kid has no idea what’s about to happen gloves come off and the fists start fling! Kick his ass, hit him, hit him. Punch him in the face. Then the referees step in pull them off one another and drag them off the ice. The other teams fans start scream that was uncalled for, what the hell do you like your doing, can’t play the game don’t play at all. But no only one girl stands screaming all right yea you kicked his ass that’s what I’m talking about! Yea that person was me! I don’t know but I just love the fights!! No but I think that my favorite all time memory had to be when I was sitting with Ryan’s mom and if you knew Ryan you would know where he gets is smart comments. We played like the worst team in the world mind you hockey is a hard sport to score in a typical game is like four five goals are scored, now we played a team called Oberlin, and the sucked. The score was like 12-0 YSU was winning and the other team started to take it out on our guys, and so Ryan went after one of the kids and started kicking his ass because he was hitting another player on our team. So Ryan’s mom stands up as they are putting Ryan in the penalty box and screams at the top of her lungs, “ Ryan, take it easy on them, they ride the little bus to school, they’re window lickers.” I swear I had to get up and run to the restroom I thought I was going to piss my pants. I know that if I have kids I will want them to play this sport. I wont be one of those moms that sit there and tells them good job, don’t hit them so hard; I will be like that’s right hit him you can’t play the game right them your kid shouldn’t be out there. They have to learn at a young age because once they get a little older the start doing drills. Drills where the team lines up against the wall and one at a time a person from the team tries to make it down to the other end of the ice as they get slammed into the wall, its great! We have a game this weekend and I can’t go but that’s ok because next weekend I am going to be going to two games, and hopefully we will be kicking some ass. This season wont be a fun as last season because we have a different coach, I think he is an ass himself! Last season I did not miss one game. I was there biggest fan, well at least Joe’s. Well they had a game in Columbus and it was so much fun because there were only three girls and about eight-teen guys and we partied! This year we are not even aloud to go anymore! This is so stupid, I don’t understand why but whatever. I will still be going to the games any ways. Have you ever watched a hockey game? Ever see teams kick the shit out of each other, just because they didn’t like the way they acted? If not I recommend you to go to a game just one and watch our guys kick ass. It only coasts two dollars to get in and I know its cold in the rink but suck it up and watch a real game. Also we don’t really have to many fans and so I try to be loud so they could feel loved I guess, also I try to embarrass them. Like the time I brought my air horn in, I felt really bad for the person who sat in front of me for the rest of that game every time her husband asked her a question like would you like for me to go get you a coffee or something? She would reply what? Huh? I didn’t understand you? Huh? Whoops! I didn’t want her to lose her hearing but I do remember that we won that game, and all the guys said it was great they knew that they had at least one fan. By the way I was there only fan it was an away game and the other girlfriends had to work. So go to the game and kick ass Penguins!!!
    Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
    11:16 am
    Kiss my A$$

    Guys I don’t know what to do. OK Joey and I have been together for like over five years and I know that I love him and that he loves me, but I am just so pissed off right now. My birthday is on Wednesday and I know that I won’t get a gift from him and I don’t want to sound like a little greedy bitch but it’s not like my birthday popped out of nowhere. I mean for real, come on now. On top of me not getting anything this is a big birthday for me. You only turn twenty-one once, and I am not going to be going out on my birthday because I have a test in Biology the next day. So we I repeat we decided that we would celebrate my birthday this weekend and I was so pumped for it. But oh no with Joe. I just found out that he won’t even be home this weekend; he will be in Toledo with the hockey team. Has hockey even started I mean they don’t even have their new uniforms yet, but it’s now big deal right? Wrong! I’m pissed! I took this weekend off that way we could go out and party like I did when he turned twenty-one. I lost money on this. “Oh so you want me to miss that game just to sit home with you this weekend?” no but you could ask me if I wanted to go with you to watch you play! “You would be pissed if I did!” No I wouldn’t your just saying that so you don’t feel so bad about not asking me.” I don’t understand you used to be so sweet, what the hell happened? I could still remember the first time you kissed me oh yea you were so sly. I know you want me to kiss you! What? But where do you want me to kiss you? I don’t know what you’re talking about! You want me to kiss you on the cheek. Umm what ever?!?! Ohh so you want me to kiss you on the lips. Then you went in for it. My face had to be as red as ever. Now it’s red for a different reason. You’re an ass! I know that we fight over really stupid stuff and I know that I start a lot of them but I would never miss out on anything that is important to you. Now I know I will get over this and we will end up working things out but damn! What about the next time. What about the times before? OK here is a little story about when I had surgery. I had my Gallbladder removed and where was Joe umm?? Oh but I remember that night I was slouched on the side of the couch in pain, he comes over and puts his feet on my lap and asks me to rub his feel because they hurt him real bad. Oh you poor baby! But I know I love him, he does a lot of nice things too. I went to work after the fight about this weekend and he had a dozen roses sent there and a card that read I’m sorry I am an ass, please forgive me. How could I not forgive him? He’s my best friend the one person that when I feel like I could just cry for no reason at all can make me laugh until I cry. Also, I know that we will be together because last year around this time, he gave me a card that said sorry that I couldn’t do mare for your birthday but you’ll see why soon. With that in mind I went on a scavenger hunt. I was looking in every hiding place that I knew of and finally I found it! I opened it up and to my surprise it is an engagement ring. He knew as soon as he walked into the room because I was smiling ear-to-ear! Janel did you see it? See what? I know you saw it admit it! Ok I did I'm sorry. Well do you like it? I love it. I still don’t have that ring. He is waiting on asking my dad. My dad comes across to some people as a big mean guy, well I know that I would be afraid to ask him, but Joe has nothing to worry about because, my parents love him and they already have had the heads up. I know that this is again a really stupid fight but I do want to share my birthday with the one person who truly knows everything about me. You know what I mean?

    Current Mood: indescribable
    Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
    7:14 pm
    Being sick sucks!!!
    Ok guys right now I am so freaking sick. I knew that I was going to get it because everyone in my family is sick. Why me??? Why now??? I don’t need to be sick talk about stressed. Oh yea on the good side my boyfriend is going to come over tonight to comfort me yea right his comforting is asking me to rub his back or better yet his feet. But I really love him we have been together for over five years and I know that he is the one. He can make me laugh about anything. Its great well most of the time that is. Counting down the days until my birthday-6 more days yea! God I hope I’m not sick on my birthday! That will totally suck ok well I’m going to go lay down my head is killing me right now talk to you soon.

    Current Mood: sick
    Current Music: Staind-right here
    Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
    10:43 pm
    so tired
    I’m So Tired!!!!!

    Have you ever been so tired that you can’t even fall asleep? Well that’s how I am right now! For the past five days I have been running on like no energy what so ever. On Friday after class I had to go straight to work. I worked a one to ten that day went home and had to clean the bedroom. Ahahahahaahahaha what a mess my room was. So anyways I cleaned it so I could go out that night. I still live a home with my mom and dad so what they say goes. I didn’t get home until about three because it was my friend’s birthday and we partied. I then had to get up at ten in the morning to make ice cream for work. Worked a ten to ten that day went home and worked on my essay and my biology until about one and then sat at home with my boyfriend Joe to watch a movie. Got up the next day at ten and went to work and worked from ten until seven had to work on my project and watch my sisters two kids until about ten. Mind you her kids are eight-teen months and 4 months old so imagine all the screaming and crying that was going on. Monday I went to school came home had to study for my biology lab quiz and then took my sister to the mall to get my nieces ears pierced, I got my third wholes done Monday too. Came back home started studying, watched a different movie with Joe fell asleep around 2. Got up yesterday around seven because my dad did not feel all that great so I had to help him with all the dogs we have. We have five dogs, Gimpie, Honey, Sonny, Babe, and Brut. Oh yea but honey and Babe both had a litter of ten puppies and I helped my dad feed them and clean them off. Had to go to Handel’s and work out next week’s schedule which they were mad because I only wasn’t to work like three days next week because hello it’s my birthday! But whatever, right now I am about to pass out but I know that if I do I will only get up in the middle of the night to sit and do nothing. It doesn’t really help being all stressed out about my paper but I don’t know what to say about that right now I don’t know! All I do know is that I have a head ache and have had it for like the past three days. But I don’t really know what else to talk about sorry this was so long but I had to complain to someone thanks for listening I know I corny but right now who care talk to you guys later bye.
    Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
    12:02 pm
    Why I hate work!
    I am not looking forward to going to work tonight! I finally had a day off, well actually three days off in a row, it was great! But no I must return, and I know what I am going to be walking in to and I want to cry. I work at Handel’s Ice Cream and I have worked there for over five years. Don’t get me wrong I love working there, but I feel that I am still in high school just because all the drama that takes place there. I know I know my mom says that that is at every job you just have to get used to it. Well, I’m still not used to it. For example, Steven calls me all the time when I am in class, now they have my school schedule but they must not know how to read it and get upset at me when I don’t answer my phone. Now come on. Also, there was this one time that I was on campus and studying for a quiz in my Biology lab and Steven called me just to complain about other employees and I get all upset and have a hard time concentrating and I just can’t take it any more. So tonight I know that since I have not been there in a few days I am going to have to listen to all the little complaints about each other and I don’t really care. I should also tell you that I am a manager and have been a manager for like the past three years. Steven is also a manager and if I ever talk about a guy named Stevie that’s him. Steven is only eight-teen years old and I on the other hand am twenty (I will be turning twenty-one one September 28). So just by the age difference between the kids that I work with and my age I am the oldest employee besides my big boss Judd. I don’t really seem to care about the things that they do and I hate it when they tell me about high school stuff (I am done with high school Thank God).

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
    12:42 pm
    Well let me first start off by telling you how I really don’t like to have other people read what I write besides the teacher, but I will just have to get start liking it. I don’t really know what to write about. Well I woke up this morning and I knew it was going to be a bad day, because my dad was yelling at my dog Gimpie. I named him Gimpie because he only has three legs. Well anyways Gimpie had
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